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Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1

Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1

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They need to work on the back wheels

The looks and the Quality It’s 100%
But has anyone realized They baby’s walking side to side and backwards hardy forwards ?
Now as we talk the back wheels r not locked they rotate Around So that doesn’t allowed the baby to go forward Out of 100% He May walk forward 10 to 15 % the rest he be going side to side and backwards
I always said why he’s walking side ways so I had 1 from target cheep 1 And from that he start going forward and everything. So if they can lock the back wheels this wheel b the best walker so it’s still as new

Purchased in January 2019 at Sydney Wide Chiropractic.

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Hi Hans, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if we can assist you with anything in the future. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team


Love this, can do so many different things and is so much more than just a walker. I love that it will last alot long than just a walker also. So you can warrant spending a little more for what you get. I would highly recommend to anyone needing a walker

Ok but trouble with putting together

The walker is ok. My 6 month old enjoys it.
The one thing we had a problem with was putting it together. One of the legs wouldn't bounce. Luckily my partner is pretty handy and figured out that in the factory they must have put one of the parts in upside down. So 2 hours, and pulling a whole heap of stuff apart we final fixed it.
I would not have been able to do this myself.

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Hi Ange, thanks for your review and we're sorry to hear that you had an issue when assembling your walker. Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if we can help with anything, kind regards, The Britax Team.


I don't know what other people are talking about here. Either you have no idea what a walkers purpose is, or you somehow think they're going to do something they aren't?

My daughter has been in her Beepa since 5 months old in the jump position and loved it. I then moved the foot bar all the forward (as per the instructions) at 6.5 months and she walked around backwards like most babies do. By 8 months she was walking around in the forward direction, the music isn't loud and the horn is quite easy to press.

Instead of giving bad reviews, either speak to the company to confirm it isn't a faulty product, read the instructions, or look up how a child develops. I couldn't be happier with the Beepa.

Ok walker

My kids loved walking around in it and the buttons on the steering wheel and of course the music. In saying that they didn't like being in it for long. The handles where the arms go are in the way which makes it awkward for them. The footrest jumpy thing gets in the way when they try to walk and acts like a break so I slid it all the way forward. The horn never worked as it is so hard to press in that even I can't do it. Also when on tiles and using it as a walking frame it just goes too fast, maybe needs something done to wheels so little ones can better control it.

It's good but I need help

Hi, my baby liked the walker, but now she is walking so I wanted to save it for my other baby. But I've tried to pack the walker back in its original box but I don't remember how it was before, so I need nelp if you can send me photos or video of how to do it. Thank you

I love it!

We were in TOYS ‘R’ US just browsing, when we came across this Bright Yellow Car.

Now my son being only 12 weeks old, We sat him in the seat and straight away smiled! It might sound too young now, but he already has great head support and we mainly bought it so we have an alternative for his bouncer. We haven't installed the wheels and probably won't for a while.

The construction seems really well designed and that review about the broken windshield.... Well he should have got that replaced. It's under the Warranty.

I don't have anything to bad to report about this product. Granted, the volume and the ability to turn the mirror windmill would be handy, but those are just minor issues that can easily be gotten over.

Overall, it's a great toy for my son and really well worth the money.

If anyone is hesitant about the price, just ask the Sales Assistant if they match online prices. They usually do to get a sale.

Baby loves it.

My son loves his beepa, he loves all the noises and loves playing with the mirror and steering wheel. This is the best item I have come purchased for him so far!
It's easy to use and is interactive and keeps the baby entertained.
It is hard for him to move on the carpet but great on the tiles.
Interactive play

Okay but not great

I brought the Beepa Walker when my daughter was 5 1/2 months as you can have it in jump mode and thought I would get the 4 in 1 Beepa so I wouldn't have to get a Jumperoo. Unfortunately at that age their legs are not strong enough to be able to lift their own body weight and that of the car. So then we took it off jump mode and she would just play with the toys at the front and honk the horn which is great but now at 8 months she can push it around backwards but due to the design of the seat she can't get it to go forwards and gets frustrated that she can't get to what she wants and eventually backs herself into a corner where she ends up getting upset and you have to rescue her. I took her into a store and tried her in a different one and she had no problems going forward. A cheaper one would have done the same job if not better.
Well made, safe and looks cute
Seat design makes it hard to go forward.

not worth the money

I purchased this yesterday on sale $129. Whilst putting it together was reasonably simply, the "windscreen" cracked as I was putting it in place. It's now in the rubbish bin. The movement is greatly restricted on carpeted floors and difficult to move unless on a tiled surface .. such as my kitchen or bathroom. Places where you don't want the baby zooming around. Also the handles greatly restrict movement and effect the way baby rests his arms whilst sitting in it, so much so he looks squashed and hates being in it. The baby seat however is not to bad easy to get baaby in and out. I am extremely disappointed in this product I'm quite sure a product $50 cheaper would have done a better job.

handles too close to baby, hard to move on carpet, windscreen flimsy and easily breakable

Steelcraft Beepa 4 in 1

Bought on special for $139.00. 5 month old son seems to enjoy it. Great for when I need to get his food ready, do chores etc. Sufficient toys for bubs to play with. Top can turn into a food tray which is handy, son can bounce in it, can walk in it on lino area (won't budge on carpeted areas if he's in it) and later can convert to an actual walker.

Only gripe?? It needs to have a 'volume' control button. Music is quite loud .. I find it loud, so it must be loud as for bubs whose ears are right up against it. Horn is very loud too, we've stuffed it with a tissue to minimise noise for now. Mirror/windmill type toy needs to turn in more so bubs can actully see his reflection. Otherwise it's just another windmill toy.
4 in 1. Feeding tray handy. Bubs enjoys it.
Music too loud. Needs a volume control button, or even a hi/low/off button. As long as the lights can stay on to stimulate bubs.


Not realy worth the $169 price tag when the reason it was bought was to help him walk and it's just not possible unless you have a hugh tiled area.
Great as a seat to feed them in with the car section off and just the tray in use. Great music and sounds.
The price.
It is just too hard to push. The wheels are too small and my son can only use this when he is on the tiles, if it's on the carpet it will not budge (not even for me, I have to lift it).

Questions & Answers

Can u please tell me what the 4 things are that it does,we've worked out that its a walker,a push and walk and its a jumper.whats the 4th one please?
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My baby is finding it hard to go forward, is there any option to change the back wheels so the walker will go straight? We have another walker which does than and it is easier for them the more to manoeuvre thanks
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Hi. Is it possible to fold the Steelcraft Beepa 4 In 1 Baby Walker so that it is more compact to store
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Not that I recall. I think you'd have to somehow take it completely apart to the way it was when bought from store.

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