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Would be lost without this

I had previously bought the Mountain Buggy duet and although it's a slimmer width with better tyres, I prefer the Agile Twin. We have had the occasional problem of it not fitting in some aisles (there is usually 1 checkout at both woolworths and coles that it won't go through but not an issue as there are other wider aisles) but I love the fact that it has the quick fold feature and it's nice and light and I can easily get it in and out of my Mazda 3 boot.
Light, Quick Fold, Easy access to underneath storage, Adjustable handle height
Back seat pockets often come away from velcro, plastic buckle is in 2 sections which has to be lined up to do it up

Should have reconsidered

Very disappointed that you can't turn pram around when its windy or sunny, underneath basket needs a zip cover, adjusting the seat needs two hands and is a pain, hoods are great theres no bar at the front to hang toys on for the children which is annoying, no where to hang nappy bag as it doesn't fit under pram properly

Great for toddler and 3 year old

We looked at a number of double prams and love this pram. I have a 18 month old and 3 year old and they are both very comfortable in it. Great sun protection (something the mountain buggy didn't give), fantastic lay back position, great storage with easy access.
Easy to push but am having some issues with the break not releasing when going up an escalator. admittedly, I have not had this issue looked at as I have worked out how to release break without issue, but it is something that I haven't experienced with other prams I have owned (Strider Plus and Mountain Buggy).
Super easy to fold and takes up less space in the car than the single mountain buggy. Nice and light also.
Price was great also
light weight, easy to use, comfortable for the kids
Slight issue with breaks not releasing when going up esculators.

Great double pram

I'm so shocked to see there isn't more stars for everyone else. I love my agile. I had a 2 year old and a newborn when purchased and 6 months later it's still working like new. I use it ever day. So many features I love but some of my top are the separate releasing canopies, easy front access to the huge basket, it's the lightest pram ever, just a one step fold and mostly the smooth easy maneuver.
It sometimes doesn't fit through checkouts, but thats the shops fault :)


Bought only 12 days ago the pram has a distinctive wobble/rock when pushing In a straight forward motion. My Baby Warehouse no help. Drove one hour to Frenches Forest for repairs. Repairer not home. Was later told to go back another day. Can't believe the run around we are doing as we can't go without a pram with new born twins as no one offered to replace pram. So much for warranty.
The way it folded
Wobbles from side to side

Love it

I loved this pram. I went through so many double prams and this was the best by far but now I can't use it as both the buckles broke :( so I'm extremely disappointed and lost without it as I can't take it back under warranty because I don't have the receipt
Easy to push even one handed andlightweight
Both the buckles broke after only 6 or so months :(

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Hi Leah , thanks for your feedback please call our team on 1300 303 330 as we would like to discuss your buckle issue with you. Kind Regards the Britax Team

Would not recommend

To begin with i loved this pram for my twins. The pram is compact and easy to fold. The wheels constantly come off , the safety harness clips broke several times. One of the side button clips broke off the metal frame.... Considering my children were under 6 kg at the time and not moving much i put this down to poor quality! The customer service from the manufacture was poor. I have since learnt of several people with simular issues
Poor quality, wheels falling off, safety clips breaking

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Wow i thought i was the only one having trouble with the wheels coming off and i am also having trouble with warrenty. Can i ask you Brooke have they since fixed this problem as i am wondering what step to take next?

Great for a new born and a toddler

I don't know how Great this pram would be for actual twins as you can only put one capsule in it; but i have a newborn and a 2 year old and it is fantastic. easy to fold, light weight, fits well in the boot, adjustable handle, easy to use foot break, secure buckle system (my 2 yr old boy is a terror and can get out of most other prams), and 2 nice big shade covers. I love the size of the basket and the access to the basket from the front. the best part for me was the price point in comparison to other twin / duo prams. my only bug bear is that there is no hook or handle to hang your bag on and the width in terms of getting through door ways and around people.... but i expected that in a side by side anyway.
Light weight, Travel system compatible, Basket size and front access, Big shade covers, deep seats
cant hang your bag on it, being a side by side it is a little wider and can be cumbersome in some supermarkets

Generally pretty good

I have twin girls and bought this a year ago the shop I went to only had it in black. Already the pins on the five point harness have broken and also the middle clips also fall off. I am a bit concerned as the pins that have broken off can be a choking hazard if I hadn't noticed them before my babies did. The front wheels also fall off quite easily when folding to put in the car and there would be no point in having the pram if it was missing wheels.
Light easy to fold, fits through all doors, light, good covers.
Wheels fall off, clips breaking/falling off

Hi Cara, can you please call our team on 1300 303 330 so we can discuss the buckle and wheel issues with you in detail, thanks, Britax Team.I have had the same issues with mine the clips breaking and falling off, had for under a yearI called them and they gave me a number for someone who will fix it but its only during work hours and my babies dont walk. I dont know anyone in Brisbane since I have just moved here to help me look after the girls while its being fixed. Have also heard that even if you do get them fixed they break again I am managing with it just now.

Happy at first

I brought this pram as I have a 1 year old and a new born, when using the capsule for my new born the pram was amazing fitting thru most door ways easy to fold and compacted when folded. My toddlers safety clips have broken twice within a month the shop I brought the pram thru have replaced the clips but now I am very unsure with my bubba being in the seat that the clips may brake without me knowing and him falling out ... Also as being a side by side walking around shops is fine as it fits in most door ways but doesn't fit thru most cheek outs and walking thru shops are sometimes hard fitting down isles. As most toddlers do my son grabs things of the shelf and you can't move him away from the shelfs as its a tight fit sometimes .... Also when going out with just one child you are pushing around a double pram with only on child .... My husband and I are selling this pram And buying a different one.
Compact fold and easy to fold
Broken safety clips too big to fit places

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HI Tamara89, please feel free to call our team on 1300 303 330 so we can discuss the broken buckles with you. We will need your stroller return to one of our authorised repair agents so we can replace the complete harness and buckle system on both seats. Kind regards, Britax Team.

Pretty good twins pram

Purchased for newborn twins and so far it's not bad. Has a great sun shade and is early lightweight. Easy to fold ESP for when by myself . I have a black pram which gets rather hot and twins get upset as they can't see me as there is no reversible handle on it. Fits through most doorways....just . Overall not bad considering other twin prams Available this is definitely the lightest. If you could have two capsules on it would be a lot better as not seeing your babies is definitely not ideal ESP if they have reflux issues
Very light, great to manoeuvre and height adjustment is fantastic
Seat recline adjustment is jerky and often babies are sitting crooked. No front stroller bar Avaliable . Straps to hold baby in are fiddle and one clip broke within two months . Would love a reversible handle ESP with newborn twins in the pram

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I had this pram for 8 months and ended up returning it for a full refund after the seat belt clips broke for the second time - on both sides after being repaired once (i might add that my premmie twins were only 5 months old when they broke the first time so under no stress). I have since brought a similar model in the baby jogger city mini double which is basically identical but is a lot stronger

Good all rounder pram

My two children are 16 months apart and this pram ticks a lot of boxes. It's easy to set up, folds down flat and locks into position, and can be stored upright taking up even less space. At 12 kgs it is also one of the lightest twin prams. The sun shades are huge, peekaboo windows are magnetic, and the tyres dont' need to be manually pumped up. Overall this is a great very user friendly pram and allows two children to easily look around as you push them.
Super easy to load in and out of a boot as lightweight. Locks when folded flat.
Fits through standard doorways but as I've discovered there are a LOT of non standards doorways so access when out and about can be restrictive. Seats are not able to be fully upright. Access to underbasket is restrictive.

Great stroller for twins

I love this stroller, it's light at 12kg and easy to push my growing twins. It folds up with the click of a button and I can lift it in & out of the boot in one piece. Any marks easily wipe away. The canopy hood is a good length for shade. My twins can se each other if they want to.
Weight. Easy to fold in one go. Fits into car boot easy. Goes through standards doors easy.
Not enough access to basket from the back but I can access from the front.

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Questions & Answers

Hi is there a bassinet that can go on this pram?
2 answers
No this pram isn’t compatible with bassinet use unfortunately. There is a set of click n go receivers that is provided with the pram for the use of 1 Steelcraft baby capsule/infant carrier.Hi Bec, thanks for your question. As Dani mentioned the Agile Twin stroller isn't compatible with a bassinet. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

I just got an agile twin and want to get food trays for both sides. Are there different part numbers for each side? Pictures show food trays of both sides but I keep seeing online people saying you can only have a good tray on one side... Which one is it?
3 answers
Hi Trent, thanks for your question. The current Agile Twin - black linen is supplied with the food tray. These are not available for purchase as separate items. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.Ok. Damn. I bought mine second hand as I could not afford it new. Is there any other brands trays compatible?Thanks for your reply Trent, I'm not aware of a universal tray for this model.

I have just bought the agile twin and want to attach my steelcraft capsule but don't have any adapters do the ones for the single fit? If not where do I buy the ones for the twin?
1 answer
Hi Chandelle, thanks for your question. The single Agile adaptors are not compatible with the Agile Twin stroller. If you would like purchase a new set of Agile Twin adaptors please give us a call on 1300 303 330 for availability and pricing. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.


Agile Twin
Price (RRP) $649.00
Seating Type Side-by-side
Suitable Age0+ months
Max User Weight 20 kg
Seat OrientationForward-facing
Bassinet Compatible Yes (Sold Separately)
Capsule CompatibleYes, with addition of adapters
FeaturesLocking Front Wheels and Under-seat Storage
Weight12 kg
Folded Dimensions30 x 75 x 74 cm
Release dateSep 2012

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