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They do not care. I will never buy from them.

I wanted an Akai MPC Live - a $1500 purchase. I went to the DJ Store shop on Parramatta road and after a demo was told that 'they did not know when stock would arrive and there are none in the Country'. I left my details. Nobody followed me up. Now several months later they still do not have stock. I also want the New Pioneer DDJ 200. On their website no information is given on when you will get one if you place an order. I cannot believe how 'random' this company is. It is as if they do not want our business.

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationDJ Store Parramatta Road Sydney
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Store DJ Service

I bought a Traktor 2 Controller and software from Store DJ. I was a bit nervous considering I had only just started DJing, but the guys in Store DJ were really helpful and sorted me out. Thanks heaps Store DJ, you guys rock!!!!

Product Quality
Customer Service
Return Claim MadeNo
Store LocationBrisbane City
Warranty Claim MadeNo

Buy your cables elsewhere

StoreDJ stock HOSA cables and according to their sales guys in Perth HOSA's agents in Australia do not offer any warranty as they regard cables as consumable items. This is not HOSA or their distributor in Australia - Roland's official policy which is for a limited lifetime warranty as advertised on the HOSA website. You may also, like me, get different responses if you ring up vs visit the store. The lady I spoke to on the phone said ‘Sure we will replace it, bring it in’ apparently she was elsewhere in Australia as their phone system transfers you if staff are busy. When I took it to the store - wet day, one hour trip ‘There is no warranty on HOSA, their distributer say cables are consumables’. This is not the first time I’ve had an issue with StoreDJ, they also told me a subwoofer was in stock, then when I went to pick it it up it was a demo unit, then they could not sell it because the ‘boss’ in the east wanted to keep it for demos. I ended up going elsewhere as it was cheaper and less hassle even though I had purchased the monitors from them. They were also unwilling to honour a quote one of their salespeople had given me because it was ‘too cheap’. I understand all decisions about what products to stock are made elsewhere but they need to comply with consumer law and stop treating Perth customers as if they don’t mind and we don’t matter. HOSA's distributor in Australia immediately offered to replace the faulty cable after HOSA told them what was happening.

Product Quality
Product PurchasedHOSA 3.5mm stereo to male XLR's

Poor Product, Terrible Service, Bad Attitude.

Service is a one way door. Sure, they are really friendly and nice and service is great as long as you are buying stuff that works and everything goes well. When errors are made or support is needed, get ready to stand in line and have the "experience"...

First error was sending me an expensive audio cable in regular parcel mail without any protective packaging. After close to an hour on the phone and net, it wound up being a trip to the post office to send it back for a full refund -and me trying to find another supplier.

Second error was sending an Audio interface that has an inescapable ground loop due to its lack of an unbalanced out. Will it take days, weeks for the store to understand, let alone fix the problem? How much time can you afford?

Problem here being that these guys don't understand the gear they are selling (or they don't care?), and instead of fixing the clear problem, they make it worse, then painful. Stop the excuses, stop the lame attempts at a "discount", it was enough to be on hold, let alone have to listen to "how they want to make me happy" for another half hour without acknowledging, let alone fixing the problem.

Gut hunch is that they care about the immediate sale far more than return sales.

Very happy. Great service; fast delivery.

I ordered a product late Sunday night. I spoke to a customer service rep to clarify a few details on Monday morning. My order arrived today (Tuesday), just two days later. Well done to StarTrack and StoreDJ. It is nice to be able to report a very positive experience :-)


Great product but would have been a much better process had they not used StarTrack for delivery

Purchased two Yamaha speaker covers online by Express Post only to have them sent by StarTrack Couriers. I finally received them after three days sitting at home waiting for delivery. Incorrect tracking info on the Startrack website made it a frustrating experience. It's not Store DJ's fault and the products are really good quality. They refunded me the Express Post fee and their customer service staff (Especially Rob) followed up with the courier throughout the process and kept me updated as much as they could.


First time buyer via their website- found them to have a great range of products, very competitively priced. Checkout was straightforward. Received a friendly confirmation call soon after. Product arrived at my door by 9.00 am the following morning. Fantastic!

Ed knows customer service!

I recently purchased speakers from this store via eBay and was unfortunately not sent chords. I contacted them and they sent me the wrong ones! I was getting frustrated by this point but then stumbled across Ed. Ed works in their customer service department and not only trouble-shooted the problem, he called me back when he said he would before sending me what I needed. He was understanding, reassuring, friendly, helpful and went above and beyond! Rare in this day and age to speak to someone this amazing. Often businesses get things wrong but loyalty comes largely from how well issues are resolved and Ed has restored all faith! An absolute legend. Thanks Ed!! Store DJ needs to double your salary.

Super fast delivery

Very impressed with the delivery time. A record for me (2 days from eastern state to WA). Ordered the product on 27 Dec night, was sent out 28 Dec and received 29 Dec. Usually it takes at least a week to arrive from Eastern state. Some times around 2 weeks (especially free delivery). Thank you Store DJ

Best dj products and prices in australia!!

Store dj is my go to place for my dj needs. I'm a professional dj and music producer. The amount of different kinds of stock is awesome!

My experience with store dj has been very prompt! I bought my xdj-rx pioneer dj decks for an amazing price of $1800 for the boxing day special. They gave me a call personally to say the item is on its way!

Customer service is the best i have dealt with for music products. Have been buying from them for years. Prompt delivery and professional sevice. The staff have very high knowledge of products and answered all my questions!

Too stingy.

I purchased the shure se215 special edition blue earphones for $155.00 and had understood that they were the same as the normal shure se215 earphones except for the colour. When I received them via mail, I discovered that the cable was only 113cm long and not 160cm long as the white and black se215's are.
I returned them the next day to get a refund and was charged a 20% restocking fee of $31.00 and received $124.00 back for my trouble.
I had to tear the cardbox a bit and cut the plastic container to get the earphones out, but Store DJ don't pay $155 for them more like max half that.
All I am saying is, be very very very sure of the product before you buy from them, as the restocking fee hurts.
Peter Moore

Very prompt service

I tried Store DJ when I couldn't find a cable to connect a synth to stereo speakers at Jaycar. I'm not sure how competitive the price was but I can't imagine many places beating $9 + free postage. The cable seems to be good quality and does exactly what I wanted it to. The thing that impressed me most was the speed of processing the order. I placed the order on Saturday night and it arrived on Tuesday. This is the second time I've bought from Store DJ without any problems.


Purchased a few items from Store DJ in Brisbane over the past few years.

Xone 92
Traktor Scratch
AKG 712
Apogee Groove
Lots of cables

Always very informative and friendly, and most defiantly patient. Especially when you're coming in testing products.

Thanks guys, see you agin soon.

StoreDJ , always reliable and friendly

StoreDJ have been a part of my musical life for the last few years and they've always been great. The odd occasion I have to deal with a staffmember in store with a bad attitude but that's only because they're young , the company itself are Australia's best and have many stores with large stock inventories to please even the most snobby musician. I cannot recall in this review my orders and what i've purchased but it has been ALOT. My local music stores in New Zealand don't have the large market like Australia so I buy my gear mostly online from StoreDJ.com.au and get it shipped over here. Thanks guys , i don't really have any criticisms and the shipping method you use if very good in always requiring a signature.

Great customer service

The item I purchased didn't meet my requirements. They offered a really easy service to return my item. A lot of stores make returns really difficult but my experience means Ill use them again in future.

LOL! Store DJ - "Serious about Sound" more like "Don't care about sound"

Firstly, number one rule is; do not go to retail for electronics. These brainless bunch of sound illiterate "supposed" "DJ's" lead you in the wrong direction of how music sounds.The best headphones in the store are laughably bad as Beats by Dr Dre Studio 2.0 sound uncomparably better than all of the headphones in the store. Shocked out of my wits thinking "leading" brands would be amazing, NO; Total FAIL! Example; they say that low end Sennheiser headphones are "UNBEATABLE". The future is here. PLEASE buy online not retail. Much better to buy from.

Simply great service

I wanted to pickup some cables from the Brisbane store. Used the online chat feature and they advised they didn't have any in Brisbane. I asked if they could send a pair to the Brisbane store so I can collect there. They said it's faster to order online. So I did and a day later I had the cables.

Great service, great product and great price.

A great store with knowledgeable staff.

A really good chain of specialty stores, with good sales on a regular basis. Just don't try to ring them. A little limited in the PA / live sound area, but it doesn't profess to be exhaustive in that area.

Great place to shop online and instore

In the last two months I have purchased many products online and once at the store in Brisbane, This Company have always shipped on time and have been very helpful, they know what they are talking about I would highly recommend them never had a problem. I would also say to go into the store to shop if you can as they do have specials and I got a very good discount last time I visited. love these Guys!!


I Bought my Audio Technica ATH-MSR7 headphones from StoreDJ, and they arrived promptly. Faultless service, at the best prices available.

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