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Steelcraft Agile Plus

Steelcraft Agile Plus

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Best pram!

Easy to fold up, not to big. Easy to push. Nice and stylish. Definitely wouldn’t get any other pram! My bub seems to be nice and comfortable in it. With the bit that goes over the lags on the pram stays nice and warm for the windy days. Definitely 5 star rating!

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Hi Jess, thanks for taking the time to leave such a fantastic review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Apples for apples

This pram oozes practically whilst also being lightweight making it a great choice for travelling.
The stand out feature is one simple latch to open this pram and one button to collapse it.
Overall design wise it has storage options however these are not generous for an avid shopper who requires ample room for baby needs, groceries and other purchases.

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Hi Melmania, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.


Super easy to unfold with the press of a button and quite light too. Easy to use and steer. Best part being the travel adapter clip your steelcaft capsule straight into it.
A little difficult to sit up and recline but nothing major.
Used for 7 months now and haven't had a problem.

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Hi J10, thanks for taking the time to leave such a fantastic review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Best pram ever

Love it! Super easy to pack up or pull.out. no pulling the seat off to put down. Bassinet clips on no worries. Sits upright or lays down. Seriously the best pram without the bulkiness! I love it. Might not have got the green again as it shows the slobber stains

Pretty decent

Decent price, easy to collapse and store, not too heavy, but sturdy, ok to maneuver. You're supposed to get it with the baby capsule/carseat, I kinda regret not getting it now because it's good to be able to keep an eye on the little one when travelling. Make sure you also get the pram liner for vomits, difficult to clean when vomit soaks through. Not very much storage room under the pram

No need to wake up sleeping baby

It’s great to manoeuvre, easy to fold and lighter as well as narrower than some other brands. I could got through doors some of my friends couldn't. But the best part is the capsule. No need to wake up a sleeping baby. Just transfer from car to pram or into the house. Love it! Still great for my second bubs

Great pram all round

Light pram, narrower than some so I often find I can fit through doorways that other peaks can’t. Folds easily. Manoeuvres well on various terrain. Allows you to clip the capsule/carrier on top so you don’t have to wake bub to get them in/out of the car. Good quality. Cover washes well. Decent storage under pram. Fully adjustable seat recline.

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Hi Sarah, thanks for taking the time to leave such a great review! We're glad to hear you found our stroller easy to fold and maneuver. If we can assist you with anything in future, please do not hesitate to give our customer service team a call on 1300 303 330. Warm regards, the Britax team.


Bought this pram 2nd hand and my child's capsule car seat fits into it. Is very early to fold up. And hardly takes up any space in my boot. Is light and easy to manoeuvre around. I would recommend this product to friends and family.
Comes in different colours as well.

Can’t live without it

This pram is the best quality, so comfortable for my son who is now 3 he has had it since birth & still to this day no problems with it , the recline position is great lays right back so my son has a great sleep pram has great storage also under storage

I love my agile plus

Its so easy to get in and out of the car
Super lightweight and awesome value for money i love that the capsule can click right on and once bubs out grows that there's no need to buy a new/2nd seat just take off the capsule amd away you go

Good Pram

This pram was a good buy. The price is fair. It is easy to fold, unfold and carry. It is not that big that uses too much space in the car boot. My baby likes it as well. Also it has other small spaces to keep stuff when I am doing grocery shopping.

love it

amazing compact pram, originally had another steelcraft pram but couldn't fold it and fit in my boot of Suzuki swift. this pram folds so compact it fits in Suzuki boot and a bag next to it. easy to push. only thing I did notice is that when baby is laying flat nothing clicks in to hold them flat so if they are fighting sleep and can pull there weight up they can sit up and be cheeky

It's an excellent pram!!!

I have two children and have had a few prams and strollers but this pram is by the far the best one. It is easy to maneuver and fold. It can accommodate a child under 5 years old depending on the child's weight. My 4 year gets tired on a long walking trip so he still likes being pushed.
It is very handy , we even took the pram with us overseas . The canopy is the best as it can be fully extended if your child is sleeping it keeps the baby safe from the sun wind and mozzies.

Con: Hard to get to basket. and basket is towards small size.

Best pram ever!

This is the best pram ever! I can fold it up and lift it into my boot one handed, itsndone twl kids and still going strong, the capsule was perfect too! It's easy to manoeuvre and not so big that it's a hassle! I see so many mums with ginourmous prams and just think why??

Great economical option!!

Great compact pram with nice colour options & compatible with same brand baby carriers which come son handy to transfer from car seat to pram without waking up the Bub. Super easy to carry & fold/unfold. Not too bulky so easily comes in boot of small car. Quite economical for the great quality.

Decent pram for price.

As someone who doesn't drive, the size of the pram want something that I worried about as I wouldn't have to lug it in and out of a car.
This pram is fantastic for my primary mode of baby transport.
This pram is quite large so it's probably not recommend to take on a peak hour tram/ train, but I like it being late because it feels sturdy.

I love all of the extras that came with this pram, rain cover, foot muff, shoulder covers and at close to half the price of all the others we looked at, this was a fantastic choice to make.

Best all around pram for price and ease of use. Better than those that are twice the price

Reasonably light
Folds down easy enough
Maneuvers in tight spaces well
I think it will go on to be used for child number 2 without any issues
The key with it is to get a good insert to protect it so maybe steelcraft should incorporate this in any future versions
One downside was that the brake on our was not engaging properly from purchase due to it possibly already being damaged. It eventually snapped off inside of 6 months but Steelcraft to their credit repaired it without question and a pram was provided in the interim.
It's nice to purchase something and get such great warranty support.
I would be surprised if you could actually get a better pram for the price,

Good first pram

We got this for my son when he was 3 months old. I was not super happy with the way his head would roll around when he was sleeping or when the pram was all the way up right. We managed to get a insert to fix the problem
We have been bush walking with this pram a few times and it can just about go over everything.

Great quality affordable pram!

Very sturdy, good quality pram at an affordable price! Has all the basic features you need including adaptors for the baby capsule (which saved our lives being able to transfer sleeping baby in/out of the car!)
The one fault I have with this pram is the storage basket underneath is a little hard to access. The gap to put things into the basket is not large enough to squeeze things through unless they are very small items!

Love this pram

Love this pram! So easy to fold up and set up, literally just a few clicks and away you go!
Love the included pocket at the back with the zipper, it's a large pocket so can fit a lot in there
Only down fall is that they arnt tested to hold a skateboard etc if you have another child, and so the wheels are locked in sometimes after getting it out of the car, but it's not hard to unlock them, for the price and qaulity of you only plan on having one or don't plan on having another for a few years then it's worth it

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Questions & Answers

Front wheels seem to have a life of their own any suggestions of how to fix this please? I brought second hand but in very good condition aside from dicky front wheels.
1 answer
Hi Sheralee, thanks for your question. We would recommend that you lubricate the wheels by removing them then apply a small amount of Vaseline on the axel and around the metal shaft, then refit the wheels. We would suggest that this should be done as part of your regular maintenance. If this process doesn't help the issue please call our team on 1300 303 330, kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Hi, I have an issue with my agile plus only purchased a few months ago this year. Up until now my baby has been in the capsule but now that he is sitting up he is using the pram. When he is sitting in the pram the back of the pram seems very flimsy and tends to move to one side leaving my baby very uncomfortable and falling into one side of the pram. It is not an issue with the straps they are pulled evenly. I'am very disappointed as I paid good money for a new good pram and expected better quality and comfort. I'm unsure if other people have had the same problem but I know a friend of mine who says she is unhappy with the back also. What are my options? Am I entitled for a refund as I don't think this is something fixable is just the way the pram is. Thank you.
1 answer
Hi Aysh, thanks for your question. Steelcraft products have a 24 month repair warranty, which covers faulty materials & workmanship when used under normal conditions for the warranty period. We will repair the products free of charge within 24 months of purchase however they will need to inspect to see if they are covered by our warranty. Please return your stroller along with your receipt to your place of purchase so that they can arrange for it to be returned to us for inspection or alternatively you can book an appointment direct with one of our authorised repair agents, please see there details below: VIC, Essendon North, 3041, 03 9379 5292 QLD, Stafford, 4053, 07 3352 5494, WA, Osborne Park, 6017, 08 9444 7261, NSW, Frenchs Forest, 2086, 0408 464 921 or Taren Point, 2229, 1300 308 435. Please give our team a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to go direct as we will need to provide you with a reference number. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

Hi I was wondering if you can take off the seat fabric on the agile plus to be washed. I bought a secondhand one and the seat is very dirty or can I buy a new seat fabric?
2 answers
Unfortunately you can not. I was looking at it myself and its one of the disadvantages of this pram. I always used a pram liner on mine for that reason.Hi, I also bought a second hand one that needed washing, I romoved the whole seat and washed it along with hood and basket.


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