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4.5 from 3,206 reviews

prefect i dont need to go out of the house to get exactly what i want

I have been using strawberry.net for more than 5 years i use it mainly because it is easy to find the products i want and the prices are good. Sometimes the range is limited (eyeshadows for example) but generally i can find what i am looking for on strawberry.net. the quality is of a high standard and shipping and delivery quick.

StrawberryNET - Speedy delivery and excellent customer service

StrawberryNET offers an excellent product range at very competitive prices. They are fast at delivering products and their customer service is wonderful, always replies promptly and professionally. I highly recommend this website!

Perfect online shopping

Very good quality, very easy to find product, price wise. Delivery very fast and great wrapping. Happy to shop with strawberrynet.

Love Strawberry net

Products were exactly what I requested. I loved the efficient dispatching and delivery and the ease with which I was able to order. Thank you Strawbe net.

Elie Saab Parfume

Received my Elie Saab Parfum and was shocked by the color of parfume as it looked like English breakfast tea. I have worn Elie Saab for years, buying the last two from David Jones Wellington and the colour is champagne. Every bottle I have had is light champagne in colour. I have to assume this is very old stock. I would be happy to return the product sent and receive a refund

I find strawberry net, very easy to find what I am looking for.

There range of products are very good, love finding new products and trying for a great price .
I have always been very happy ,with all products that I've purchased. If there's no reviews, I google to see what they are like.

Excellent product.

Easy to navigate website and find product I was searching for, good range of products,I have used the product I was searching for before and knew it was great but did not buy it initially from your website so was not sure what I will get.I was happy with the product when I received it and also happy with the time frame in which it came.

Excellent company to deal with , never any problems

The website is very user friendly & simply to navigate . I have bought a range of products over the years from perfume , make up , hair shampoo & conditioner to facial cleansing products . All have been genuine products and have been received in excellent condition.
I have recommended strawberrynet to friends & collegues over the years who have been equally satisfied .

Great quality - easy transaction - quick response

I have always been very satisfied with the options available on strawberry net - great variety - easy site to order from - and quick turnaround of ordering to receiving goods.

Love the Products

Ordering online is so easy. I always find the products I'm needing and there's never a problem with supply. The range is good although I have certain favourites. I'm always satisfied with my purchases.


Easy to find products, pricing good, I am a very happy customer and have purchased many times over the years.

Great variety & great prices!!!

Easy to navigate, super prices, quick delivery & love the variety of products & bargains! I love the emails too!!

Price value

Production good. I am very happy with strawberry net. Prompt accaptan center of orfer. Prompt notification of delivery. Wonderful. Cheaper than airport prices

This site is so so easy.

All products well packed .Quick delivery and everything in perfect condition. Notification when packages where sent .Everthing that arrived was what i had ordered.

Always so consistent!

Have been ordering from StrawberryNET for over 10 years and the products are consistently excellent, delivered promptly and the online system is so easy to use.

Great product with competitive pricing!

Easy to find the items I wanted as they are usually sold out quickly. There are a wide range of products available and generally I am happy with the products

Geting more and more expensive...

Keratase Resistance blow-dry care. Strawberry net price: NZD $65. Buying from local store NZD $48. All original price, no discount.. Now why would I want to buy from Strawberry net?

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Also, buying from local salon (Rodney Wayne) the product was still in the box/ packaging. From Strawberry net the item was unboxed.

All 4 products were fake

I had the original skincare product from an authorised reseller to compare with the strawberry net products once they arrived. All 4 products were either diluted and were fake. This is an expensive product on their website. I had stopped buying from them about 3 years ago as the past few products were a little off. I thought I would try again as they offered generous discounts. They were in no way the same as the original product. I will be contacting the brand to check with them.

Can’t beat excellent customer service

Love how the products arrive wrapped & in a box for secure packaging, i was refunded immediately of the wrong shade of foundation upon sending proof of return (you don’t have to wait until they receive the item back). Can’t beat the 70% sales

Used or opened mascara

When I opened the mascara I can tell its used or already opened because it was dry so feel not happy

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Questions & Answers

Hi I’m putting order but the price keeps coming in US Money not Australia why this happening please Regard Rawya [email removed]
2 answers
It is because their company is based in Hong Kong where they trade in HK dollars, RMB or USD.At the top of the website, select your currency and language.

I have purchased Lancôme Absolute day cream as well as the night cream. The day cream affects and stings my eyes for the entire day. I have been using this cream for years and haven't had this in the past. I feel this is a faulty product and wish to have a full refund. Liz
2 answers
Hi Liz, could it be the sunscreen in the day cream which is causing the eye reaction? I find I cannot wear creams with sunscreen as it irritates my eyes. how did you find the night cream? Kind regards marie P.S. I am thinking of buying the nightcreamHi Vivienne. I don’t know whether it could be sun cream I normally don’t buy cream with that in it. The night cream was fine and I was able to use that. Unfortunately Strawberry net wouldn’t refund.

I have ordered some Youngblood cosmetic products from SN aswell as make up brushes. But now like everybody else I'm wondering if I have wasted £100 buying these products. They have not arrived as of yet but I have confirmed with Royal Mail they are on there way. Has any body else tried young blood make up from here?? Primer, liquid foundation, and powder foundation is what I have coming. Thanks.
3 answers
Sophi, I have found they do deliver when they say they are, but haven't tried youngblood.Sophi, I ordered youngblood and received in around 4-5 days, no problems - I live in South AustraliaI have ordered Youngblood many times no problems, BUT I am nervous now if they are legitimate products or not, I contacted Youngblood they said strawberrynet has not got permission to sell their products!...

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