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Stiebel Eltron WWK300A / WWK300AH

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WWK300A and WWK300AH
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Frequent failures a disappointment

The product heats water as promised. But fails often... and I mean OFTEN.

We've had it less than 6 years, and we're on our 5th failure. Total time without hot water is close to 3 months.

Service... fair credit: OK they've been good... great in fact. But in truth, nobody wants good service. They want a reliable unit that didn't require good service. We paid a very hefty premium for what we thought was the reliability of "German engineered" cylinder, and we very definitely did not get that. It's made in China folks. I *know* China is capable of producing high quality goods, but improved quality clearly wasn't the reason Stiebel shifted there... they were following the other path.

The helpful service keeps me going. But one day, it will have failed for the last time. The (new) local agent has assured me newer units were redesigned to be better. That doesn't help tonight. And without genuine firm evidence... the replacement cylinder won't be a Stiebel.

EcoSpring has a good name here... established, with units older than mine working without complaint. Clever people learn from history.

Dear mike.of.NZ, I have talked to our Managing Director in NZ who has been in contact with you. We are very sorry to hear about the inconvenience you are experiencing with our hot water heat pump. Stiebel Eltron stands for reliability, innovative technology and excellent quality. All WWK 300A heat pumps are engineered, designed and manufactured in Germany, and we are proud to present high-quality products to our customers. Unfortunately we couldn’t keep up with our promise in your case but we made sure to supply the required spare part fast and free of charge. We have recently opened Stiebel Eltron New Zealand to offer even better customer service. Please don’t hesitate to contact our Managing Director again if you need any further assistance.Your immediate and direct involvement is encouraging. We will see how it all works out. The thermostat send down by Stiebel NZ got the compressor running again... but there is still no hot water, so I expect there are deeper problems at the root of it. Technician #2 arrives tomorrow for another look...Final result: the cylinder is dead, after less than 6 years. Replacing the thermostat exposed the real problem: the refrigerant had all leaked out. The cost of repair is beyond contemplating. Service from Mico remains well above expectations. Service from Parex was without fault until this point. The Stiebel cylinder itself remains the sole disappointment.

Fail just out of Warranty

Made the expensive move to a heat pump. Initially was happy, although the unit broke down at about the 18 month mark, warranty service just reset switch, without searching for tty h r reason. About 12 months after 5 year tank warranty ended, the unit failed completely (internal gas leak) Too expensive a purchase to only last 6 years.

Good water heater but exceptionally good service by the company

I replaced a worn out heat pump with the Steibel Eltron system. After a few months I reported to the vendor that it had a valve leaking and I initially thought I had bought a dud. But the vendor passed the issue directly to Stiebel Eltron who accepted full responsibility, contacted me directly and had it fixed in no time. It required two trips by their nominated plumber but at no point did I feel that they would not fix it. An excellent water heater now it has the correct valves fitted. I have never had such good service from a manufacturer. There was no arguing - just plain good old fashioned follow up service. Thanks Stiebel Eltron, not only for the good water heater but especially for the excellent customer service and follow up. And I love it that it so much quieter than my previous heat pump that made a racket.

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Hello Jo B, Thank you for taking the time to review our heat pump. It is great to hear that you experienced such good service from our customer service team. We will pass on your feedback to them.

Six years and it's dead!

My unit seemed to run all night in winter and sometimes all day but at least it gave us hot water. The first problem was after 18 months when the PTR valve had to be replaced at a cost of about $200. I was present when it was replaced and I could see thick rust inside the socket where the valve screws. The 3/4" hole was almost blocked with rust from the socket which was not coated with anything. We had a look inside the tank with a flexible camera and there was quite a few rusty areas there. It was obvious that the rust was contaminating the valve seat and causing early failure. I spoke to the people who sold me the unit and I was referred on to Stiebel Eltron head office. I was told by them that it was RMC part, not Stiebel and I should flush the tank because it must have dirt in it. When I mentioned the rust, he said the anode should protect it. To date it hasn't been protecting too well, and about every year I've had to replace the PTR valve and the rust inside the socket had returned each time. Whenever you exercise the valve, heaps of rust comes out with the water. Now the compressor and fan are running non-stop and it's not heating at all. My guess is the gas has leaked out somewhere, possibly through a rust hole. I haven't had anyone look at it yet but I guess it will be a waste of money anyhow. I think I'll just hurl it and it will be a lesson learnt!

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Hello Rogerfl, Can you please contact our National Service Manager so we can find out more details about your heat pump. Please call 1800 153 351 at your earliest convenience.

Good performance but short life span for price.

Cost $3500 and lasted only 5 months past 5 year warranty. At the time of purchase the sales person claimed there was a 10 year replacement warranty, when it failed after 5.5 years, I contacted local supplier who denied he had said that. The 5yr warranty was confirmed by SE after I contacted them. I would never have paid so much for a product with a 5 yr warranty, considering normal hot water systems usually last much longer (we replaced a traditional unit that was 19 years old). After paying $200 to get it assessed by first a plumber and then a refrigeration technician I was told it was not worth repairing. The refrigeration technician contacted SE who offered to sell me another unit at a slightly lower cost than new. Is this their scheme? I feel that the product should have lasted longer for the price. I do feel a bit ripped off and very disappointed. It has also come at a time when we are unfortunately reduced to one income and cannot afford a new system. I am out to buy solar camping showers tomorrow.........

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Hello Gabbi, Our National Service Manager would like to discuss your heat pump further with you. Could you please contact us on 1800 153 351.

WWK300AH - South African experience

I did plenty of research too This is an expense piece of kit It does work well, back of garage, but would be noisy outside At 4 years compressor failure It's Mitsibushi part These are supposed to be bomb proof but no refrigerant This pump does not have low refrigerant cut out That's because it's a "cut down"& cut price pump Part easily available but total bill with labour $Aus equivalent 456.00 Let's face it this pump/geyser would take 15 years to pay back, makes you feel good - but will I live that long ! In UK S-E provide extended warrantees - I think you need one with this pump

Never was fixed properly from installation

I was talked into a wwk330A in 2009 and had problems from day one. The first was leaks which the installer came back out and told me he fixed it only to be called back the next day because still leaking. Then the noise , it is loud and continuous (this noise has been constant and still is!!!!)but was told by Steibel that is all OK that's what they do. It has never been really hot , told that's what the thermostat is set too. NOW I have luke warm water and no money to even get someone to look at it as it. I would not recommend this product and I am not looking forward to the cold showers or boiling the kettle.

Hello Not Happy, Our National Service Manager would love to hear more about the concerns you have about the heat pump. Please call our National Service Manager on 1800 153 351. We look forward to hearing from you.I did ring that number and was basically told ,too bad the warranty is up , here is the number for the plumber we recommend. Well rang your recommended plumber and he wanted $200 just to come and have a look at it, I am on a disability pension and can't afford to pay that just to LOOK at it. He then told me it could be anything ... if it was a valve it would cost me $600 to fix , it could have no gas in it but you can't re gas them. So all in all there is nothing you will do for me except send me to YOUR plumber. I got a couple of free quotes and both said NOT WORTH FIXING and WOULDN'T bother with it just get something else. This unit seems for the wealthy, and that's definitely not me. P.S .. gotta love your stock answer to problems with this unit

Let down by faulty unit

We are distraught - our Stiebel Eltron model WWK300A Heat Pump has lasted just 6 months past the 5 year warranty! After researching the brand - recommended by a local supplier we expected to have at least 15 years service from the unit. The company offered a new unit at a discounted price taking into consideration the six months out of warranty time, but we then had the associated costs of installation and the fear of a repeat of the same problem. We have lost confidence in the brand. The Stiebel Eltron company affirmation on the brochure is "so far ahead, it's in a class of its own, proven superior German technology, reliability & efficiency".
We have spoken with the National Manager.

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Hello Shirley, Thank you for your review on the heat pump. We appreciate your feedback on your experience with the product and will pass on your comments to our product development division in Germany. If we can be of any further assistance please feel free to contact our National Manager again on 1800 153 351.

Expensive lesson learned

The heat pump is loud keeps me up some nights.changed the pressure tempereture valve now 3 times. The original one lasted approx 1 year and the second 3 months even got the plumber to to regulate the pressure etc This unit that stibel make has been an utter disappointment. Plumber advised me to pull it out and give it to the scrap yard even that its only been working approx 2 years give or take. I expected much more from stibel eltron but an expensive unreliable lesson learned.

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Hello George, Thank you for your review. The PTR valve is manufactured by others and is a separate plumbing valve that must be fitted. Please call our customer service team on 1800 153 351 to discuss this further. We look forward to hearing from you.

After 5 years condenser inside went a total disaster need to pay for a new one.

Installed heat pump in June 2009 had some small issues with it but nothing major.Then in September 2014 notice heat pump running for longer but still had hot water so did not worry me,By October though it was running all night so called service man and said it need gas and thermostate fixed. This lasted 2 weeks then back to running all night called service man again this time gave me news condenser inside gone cannot be fixed, rang steibel elton rep told him and he said its out of warranty by a month and a new one will cost $2500 plus fitting another $500 unbelievable all up over 5years i pay out $8000 for the best heat pump in the world DO NOT BUY this product as best in the world it is not.

Hello Solerpat, Our National Service Manager would love to discuss the concerns you have about the heat pump. Please call our National Service Manager on 1800 153 351. We look forward to hearing from you.Hello Steibel Eltron , We discussed the problem with the manager in Melbourne when the system failed but would not help only to buy a new one. I have had to buy a new hot water system not one of yours as the expense and warranty is not worth it.

Just installed today and the noise is putting us all on edge!

This was recommended by the plumber but the fan hasn't stopped all day. It may be outside the lounge and bathroom, but it is still loud in our bedrooms. Maybe it would better in a brick house, but the noise is reverberating though our weatherboard house. We are in a very quiet country block, but we can hear it half way down out 200 m driveway. Also given the area we are in, we get frequent frosts and 3-6 days above 42 degrees in summer. We were not warned of this until reading the manual after installation.
Looks nice
The noise - and surely with a fan going constantly it must be using more power

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We would love to find out more about the installation and the concerns you have about the heat pump. Please call our National Service Manager on 1800 153 351.

This has been an expensive frustrating disaster .

The relief valve fails at least every 6 months,Stiebel kicked the problem to the valve manufacturer,I am chasing up yet another valve warranty claim at the moment,while water is again pouring out of the unit and I am down to 10 minutes tepid water,I expect my power bill will be off the Richter yet again this quarter.It seems these things are a gamble,some people have no problems,mine has been a monumental disappointment and waste of money,it certainly has cost me much more in excess water and electicity than my previous twin element conventional HWS ever did.Oh,and it's noisy as hell,which the installer failed to warn me of when he positioned it directly below my bedroom.

Expensive, unreliable, time-consuming ,extremely disapointing for something that was represented as a high-end economical unit.

Hello David, Thank you for taking the time to review the Stiebel Eltron heat pump. The relief valve is an external component to the heat pump and is part of the plumbing. If you would kindly call us on 1800 153 351 our service team would be more than happy to discuss possible causes to relief valve issues. We look forward to hearing from you.Had the relief valve and duo valve replaced under warranty again last week by RMC,will post future developments.Working fine at present.

Praise for great Product

I have had Model WWK300A for nearly 4yrs - then.....no hot water. I rang Steibel & spoke with lovely Luke he referred me to their Plumber Geoff, who dutifully arrived & replaced the thermostat. I had read previous Reviews on this Site & dreaded the Bill because a number of people had stated their Bill was $1,000. My Bill was nowhere near a $1,000 - Heat Pump is now working better than ever. Geoff the Plumber was spot on with his fault diagnosis! I had done a lot of Research prior to purchasing the WWK300A. Steibel have been making Heat Pumps in Germany for many years & they are the Leading Manufacturer in Europe. Naturally, I decided to go with the Steibel Heat Pump - I also read China uses Heat Pumps more than any other Country....I never noticed a huge rise in my Electricity Bill after I had the Heat Pump installed in 2009. All Heat Pumps are noisy some Brands are worse than others, Steibel is not the noisiest - mine is installed at rear of house away from living areas
so there is no problem with noise.
People who complain about the noise should have done their Research...the Heat Pump System with every brand on the Australian market is noisy......
Even my brand new iPhone 5 had to be replaced after 12 weeks....unfortunately things do break down.....
Efficient - Economical - Friendly Company to do business with

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I have to amend my original comment - I have had to have the Relief Valve Replaced twice at a Cost of $375 each visit....& now I have NO Hot Water again....so disappointed - the Pump is only 5 years old & 3 Service calls ....

engineering failure

I am not sure who designs builds and tests these things but after purchasing 3 units they have all failed. Way too noisy when they do work. I have had one unit replaced. a Condensor on another unit and the third unit has now failed twice. Feedback received by other owners confirms mine is not an unusual experience.
energy efficient
Too Noisy

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Hello Robbie, Thank you for taking the time to review the Stiebel Eltron WWK 300AH hot water heat pump. We would like to hear more about the concerns you have with your heat pump. Stiebel Eltron is committed to manufacturing high quality products so instances where our customers have concerns with our product it is of the utmost importance to us. If you would kindly call us on 1800 153 351 our National Service Manager would like to discuss your concerns about this heat pump.


The noise of mine is driving my neighbour insane by keeping them awake at night. Way too noisey! It heats well but I'm really not happy about my grumpy neighbour and I don't blame them. I'm waiting to see the value on my next bill, I hope it's worth it.
I have hot water.
The noise level at night!

You have to switch from off peak 1 to off peak 2 ( nsw) and put a timer switch in meter box and only allow it to run a short time at night ,say 10 pm to 11.15 pm then set timer to 7am to 4pm pm as this will cover the off peak 2 times during the day( nsw) also more efficient in sunlight hours .i had a sound hood on mine but still did this as they run forever in winter and can be annoying. Thankfully after 3 years I got rid of it and went back to a element hot water system,no noise no timers and hotter water ,also back on off peak 1. I think the savings with these systems are wiped out with the cost of repairs when they break down.Thank you, I'll give that a go.Hello Dave, Thanks for taking the time to review the WWK 300A heat pump. Sound issues are easily rectified with a simple sound calibration conducted by a Stiebel Eltron authorised technician. You shouldn’t have to take other actions to reduce the sound of the heat pump, our service technicians will be able to assist you. If you could kindly call our customer service division on 1800 153 351 we can help you with your sound concerns.

Great service!

Had this for over a year and was doing very well until the relief valve started leaking. One call to stiebel Elton and it was fixed the very next day. Now it's back to it's good old self. Very happy with product - energy efficient. Also very happy with service.
Energy efficient and great service
Can get a little noisy

So noisy from day one, now we have had the pressure relief valve fail

So worried, we have had system for five years, we don't really think we saved anything on electricity, it has been noisy from first day, disturbs my sleep when it comes on and when it goes off all night. We had to have anode replaced within the first two weeks and now the pressure relief valve has had to be replaced. Now the system runs all night so scared power bill will be higher than ever. Expecting the whole thing to break down now as brother has same system, around same age and it blew completely wasting his tank water and running up his electricity bill. Local plumbing suplies stated we were lucky it has lasted this long because most don't.
Thought it was going to be energy efficient
It's does not function as promised

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Hello roboanddi, We appreciate your feedback on the WWK 300A hot water heat pump. Our National Service Manager would like to hear more information about the operation of your heat pump in regards to the running time. The system is designed to operate as long as is required to heat the water to the specified temperature. This will be dependent on a number of factors including the air temperature, how much hot water has been drawn from the tank and the temperature of the cold water in the area. You had mentioned that the pressure relief valve has to be replaced; these valves do need changing from time to time and are manufactured by others and fitted to our WWK 300A heat pump. We are happy to discuss all of your concerns and we can be contacted on 1800 153 351, we look forward to hearing from you.

Stay away from this rubbish product

We are now on our THIRD unit in 4 years and the latest one failed after 2 days!!!!!!!. Sure the power savings are notable but each unit has failed at about this time of year when it's winter, suppose to be designed for European winters??? and we are in Australia.The company initially were difficult to deal with but I must say they replaced the latest unit quickly, just a pity that it has failed after 2 days....Luckily it is covered by warranty but that does not help a family of 5 when we have no hot water for the next few days in the dead of winter..
Power savings
Keep failing once weather gets cold

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Hello Frustrated. Stiebel Eltron take pride in our customer service and our National Service Manager would like to address your concerns directly. If you would kindly contact our National Service Manager on 1800 153 351 we would like to find out more information about your heat pump. We look forward to hearing from you.

Kinda OK

Had it installed two and a half years ago. It failed ones, thankfully when it was still on warranty and fixed free of charge. Saves us a little on power bills, but won’t make it up for the price in a lifetime. Produces a trickle of warmish water (40C at the bathroom tap). I've spent a good part of my life researching online if the output and the temperature can be adjusted with no result so far. The manufacturer's web site contact form is good if you like receiving "Please feel free to contact Stiebel as soon as possible on 1800 153 351 to discuss your concerns" emails.

Thank you for your review on the Stiebel Eltron WWK 300A hot water heat pump. Stiebel Eltron Australia has an in house customer service department that can assist with your questions regarding the WWK 300A hot water heat pump. If you would kindly contact us directly on 1800 153 351 we will be able to assist you further.Thank you for your reply STIEE. I already kindly contacted you directly on the phone a few times before. I just wish your department could gather enough resources to hire someone who is able to read and write emails.

Beware noise

Got a brand new unit installed only 3 months ago. Seems to work well always have hot water however my issue is the fan noise, while not "loud" it's definitely noticable at night. Even with windows closed the fan can still be heard, I find it maybe 30% louder than most air conditioners. Just be aware to reconsider this unit if it's anywhere near a bedroom window. I rang Stiebel as I had heard about a sound hood which reduces the noise by about 3db which would probably be enough however quite shocked they want to charge me almost $300 for this "optional extra". You would think spending thousands on dollars on something that kept you awake at night the sound hood would be standard not extra. Must say quite concerned as well as the number of failures reported by other reviewers here at just past the warranty expiration. I would hope a $4000 product would would be covered for more than 2 years under Australian Statutory warranty laws.
Hot water, cheap to run

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I totally agree, the noise is ridiculous.

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Questions & Answers

Hi I Have a 2 & half year old 300A Stiebel Eltron & I have very little hot water pressure but the water is hot ?
1 answer
The water pressure on our was fine (excellent even). It might be to do with your mains pressure going into it? After much arguing with them, they agreed to return it and we had it switched for a regular storage system.

Hi had stibel eltron water heater installed in 2012, have had no problems, but the pressure relief valve had to be replaced, when the plumber turned on water and tested the relief valve it makes a screaming noise, he replaced the duo valve, but it still makes the same sound from every hot water tap inside.He can't work out why. Any answers please?
No answers

Hii just interested if the compressor is still going and the fan is not will that stop the heat pump heat up the water? Kind regards Stewart
2 answers
Hello Stewart. I am unable to answer your question as I have not been made aware of any association by the unit. I don’t believe the fan had any role in its failure. It has been disposed of now. The unit - so far so good. Absolutely no noise whatsoever - It must be working though because we do have hot water !Hi Stewart, The unit would appear to be in defrost mode. In this mode the compressor operates without the fan. There is no heating at this time. When the sensor temperature increases to +3 degrees in the evaporator, the fan starts again and normal heating mode is resumed. Please call STIEBEL's service team for further assistance: 1800 153 351. Thank you!

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