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I purchased this pram because it was affordable and seemed to be just what we needed... little did i realize how wrong i was about this. After only 6 months use it has caused me enough problems that im ditching it. It veers off to one side, crashes into everything, is hard to maneuver and jams constantly! It will jam shut so that you cant open it to use or else it will jam while open and you cant fold the darn thing. ive been caught in the rain with this things stuck on me for a good 15 minutes to many times to count! My son hates it as well, everytime he gets put in it he screams. it gets so hot from the sun as is just a waste off money!

Britax don't come good on their warranties


This pram has been difficult since I bought it a year ago. I bought it brand new and ended up stuck in a car park because it would not fold down. The pram also "crabs" and is difficult to manoeuvre. I returned it for warranty and they have accused me of breaking the pram and will not fix it. I'm so disappointed with this company. I have a second hand bugaboo bee an I'm much happier with that, than I have been with my brand new acclaim. I thought britax was a good company but I won't be buying anything else from them and I won't be recommending them either.



  • 2 reviews

Love this pram!


Do not buy!!!


Horrible pram


I brought this pram after having it recommended to me I've had non stop problem's with it I've taking it back to where I brought it from. All they could do was send it away and they just sent it back. They are refusing to refund the money for the pram even tho it is faulty. Would not recommend it to anyone.

jen c

jen cbornoia

wheel came off


not happy at all with product i was happy with it until one of the front wheels came off while my 3 month old baby was in it would not recommend buying this product it is still under warranty so the store is sending it off to get fixed i think i would just rather a different pram

Leana M

Leana MBrisbane

  • 4 reviews

Broke after 10 months


Waste of money. Barely used for 9 months the wheels have a mind of there own and mo longer stay locked when I lock them. Both shoulder straps snapped completely in half with my 9 month old baby in the pram. Folds large and takes up my entire boot. Just dodgy!



Waste of money


Although it is very easy to unfold and fold and I love that you can attach a baby capsule.

It is absolutely horrible to use. I had to push it like a full trolley of food, a little to the side. When I try push it straight it just veers off to the right. Trying to keep it from veering out all the time put a lot of strain onto my shoulders. And the wheels are ridiculous. I've used mine twice and the wheels are buckled as all hell and even fold in on themselves sometimes and that's when they aren't locked in.



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Very poorly made


Waste of money


Bought it for $350 and sent it back twice for repair. Last time it came back it said not my problem if you want to go backwards you have to bend down to press the unlock button off to make all 4 wheels swivel. It is stupid. I would never buy one again and it's not just my pram that does it either, a few people I know their pram does the same thing.

Gareth G

Gareth GNortheast, VIC

  • 4 reviews

Steelcraft Acclaim - not fit for purpose



TashaToowoomba, Queensland

  • 5 reviews

good for the price


I had this pram for around 8 months. it was pretty good but it seemed to be bent and always pulled to the left. It wasn't overly expensive I paid $280 for it. It folded easy and was fairly light.


n.pike91QLD, 4311

  • 6 reviews

Great stroller!!


I loved this stroller! Only upgraded as I needed a second seat. Folded down easily AND fit in the boot of my mazda2 :) bubba loved it and seat folded flat so he could use it from birth.

Christine Z

Christine ZBrisbane

Good value for money.


Jane01Sydney, Australia

  • 18 reviews

Not the best pram, but okay


I bought this pram to have as my second pram to run around on our property with. I have the Strider Compact for my everyday going out pram, this is definitely no way near as good as the strider compact, but I guess it is a bit cheaper. The seat on it needs more reclining positions, the wheels are a bit wacko sometimes and hard to reverse if your in a position where you can't turn around. I also don't like that there is no nice and neat place to tuck away the mosquito net that is attached to the hood. I am pretty fussy though lol
Reversible handle, baby can be facing towards you or forward
Not enough seat reclining positions and wheels sometimes lock up reversing

Extremely happy!!!


I love this pram I've bought. I did read all the reviews but decided I wanted it anyway & I'm glad I did!! I havent found any problems with it. Theres plenty of room for your feet when walking between the wheels & I'm a tall person. Its not heavy to carry or push. Its not large to try an get in your car. It collapses very very easy. If u lock the wheels closest to u & have the other 2 unlocked so they steer the pram it works perfect. Its not that hard people.. It's comfy, easy to steer, looks great & I'd recommend it to anyone :)
Style, reversible handle, top storage pouch, easy to collapse & the black fly screen u can drop an have hanging to keep bright lights dull in shopping centres etc


BiksNew South Wales

  • 6 reviews

Still Love it....

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Support C.Steelcraft

Hi Biks, thanks for taking the time to leave such a terrific review! If we can assist you with anything, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.



  • 3 reviews

Didn't live up to expectations...


Stay away from this company products


I bought one from Target. Used no more than ten time. The safety clip was broken. Its clip was made of cheap plastic which definitely won't last long.

Email to Steelcraft with reply said they can't help on this as I lost the receipt. And there is no repair center in Adelaide. That means it is a piece of rubbish now. It still likes new with a broken clip. It makes it useless.

Stay away from steelcraft products especially you are in Adelaide.

Poor quality clip made it won't last long.

Support C.Steelcraft

Hi Justin, have you tried contacting the Pram Doctor in South Australia on 0407 600 500. Kind Regards the Britax Team


It takes more than two hours on trips to pram doctor. It cost around $20 to pay for a clip. when I try to take a picture to pram doctor, ANOTHER CLIP WAS BROKEN!
I don't believe it will last long after it fixed.

So disappointed


We trusted the steelcraft brand when purchasing this pram for our first baby. Unfortunately this pram has been nothing but disappointing. It is terrible to steer, extremely difficult to fold down and put up, constantly jamming. I am currently looking for a new pram, and find myself trying to avoid steelcraft prams altogether. The pram is so bad I have stopped using it altogether as I feel it is unsafe.
Reversible handle

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Support C.Steelcraft

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Questions & Answers

Kisitu A.

Kisitu A.asked

Am struggling to assemble it, i push the tires on but not matter how hard i push, no click sound and the tires are not secure, was hoping i could this in less than an hour

1 answer
Support C.Steelcraft

Hi Kisitu A. Thanks for your question. Can you please confirm whether you removed the foam protection packaging prior to attaching the wheels? Please feel free to contact our consumer support team on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

HeeJae Y.

HeeJae Y.asked

Hi, Could the handle be extended? I feel its bit shorter than other prams I need to band my back to walk and it gives me back pain. Otherwise I keep kicking it.

1 answer
Support C.Steelcraft

Hi HeeJae Y. Thanks for your question. The handle bar on the Steelcraft Acclaim cannot extend or shorten in length. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact our consumer support team on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

B'mal T.

B'mal T.asked

When attaching the wheels in first time assembly, do I get the rubber thing off?
I cannot seem to be able to push the wheels with the rubber washer on.
Please help.
Thank you all in advance.

2 answers
Support C.Steelcraft

Hi B'mal T. Thanks for your question. Please call our consumer support team on 1300 303 330 so we can further assist you with assembling your Steelcraft Acclaim Reverse handle. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Kisitu A.
Kisitu A.

would be nice to have an answer written here, am having a similar issue, already talked to customer support and not much help to be honest

Get an answer from our members and Steelcraft representatives


Category4-Wheel Prams & Strollers
Price (RRP) $349.95
Seating Type Single
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 17 kg
Seat OrientationReversible
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Included)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesArm Bar and Reversible Handle
Weight9 kg
Folded Dimensions34 x 55 x 91 cm

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