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Stirling (Aldi) Portable Fridge/Freezer 40 Litre

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Fridge for all

its affordable & made the same as the other types, I have 2 of them 1 used as a freezer and the other as a fridge.
Control is easy to set and read.
I have seen the exact same fridge with different branding for $899 so save yourself the money and buy this one.
The only better designed fridge(compressor) is the Engel but the 40 ltr fridge is $1375 AU .So at $499 Au i can nearly buy 3 stirling 40ltr fridges.

Date PurchasedAug 2015

Well worth every cent

I had an Engle fridge/freezer prior to buying my Stirling. Engle was a great fridge but couldn't justify spending the money again for a higher up the ladder brand.

I bought the Stirling fridge/freezer from Aldi and it has been an absolute ripper! Never had an issue and works a treat. We use ours constantly in the back of the 4x4. Camping trips, day trips, groceries etc
If they come on sale again I'd buy a second one

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Problems from day 4

Hi, I bought this fridge from Aldi in April 2016. On the 4th day the LED panel flashed and didn't work, I called Aldi and they were good about it and said they can refund me or go to a repairer in Blacktown NSW and get it fixed for free as they sold out and could not exchange the fridge. I chose to get it repaired because i couldn't justify an extra $400 extra over spend on another suppliers fridge if i got a refund.
The gentleman fixed it and was very nice about it. It lasted around 4 months (probably 3 times a month it actually got used) then it started showing error messages. I bought half a lamb and got it cut up and delivered to work, i put the meat in my fridge and by the time i got home it had gone warm and i had to throw it out as the fridge showed an error message. I took it to Aldi and got a full refund and have now bought a fridge with a brand name and am happy.

Date PurchasedApr 2016


Bought this fridge for my work ute 9 months ago. It has run 24/7 on a dual battery and 20 watt solar panel without tripping the battery isolator until mid 30 degree heat started. It ran continuously trying to keep cool and tripped the battery. i wouldn't recommend it for a full time fridge.

Date PurchasedMar 2016

Stirling 40 Lt camping fridge/freezer

Owned the fridge for only a few years and used it a few weeks each year and found it great. Now the fridge temp is not regulating and the fridge freezes. I check the temp with a thermometer that goes down to -10 and the temp goes way past -10 and off the scale, but the fridge temp gauges only shows 8 deg C. I think it only has a 12 month warranty.

Date PurchasedSep 2014

Stirling portable fridge/freezer 40 litre

Only used it a few times but it has been great and after being turned off holds its temperature for a long time.
A very good buy. xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxx xxxxx xxxxxx
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For less than half the price of a Waeco, I'm stocked

From: Aldi
Price: $499 each (Gutted as they were $450 6months ago)
Weight: Around 12 Kgs so easy for one person to carry but handles make it super easy for two kids to carry.
Accessories: 240 Lead and 12/24 Volt lead. Protector bag. (Don't give the bag much of a wrap as its very thin and unlikley to be much of an insulation layer.)

We have been looking for ages at Fridge deals and settled on a Waeco 65L Dual Zone. Before laying out the cash we asked around some of the grey nomad crowd. After hearing way too often " dont touch em unless your on 240VCA" we decided to wait.
Well the Sterling (Aldi) Fridges came up on sale and we ended up getting two.
We figured that for slightly less (around $200) than a single 65 Litre we bought two 40L units. One we are using as a fridge and the other a freezer :)
Easier to carry one at a time, they seem to use less power (in Watt/Hours) than the Waecos and if we only go away for a short break only need to take one with us saving space again.
And we also figured that should one break down its not the end of all the food, we can simply use the other one.
Ran both in the same room down from +23C to -18C (not verified with thermometer, just running on the) within two hours. It was a hot day and thought that was pretty much ok. (Running on Mains power).
Both units have done ok. Only one trip away with one unit and the 100Ahr battery ran the fridge for the weekend no problems. (Dropped from 13.3 volts to 12.2.) That was with the fridge at 2degrees and the kids opening and shutting the lid all weekend.
Since we only ever had an Esky on trips before ultra cold milk on Sunday morning was fabulous.

Will follow up in a few months or after we get a decent trip out of the way.

FOLLOW UP: Well that's two trips away with the two fridges and they have been awesome. So far so good. No breakdowns and no issues. I did have an error message come up when it was in the back of the ute for a while. It didn't seem to like bouncing around the back much. Last trip they were both in the trailer while running on Aux battery. Not an issue (Seemed to be that they need to be strapped down to stop the error messages ). Arrived at camp two hours later with no temperature change than when we left, they operated flawlessly for the week away. Since getting our we know of lots of others that now have them and don't know of a single issue.2nd Follow up. We have found absolutely no faults with these apart from if you leave them in the back of the ute on an angle then they come up with an 'E0x' Fault. Fair call, simply haven't used it on an angle and if the utes sitting crooked then putting something under one side of the unit was easy as (That's if we stayed overnight like that.) Replaced 100Ahr battery with 150Ahr and ran with 80watt solar panel. Checked battery voltage and it didn't drop below 12.8 volt all weekend with both units running. (One as fridge and one as freezer.) Still glad we didn't but a single big unit as we have used these ones countless times for picnics etc when we wouldn't have taken a large one. Its a pity that you cant do 4 1/2 stars. The last 1/2 would be the bag I'd say. And the fact that as a Van/car/camping unit they are great but in the 4x4 the fault may occur again when on serious tracks.

False capacity

On measuring the internal capacity of the advertised stirling 40L frig,I found it to be only 36.8 litres!
my old mobicool (waeco) was 39.8 lt. This means 3 bottles less drink can fit. Not happy..
Otherwise has the latest technoligy and works well. The 240v option is an excellent option.

Works very well when it works! 2 x fridges both failed eventually!

UPDATE - So I have owned two of these fridges in the past three years. First one I owned I received a refund after it kept freezing everything for the second time after it was fixed. Now the second fridge I purchased is about three years old and is now given up working properly. Faults are that the Fridge lid is warped and doesn't close/latch properly. The other issues is that the fridges temperature is way off what the lcd panel says that it is. I usually have the fridge set at minus 3 degrees but the actual fridge temp inside is showing minus 22 degrees. Possibly a thermister issue again, but I'm seriously over getting these fridges repaired. I mean they are ok for the price but clearly just don't last. I wont be buying another one again.

Please note, these fridges have a different lid design so I believe the warping of the fridge lids is no longer an issue but not 100% sure.

OLD REVIEW - Bought two of the Stirling (its really a Primus fridge made by Companion) Branded Aldi 40 Litres Fridges.

Things I liked:
1) Price was only $450 for a 40l fridge (very very cheap)
2) BD35f Secop (Danfoss) compressor (this is now owned by the chinese but still a great compressor)
3) Inbuilt battery protection works great
4) Adjustable temperature display (unlike those Engel Fridges which you have to guess as to what temp you are setting it at).
5) I measured with a couple of thermometers and the temp you set is actually the temp it gets too.
6) Good construction with metal handles etc.
7) Cheap to repair if it breaks
8) able to be run on 240v out of the box
9) Merit Socket/cigarette socket is a great idea
10) The fact that you can have both the 12v plug and 240 plug in at the same time (although see the issue with this below) and it will automatically switch over the 240v when its connected without the need to remove the 12v plug.
11) Two year warranty is ok too.

Now to the issue I've recently had. I have only owned them for four months, but so far one has required a new thermister. The other is working flawlessly however. The symptoms were that the fridge was showing minus 11 degrees (despite being set to minus 3 degrees) when clearly inside the cabinet it was not even minus 3 degrees. I measured with a thermometer which showed the cabinet temp to be actually 5 degrees. Sooo I set the temp to minus 11 degrees but the cabinet temp was only minus 2 degrees. Obvioulsy I had an issue and as such its currently getting fixed under warranty. I did ask if this issue arose out of warranty and the repair man said it would only cost $150 to repair which I thought was ok.

Anyway these were the things I did not like:
1) Required a new thermister after only having it for four months
2) Current draw is a little high, around 3 - 5 amps but I usually get it to temp using 240v the day prior to going camping. Once at temp it draw pretty much around 1amp if that. I have had it hooked up to a 130ah battery in my ute for over 3 days and it still works great.
3) You need at least 4mm cable run to a cigarette socket so it can power the fridge otherwise you will get the E1 error message. 6mm is best though if you can run that to a socket.
4) When both the 12v plug and 240 plug are in at the same time the 12v plug is bent akwardly to fit in properly (I used a razor blade to cut back the material slightly so the plug did not bend as much).

Sooo if any of you try hooking it up to your car cigarette socket and you get the E1 message, its due to the fact that you have poor wiring thickness so wire in a better cigarette socket. Personally I'm very tempted to run it straight to an anderson plug underneath my rear seat so as I know it will get a good connection this way.

I would have given this fridge 5 stars if it didn't have an issue so soon into owning it. Maybe I'm just unlucky, who knows, but the repairman said that the thermister issue is a common problem with them but it is a somewhat easy fix.

Pleas note that this fridge is exactly the same as many other fridges twice the price. Its like I said, a Primus fridge afterall.

Date PurchasedJul 2014

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When on battery showing -18 ,turn vehicle off and after 10 mins goes to 13 on display . Any ideas?
1 answer
Gday Terry, are you sure its not reading E1, thats a common code for low voltage supply, make sure your fridge is turned to low at the switch where your cables plug in, then check you supply source, Anderson plugs connect better than cigarette lighter sockets, then check that your power supply continues when ignition is off, Cheers

where can i get a new lid for the 40l frig. old lid heat warped, cracked at hinge. thanks Murray
1 answer
My Old fridge is at Liverpool Refrigeration P/L, 02 9602 9571, speak to Lee, he said he would keep if for spares.

what it means E2 my king fridge 45 liter
No answers


Stirling (Aldi) Portable Fridge/Freezer 40 Litre
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