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St.George Branches

St.George Branches

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Incompetent staff, appalling customer service. From good to worse.

My mother signed me up as a child when I got my first bank account with this institution. Unfortunately I can no longer say the same for them for some 20 years ago when I got my account with St. George.

I rarely have issues, rarely phone up, look after my money well and pay all the fees required by the bank. Yet, when you're actually needing help these days they are utterly useless. What are we all paying these employees for? Every damn time, it's always "we can't do that" or "you'll have to call this and that, but tomorrow because they are closed right now".

This company has become a joke and a disappointment. For the same issue I've had before, they resolved it in a matter of minutes. Now, the same issue has occurred and apparently, it can't be done. I've phone up twice and been given three different answers. The last call was apparently you could fix the issue, and then in a sudden turn of events I get a different story.

Then the worst happened overseas. A family trip for my late grandmother for my own mother to experience where my grandmother grew up. My mother gets a new card for overseas transactions and promised her the pin number was the one she requested. What do you know, when we finally go to use the card the pin is incorrect. It caused us so much grief because this pathetic and incompetent company couldn't get anything as simple as a PIN number done. Even though this was all "double checked" by the company before we even left Australia.

AND to make matters worse, they apparently couldn't even do anything over the phone when my mother is struck with grief over the event, effectively ruining half the overseas trip. Not to forget the dragged out, ONE HOUR phone call charging us hundreds. Talk about incompetent.

I'm fed up with this useless company. I loved this bank, but now I'm done with you lot.

Customer Service
Review TypeATM Experience and General Transactions

More branches closed

Went to the fremantle branch, its closed so is the ATM.
Went into Perth CBD branch also closed...

NO letter no notice anything been a customer since 2000.

Couldnt find ONE St George ATM to deposit money into.

Review TypeATM Experience and Business Banking

Gob smackingly rude staff

I've had an account with StGeorge for about 20 years. I rarely go into a branch, but when I did to find out about my mortgage, the teller wasn't interested in listening when I tried to explain to her the information I needed. Each time I tried to explain it she talked over me, interrupting me each time. In the end she basically told me that I need to call customer service myself. Shocked at her attitude, I calmly and again tried to explain my banking details but she walk away. It was unbelievable. The teller next to her had the audacity to tell me that she thought I was being argumentative. I asked her to substantiate her accusation by asking her how / why she thought this, then she too walked away

I was mortified.

I was very stern with the tellers at this point, yet maintained total respect, but they were nowhere to be seen.
I ended up walking out humiliated + my banking needs were not met.

Unbelievable....as in unbelievable.

Later that day, I phoned customer complaints to make a complaint, then came in the branch the next day to have my banking needs met which the manager did. He apologized for what happened the day before saying that there was communication breakdown ( there sure was....on StGeorge's part), however, I wanted an appology from the tellers.

Almost 2 weeks went past, and nobody got back to me about my formal complaint, so I phoned up customer service, and apparently according to them the complaint was solved (which is wasn't).

The tellers ended up refusing to apologize, and was never made to.

Regarding they're claims that I'm argumentative over trying to explain my banking needs, to date they won't
~ substantiate their accusations,
~ withdraw their accusations
~ appologize for their unprovoked behaviour against me.

They sent me a letter with details how I can escalate my complaint with another department of theirs, or go to the ombudsman, but my feeling is, why should I climb the ladder of their complaint handling process all for a simple appology for their unprovoked unprofessionalism.

With these accusations of theirs still hanging on me, I don't want to go into the branch at all. The bank did offer an appology on >>behalf<< of the bankers, but that doesn't heal the banking relationship between me and the tellers themselves, as they refuse to offer an oppology personally.

They humiliated me in the banking chamber with their accusations ( two of them ) they should appologies to me in the banking chamber, or as a minimum, in private / one on one.

Unfortunately I have a loan with them, so it's hard to leave.

~Unbelievably Rude staff,
~No appology from the tellers,
~Inferior complaint handling.
~Inferior customer "service" ( there was no customer service because she basically told me to call customer service myself and then she walked away)
~Not a bank I'd recommend.

Note, StGeorge is actually part of Westpac Bank.

I want to give a zero rating, but the highest is a 1

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking

Closed my local branch with no warning

Went to the Joondalup branch yesterday to get a bank cheque. Imagine my surprise to see the branch has closed. Now have to travel into the city to get the bank cheque. Will be closing my St. George accounts ASAP. Disgusted!!!!

Customer Service
Review TypeGeneral Transactions

You closed down my only local bank

Joondalup St George has closed down to my surprise. They were the best service and new me by face every time I needed their service. Another large company extending profits at the expense of good hard working humans. I am disgusted in this type of behaviour and attitude and will be looking to change banks.

Customer Service
Review TypeBusiness Banking

Exceptionally great customer service

Being a customer of St.George for just three months I again met Sonia (Pagwood Eastgardens) regarding my online banking. Once more she was very helpful in advising me about how to reinvest my finances (combination of online savings and term deposit). Great service. Thank you

Customer Service
Review TypeNew Account

Unprofessional service - St George Eastwood branch

Went to Eastwood branch on Saturday to inquire about loan discharge form, the Chinese lady in loan department had no idea about the form it took her a while to download a form which I found later was only for St George internal use.
She was more interested in asking me to borrow more money or buy insurance rather than helping me to discharge the loan.
She was sipping milk tea while talking to me.
Very unprofessional.

Customer Service
Review TypeLoan Application

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