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Stihl BGA 85

Stihl BGA 85

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STIHL BGA 85 Cordless Blower

Power is great, the ease of use is as well, but the battery usage time leaves a lot to be desired. The advertised running time is 23min. 10 to 12 min is the best you can expect. After just a few charges & usages I asked my dealer about the operating time difference. The battery was tested and was in perfect working order. The Stihl workshop said the 10 to 11 min time was the more accurate running time.
Ease of use
Battery running time is very short for the price.


This thing is brilliant. Works just like a petrol blower but without all the hassle and noise. As the other reviewers said it is expensive but I think stihl have the whole cordless range on sale at the moment. I just bought the cordless mower and to be completely honest it cuts better then the petrol mower. The Stihl cordless gear is the future of yard care!
Same power as a petrol blower. Without the hassle

Stihl 36volt cordless blower

I've had 240volt blowers before, but stopped using them for lack of power. This cordless machine blows leaves and detritus like a tornado! Rivals the performance of many petrol powered equivalents. Easy to use. The turbo charger can recharge the battery in about 20 minutes, thanks to it's cooling fan. Haven't managed to run the battery flat, yet, as it just keeps going.
Cordless, very powerful, quick to recharge.
Expensive, but it is the phenomenal 'Stihl' brand. May be heavy for some users

Great cordless tool - closes the gap between Petrol/Mains powered tools and cordless tools.

This thing works a treat. Very impressive for a cordless tool. Plenty enough power for me. Once I mow my lawn, my long driveway is a mess but this thing is very convenient in by I just pick it up and clear the driveway in a minute. No fueling, priming, waiting after a cold start, and no loud noise to annoy the neighbours. Too easy. Previously I've used a cheap petrol blower which worked well and this works very similarly. It may have a little less power but it's quite hard to tell. Still works well regardless.

I have the larger of the two available batteries, the 160W/hr. I'm told Stihl Australia is scrapping the smaller battery anyway. You need the larger battery for this machine to be balancing correctly. The small battery is just over a kilo and the larger battery (same casing size though) is double this. All up it weighs around 5.5kgs which means it is light and comparable to a petrol blower.

My main reason for this tool is to scrap the various fuel mixes I keep in my shed plus I am tired of running down to the servo to grab fuel on a Sunday arvo when I'm doing the gardening. I'm sick of carrying three types of Petrol too - 50:1, 25:1, and straight fuel. I'm down to straight petrol for my 4 stroke mower now.

I've also bought the cordless chainsaw and line trimmer (trimmer is on order though). I'll do a review of these in time. I went to to buy these tools last month but didn't and I'm glad I waited. Stihl is having a trade in promo this month (sep 2012) where I paid around 1000 bucks for the three tools and battery/charger combo instead of 1500 bucks it would have cost otherwise. To be honest I may not have gotten the blower if the promo wasn't on. My initial plan was for the line trimmer and chainsaw. Overall the initial cost is high but the convenience annihilates this. Hope that helps.
Convenience the biggest plus. Near zero maintenance. Comparitively quiet. Costs near nothing to run once bought. High quality build. Stihl service is top notch
The cost is the biggest factor. Would love Stihl to release a blower/vac unit in the future.

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BGA 85
Price (RRP)299
Maximum Air Velocity165
Vacuum FunctionNo
Release dateMar 2012

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