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Stihl RE 119

Stihl RE 119

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Great cleaner

Works well and is very powerful. I had the use of may father's Karcher for a while but that was a toy compared to this. Does an excellent job cleaning paving and washing cars and other cleaning.

The cord storage is great but the hose storage doesn't work well as as the hose isn't flexible enough to be rolled into a small radius - it would have been better if Stihl had put the cord storage at the top so you could form a larger loop.

Date PurchasedAug 2014

Robust and a great unit!

Purchased the RE 119 for $399 in Dec 2016. Did a lot of research after owning a Karcher for 10 years which stopped 5 times, costing about twice its original purchase price in repairs. Happy as anything with the Stihl. The pressure hose is a good length and everything about it is very positive. Went for the RE 119 over their cheaper models because of the steel braided hose. Good pressure and the patio cleaner that came with it is excellent. It's easy to move around with the collapsible handle. It even survived the 3 metre drop test when it fell off the roof (had to put a wheel back on and fix the cowling a bit, but didn't hurt it otherwise). It is a bit heavy but the quality is excellent. Highly recommend it. (Probably need to buy an extension hose and keep it off the roof).

Date PurchasedDec 2016

Unreliable machine

This machine worked OK to start with but is now stopping after only 5 - 10 minutes of use. It has been checked (Dec 2017) by a Stihl service department and they could not replicate the fault. I was told that I should not use an extension lead as the power supply could be compromised. I have taken it home and not used an extension lead. Same problem. Water pressure is fine. Great to know after I've bought it!

It's still under warranty for 6 months. It will go back to be checked again. If the same problem reoccurs I'll definitely be selling it for scrap and buying another brand.

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Robust, effective and great value cleaner in a neat package.

Bought this to replace a Karcher cleaner that I owned for some time that was constantly having problems. I looked at the Karchers first but they had changed the hose connectors so my additional parts were now useless and the Stihl looked more robust and was cheaper!
I had also looked at the RE109 but the RE119 offered some great additions in capability and power. I am glad with the choice. The RE119 is easy to use, works well, especially the path cleaner and packs away neatly. The soap dispenser also works well.
Also the guys at GYC are very helpful and helped the deal.....

Date PurchasedNov 2017

RE 119 Pressure Washer

Have had this pressure washer for 2+ weeks now. Have washed down my sidewalks, roof, driveway, edge of the pool, etc. It is a great pressure washer. No hick-ups, no problems. I've used it for 2-4 hours almost every day since I bought it and I love it. It works great, built tough, the handle telescopes for each moving, places for the electrical cord and washer cord, which is steel reinforced. The only possible negative is the plastic wheels which are still good, but look like they could break in time. It's a very good pressure washer and I'd buy another one and recommend it to anyone.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

RE 119 Pressure Washer

have used a few different types over the years found this one great, does everything I have wanted so far, If you are looking for a easy to use unit for light to medium work around the house you will get plenty of satisfied use out of this machine I use mine for my 4x4, car ,and motorbike as well as the driveway and windows on house. the patio cleaner works ok too. with most cleaners they all have their limits this one is a solid unit used correctly.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Excellent quality

I purchase this model rather than the RE88 and Re109 as it has the heavy duty steel reinforced hose and the higher water delivery pressure. I have used the unit on numerous occasions now and found the results excellent and very easy to use. When packing the unit away the hoses coil neatly on the unit and transportation is easy.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Still a few flaws but better than the rest at this price range

I got the new Stihl RE 119 because the Karcher I had split the pump casing as Karcher's do apparently (I wish I had read the reviews before doing the first purchase which was also the last Karcher I'll ever get. It lasted a total of about 20 hours of use over the few years I owned it which was unfortunately for me greater than their warranty period).
From the reviews the Stihl looked like the best value, despite one negative review about motor tripping, and I have now put several hours onto it and found it to be great, but have also had the motor trip out on me. It hadn't been operating that long (much less than previous usages also and tripped in cooler conditions). It took about 15 minutes of cool down time before it was good again.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Stihl 119

Hose is very easy to roll if you release the pressure ,great little unit has not let me down and I don't think it will any time soon so don't waist time on the cheaper plastic rubish i have the 119 and does everything i need it to once again great machine

Date PurchasedJan 2015

Great machine and glad I didnt go with cheap rubbish

I did a lot of research when looking to buy a high pressure cleaner. I found dozens of units at the cheaper warehouse giants but they all seemed too plastic and cheaply made. I went to my local Stihl shop and decided on the RE119. Its solid, well equipped and worth every cent. The one thing that i had issue with was that the motor was taking ten or so seconds to kick in when applying trigger. I wasnt concerned as these things have a 2 year warranty. I ended up squirting water through the hose without the fittings on it and without unit turned on at power. Im guessing it may have had a small blockage as after doing this I havent had same problem since. GREAT pressure that brought pavers up like new. Hose isnt easy to wind up but understandable as its the model with the steel reinforced hose which seem ultra tough!

Date PurchasedJun 2016

Solid Build- But with several design flaws

This unit is certainly built solidly, its heavy and for the most part durable. I have had other brands and they weren't built as well resulting in the pressure hose connection blowing off and stripping the thread.

This Stihl model does have issues though. There appears to be a problem with the thermal cutout to protect the motor. Some times after just turning on the device the thermal cutout will prevent the motor from working and thats when its Stihl cold.(excuse the pun!) I have also had to replace one of the spray attachments - the one that provides the rotating jet giving the most concentrated water jet. The jet nozzle fails to rotate as it is designed to do and gets stuck in one position. This also causes the nozzle to seem to freeze and instead of a jet you get water dribbling out everywhere.

The seals on the hand held stick also have failed and water leaks everywhere.

It does a good job when it works but these other faults all appeared after one year when the warranty was up.
It always had the thermal cutout issue right from the start that meant you had to leave the unit for some time before it could be used.

Heavy Quality, Great value, A mans Cleaner !

Had mine for about 3 months. Quality, Heavy and Good. The unit weighs a good 19kg! that should tell you something about the quality compared to similarly priced units of other brands that weigh half as much. It also has a steel braided hose and big posterior spray lance. Got mine for $399 on sale, love it. Stihl seem to have these cleaners on sale every other month, so if you can wait, buy when they are on sale. If you buy one make sure you get the free patio cleaner attachment. I forgot mine, didn't think I'd use it.

Questions & Answers

I am curious how this RE 119 goes removing weeds coming up through pavers and bitumen. That is the main reason am looking to buy a pressure washer. I have weeds coming up through the pavers and cracks in my bitumen driveway. So my big main question is whether the pressure on this RE 119 is powerful enough to do a good job removing these weeds completely?
3 answers
Hi Yes, there’s a lot of pressure and you’ll quickly remove weeds from cracks in paving. Be careful of nearby foliage because it does a good job of pruning!Sounds good. Thank you for answering my question.I think I would be using poison on the weeds in the cracks, the high pressure washer could damage the bitumen

Why is my water blaster not giving pressure n hose is vibrating still 119?
No answers

For those who purchased 2017/2018, does it still have the power tripping off issue as highlighted in some of the reviews?
No answers


Stihl RE 119
CategoryElectric Pressure Washers
Price (RRP)399
Maximum Pressure1812
Hose Length8

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