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Alex · Eltron WWK 302 H

My hot water unit is continuously beeping similar to a smoke alarm does, what do I do?

Stiebel Eltron
Stiebel Eltron   DM   

Hi Alex, Thank you for reaching out. This does sound unusual and we would like to get a bit more information from you. Could you please contact our Service Department on 1800 153 351 to discuss this further?

Andrea G.
Andrea G. · WWK 222 / 302

Hi there is it possible to retrofit the electric heater on a SE WWK302 to make it into a WWK302H?

Stiebel Eltron
Stiebel Eltron   DM   

Hi Andrea. We regret to inform you that converting a non-element model to a WWK302H is not possible. If you have any technical questions or require further assistance, please feel free to call our technical support team at 1800 153 351. They will be happy to help you with any enquiries.

Rich F.
Rich F. · WWK 222 / 302

my accerela e300 heat pump is not making hot water. the heat element light is lit as well as the heat pump light. the fan is on and the compressor seems to be working also because it is emitting cold air like an air conditioner. despite all that there is no useable hot water in the tank and the water at the faucet is warm at best. what could be causing this?

Dom F.
Dom F. · Eltron WWK 302 H

We have a WWK 302 H heat pump, we also have Solar Panels installed.

Is the heat pump compatible with the solar system and can it be set up to come on only when the solar system is yielding power? And if so, what is involved in making this happen?

Diablo · Eltron WWK 302 H

I saw that some WWK302H have a small screen and buttons to adjust the temperature, why doesn’t mine have that function, how can I install it?

Jas · WWK 222 / 302

I’ve had my WWK222 for approximately 2yrs, I'm in Victoria on a cold night the fans or pumps does not turn on and i have cold water in the morning

Any Ideas

Bill H
Bill H · WWK 222 / 302

The wwk 302 H is heating but the fan is not working. Is the a solution for this?


The heatpump may not be working. It may only be operating on the boost element. Try turning it off at the fuse box/isolation switch for 1 minute and turn it back on again. If the problem persists contact Stiebel service.

Steve S
Steve S · Eltron WWK 302

Can you tell me how I can set my WWK 302 to only run during the day please.


Get an electrician to wire it up to a timer that only switches the heating on during the day. The electrician will also need to ensure that the unit has power all the time (to power the anode protection?) as detailed in the installation manual.

Brett S.
Brett S. · WWK 222 / 302

I’ve had my WWK222 for approximately 2yrs, all of a sudden it decides to not heat. Both the fan and compressor are working and the water coming from the relief valve is room temp. Any ideas?

Paul L.
Paul L. · Eltron WWK 302 H

how to press the reset button

Greg C
Greg C · WWK 222 / 302

We have 2 showers a day and the 302 unit runs for 5 to 6 hours to heat the hot water, I have been told it should heat a lot quicker. Ambient temp 10- 22C at the moment , should I get someone to have a look at it

Stiebel Eltron
Stiebel Eltron   DM   

Hi Greg. We are available at 1800 153 351 or info@stiebel-eltron.com.au if you would like to discuss this with a member of our technical team.

Hansana P.
Hansana P. · Eltron WWK 222

Is WWK222 any good?

Brad T.
Brad T.  

They heat well and save on energy costs. They have been good to address my concerns.

Hansana P.
Hansana P.  

thanks Brad.


Depends where you are. City or rural/regional? Probably not worth the extra expense if you have solar as well.

Stuart M.
Stuart M. · Eltron WWK 222

Since the install, we have suffered barely warm water throughout the house. The installer put an additional tempering valve right at the hot water system, rather than close to the bathroom. As there is already a tempering valve to supply that line, the extra one at the hot water system has been removed. The water to the kitchen, which is the shortest run, is barely warm. It certainly is not hot enough to wash dishes.

I also want to know how to check and adjust the temperature settings. I am in north Queensland, so the ambient temperatures should not be an issue. The pipes coming out of the hot water system are warm, not hot, even when running water from the system.

Brad T.
Brad T.  

There is a digital panel, have a look and turn the temp to 61 degrees. That should be default level.


I cannot help. However I was informed that specialised technical staff are recommended to service these units. Local plumbers and electricians will not touch them. I recommend that you contact the Australian distributor and explain your problem to the company, and see whether their staff can assist.

Stiebel Eltron
Stiebel Eltron   DM   

Hi Stuart. Feel free to call STIEBEL ELTRON on 1800 153 351. Our service department is available from 8:30 - 17:00 Monday to Friday.

Cait R.
Cait R. · WWK 222 / 302

Hi. We have had the 302 installed for 2 years, but it had just started leakinking from the top of the tank. The compartment behind the ait intake grille is also flooded. Would appreciate advice about what could be causing this.

Neil Scholes
Neil Scholes  

There is a plastic right angled drain pipe that drains any rainwater out of the top enclosure. This is probably blocked. Try clearing it with a piece of wire or similar

Justin H.
Justin H.  

Had the same issue after a year of use. Was really worried I was going to be for big repair bill and an ear bashing from the wife.

Read the above post and just jiggled the outlet which was enough to dislodge the blockage and cause a torrent of water to pour out the overflow. Pulled the fitting off and found a dead spider inside.

I’ll be keeping an eye on this in future.

Evelyn Rak
Evelyn Rak · Eltron WWK 222H

Does the wwwk222h cost more to run than the wwk222?

Paul · WWK 222 / 302

Hello, my heat pump keeps tripping the circuit breaker after approx 2 minutes after resetting the breaker. Any ideas why?

Luke S.
Luke S. · Eltron WWK 302


Where is the temp control for wwk-302? Mine is just producing warm water at present

Durras Diver
Durras Diver · WWK 222 / 302

After instal, roughly how long does it take to heat up ?

Adam J.
Adam J.  

after the repair mine (4:00pm) the water was warm the next morning, but not that night... so must be 8 to 12 hrs maybe but couldn't be exact...

Durras Diver
Durras Diver  

Thanks Adam, it’s a brand new install today and I was told roughly 2 hrs it should be right to go

Adam J.
Adam J. · WWK 222 / 302

It's Friday night of course..just got out of a cold shower and there is cold water coming from every tap. Mains power rcd is on...unit feels cold and is making no noise...this house and therefore the heating pump unit is only 2 years old...any quick suggestions that will save me the entire weekend trying to find where to shower a family of six would be stellar...
Adam 0431056676

Nancy L.
Nancy L. · Eltron WWK 302 H

Hi, I don't have any hot water. Can you please give me a reason why this may Be?

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