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Build Quality
4.0 (80)
Value for Money
3.7 (82)
Cleaning & Maintenance
4.1 (72)
Noise Level
3.7 (79)
4.4 (76)
Acceleration / Power
4.0 (77)
Gear Shifting
4.1 (70)
4.2 (75)
Fuel Efficiency
3.6 (75)
4.3 (74)
Interior Design
4.0 (74)
Boot Size
4.4 (73)
4.3 (75)
4.0 (73)
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Subaru Forester355 reviews
RajSydney3 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S

This car is everything I was looking for !

Stability of this car is very good especially when it is raining or when the roads are rough.

From the driver's seat , visibility is good for almost 360 degrees ! I love that. No other cars in this category can give so much visibility.Many other brands in this category have a hatch back window which restricts the rear visibility.

Running costs are very reasonable !

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ShaynoMelbourne2 posts
russy1Blayney8 posts

a brilliant motor vehicle

A brilliant car purchased it in October 2015 with 169,000 km on the clock and now has nearly 250,000 km on the clock. Only non maintenance item that has needed to be replaced is the clutch at 210,000 km and it was the original clutch that was replaced. I have found servicing to be very reasonable since owning it and managed to have the timing belt done for less than $800 just recently. Mind you i am not using the dealer for servicing as you don't get the same service as you would from an independent mechanic

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elijahMelbourne2 posts
  Forester S4 2.0D-L

Great car but technology is not simple

Unless you are good with technology and are a quick learner this car may not be for you. It can be very helpful if you understand what you're doing with the car, but to be honest it can be a pain in the back if you are not to switched on with the smaller details of the car. Still happy with the car but also learning new things about it everyday!

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Donna H
Donna HChiltern8 posts
PoolownerAU6 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S
Ash2070NSW, 20706 posts
  Forester S4 XT

My ultimate car!

Living in Sydney and being someone who loves to get out in the wilderness and explore I needed a car that was going to cater for both! I've found that car in my Forester XT. Such a spacious, well designed and reliable car. Small enough to navigate through narrow Sydney streets but gutsy enough to go a little off road and get me to where I need to go!

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rgirardoVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC7 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i

What a great car so solid, just watch out the doors open really wide and can bang into other parked

Driving experience - this car is far Superior then our old Ford Escape, it drives smoothly and is higher off the floor so you can see further ahead, which gives you better ability to predict the traffic.

Just watch out when you open the doors they open very wide and you can easily hit other car that are parked nearby, especially dangerous when you have kids who are determined to open their own doors but not strong enough to stop the force of the door. I like the feature that tells us how many km's we have left before the fuel will run out.

The reliability has been fine we have only had the car for a couple of weeks it is way more economical then the old Ford Escape.

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CraigPerth4 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-L

Subaru Forester 2017 base model

Great driving with my 2 young kids 4 bikes on the back and a canoe on the roof.

Very good reversing camera.

Good fuel economy and roomy inside.

Excellent vision to see out when driving which makes you feel very safe.

Wonderful to have a full sized spare.

Best car we have owned

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Ash7 posts
  Forester S4 XT Premium

Great features, drives superbly


• Excellent steering, acceleration, braking and suspension.

• Looks brilliant!

• Roomy interior.

• Quality construction as you would expect from Subaru.

• Wonderful safety features inc. eyesight camera which alerts you about things like lane departure and collisions ahead.

• One of the best 4wd’s in its class, IMHO.


• Cannot program automatic central locking after driving at a certain speed (eg, 10km/h).

• Centre screen and console/ Sat Nav is not very pretty as far as interiors go and the font looks outdated.

TIPS: XT Premium gives you a better stereo/sound system and electric seats for the driver and front passenger.

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Sam L
Sam LNSWSydney, NSW7 posts
  Forester S4 XT

Love it!! Super comfy for passengers as well

We have did tons of research to look for a car that can fit a driver that’s 6ft tall and still being comfortable in the limited space, as well as a big boot that can fit white goods. Very smooth performance and sometimes we even complain about the pedal being too sensitive. Plenty of legroom for back passengers, One tip on buying is to choose the non-leather seats, so much comfier and absorbs less heat in the sun.

Only complain is the vent for AC sometimes is not powerful enough for back passengers under Australian’s hot weather. Oh, and the car survived in a severe hailstorm with only two dints! Very impressive.

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Fossie1Adelaide8 posts
  Forester S4 2.0D-L
LowellAdelaide5 posts
  Forester S4 XT

Good car for general use

The car is small outside but spacious inside. We can fit three child seats in the second row (if the child seat has got arm rest, it needs to be lifted up). It is easy to drive around and parking in the shopping centre is not difficult. Overall it's a reliable small SUV.

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Grant2 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-L

Great Car to drive - just needs more technology on the inside

Bought the car new at the end of 2017 for the growing family - 1 infant and toddler. Perfect size for the 4 of us.

Driving Experience - It's a pleasure to drive, nice and smooth, quite cabin and the viewing is fantastic, which is why we bought it over the Mazda CX5. Interior is great, but it does lack the refinements of others in the same class. My only problem is with the head unit and speakers. Speakers are of poor quality and I love listening to music in the car. Also the lack of apple and android car play is disappointing on a 2017 model car that you pay over 30K for. All in all very happy with the purchase

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JennyNSWIllawarra, NSW3 posts
  Forester S4 2.0D-L
AconSydney11 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S
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Blanche R.
Blanche R.Perth11 posts

Love the Forester

Fantastic city and country car - we regularly take it camping. Havent tried it properly off road but is very comfortable on unsealed roads. Love the pilot seat, easy handling and steering. Lots of legroom in the back, even for tall family members. Very solid build and feel compared to some of the new SUVs available.

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chris hall
chris hallVICGreater Melbourne (Inner), VIC10 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S

So far so good

Bought the top of the range petrol model. Very smooth,very quiet. There are copious whistles and bells which are tricky to learn ,but the Delivery staff spent hours explaining stuff and were helpful when we called back.

Seems all very good but early days yet. I will be back with updates over the years I hope

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PatchMelbourne5 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i

Why drive anyting else - Superior engineering/safety/handling/drive/overall package viewpoint

Upgraded from the Subaru XV to the Forester, from an engineering/safety/handling/drive/overall package viewpoint, the boxer engine is smooth coupled with the AWD system, why drive anything else.

(Having driven most vehicle brands).

- Superior AWD system.

- Very underrated vehicle in comparison to other common brands.

- A great SUV.

- Drive one to understand the engineering behind these vehicle.

Definitely recommend one over other common brands.

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LenSydney6 posts

Awesome Car

This is a great car that has slowly existed the wagon market and entered the SUV market. It's gotten larger but just as reliable as before. It's a great family car and has plenty of storage space for when you need to move stuff. It's very versatile and is good value for money

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CrockerAU5 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S
TaffyDubbo9 posts
  1997 Release

Great family car and sports car

2002 gt forester Ive had a fair few carsxand by far this is the most versatile and fun. Handeling is great although feels a little light if used to a commodore. Parts and upgrades redily available and price for a decent condition model is very reasonable. Comfortable for a family on a long trip with enough power to get you out of trouble

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geoffNSWSydney, NSW7 posts

A car for all seasons

Slightly miffed that they didn't have an auto on hand, but this car pulls like a tractor. Awesome torque, very good fuel economy, and traction control in mud and snow. A bit disappointed with the false floor over the spare wheel; nothing but gravity keeps it closed. Over bumps and humps my extra equipment tends to jump about. I gave up dealer servicing due to apparent extreme costs of filters. Would certainly purchase another one.

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BakpakkaVICGreater Melbourne (Metropolitan), VIC18 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-L

Reliable, comfortable and efficient

We've had our MY2015 Subaru Forester Limited Edition 2.5i for 2 years now. Economy averages around 7l/100km although we did get an average of 6.4l/100km on a long trip between Melbourne and Adelaide. No problems travelling that distance on 1 tank of fuel. The heated leather seats are comfortable and great in winter. The car has always been reliable - only regular scheduled services. I would definitely purchase another Subaru.

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  Forester S4 2.5i-S
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Sotong7 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-L

Overall reliable

Enjoying the Subaru drive with its higher visibility, tight turning circles and more sturdy-built car. It has good braking response as well. It is only slightly wider than a Toyota Corolla but its length and bigger boot space means harder to park in tighter spots.

The cruise control is good for highways and speed camera areas. Not as fuel efficient during city trips - 9.6. Longer trips/ combined - around 8. It has a bigger engine and its easy to be 'heavy footed'. Full tank costs $70-80. Overall, reliable. Service costs are higher than expected.

Comes with 2 USB ports. Bluetooth with mobile doesnt re-connect automatically when leave and return to the car.

Handles off road/ untarred roads easily.

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MikeWAPerth, WA13 posts
  Verified Forester S4 2.5i-S
SteveNSWSydney, NSW28 posts
  Forester S4 XT Premium

Over technical, loaded with rubbish

Great car if it was less technical, the push button is a joke, how many times I’ve left the car running because of the stupid ignition system, the electronic rear hatch is stupid, the eyesight system is a joke and turns off when sunlight is in your vision, the collision braking system is also a joke. In hindsight the base model is a better car without all the crap, I only got the xt premium because it was the best, what a fool I was.

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owen3134Brisbane8 posts
  Verified 1997 Release
Ja_Moo4 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S
JordanQLDSouth East Queensland, QLD15 posts

Better than a lot of newer cars

Drives smoothly and handles very well. Is very responsive even under light acceleration. Interior is quite nice and very fashionable for its time. Outside lines are a little plain but still better than much of what was released around that time. Overall the economy is good and it is such a pleasure to drive, both in handling and responsiveness, with a quiet smooth ride as bonus.

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NickVICCentral Highlands and Goldfields, VIC5 posts
JulesSydney10 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i Luxury

A Good Shopping Trolley

Don't just take a short test drive. It's not until you drive this car on a trip that the cost cutting becomes evident. Nasty hard seats and a ride that makes every person that's sits in the back, pale and nauseous. We have driven in most of Australia, upto 9hrs in a day in other cars. Since getting the Forester, the teenagers now refuse to go. So now we have an expensive AWD shopping trolley. Plus a broken tailgate glass was $800. Get a low excess insurance policy but Subaru is the dearest for spare parts.

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KiwigirlPerth11 posts

Good on Pick up

I find the car handles well even in the wet, has very little road noise.

the interior is stream lined and comfortable, the glove box could be a little bigger. Would be good if it could have a usb port in the back

Also for the reserving camera a beep noise would also be useful.

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PrincessKMelbourne7 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S

Great car

Very comfortable. Smooth handling. Loved the Eyesight function. This car auto brakes when the camera detects danger of collusion even when vehicle travelling at high speed. Check apps compabality with car Bluetooth before buying. Technology may not recognise certain app you may wanna use. Wheels were misaligned when I first collected the new car. Generally a great car.

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EileenForrestMelbourne3 posts

amazing vehicle

One of the most reliable vehicles, i have always owned a subaru the performance of the vehicle and reliability of the car is next to none. Petrol and maintenance on this vehicle is 10/10 for a turbo engine the fuel holds it value, luxury at its finest. If you are considering any vehicle that you dont need to spend thousands on and it will last forever this is the car for you

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NickLNSWSydney, NSW3 posts
  Forester S4 XT Premium

What a machine!

Awesome Car... I have the 2017 XT Premium... Family sized, unassuming on the road but for an SUV it goes.

It drives more like a car than an SUV and the interior is excellent, sure there is too much plastic but unless you're spending $80k + that's what you get these days.

I love it, this is my first Subi but won't be my last.

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buraaaaakkVICGreater Melbourne (Outer), VIC5 posts
  Forester S4 2.5i-S

Best AWD

Good driving experience that feels safe

I love the electronic boot but too slow

Love back camera cant live without it, love heated seats and big windows

Navigation is not good takes a long time to enter an address, some time doesn't find the address, doesn't allow for realistic traffic delays, I prefer using google map but subaru have no car play on any model

Windows not closing when lock the car

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ChetanQLDNorth Queensland, QLD28 posts
  Verified Forester S4 2.5i-S

Excellent car to Drive

Last year, I bought this car as a gift for my wife and she loves driving it around. It good cool features such as Eyesight, and in terms of visibility it leaves behind other 4wd as it got really wide rear screen, the only thing which could have been better, is its boot, as it in not big enough to stow luggage.

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