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Steelcraft Sonnet

Steelcraft Sonnet

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Absolute rubbish!

Be warned -don't waste your time and money with this product
Heavy and not really "portable".
It was hard to assemble and even harder to disassemble. The instruction manual might has well been in Russian as it did not clearly show the steps to work this thing.
The mattress is difficult to attach through awkward-to-access slits in the base. The protective padding ripped on the first use.

Save your money and buy a better baby cot.

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Hi Steve, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! Please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330 if you would like to discuss this with us in further detail. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

Get What you Pay For

Easy to assemble, Sturdy, tricky to fold and pack, but hey its a cot for the odd night for my daughter.

As i said you get what you pay for, and i cant really find fault with the value for money, or the quality.

They key thing is the little one sleeps like a log !!

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Hi Drew, thanks for taking the time to leave a review! If we can assist you with anything in the future, please feel free to give us a call on 1300 303 330. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

I need a wig as I have no hair left

We bought this cot as we have other items in the steelcraft range like our awesome pram. The cot is reasonably heavy when folded away, very deceiving. To set the cot up is a breeze but like others have mentioned packing it away is an absolute nightmare, hence the no hair business. The buttons are hidden behind the cot padding which make it impossible to see what you doing. The padding can't be removed so it's all done by feel. Very very frustrating! I ended up snipping a 1cm hole on all the button locations to make it easier to disassemble, cot now comes down in 2 minutes flat but have to live with the little cuts. well priced and very sturdy cot. Wouldn't recommend to others for a portable coz as it's not user friendly but ok if set up and left.

Ok but would probably not buy again

This cot is nice and sturdy, easy to assemble but packing it away is another story. Drives me insane, I usually give up and it doesn't go back in the bag after use!!! My husband can after about fifteen minutes of readjusting things! Surely other portacots are easier than this!!!

Traditional portacot- heavy but works

Bought this from baby land $85. Read lotsa review was contemplating between the light phil&teds portacot and heavy traditional ones. The reason we chose a traditional one was bcos its elevated off the ground ESP when u go camping or wet moist ground. This cot is easy to set up and take apart, I had used a portacot before. Don't mind the weight cos we will only be using it few times a year- just chuck it on to the car or plane!

Packing away the cot

Make sure the centre base is lifted up as high as possible.
The buttons for releasing the top rail locks are on the outside and can be more easily pushed in if you lie the cot on its side and press from the inside with your foot. Do each one separately by turning the cot.
Make sure the upper rail locks don't relock whilst you are folding up from the base.
Good Luck!

Not so Perfect

This steelcraft porta cot assembled really easily and is very sturdy, it looks nice. How ever it is a nightmare to pack up for travel and we have yet to discover how to put it back in to the carry bag. The price was really affordable. Bought a separate mattress as we felt the one supplied was not soft enough.
Easy to assemble and is very sturdy. Price is also very affordable
Hard to fold back in to the carrier bag.


the Steelcract Sonnet has been a lifesaver when we have to travel to our family's place for school holidays. Our little one slept just fine in this porta-cot and, as far as we could tell, it was as good as his proper cot at home in terms of comfort.
Easy to pack up and put away and very quick to set up for use. Amazingly easy to fit back into original bag. Nice sides that can't cause obstruction of breathing and a firm but cushioned base (which we laid a cot matress over but is adequate to sleep directly on with bedding).

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Please, it is extremely dangerous to add a mattress to any portacot. Baby can get caught between the mattress and the soft sides of the portacot. Seek further advice from suppliers.

Easy to use and sturdy

This portacot worked well on our holidays. We went a road trip where we moved everyday for 8 days so we had to put up and take down the portcot everyday. It is easy to use and can fit back nicely in the portacot bag when we were done. Got it on sale at Bubs Baby Shop for $85.
Reliable, sturdy, easy to put up and take down
Could use a bit more padding but when I compared to others it had the avg amt of padding.

Questions & Answers

Does this cot meet the Australian standard AS/NZS 2195–1999, Folding cots—safety requirements
1 answer
Hi Evelyn, thanks for your question. The Steelcraft Sonnet portable cot complies to AS/NZS 2195:2010+Amendment No.1:2013+Amendment No.2:2015. kind regards, the Steelcraft team.

What are the dimensions of the cot when it is opened up?
No answers

Just bought a Sonnet portal cot and wonder if you can buy any accessories for it?
1 answer
Hi Steve, thanks for your question. We don't have any accessories available for the Sonnet portable cot. Kind regards, the Steelcraft team.


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