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SIL St Kilda - great environment to get fit

I suck at new year resolutions so I started this one at the beginning of December instead! 2 months in and it's the first time I've ever had a fitness routine I actually enjoy. Charlie has been really supportive and encouraging, being kind when I needed it but keeping me accountable too! The timetable is great and its easy to change classes with a text when last minute schedule changes happen. If you want a supportive community of people to train with and knowledgeable supportive trainer, keeping your technique right and keeping you challenged, Step Into Life St Kilda is the one for you. Looking forward to working to get stronger and fitter in the year ahead. Thanks Charlie!

Supportive and inspiring environment

I wouldn't be achieving the results I'm getting if it wasn't for the supportive and challenging environment created by our trainer Chris. The group is always referred to as a 'team', which takes the pressure off me and creates a great sense of community. However, every session I always get encouraging comments from Chris and Jess, which challenges me to work harder. Thanks so much for the team you've created Chris!!

Read the T&C’s regardless of what the trainer is saying

When I signed up, it was a choice between a contract at the gym or a month to month payment at Step in to life, or so I thought...

After 5 weeks, I had surgery but also found that I no longer enjoyed the sessions and I was exercising with people double my age. (While I have no problem with that and think it’s great they’re looking after themselves, I also just felt out of place and wasn’t enjoying it anymore).

I had surgery and was on a “freeze” until I could return. I brought my concerns up to my trainer and told her I wanted to end my membership, to which she told me “your in a 3 month contract so you have to pay” even though when I signed up I asked “Is there a contract?” - I was told there was no contract, but they do “RECOMMEND” you complete three months as that’s how long it takes to see results. I also was unable to exercise due to the surgery I had and they showed no compassion.

I found it disgusting that even though they made the initial mistake at the sign up of lying to me, they still made me pay the pending $260 of my membership! So I’m now out of pocket. I was told multiple times that they can’t “let me out” of the contract as that would be a really bad business move. They do not care about people just money money money. They say they want to help you have a better life but are happy to screw you over in a minute.

I know that I should have read the T&Cs but when someone is so confidently answering your questions you believe what they say.

Be careful and don’t get sucked in!!!

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Thank you for your feedback! Sorry to hear of your experience. Please email us at step@stepintolife.com.au, we'd like to find out more about this situation.

Very enjoyable training

The classes are great and you have options to select according to your needs.
The trainers are very committed to keep your motivation up. Specially Charlie! He is an excellent trainer.

A great way to exercise outdoors!

I recently joined Step into Life St Kilda and it has been so motivating and welcoming. Charlie is a great instructor and is able to manage various fitness levels and ensure you continue to push yourself. The group is fun and has been so welcoming and provides extra encouragement to help you along. For me it has been so much better than any gym experience!

Motivation, Fun and Exercise

I have been attending Step into Life, St Kilda for two months now and I have never been so motivated to exercise before. I find the classes fun, informative and motivating. Charlie, the trainer is always pushing you to do your best, making sure that your technique is right and motivating you along the way.

The other members of the class are great. For me working out with people of different fitness levels adds to the enjoyment - you can push and motivate others, and they do the same for you.

In the small amount of time I have attended my overall fitness has improved vastly and I really enjoy going (something that I am surprised to admit).

Beware T&Cs when you want to leave...

Please keep your paper sign up form, its the only place you'll find those pesky T&Cs when you want to stop your membership. You won't see them on the web site, nor mentioned the FAQs. Miss one, and you'll pay another month.

Workout for fun!

Great for physical AND mental health. Getting outside, being motivated by others and having fun doing the diverse exercises, games and challenges is fantastic. You won't retreat joining in!!

Have never felt more motivated than i have been with SIL

Charlie has been amazing in getting me involved and feeling apprt of the step into life program. Ive only been doing it for about a month but am already reaping the rewards!! Would highly recommend!

Love Step into Life St Kilda

I was looking to get back into training after my previous personal trainer moved interstate. I was recommended to check out Step into Life (St Kilda). I sent an enquiry online and Charlie responded very quickly, answered all my questions and even offered me free trials to see if I liked it. Well, I love it - the classes are varied, the people who attend are fantastic and Charlie is a great motivator and very approachable, he runs such a professional business - I can't speak of Step into Life St Kilda more highly. Thank you

Great way to feel positive about spending an hour

I best describe Step into Life as Group Personal Training. It's motivating, definitely good for my health A good feeling of camaraderie, plenty of opportunities to interact with a great group of similarly motivated people. Pricing is good for what you get out of it. I love it. My health and fitness are the better for it !!

Step Into Life St Kilda

Really enjoy the boxing and toning classes hard work but you feel great after them. Charlie has been really good helping me get back into exercise after 3 years of doing nothing. After 3 months feel fantastic best money I could have spent. Location is beautiful down by the sea.

Loving st kilda step into life

Really enjoying step into life outdoor fitness classes in the park. I have just moved down from Sydney & it's taken me almost a year to find a group training class that's friendly, effective , varied & professional . Thanks Charlie

So enjoyable out doors

Our location is calming and beautiful, my husband and I love the people we work with and Jason is so helpful changing things to suit our body ailments. Tone classes are hard work but fun, always feeling great after.

Love it! Changed my life!

We have a beautiful park so the environment is ideal. The classes are tailored to all abilities and are challenging but great fun. The trainer if very attentive to all participants needs. Love the changing programs so it's never boring or repetitive.

Amazing for the body. Even more amazing for the mind. SIL is my normaliser!

Location is beautiful. Ladies (and men) are wonderful friends and the exercise is tailored by Dani, our amazing trainer, to suit all of our fitness and recovery

Highly recommended!

I'm 53 years old, and work in a sedentary job, rarely getting enough exercise. Until joining Step into Life I had never tried personal training or even had a gym membership. Thanks to Mel's relentless encouragement and infectious enthusiasm (well supported by Alex and Seb!) I have now attended 235 sessions of outdoor training at Mitcham. My performance levels are continuing to improve. The training programs are varied constantly, and are personalised to suit any level of fitness. Sessions can be modified to take into account any old injuries. The training takes place in the fresh air on the oval at Mitcham, with the local resident koalas and flocks of native birds looking on. Sometimes tough, but always fun! Why not give it a try!

Join - you wont be disappointed

I have been a member at SIL Mitcham for over a year. The group training has exceeded my expectations in every way. Its fabulous to be outdoors, the trainers are so motivating and personal, every session is different so no boring routines and the other participants are friendly and welcoming. The head trainer Mel returned my enquiry call with in minutes and has showed that same keen interest in my fitness goals ever since. It's a great place to exercise - try it out, I'm sure you will like it as much as I do.

It did the trick

I tried many different solutions and approaches to get back into shape and keep up a training routine, but none worked. I kept choosing options that would not push the right button for me. As a person that tends to always prioritise duty over doing something for me, I struggled to attend gyms etc because of the lack of accountability. I could easily sacrifice the 'me time' to put in extra hours at work and nobody would know/care. SIL does the trick because it pushes you to show up to meet the trainer and the team even during those crucial times when you struggle, like me, to put yourself first. Time after time the intensity, the team setting, the outdoor backdrop finish off the work by allowing you to recast the focus on the key reason why you should train, which is doing something for yourself and to gain back control over your time and life.

I Love Everything About SIL

I've been training at SIL Mitcham for 12 months and I have experienced real improvements in my health and fitness. And during this time my motivation has never wavered and this has never happened for me as I normally get to a point when I start making excuses to not train. SIL is different to anything I've experienced, you are surrounded by a community of people who are diverse, supportive and all there for the same reason. We have amazing trainers who make sure you are looked after, supported and challenged. The training sessions are always different and can be modified to work around injuries etc. Our leader, trainer and coach Mel is unlike any PT I've ever had. She takes the time to really get to know you and supports and challenges me on both a physical and emotional level. I now have new goals to achieve over the next 12 months - to lose the rest of my weight and improve my core strength. I will finally achieve these goals knowing that SIL and my new lifelong friends have my back, what a great feeling!

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