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Agile Plus Reverse Handle and Agile Plus
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Hello there, I am looking for a hood for "Steelcraft Agile Plus - Onyx". Do you have it? If so, what's price? Thanks. H2D
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Hi H2D, thanks for your question. Please give us a call on 1300 303 330 if the cat number from your stroller frame so we can provide you with availability and pricing. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

With all the steel craft prams can they all add the 2nd seat if not which ones can? :)
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Im not 100% sure. I was thinking the same thing the other day. I was going to email or call steel craft and see what they say or even call some baby shops. I know they have universal toddler skate boards that attach to the back of the pram at baby shops. Sorry im not much helpHi Taleah, thanks for your question. The Agile / Agile Reverse handle ranges are not compatible with a second seat. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Hi, would a steelcraft capsule from 2014 fit a new agile plus pram?
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Hi Sarah, thanks for your question. The Steelcraft capsule is compatible with the Agile Plus when you use the adaptors that are provided when the stroller was purchased. If you don't have these any longer we do sell them direct, please give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Why can’t I get a second seat for the agile plus reverse handle pram. Making life difficult now a second grandchild has come along and I don’t really want to go out and buy either another stroller that takes a seat or buy a twin stroller.
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Hi I’m just curious I’ve seem a lot of the agile plus reverse handle prams for sale and only used for 6 months has anyone had any problems please?
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Hi, just wondering if you can get a second seat to go on the agile plus reverse handle denim stroller?
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You can't, you can get a capsule for a very small baby and that works in the handle parts.. However there is no room for a second seat AFAIK

What is the red clip thing on the side of the pram for?on the reverse agile plus it kinda flips up and down
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its a 2nd brake for when you reverse the handle :) i kinda thought the same thing but its a defiantly a brake i have the same pram im also trying to sell it

Hi can i have a list of capsules that are compatible with the agile plus
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Hi Mikey, thank you for your question. All Steelcraft infant carriers are compatible with the car seat adapters that come with the agile plus. Also the 2013 std unity's are with the purchase of the Britax CLICK & GO agile receivers. Many thanks, The Steelcraft Team :)

Hi, I have an issue with my agile plus only purchased a few months ago this year. Up until now my baby has been in the capsule but now that he is sitting up he is using the pram. When he is sitting in the pram the back of the pram seems very flimsy and tends to move to one side leaving my baby very uncomfortable and falling into one side of the pram. It is not an issue with the straps they are pulled evenly. I'am very disappointed as I paid good money for a new good pram and expected better quality and comfort. I'm unsure if other people have had the same problem but I know a friend of mine who says she is unhappy with the back also. What are my options? Am I entitled for a refund as I don't think this is something fixable is just the way the pram is. Thank you.
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Hi Aysh, thanks for your question. Steelcraft products have a 24 month repair warranty, which covers faulty materials & workmanship when used under normal conditions for the warranty period. We will repair the products free of charge within 24 months of purchase however they will need to inspect to see if they are covered by our warranty. Please return your stroller along with your receipt to your place of purchase so that they can arrange for it to be returned to us for inspection or alternatively you can book an appointment direct with one of our authorised repair agents, please see there details below: VIC, Essendon North, 3041, 03 9379 5292 QLD, Stafford, 4053, 07 3352 5494, WA, Osborne Park, 6017, 08 9444 7261, NSW, Frenchs Forest, 2086, 0408 464 921 or Taren Point, 2229, 1300 308 435. Please give our team a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to go direct as we will need to provide you with a reference number. Kind regards, The Britax Team.

Hi I was wondering if you can take off the seat fabric on the agile plus to be washed. I bought a secondhand one and the seat is very dirty or can I buy a new seat fabric?
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Unfortunately you can not. I was looking at it myself and its one of the disadvantages of this pram. I always used a pram liner on mine for that reason.Hi, I also bought a second hand one that needed washing, I romoved the whole seat and washed it along with hood and basket.

Hi my I have a steelcraft agile pram and capsule I was just wondering if and how you'd have the capsule front facing in the car my daughter is almost ready to be turned around & not really wanting to stop using her seat yet
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Your capsule can not be turned around to be forward facing. You would need to purchase a new seat. I would recommend keeping her rearward facing as long as possible as it is the safest position at that age.

Hi, I have the agile capsule and was wondering if it does forward facing?
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Yes, it does :)I don't believe so, we certainly but haven't used/fitted it forward facing however, this would be better answered definitively by the product vendor.

Hi, have the wheels changed at all? Was really loving this pram and about to buy but after seeing the reviews not sure I want to touch it if it has the same wheels.
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Hi, I live in a really rough area with lots of broken glass on the paths and tough roads. Iv had my pram for almost 6 months useing a least every second day and iv found my wheels to be excellent. They havnt changed at all and the steering had also been great. I hope this helps. SamHi, we have used Silicon spray on the wheels after taking them out and cleaning inside and they seem to be working fine now. I think i would still buy this pram again

Can you have the child facing you with this pram?
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From what I have read about the pram online & in the manual I understand that it is rearward or frontward facing but I have never really figured out how to do it or if they are only referring to the optional capsule. Sorry I'm not more helpful!After checking the website, it appears it is rearward facing. The following link shows all the possibilities with and without the optional bassinet, carrier and second seat. http://www.striderplus.com.au/Travel-System/Photo-Gallery/Photo-Gallery.aspOnly if using the capsule. The main seat of the pram faces outwards.

Having issues with wheels falling apart. Is it possible to buy new ones?? How much do they cost to send to QLD?
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Hi Liz, thanks for your question. We do have parts available for the Steelcraft Agile Plus, please call our team on 1300 303 330 so we can provide you with availability and pricing, thanks, Britax Team.

Hi, i received a agile plus from a friend and there is no hood attached. I was just wondering if you can get a new hood for them or not?
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Hi Jessmarie, thanks for your question. Please give our team a call on 1300 303 330 as we do have spare parts available, the cost of a replacement hood would be approx. $50 to postage. Thanks, Britax Team

Hi there, I am just wondering what the difference is between the agile and agile plus? I see it comes with extras but is there a difference in size? Thank you
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No difference is size

Hi, I would like to know how to attach the removable child tray to my agile plus stroller as I don't have the manual. I did try to attach it but I couldn't do it. I have seen the R-right & L-left mark but it won't attach?
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Hi Wang, thanks for your question. Here is a link to the instruction manual however it maybe easier if you give us a call on 1300 303 330 so we can talk you through it - http://www.britax.com.au/img/Product/Description/uploads/user-guides/steelcraft/Agile-Plus.pdf Thanks, Britax Team.

Can you fit a second seat to the agile plus and if not what about A stand that the little one cam stand on???
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It doesn't fit a second seat but I'm pretty sure if you to your closest baby store they'll be able to help with a stand.

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