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Unprofessional and lacking customer service.

I own a home which is one of a 3 townhouse development. Let me tell you what you can expect from this company who's directors or staff former or present occupy similar positions within Simply Built, Pitard Group, Goliath Construction Group or Drive Constructions.
During construction there were rarely qualified trades people onsite and when there was, at times they complained about having to supervise the many backpackers hired to complete the project! The third site supervisor I was introduced to also rarely visited the site and on 2 occasions, another Steller employee and I commented about alcohol on his breath! Nearly all their materials are sourced from China and arrived on site either the wrong color, incorrectly sized only to be poorly installed by foreign workers who have enormous difficulty understanding each other let alone being able understand construction plans. This was highlighted by the fact that some tasks such as wardrobe and kitchen installs having to be disassembled and reinstalled 2 or 3 times resulting in damage to other areas. Given most of their products are form China, finding a replacement or color matching a damaged panel/part is nearly impossible. As a result, we have cabinetry covered in little round stickers which try to conceal incorrectly positioned screw holes or damaged sections. These stickers are unsightly, unprofessional and are beginning to fall off or curl inwards as the glue looses grip! In addition some of our cabinetry is clearly painted upto 3 different shades of the same color! There are many more issues to which I could expand on however I think you get the picture, none the less I'll list a few. Dips in slab causing floor boards to squeak, patchy paint work from damaged areas by Steller workers, plumbers visited property 21 times to fix leaking roof and non-functional water tank, engineers drainage plans not followed only 2 down pipes feeding into the tank one of which is the neighbour's garage there was supposed to be 8, walls out of plumb and ceiling poorly plastered (very uneven), cracks over 3 mm in driveway, squeaking stairs, timber flooring poorly matched and damaged by Steller. We have also tried to contact them on many occasions in an attempt to have these items rectified with either no response or excuses as to why they won't attend to them. They won't honor their contract liability to have faults rectified within the 3 month maintenance period either. We have now spent thousands of our own money trying to get these issues resolved whilst we wait in line along with the countless other Steller customers for legal channels to take their course. To the directors ex. or current, shame on you....! Karma has no time limit.


Now I Can’t Sell My Apartment

Bought from Steller 2 years ago, now can’t sell because cladding used has not passed inspection by Victorian Building Authority. Have only been notified of this days before the auction.


Unorganised, unprofessional and utterly poor workmanship

I purchased one of the Steller off the plan apartments in early 2017. Although the building was completed by the first half of 2018 in a timely manner this came at an apparent cost to the workmanship.

Numerous defects were found at the pre settlement inspection, including; cracked melamine cupboard panels, chipped wardrobe panels, scratched kitchen cabinetry, chipped laundry cupboards, paint cracking with areas which weren't prepared properly before painting, areas which had not been caulked, wood floors which creak and bounce beyond tolerance, chipped tiles, cracked bathroom vanity panels from being poorly screwed, bowed vanity mirrors, an area which is not square where the kitchen side panel meets the roof, water leak in the roof, and the list goes on. On top of this the common property experiences similar defective issues.

Steller only sought to rectify the defects which were easy to do so such as re-painting, any other defect which was more difficult or structural was done with complete reluctance and either didn't get done or was done with a patch over approach. There are still a few major issues that I am waiting on being fixed over 1 year later. The customer service is poor with an average of 3 week delays for a response and nothing gets done in a timely manner. At one point one of the staff rudely suggested I was responsible for one of the defects.

I am a reasonable person and understand all new buildings have teething problems and the odd defect here and there, however what I experienced was unacceptable and not to building tolerance standards.

A Steller development that's far from a stellar outcome.

The Steller product in my assessment is failing the consumer and their employees whom address countless issues, invariable in a professional manner which unfortunately appears to be lacking when it comes to quality of construction, fittings & maintenance.

The review written by Emma Holland. Is a fair assessment.

Every item that I refer to here can be fully substantiated by documents and photographs.

Settlement was arranged on the day after Easter to cause the most inconvenience, Bank Cheques posted by Registered Mail and not cleared on the day resulted in immediate fines, all correspondence to the company directors was ignored.

Promises which didn’t incur any costs, were not honoured along with others.

There are only two accessible power points in the kitchen 1 on each bench and the longest being 3.8M, this seriously is a joke.

Robes, poorly fitted, damaged and nothing in alignment.

Window Frames poorly fitted & damaged.

The Vanity Cabinets were a disgrace, Shelves poorly spaced and fitted, not a draw to be found anywhere and the mirrors were concave, a 6.5mm deficit in the middle.

The Balcony above is showing signs of water leaks, eventually repaired and poorly painted afterwards.

The Kitchen fit out was reasonable although shelf spacing is poor, the cupboard under the sink has nothing and two cupboards are totally destroyed by the exhaust fan which wouldn’t be hard to improve but unfortunately expedience won out.

Shelves that were poorly fitted, dirty, not edged were eventually replaced.

A set of By fold Doors had multiple visible holes from hinges fitted and removed to different areas, these eventually were replaced.

The property has an embedded electrical system, definitely not competitive and expensive to alter.

If you wish to rent the property, you are locked in for 5 years and assume competing with the agent renting properties not sold, costs were not competitive, my contact changed numerous times, and there was no continuity in regards to costs.

Repairs are usually cosmetic and performed in the most expedient manner.

There is one small Air conditioner to heat and cool the entire unit, no considerations was given to the bedrooms.

The Bathroom Door couldn’t be opened as it contacted the Toilet behind and this took six months to rectify whilst the property remained empty.

The East side of the property has no protection from the sun and apartments are exceedingly hot and uncomfortable, the eaves above windows are so narrow they offer little relief from the elements.

The hallways linking apartments and floors appear to lack ventilation, as are unpleasantly hot & stuffy.

Floors, some areas are so creaky you avoid so as not to disturb your neighbour.

External Sliding Balcony Doors have no Fly wire Screen and there is no provision made to retrofit, the entire Unit has two windows of less than half a square meter each that can be opened.

All windows are double glazed and walls insulated but unfortunately in my apartment there is nothing to help abate the noise which is seriously bad and unable to be resolved and consequently have no choice but to look for accommodation elsewhere.

I don’t regret the decisions that have been made, the experience I could certainly live without, the real disappointment is the complete lack of assistance, whilst the entire industry appears to remain unaccountable to all, and simply nobody cares.

Best of luck with your decision which possibly will be the most important that you ever make, it may be worth considering a Lease with the option to purchase within 12 Months, at least then you know what you are getting.

wonderful relationship

Purchased apartment from Steller off the plan. From the beginning of our negotiations until completion of the project, ahead of time, the journey has been most pleasant.. Promises were kept. Quality of finish was excellent. The Steller company went beyond their obligations. Minor defects were corrected . Two friends have had the same involvement with Steller. Another two have recently bought off the plan . The Steller company cares.


Communication was very poor from the start, our Steller rep left it right to the last minute re us choosing fixtures/finishes despite us chasing him to organise this.
No one contacted us re power points which meant we could not choose where we wanted or how many.
We were promised a walk around already finished developments but this never happened.

Upon settlement everything was rushed to meet the deadline and the quality and standard of all our internal fixtures and fitting was not acceptable.
Wardrobes were not fitted correctly, units had chips in them, our flooring had damage from a dropped tool.
Our fridge was installed incorrectly, screws missing, plastering/painting missing or done incorrectly and also balcony doors fitted so badly they wouldn't even close.
Carpet fitted terribly, even the site manager agreed it was 'bad'.
Steller are not going to rectify the carpet and so we are now left with a badly fitted/wonky carpet.

After a lot of back and fourth post settlement some of the defects have been 'fixed'.
Fixed seems to mean filling in/covering with paint or hiding a defect and so we are still not feeling we have been given a premium experience with Steller.
They have 3 months contractually to fix the defects, some of which meant we couldn't move in immediately after settlement.

In hindsight we would not have chosen Steller, I feel that this is a development company that maybe once used to have a high standard to attention to detail but now has maybe become too greedy and spread itself thinly.
We did some research on Steller about 16 months ago when we first decided to choose them, at the time I found nothing negative.
Looking now I see quite a few other bad reviews which leads me to believe that the standard they once achieved is being lost.

Think twice before considering Steller, you won't experience the premium quality they would like you to believe.

Terrible Builders!

These builders use substandard building products and terrible workmen.

We have rising damp in some apartments, shelves with their edges falling off, showers that don't drain, cracks in the cement, a garage exhaust fan that was never connected, paint peeling off the stairwell etc etc etc etc etc. The list goes on and on and they refuse to respond to our queries and refuse to fix anything.
Aside from that they are rude and dismissive.

Don't ever use them!

Broken promises...their response-it wasn't on the variations! They asked for my lighting plan-I gave

I just don't understand why they bother to ask me to provide a lighting plan if they're going to go along with it until it's too late to fix! The salesman said window coverings were included, but because I didn't make sure they were written into the contract or variations they are now not included
Next day- they have called & decided to include blinds. The lighting issue is currently being reviewed.

Super Steller

We bought a unit in a Steller development in Glen Huntly, VIC. We bought off the plan and agreed some variations. The whole process was smooth - the Steller people were great in their advice, assistance and efficiency.
We have just moved into our unit - finished about 4 weeks prior to the initial estimated date. There were some small faults evident at pre-completion inspection and 7 days later when completion was due, all these faults had been resolved. No quibbles or issues - in fact one of the built-in appliance units was changed.
The layout, design, standards of workmanship, the finishes, the attention to detail and the support are all excellent. My wife and I are thoroughly happy - and normally we would be expected to be whinging Poms!!
Steller produce first class properties in our view.

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