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MS 170 and MS 171
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Can a person put a heavier chain on the ms170?
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Yes you can! It is the same bar/chain combo on the MS211. Bar part number: 30050004813 Chain part number: 63PM55EYour running a .043 bar and chain, u can go with a .050 bar and chain.. wouldnt recommend though because you power to bar and chain are mediocre you put on larger, it will require more power to run the loop and there for cut slower

I keep sharpening my chain on my mini boss but it just won't go through small pieces of wood just keeps burning through on matter how sharp the chain is what am I doing wrong?
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Make sure you have the correct size file for the chain and are sharpening at the proper angle. Sharpen from inside to outside of tooth using a forward motion only. I initially had the wrong size file and it wouldn't sharpen the chain at all.Hi Rick,the problem is the rakers, those bumpy things in front of the teeth. Get a small flat file and give each one a couple strokes, file in the same direction as if sharpening. Try cutting again, there should be chips not dust. Repeat this process, until chips are achieved. The more you file, the more the chain digs in. You don't need to do this every time you sharpen your chain, only when you notice dust or the problem you have now. Good luck and may you spit chips.Stihl makes a offset file that has a flat file and 2 round files in the tool. Ie as you sharpen the tooth the flat file also takes the rake down to proper height. If rakes are not correct, sharp cutters will not be able to penetrate wood

Can fix a big bar for ms 170?
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Hi guys, can you tell me the difference between the MS170 and the MS 171? I’m considering buying a chainsaw to cut up seasoned wood for fire wood we had felled 18mths ago.
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Hey, Stihl ms170 vs ms171 is the 171 is a cleaner emission saw & has better vibration system. But basically the same. I would save money and just buy the MS170Thanks Watto. Ended up going with the 181 for the longer length bar!

How long will it take to get my chainsaw if i pay for it on Friday morning on the 30/6/17?
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Stihl dealers deliver on the spot !

Replaced crank seals & bearings, now having trouble reinstalling engine assembly. I'm trying not to damage the rubber manifold between carb and intake Thanks for any help John
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Sorry John O, hard to describe need to be there.On the rubber which made it slip in place. This worked for me Have a great day John oThanks for answer Lost first part of my answer. Removing rubber intake tube seamed to be the only safe way. See second part of answer. Use silicone to install rubber tube and plastic ring on engine. This worked for me. Thanks John o

can I use a heavier chain and bar on my ms 170? Im having trouble by braking chains [even brand new ] in hardwoods. thanks , cheers
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I have never broken a chain and I cut Black Wattle, which is very hard. I suggest your chains are breaking because (a) you are over-tightening the chain tension (you should be able to turn the chain around the bar by hand) or (2) you are not getting enough lubrication to the chain (hold the bar over a rock, rev engine, and see if a fine spray of oil forms on the rock below the bar .. if not, something is wrong).

can I use sump oil for the bar? if not why not ,it is only to lubricate it.
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Stihl says used motor oil gives you skin cancer and it does not have the tackiness needed to stop sling off of oil from chain.Sump oil will also damage or even kill living trees you cut or prune. Use canola oil, like many professional chainsawyers doNo only use bar oil best value in a 5 litre as has the stickiness required therefore the best lube for bar and chain

It is practically brand new, have not used it for may months. Put gas and oil in but does not start at all. Is there some plug or switch on it that has to be turned on before starting? dr.holly@mac.com
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Hi, no switches just the starting switch to the left of the trigger, if you haven't used it for quite a few months it's possible the petrol has gone sour, which makes life very difficult, also make sure the air filter is clean and remove and clean the spark plug, its entirely possible that you simply flooded it. hope this helps, good luck.Empty out old fuel, add new fuel mixed 50:1 with the correct 2-stroke oil. Then read manual on how to start this machine. It's an incredibly easy-starting, reliable machine. If you are still having a problem, see dealer, it's still under warranty most likely.

Do all the 170's leak the chain oil when not in use. I have a case to keep it in so it isn't running on the floor but am wondering if it is a common flaw?
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I think all chainsaws do this. It weeps out from where lubes the chain when in usemine doesn't, but i dont know how, as as far as i can see its a gravity feed, which means it probably should, so i can only surmise its not a problem, if all else fails, consult the dealer- sorry can't be more help.I think all chainsaws do this unless the oil holes are blocked. A blocked oil hole may result in damage to saw parts.

Were is the bar oil ajustment on the ms 170?
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There is no chain oil adjustment on this machine. It has not been a problem for me (I use canola oil). Never store your machine for more than a week or two with canola oil inside it; change the oil to a mineral oil (e.g. SAE 30) and run it for a while to get it onto the chain before storing. Drying biological oils (like canola) can dry into a resin and wreck the machine.

chainsaw will not start, have changed the fuel and have plenty of spark, however have not used it for a while, what could i do?
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Gday, when I worked in the small engine repair industry we found the number one problem that came up, when a machine was stored for a while is. 1. stale fuel, as you have done that 2. check for a wasp nest in the exhaust, or a blocked exhaust screen (with oily carbon, black gunk), clean the screen by removing the single screw , then the screen, rinse in a bit of solvent and brush until clean,( just like a bit of fly screen), replace in reverse order. 3. check the spark plug is clean, no carbon build up, clean if dirty, again solvent and brush. Now with a few pulls and it should start. Good idea to use a quality fuel stabiliser when you store any small machine for a few months, your local mower or motorbike shop will help you out Hope I have been of some help.

the ms170 has to be better than the ozito equivalent, is it ?
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I have not used or seen the ozito saw, but being at the bottom end of the chainsaw range of brands you will get what you pay for, but most of these cheaper brands come with a 2 year warranty, if you can get the place where you bought it from to honour it. Even though I had problems with my MS170, other people have had no problems, ask heaps of questions about after sale service, any problems ect. Stihl make great saws, but the smaller ones in the range are not made by Stihl, they are made in the U.S.A, that may explain the MS170 problems. The small Husky seems to be a good saw, I have had no problems yet, but I only use it to cut a bit of firewood when we go camping. I would go with a well known brand, small saw go the Husky, give the MS170 the flick, hope this helps. Toddy...................Got the little Ozito 'for my wife' and she did indeed take the training, and uses it a fair bit for tidying things up on our wooded property in VIC. It's also my favourite, since it'll do most of the day-to-day jobs and weighs half what the big one does. It must be 3 years old now, and the only problem has been starting it up in the new season. The flap-valves in the carb get 'set' when unused, and we find that keeping it full of fuel with the carb low down so that the flap valves are immersed helps it start normally, especially in the new season. Interestingly, the manual says the opposite! It's a little goer, thrives on revs, gets the job done. We have 2 chains for it, and re-sharpen around ten or a dozen times in a season, so that'll give you a feel for the use we give it. Oh, and we lent it to a neighbour who used it to train his eldest boy while we were away. They both liked it. If the carb was as good as our big Chinese jobs, I'd give it top marks. As it is, it's been great value.i've had two ozitos. both lasted a day each. just long enough to get what i needed done. got my money back. all that cutting for free. i'm glad and somewhat surprised with your success. thanks for your reply. i appreciate it. thank you.

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