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Hi I’m putting order but the price keeps coming in US Money not Australia why this happening please Regard Rawya [email removed]
2 answers
It is because their company is based in Hong Kong where they trade in HK dollars, RMB or USD.At the top of the website, select your currency and language.

I have purchased Lancôme Absolute day cream as well as the night cream. The day cream affects and stings my eyes for the entire day. I have been using this cream for years and haven't had this in the past. I feel this is a faulty product and wish to have a full refund. Liz
2 answers
Hi Liz, could it be the sunscreen in the day cream which is causing the eye reaction? I find I cannot wear creams with sunscreen as it irritates my eyes. how did you find the night cream? Kind regards marie P.S. I am thinking of buying the nightcreamHi Vivienne. I don’t know whether it could be sun cream I normally don’t buy cream with that in it. The night cream was fine and I was able to use that. Unfortunately Strawberry net wouldn’t refund.

I have ordered some Youngblood cosmetic products from SN aswell as make up brushes. But now like everybody else I'm wondering if I have wasted £100 buying these products. They have not arrived as of yet but I have confirmed with Royal Mail they are on there way. Has any body else tried young blood make up from here?? Primer, liquid foundation, and powder foundation is what I have coming. Thanks.
3 answers
Sophi, I have found they do deliver when they say they are, but haven't tried youngblood.Sophi, I ordered youngblood and received in around 4-5 days, no problems - I live in South AustraliaI have ordered Youngblood many times no problems, BUT I am nervous now if they are legitimate products or not, I contacted Youngblood they said strawberrynet has not got permission to sell their products!...

Hi just want to ask has any body bought Dermalogical from this site? I purchased night serum but after reading your reviews I'm nervous about using it thanks hope someone can put me at ease Nikki xox
5 answers
Hi Nikki. I haven't bought that brand before, but I have never had any issues with what I have bought in terms of authenticity. My only concern now is that the pricing on StrawberryNet is usually more than in stores, so just check that first, perhaps?! Good luck!Hi Nikki I won't be ordering from SN again after my last order. I also ordered a Burberry perfume and the scent was different. I believe their stock is past use-by date & who knows what else.I have always received 100 authentic products. I know because they are products I use regularly and I used to buy from big stores paying way more. Sometimes the packaging changes, or some products are sold unboxed, or they are in limited stock and just a few colours available not the full range, but not issues with the products themselves. I have also bought from OzCosmetics and Cosmetics The pricing of the product is usually cheaper than in Australia not because it is not original, but because products are shipped from Hong Kong, a frank free port, so we buy the products at HK tax-free prices not Australia's. Most companies selling cheap cosmetics to Oz are settled in HK for that very reason. Just use the product, in most cases it will be the real thing. If you have any concern, just use the cream on a patch on your hand and see if there is any reaction.

Hey I just purchased h20+ face oasis hydrating treatment for £22. Now after reading this I am worried it might be fake. Please someone help me out
2 answers
All what I got were authentic products. I know that because they are staples in my beauty case and I have a reference to compare to. One hundred percent the real thing. So, this applies to the products I purchased. Others,I don't know. The low prices are due to factors that have nothing to do with the authenticity of the products. They are marketed from Hong Kong, which is a frank portuary zone,other products are unboxes, others in short supply, etc. If you have used that cream before you will know when you use it if it is the same or not. Basic things stay, beyond the product itself, the references at the bottom of boxes and labels should be the same regarding most things. . Don't panic before you have a reason!Thank you. I don't really do online shopping but because this product is hard to buy in the UK I had no choice. So when I saw negative reviews I panicked.

Hi all...all this is pretty alarming.... I've bought things from Strawberrynet before and haven't had any problems with them. I've usually bought SK11 products and they appear to be fine. and the delivery has been fairly quick If their products are fake though, have any manufacturers called them out on it and threatened them with any sort of legal action? cheers
3 answers
I am shocked at all these negative comments =I'm assuming they are genuine, but dont know how such sub - standard customer service and product disappointment is the same company I have dealt with for the last six years, with none of the above complaints. I can give fair testimonials to all the products & interactions and as regards shipping charges I pay nothing. I buy a lot of perfume products and if I add a skin product I dont pay any shipping costs.Sometimes I have found a product cheaper in a store but when I work out my high discounts etc; it will come in cheaper on Strawberrynet. I sincerely believe this site is genuine and am really puzzled by so many disgruntled "ex-customers".The only time I have been disappointed was with trying something I didnt know previously and found it wasnt as good as it seemed in the discription. Sometimes there can be flaws in the communication = but mostly they are willing to resolve issues. Hope this helps .I have bought loads od things from SN over the last five or so years and a few different brands. I have never had a problem with delievery or product quality. I haven't for one minute thought anything was fake. I find them good to deal with the items arrive quickly and well packaged. I just bought over $200 of Obagi and it is all fine. I've also bought Aveda and L'Occitane recently and no concerns at all.I have bought from SN for various branded make up & skin care, especially all my clinique, SKII, & perfume. I can vouch they are all genuine & with all their discounts (10% for loyalty & another 10% for over 3 products purchased & free shipping) during check out, it comes back to quite competitive. Now with perfume, when someone mentioned it was off, it happened to me before when I ordered I wasnt paying attention I put in ordered Ralph Lauren Romance and when it arrived I swore black & blue they sent me fake one as the smell is off compare to what I tried at Myer. Then when I was about to made a complaint, I saw at Myer the product has "Midnight" on it. So it was my own mistake while ordering online.

Has anyone had any experience with Biotherm products not being the real deal?
2 answers
Yes, my mother uses Biotherm products both from Myer and from StrawberryNet before. She hasn't complained of any difference in the products I bought for her for over 2 years. Hope this helps.Thank you. I have just started using the biotherm blue therapy eye cream but my eyelids have come out in a rash. i haven't used this cream before but I am real fan of the moisturiser so I thought I'd give it a go.

Has anyone bought Mary Kay products from StrawberryNet? I am worried I might receive a fake product after reading some of the reviews.
2 answers
I don't know you should go onto ghe website and see if they sell Mary kayproblem is, SN sell a lot of fake products. There are manufacturers that don't allow there products to be sold online. Speaking to a few companies, I was told to be careful of SN as SN have never ordered any products from them and they are illegally selling there brand online and providing misleading information such as "our products are genuine"

Has anyone had trouble with shipping/ receiving products? My order was dispatched on 21/01/13, according to the Strawberrynet tracking it was passed to my local delivery company on 24/01/13 yet they (local delivery company) have not received it yet. I have sent 2 emails to Strawberrynet enquiring about my order but have not got a response.
1 answer
Hi, It happened to me once and after 3 weeks and I hadn't received the goods they sent replacements. Good luck

Does anyone know if the priori products are genuine? Mine arrived today the labels on products are faded.
2 answers
I think they source from end of runs and stock run outs but if past useby they tell you. They may have been sitting in a window and returned for new stock and that's how strawberry net got them. Product quality should be same. I recently purchased Priori products and am not sure of the authenticity of them. The packaging looked fake ( copied ) and the products do not feel genuine. They feel very watery. I am waiting for a response from SN.

I can't sign in on the iPhone APP. Just keeps taking me round in circles. Have emailed Strawberry net and received auto response saying they answer 90 percent in 24 hours. That was days ago. Still waiting. How can I get a refund for goods not received after 2 months?
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Dear Dissappointed53, The last time I mailed strawberrynet junimay@strawberrynet.com replied me. I was asked to upload the receipts because they had a lot of trouble with the automatic refund form on their website. Within 5 days I received the amount via my credit card account. I suggest you to mail directly to junimay@strawberrynet.com and add the scans of your receipts Good luck! I'd like to hear the result.

I have been buying La Mer cream and moisturizing lotion a number of times from strawberrynet but is it fake? I am reasonably certain after testing against department store stock that it is fake. Can anyone help?
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The La Mer is definitely fake. The toner I bought is not the same at all. Their prices for La Mer are similar to what they would be in the stores. Save yourself from being ripped off, add a little more money & purchase La Mer from the store.

Does anyone know if the Thalgo products from SN are normally genuine or fake? I have ordered a 2in1 cleanser and toner and also a matte moisturiser and am awaiting delivery anxiously!
2 answers
Hi KittyKat I frequently order from SN and find them brilliant. I usually use Dermalogica, so haven't experience with Thalgo in particular, but SN state all their products are genuine and I've never had reason to doubt this. I once had an allergic reaction to a new product I tried and they issued a refund immediately no worries. My understanding is that they can offer cheaper prices as they buy in bulk and buy from all over the world, so in Australia you might get a product from USA or Germany, so packaging might be different, but product is genuine. I wouldn't stress and if you aren't happy get in touch with them. I've had well over 20 orders in the past three years and am a very happy customer. Hope this reassures you a bit. Kind regards AnneMy local beauty shop stocks dermatological and they've been told by dermal office that strawberry net may be selling fakes.

I have bought La Mer products from Strawberry net although I'm not sure if this is 100% genuine? I need to know that I am paying this price and it's not fake.
2 answers
I've been using SN for 5 years and only had 1 fake, it was MAC pressed powder. I suggest you buy some genuine La Mer and then order from SN - if it's fake you'll have an idea, having previously used genuine products. I always buy things from SN that I've bought from department stores in the past. Point of reference...Great. Thanks for the tip.

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