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Great value

The most important thing I think when buying a high chair is looking for something thats strong and stable and in the way of being strong and stable this chair passes with flying colours. it's comfortable, it reclines, it's easy to clean, it comes with two trays which are easy to remove. It even lowers to a more ground level if you want them to interact with pets or watch tv. There's a basket underneath which is great for storing bibs and everything you need at close hand. The only thing is that the breaks don't break, they actually make no difference when trying to move the chair across the floor which I don't have problem with, I see it as being safer actually because it's not likely to tip over if the baby is jumping around or someone happens to bump into the chair. Another thing is that when trying to move the chair back up into seat level again from being at ground level it's actually very difficult to move back up again and baby must be taken out to lift it up, but again not something I have a problem with, great value and it doesn't stain. highly recommend :)

Can't live without it.

I have 8 month old twins and this chair has been a blessing. I can feed them anywhere by wheeling them from room to room and adjusting the height to siut where I'm sitting. one of my twins is alot smaller than the other so extra support is great and if she falls asleep eating i can recline chair to make it more comfortable. The only downside to this chair is the cleaning. Having to children it's twice the work bit everything comes apart to wash but it can be time consuming.

Great product!

Please do not listen to half the reviews as they are from parents who have not bothered to try the chair out prior to purchase and found that their kids are too small for the chair. The product is easy to adjust and can easily fold away. It can also be wheeled around while my son sits saflety in it with no dramas. The tray can easily be removed and clipped to the back of the chair. Please be aware, that if you have CARPET, then the wheels on this product would obviously not meet your needs. Do yourselves a favour, drop in to your local Toys'r'us or Baby Bunting and try before you buy. This product would have a higher rating if parents had done that.

Worst high chair!!

Steelcraft messina high chair has a serious design flaw! The lever that makes the arm rest go up is easy for baby to pull off, is tiny and is a seriously dangerous choking hazard! In fact, the lever was lightly tugged on by my 8month old, came off in his hand and he went to put it in his mouth! could have killed him! They should have just put a button instead of a lever or something that cannot be pulled on by a young child! Cannot believe this simple design flaw was not picked up by the company! i will never buy another steelcraft product after this! i have asked steelcraft britax for a refund, let hope they give me one! Only problem is it was a gift so i dont have receipt. Also very hard to clean. I will be telling all the new mums i know not to get a steelcraft high chair!

Great for babies. Hard to clean for toddlers

The Messina is great for smaller babies, as it is super comfy and can roll. I loved it for my sons when they were under 10 months. It is horrible once they start to eat solids as it is impossible to clean! I bought a replacement seat cover, but wont waste my money buying a third cover for it. Surface washing does not clean off pasta (or worse).
Simple colour that blends in, easy to clean tray and 4 wheels for easy moving.
Seat can be a little harder to clean and can not be machine washed

Regret buying the Steelcraft Messina Hi-Lo Chair

Having bought a Steelcraft Compact pram I opted for brand loyalty when purchasing a high chair for my daughter. While I would advocate that the Steelcraft Compact is a great pram to buy, I would say to spend your money elsewhere on a high chair. Yes, the seat is adjustable, but does not go up high enough for smaller babies, even now at 16 months my daughter sits a bit too low at the highest setting. The straps also don't adjust enough for smaller framed children and are exceedingly easy to slip out of. As mentioned by a lot of other reviews this high chair is difficult to clean. With a multitude of cracks and crevices for food to hide in you can wipe it over and still find bits stuck in corners at the next use. The seat cover stains really easily, and not even allowing Spray n Wipe or bicarb or any other stain remover to sit on the stain for a bit will remove it. Yes, you can remove the seat pad, and the straps, but who wants to do that after every meal? The only thing that is useful is that the chair is on wheels. That said, I've used other high chairs without them now and don't consider the wheels to be that much of a bonus. After only a year's use we are planning to replace this high chair with the basic white IKEA model.

Worst purchase I have made

The only thing this chair has going for it that it has wheels! This is the most painful highchair to clean, the seat doesn't sit up straight and my 9 month old can hardly see over the tray. After my husband got sick of me complaining every time I was cleaning the chair, he took over the cleaning. After one night he wanted to toss it and get a new one! Worst $170 I ever spent. I would give this chair no stars but it won't allow me.
It has wheels
Everything except it has wheels

Do not like it

I read the reviews of this highchair and thought they were pretty good so I went and bought the chair. I don't like it as my baby slouches in it (the back will not sit up straight completely); the tray is a bit fiddly to get in; the clips pinch my fingers and I am always worried that the tray or clips will pinch my baby's fingers. Would not recommend this chair.

Great & Practical

I have been using this site for various things for my baby, it has helped immensely, however when I read the reviews for this high-chair I was actually surprised, I recently bought this chair for my 8 month old as she was starting to push herself out of the bumbo and because I was given demonstrations on a lot of high-chairs to the point I feel sorry for all the different the sales people I encounted when looking...
Firstly I don't doubt people have had problems with theirs, but from the moment I assembled this chair it has been a blessing, it is incredibly easy to use and I'm not sure I understand how people have problems with cleaning, the padded insert comes out for easy cleaning and all the fabric is an easy clean material, plus the straps can be taken out for washing if need be. But I do agree the straps could be better quality because they do slip a little, especially when my daughter grabs them to try and chew on, with that said I don't see it as a major issue because with the straps, the tray and leg bar (not sure what that part is actually called sorry) it is enough to deter her from trying to get out, even if I have to leave her unattended momentarily for bathroom breaks.
I'm loving the hi-lo and the recline features and it really was the best chair from many I was shown!
Great value, easy to use & clean.
straps could be better quality, they do loosen when pulled

Make you own decision

It’s a good chair; the only problem is the safety harness. You won’t be able to get a replacement harness if the original were to go bad. Wrote to the company, was told they don’t provide and to look at generic brands, wasn’t able to find a proper one. With the price of the high chair being at the top end, it would seem appropriate to be able to provide replacement accessories if needed. I won’t be buying this brand at this price, would look at cheaper ones.
Good and sturdy
Unable to get replacement accessories, specially the safety harness

That's disappointing. Someone in our neighbourhood left a Messina Hi-lo highchair out on the nature strip. It was not broken/damaged, but it appears they might have left it out on their verandah for some time. I grabbed it and spent a couple of hours cleaning it, thinking I could get a new harness (the original has some mould on it that I cannot shift) and new chair padding. Looks like I've wasted a few hours :(Hi Brendan, thanks for your review I think there might have been a miscommunications as we currently have stock of the harness assembly’s and this is a spare part that we carry on an ongoing basis. Perhaps we didn’t have any in stock when you contacted which is a possibility, please call our team on 1300 303 330 if you would like to order a new harness kind regards the Britax teamHi Grandmother tunning in...have used Britax for decades always have been able to get parts...and I mean nearly 30 years will always trust the brand to be supportive of its products...thanks "Steel craft Official" need to get in contact myself have a Steel craft Messenia highchair (Grandchildren now!!!)...number six is coming and I need a new seat insert what is the place to get one quick before my next Grandchild is due ..sorry in the bush in Queensland ??????

Its really not that great, but it is cheap

After looking at reviews from this website, we made a decision to go and get one due to the number of reviews and the number of allocated stars. So after putting it together, we found that there are some issues... though I believe its probably due to our son's sitting position.

I've found on several occasions that the alignment buttons on the rear of the chair that alters the height is not always level; it can easily be misaligned if you're not too careful.

Secondly, my son seems to lean either to the left or the right side of the chair and where his arms, especially his hands; lay quite dangerously in the edges of the table and the section where the metal frame that pivots with a protective triangular grey plastic. Its rather daunting at times to see how reliable this thing really is.

Third, the padding for the reclining part of the chair seems rather cheap and unsupported; as we place his toys on the table, he can barely touch them when fully in the upright sitting position. As such, we've had to get an adult sized cushion just behind the padding to allow him to sit forward by 5 inches in order for his hands to physically touch them.

Fourth, we've found the cheesy seat-belt in the seating to be utterly useless.

The good thing about this chair is that it is mobile; with the wheels in place, we can wheel our son around with ease; instead of physically picking up the whole thing while he is in it; it saves time in a manner of speaking.

The other aspect, it has two tray tables and we can clean one and switch around to another in case that should happen.
An alternative to a rocker, as it can be turned into a recliner and our son can literally sleep in it
Our son's hands getting to places that can be deemed dangerous for him

Very happy

Love this highchair. I like that it has wheels and that I can move it around fairly easily. I have a bad back so the hight adjustment is great for me. Easy to clean with the double tray and the whole thing comes off and you can clean both of them at the sink and you can store the tray on the back of the chair. The removable tray and height adjustment means that a toddler can sit at the table at a good height and be strapped in if necessary. Great little storage net at the bottom for bibs, washers etc. It also leans back which is good for younger bubs who cant sit properly yet or for bub who falls asleep in it!

Things that need improvement are the wheels don't seem to move as well as they should, the straps come loose fairly easily (At first I thought hubby kept making them loose and I got mad at him! Sorry hubby!) and the clips are really hard to undo, which is bad for me as I have early onset of arthritis. Lucky I have a sewing machine and I can change them with easy ones. Another downside is that it might be a bit too bulky for those who have limited space.

Overall, this is a great highchair, I would recommend it.
Height adjustable, wheeles to move around, removable and double tray.
Clips are hard to use, straps come loose easily.

Practical Highchair

I bought the Messina Highchair when my daughter started solids at five months old, it's very practical with the various height adjustments and the reclining option. Food does tend to get stuck into all the crevasses so cleaning take longer. Great idea to have two trays in one and the basket is great for bibs and wipes.
The only problem I have found is the wheels do not move very well when moving it around the room, the back wheels always stick or are sideways when being moved, this is annoying as I've noticed our floor now has marks on it (wooden flooring).
Other than that its been a great Highchair for my daughter but if I had to buy one again I would just get one from ikea and they are extremely easy to clean, make your child sit up more and are a fraction of the cost!!
Double tray
Wheels do not move

Good Highchair

I find the recline option great for when my LG wasnt sitting up independently, the mulit heights will also come in handy at the dining table. I have found the straps always loosen every use and the plastic covering of the seat cushion stains really easily. My daughter had watermelon once and it has stained the white plasic of the seat cushion, even after wiping clean immediately after use!
Reclining positions and multi height
Straps loosen and stains easily

Great high chair - easy to keep clean

I loved this high-chair and used it for two very messy babies. I love that you can take the tray out to wash it in the sink and remove the lining to put in the washing machine. The height and seat adjustability is handy from eating at the table or bench, to dropping it down to feed them while sitting on the lounge. Highly recommend.
Easy to keep clean.
Clip on the harness can be a little hard sometimes.

Expensive, poor quality and hard to clean

This chair is not recommended at all. I have used this chair now for six weeks, in the first two the lining ripped and now the clip that allows you to fold the arms up has broken off. Britax, the company that makes it was very unhelpful as was baby bunting in Moore park. For the pice of $165 I expected something that would last at least for one child without issue. Besides from that it is an absolute nightmare to clean if you have a messy eater. There are way to many places that food can get into and you can't clean. I live in a unit so can hose it down. It takes fifteen to twenty minutes to clean after each feed. When I get this chair back, I will sell it.
Poor quality, hard to clean, expensive

Great - just hard to clean

This highchairs worst feature is it is hard to clean. Food gets in so many cracks - i end up hosing the whole thing down on hot days and leaving outside to dry!! Also the seat insert does seem to move when putting the child in. It is now ripped on mine after 8 months of use.
it is functional and i love the 2 trays
It moves easily and tips back and has 2 trays
hard to clean and seat cover ripped

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Hi Summerdayz, all Steelcraft products have a 12 month repair warranty, which covers faulty materials & workmanship when used under normal conditions for the warranty period. We will repair the products free of charge within 12 months of purchase. Please email our team at au-custserv@britax.com a few pictures of the rip on your highchair with a copy of your purchase receipt so we can assess this for you. Kind regards, Britax Team.

Good, safe and relatively easy to clean

I am overall happy with our purchase of this high chair, particularly when my baby started eating solids at 4 months old, so the recliner was awesome.

In hindsight though I would get a simple plastic one, as they can't be beaten with cleaning.

This one tends to trap food in creases and it is always unpleasant wiping it out and finding smooshed bits of food.

I get annoyed with the comforter moving whenever I put my baby in the seat.

Very safe though and it looks nice.
It folds up well, reclines, the tray is removable, the inner comforter can be washed in the washing machine. Cheap to buy, compared to some expensive chairs. Height adjusts.
The inner comforter moves when I put my baby in the seat. Also the seat has little creases that traps food. It is annoying to clean these crevices.

Good high chair

Very sturdy and easy to use. The tray comes off very easily and I love how the top part comes off for easy cleaning. We started using it around the time our son was 5-6 months old and eventhough he looked way too small for it he had no trouble eating. The padded liner is easy to clean and when it was too massy to wipe clean we threw it in the washing machine and it came out great.
Easy to use. Removable tray top very easy to clean!
If it gets wet from spills it doesn't dry well so you have to remove it so it doesn't go mouldy

Great highchair if you toddler isn't a messy eater

this was a great highchair until out toddler started to eat very messily, its not hard to wipe down but there are easier highchairs to clean. the food seam to get in everywhere under the seat cover and in the basket where i keep all the clean bib so they go messy too, we mainly use this seat now for ricking him to sleep in hehe. it does have a great recline function and great to young bubba if there refluxy they can sleep upright until the grow out of this stage.
i love everything about the highchair but not goo with a messy bubba. love the table that has a extra tray under neather, love the basket too. love the recline on the seat help settle refluxy babies.
cleaning is a mission.

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Questions & Answers

Hi where can we purchase a cover replacement for our steelcraft Moda high chair? Regards
1 answer
Hi Mary, thanks for your question. Can you please give us a call on 1300 303 330 with the Cat No from your highchair frame so we can provide you with availability and pricing. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Hi can you still get a replacement seat cover for a messina DLX high chair
3 answers
Hi Kim, thanks for your question. We don't currently have any stock of the replacement seat covers available however we are hoping to have stock available mid June 2019. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.ThankyouHi Steelcraft team. Can you please tell me where to purchase the covers when they are in stock? Thanks!

Any chance of getting the padded insert for Cat 31324 high chair please
1 answer
Hi Rtr Senior, thanks for your question, We no longer have the seat padding available for the 31324 however if you would like to email us a photo of your highchair to au-support@britax.com we may have something available that will be compatible. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.