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Steelcraft Acclaim Reverse Handle

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Love the reverse handle

I like this pram because the reverse handle it's so helpful specially when you have a newborn. It is easy to pack. I don't like the way the sit goes up for a more vertical position and the lack of accesories in the market like the pram liners. The weals are easy to manouvre.

Great pram for different baby development stages

This pram is suitable for many baby development stages from newborn to an older baby. It is perfect if you want to take it for a walk or to the shops. Has plenty of room in the boot and it the baby is very cosy and comfortable in it. THe wheels are a bit bulky but it is still ok to manoeuvre. THe reversible handle is great as well as you can see your baby all the time or talk to your toddler when pushing them around. THe only disadvantage is not easy to fold or unfold. It will suit if you do not use a car every day

Bulky but not too bad

+Reversible handle makes it a good pram for a small baby as well as an older one.
+ Stable and easy to maneuver
+Easy to keep clean
+Enough storage space
- Folding and unfolding it is a nightmare
- Bulky and heavy
- The shade could be bigger to protect baby from sun more

Great revesible handle

I also bought this Steelcraft Acclaim because of the reversible handle. It looked cute and I loved the idea of seeing the baby when pushing him around in a stroller. Unfortunately, the wheels are not easy to maneuver and are bulky. It also takes time to fold it when putting in the car.

terrible to fold

brought this for our little girl, it barely ever folded properly on the first go even after trying all the tips and hints... terrible to push and very bulky. the only positive is the reverse facing so we could see out little bub but other than that honestly terrible now have a agile and love it.

Bulky but durable

We bought this pram because of the multiple functions such as being able to reverse the handle and laying the seat flat for newborn. The wheels are smooth and easy to maneuver. You can also lock the wheels when the ground is uneven. The downside is the size. You can build some muscles lifting this in and out of the boot. It also takes up most of the room in the boot of a small hatch. Having said that, we've been using it for 2 years now and it's still going strong. I even took it to hiking once!

I love tge reversible handle but its heavy

I bought the steelcraft acclaim pram because of the reversible handle. The pram is easy to fold.. Drives smoothly.. Has bag under the baby seat that has zip which is great. Only problem for me is its too heavy to lift. Thats all. Overall i like this product so i gave 4 stars.

Perfect for concrete paths and flat surfaces

What I love about this pram is the movable handle! This is great when you want Bub facing you as you walk. Great for shopping centre use and on smooth paths. It has difficulty monovering over bumps or between streets up and down paths. It does handle shopping bags well though and you're able to load it up with bags in the storage section under Bub, and also hanging off the handle. Lasted me over 3 years and was very sturdy. It's also really easy to put down and up.


Easy to move ? Nope. It’s heavy when folded, shocking to push because too many wheels, and also the basket is too tiny, good to have a newborn but not toddler or child because it gets very heavy to push I wouldn’t really recommend this pram to anyone but each to their own it isn’t for me


Very easy to maneuver, pretty light weight. I really like this pram and would highly recommend it to anyone. Its pretty cheap but its quite a good quality and easy pram. I sold my first one as i wasnt expecting to have another baby but of course i purchased the same pram for my next babe!

Really Awesome

This is a good pram and strong enough to secure your baby. Can recommend to other . the reverse handle is best feature and folds appropriately .can fit in cars. Little hard to carry as it weighs high. Storage place to keep shopping bag is large enough . worth it

Strong enough to secure your baby

Hi ,
This is a good pram and strong enough to secure your baby. Can recommend to other . the reverse handle is best feature and folds appropriately .can fit in cars. Little hard to carry as it weighs high. Storage place to keep shopping bag is large enough .

Pram is excellent perfect with the reverse handle big basket and heaps of room for baby to grow

Easy to maneuver? Yes and has a safety strap on it and breaks on both front and back for extra safety.
Very easy to fold and unfold and build and quality is good heaps of room for baby to grow and has good sun protection and basket is a good decent size

From 0-4 (ages)

I am a mother, my son is now 2 yrs and 7months. I bought this exactly the same pram for these reasons: you can switch back to front if you want, the idea is because if you're going out, and it could be windy, or wetty day, or even protection from the sun, you can switch the handle back to front, second the price was quite reasonable, very stable, and it was more space for my son to stretched and turning when he wants. Sometimes when you put your baby in the pram and if they can't see mom or dad it can be a problem to them and so they cry and cry, but with this idea, when they see that familiar face at the same time while you bushing it, it's a relief. Happy travel...
Last , I am happy with my decision to buy this, the size was good enough, I didn't want to buy another pram later on down the line,because he was growing out of this size pram. When you look for a pram , I make sure I don't have to shop for it again.

Great buy

Great pram light weight easily foldable love the reverse handle great from birth through to toddler easy to clean and store fits into the smallest of boot space in cars fantastic pram and very affordable suits all ages modern design basket could be a little better but pram still folds even with a liner and the boot in the basket

Value for money

It is very easy to maneuver but a little fiddley to unfold. When folded down it is very easy to carry. We have been very happy with quality of the product. We are very happy with the purchase and would recommend this pram above many other more expensive ones on the market.

Do not waste money!

Purchased this when I was pregnant and had to return it when my son was 4 weeks old. The steering was incredibly hard to manoeuvre and found it very stiff and heavy. It didn't fit well into any boot I tried (have 4 cars at my residence) the wheels also melted when I did put it in my boot so I could not use it and had to return it

Nice larger size pram - looks comfy for baby!

We chose this pram as my parents wanted to buy it for us when buns came along. I wanted one with a reversible handle that looked sturdy and connected with a travel system if we decided to use one. (We did decide to use a travel system and found it really easy to use.)
There are a lot of good things about this pram. It definitely feels sturdy to me and baby looks secure and comfortable. We have used it from birth til now (9months) and I'm pretty sure we will get a lot more use out of it.

The recline of the back has a great range. From straight up, to slight recline, to laying down. Our little one loves to be either bolt upright or out flat when she goes to sleep, so the ease of use of the mechanism to change this has been good for when she falls asleep in the pram.
The basket under the pram is a good size, however it's a little difficult to get to if you have the seat at the full recline. Still, we can fit our large nappy bag in there and other small items (say one small bag of shopping) can be arranged so that it alll fits.

The steering of the pram isn't perfect, but it is ok. It's not great at manoeuvring tight corners, but it's not too much of a hassle - still works ok when you're out shopping without too much trouble.
It folds down easy enough and is not too heavy (though if you're a new mum and have any lifting restrictions...it's not exactly light either!) It isn't a super compact fold either. It fits in the boot of my small SUV easy enough, and we can pack other items around it, but be aware it does take up a reasonable amount of space. )We did manage to stand it up and slot it in behind the drivers seat once when our boot was jam packed, but it's not something we would do regularly.)

One thing that I find really annoying about this pram is the harness/belt straps. I find it so hard to do them up!!! It has shoulder straps, waist straps and one that goes in the centre between baby's legs...the shoulder and waist click into the centre strap but it's just difficult to get them in there correctly!!

The reversible handle is really easy to use and there are separate setting for the wheels depending which way you are going that make the pram more manouverable - don't forget to change the wheels if you decide to change the handle position mid trip!!

It feels sturdy and baby looks comfortable and secure and I think it will last us for quite a lot longer. It's easy to use with a travel system and it has an easy fold.
It may not be the most compact and we have recently looked at compact fold travel strollers recently just for trips away. But this pram is still great for around town. I wouldn't say the suspension is great and sometimes if you're on gravel or bumpy roads, the ride can look a little choppy - though our little one doesn't appear to be too bothered by this.

I like the pram, but it's not perfect.
If you're after an affordable pram and aren't too bothered about a compact fold or one handed manouverability, it's a good choice. It looks and feels safe and sturdy.
The sun shade is great and covers well and ours came with rain cover and a sun/fly net type attachment that has been a great addition in summer.


I loved this pram i had a later model for my 2 older sons which is why 6 yrs later i purchased this one July 2016 for my next baby who was due August. When my son was born i couldn't wait to start using it because my other one was wonderful, only to find that when using it with a newborn it would take off side ways on its own accord! That was just the beginning of the problems. It felt so heavy and bulky also awkward expecially trying to go backwards which you could only do if you held the handle up and look stupid doing so. The castors on the wheels kept unlocking (which had happened about 7 times at that point and had put my son at risk due to almost going off footpath into gutter) that was the final straw for me i contacted the shop i purchased it from who sent it back to britax for inspection only to pick it up to be told NO FAULT! I used it 3 more times and everytime i did my 9 yr old son had to walk and hold the pram incase we were walking on a lean the wheels unlocked which almost sent my baby into the gutter. It got to the point that i contacted britax again and told them it was still happening which they replied that they needed it back for another inspection i then asked asked how they test it as to whether they had a 6-8kg baby in it and a nappy bag underneath which she couldn't answer. I had to send an email to demand refund as it didn't come close to what was described when i purchased. I believe steelcraft is just rushed for a quick buck these days! Won't ever trust that brand again. Safe to say im very happy with my babylove pram


I purchased this pram because it was affordable and seemed to be just what we needed... little did i realize how wrong i was about this. After only 6 months use it has caused me enough problems that im ditching it. It veers off to one side, crashes into everything, is hard to maneuver and jams constantly! It will jam shut so that you cant open it to use or else it will jam while open and you cant fold the darn thing. ive been caught in the rain with this things stuck on me for a good 15 minutes to many times to count! My son hates it as well, everytime he gets put in it he screams. it gets so hot from the sun as is just a waste off money!

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Questions & Answers

I have acclaim stroller CAT.NO 36742T Batch 09 05. Is it possible to replace a bumper bar with the new one from newer version of Acclaim and is it possible to buy it separately somewhere
1 answer
Hi ddar, thanks for your question. We no longer have any parts available for the older version and unfortunately the newer version are not compatible. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Just wondering if there is a capsule for the acclaim as well as a toddler seat for the acclaim?
1 answer
Hi Bec, thanks for your question. if you could please give us a call on 1300 303 330 with the Cat No from your stroller frame so we can advise if there is a compatible capsule available for your Acclaim stroller. We don't recommend the use of toddler/skate/stand on boards as we haven't tested them with any products in the Steelcraft range. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Hi there I have recently purchased a second hand acclaim and a sns unity capsule thinking that they could be used together but it seems that the front bar does not allow the capsule to securly sit safely in the pram can you purchase a different front bar?
1 answer
The aclaim is NOT capsule compatible! You will need another pram to go with the capsule


Acclaim Reverse Handle
Price (RRP) $349.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 17 kg
Seat OrientationConvertible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar and Reversible Handle
Weight9 kg
Folded Dimensions34 x 55 x 91 cm

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