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My 2012 Subaru XV is tomorrow getting it’s 3rd engine in less than 50,000km. I brought the car new and have nothing but issues - never again. I guess my question here is has anyone else had as much drama??
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why has it been replaced each time? Mine had an oil leak under warranty needing to remove the engine to resell the cam carriers. After that it had a ticking noise that was found to be a bent camshaft. Engine out again and new camshaft installed. Now running well at 80,000 kmsWe bought our 2012 Subaru XV in March 2015. It ran like a charm, clocking up 110,000 ks without a hitch until four weeks ago when it shuddered, lost power intermittently and flashed about four different messages reporting engine trouble. We've been waiting all this time for the problem to be diagnosed, and now onto our third hire car at great cost. We bought Subaru on the expectation of reliability and thought we were winning the game. Nooooot sooo. We are waiting for some satisfactory answers Subaru!

I'd like to hear from others who have had failed CVT transmissions in their XV and whether Subaru has repaired these or what course of action you took.
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I've just lost the transmission valve body, which may be up to a 3500 replacement job. The first two things I mentioned were ACCC and fair trading. Subaru are finding out whether it can be resolved under any special arrangement, and we've seen articles about extended warranties in the USA for an array of issues with CVT, including very specific comments about this problem. Just the latest issue amongst many. Update: Not having anything free as it's not under warranty. Estimate is 1.8k.

Hi.. i just noticed now that my 2017 XV’s rear wheels are not centered . Both wheels are more positioned front, the gap of the wheel against the chassis wheel curve is narrower on the front. Is this normal? I see othe 4WD SUVS REAR wheels are dead centre .- Edgar
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Obviously you should ask Subaru

Hi We have a dilemma with our 2012 Manual Subaru XV which threw up all warning lights one evening driving home. Subaru dealer told us we needed a new battery, quoted us 750 including diagnostics test, we had it replaced for half price with a local mechanic. Drove away, and discovered all the warning lights on dashboard again. Second diagnostic test at Subaru dealer (more money:( and now we are told a problem with ABS system which cost 6500 to fix. This knocked me off my feet. Has anyone spent such enormous amounts on this problem, or this car, in one hit? Very angry at this point as I feel there is no guarantee that this may be all that is wrong with the car.
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Bought a used 2012 XV and days after buying it, it did this exactly. Turns out it just needed a new o2 sensor.

Subaru XV 2018 S series I think there is a minor glitch in the phone software When I select and save my Favourites from the phone list they only appear for a day or two then vanish I have done this three times.When I charge my mobile from the USB port the auto uploading of the address book deletes the Favourites Any suggestions?
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Cant help sorry. We avoid phone car integration as there always seems to be issues, and for our use virtually no benefits.I'm so pleased I'm not the only one. That drives me nuts!You are not going nuts! at your next service request a software update

I have a 2012 XV and the touch screen wont work in the top left corner which means that the sat nav and other functions dont work properly.... any suggestions other than replacing the unit at $2100 according to Subaru?
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Sorry Mark, I cant assist you with that one. My only suggestion is that you could try to find a second hand unit.Thinking of buying 2014 Xv Subaru is it good to get reliable no repairs needed at 68,000 km I can’t be spending money on it as I don’t have it pls help answer me Automatic Why is it stiff to drive compare to a corolla I tried 2016 Is it normal for it to feel not very smooth Pls help Thank youIs 2014 Xv good suv to get pls help answer me don’t ha e money to spend on repairs heard they are very expensive

I have the same problem with the am radio in my new SV 2.01 S 2018 bought in march, as others above can something be done??.Also as above maybe the lane deviation tends to take over and control the steering wheel ?.I thought this maybe the AWD in action. Anyone els found this ?
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Its the "CONNECTOR" IN the aerial.-REPLACE IT and/or the steering wheel volume toggles wiring loom behind wheel beginning to crack with hysteresis-my brohers experience there. Lane deviation not ideal in the city cycle as the front avoidance radar tends to "interrupt" I found in my new XV. Lane deviation works best in hwy cycles and is designed to work primarily in that cycle.I also have had the same problem with the AM radio. I was told it would be resolved with a software update when I took my XV in for its 1000km service. It wasn't. I sent an email to Subaru Australia and was advised that version 4 would resolve the problem. I checked setting an my Subaru and it shows Software Version: 2. Clearly the Subaru Service Centre did not update the software so I have booked it in again for an update.Thanks everyone I've since had a software update and it seems to be much better.Also the lane deviation is responsible for the steering wheel movement as suggested above.Thanks again Poppa

The digital speedo has stopped working after having repairs to cargo gate/door. Any ideas?
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Dealer software reboot required.

I have just purchased a new Subaru XV 2017 and the AM radio reception is awful - lots of interference and crackling. Apparently this is a known problem with no immediate fix in sight. Has anyone else experienced this too?
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I have had the same problem with the radio. Its a problem with the XV and the Impreza. You are right, Subaru have know about it for a while and so have their dealers. The dealers have sent reports to Subaru about this problem but to date Subaru are stonewalling, no doubt because it will require a recall. The local service manager told me that Subaru has put a small AM radio in these vehicles because the AM band will be discontinued in 1019. I have contacted my local Consumer Affairs department and the ACCC and I would suggest you do the same. If the ACC gets enough complaints from the public they will take action against Subaru because they are selling these vehicles with a known fault and not telling the consumer. This offends ACCC laws. According to Consumer Affairs (SA) the dealer is responsible for repairs. BobI had a 2013 XV and never had a problem with the AM radio. I purchased a new XV in 2018 and have been doing battle with Subaru Australia ever since. This weekend I will be lodging a formal complaint with NSW Consumer Affairs and will be writing to every motoring writer and editor in Australia and NZ asking them to publicise the problem. Also feel free to write top Colin Christie , he's the CEO/Chairman of Subaru Australia. He's a rude prat and never responds to complaints so feel free to be as rude to the fool as you want to.Have same problem with 2018 model XV purchased December 2017. Reported to dealer at first service and told it is a known fault which should be corrected April/May 2018. This is in Australia where the AM band is going nowhere due to ABC being emergency broadcaster. ABC is national publicly funded broadcaster and only long distance radio service available across the country.

Can I use my radio when the ignition is off?
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Hi Unfortunately not.You can when the motor is off half press the ignition switch do not start the engine and the radio will come on but to then turn it off you must start your engine then turn the engine off and then the radio will go off . As I said before the electrics on this car are weird.Yes, just push the start button without your foot on the brake and all the accessories work, push again to turn off

Trying to removed right hand rear tail light , removed the two bolts but seems to be tight at front any help appreciated? 2012 xv
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Sorry I have not had this problem and have no experience with thisslide whole assembly rearwards to release, sometimes rubber/nitrile gloves help with grip. They are usually stiff on the first removal

My gp7fkfc/s XV (purchased new a few days ago), has a manual (i.e. book of instructions) that covers a number of different models. Even so, when I wish to find the buttons to operate the external mirrors, all I have is a wee button that I can twist (left mirror right mirror and neutral position). I am still looking for the lever/button to ADJUST these mirrors. Being very lazy opening the window and doing it by hand seems tedious. Any ideas?
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Have you tried using the 'twist' button as a joystick - ie pull back, side to side, etc?

My ignition key stays locked in after the car has been put in park and turned off it is a 2016 xv auto. Has anyone else experienced this?
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This make mean that you've not sufficiently strongly applied the hand brake.

Subaru xv 2.0s my12 how well can these cars go in sand and dirt, towing etc I know its not a land cruiser obviously
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Hi Hems The car is simply amazing on sand - for the type of vehicle it is be fine on dirt too, but you have got to be careful, the metal and trimmings are quite thin and easily damaged As for towing, absolutely forget it, the car has barely enough power to get itself along, its the one area that is very poor, motor power output Cheersbarely enough power to get itself along? good grief. Its a quite capable 2 litre car. does quite well in moderate off road work

I have lost both keys for my XV 07/15, but Subaru looking for 5k to fix the entire system. Do u know anyone one in Perth that can only make standard key so I can drive?
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I'd be very susprised if anyone other than a dealer can fix this, because the idea is that it shouldn't be possible to steal a vehicle and just make new keys for it. You need one working key to prove to the system that you're entitled to program new ones. Even a dealer may have to replace the vehicle's computer to fix this, hence the price. 5K seems excessive, and if you had a mind to, you could challenge that later before the relevant tribunal in your state, but in the short term, I suspect you'll have to pay it.Hmmm !, now let me see! You lost both sets of keys. You do understand the idea of two sets of keys ? Use one , spare one. Sorry I just find it hard to understand how you lost both sets. Anywhoo, with out a set to copy from your in a dark place. Oh by the way I agree that 5 k is outrageous. The first thing I always do after purchasing a new car is get a standard key cut. This key has no other function that unlocking doors or starting the car. This key is always attached to the car via very strong magnet or a wired safety line attached somewhere to the car. Another idea is try to find the company who takes these cars off the boat when they arrive. Surely the keys we get, all shiney and new are not the same ones that the drivers use to take them off the boat with. As I said good luck!

Is subaru xv 2.0 mod 2016 consuming motor oil?
1 answer
My vehicle is very early 2012, issue is only with the early versions. Anything from about mid 2012 onwards does not have an oil consumption issue, Subaru got onto it early

I have Subaru XV 2012. Has anyone had trouble with the key stuck in ignition? Chat
2 answers
On the 2016 model, there's an interlock that prevents you from removing the key if the gear lever is not in the park position. It's possible your model has that too. A failure of the mechanism might prevent the key from being removed at all.In our handbook section 7-26 there are instructions using the tool kits plain head screwdriver on releasing the Park lock to allow the shift to go to neutral with engine off though not sure if it would also release the key. We haven't had any issues with ours though have previously had my wife reduce the number of keys from 10 to 4 on her key ring as a general rule for any car is not to have too much weight on the key ring.

Have any XV owners needed to replace the CV joints at 4 years of age and 68 000 kms.?? The RAC suggests its not acceptable. Apparently the non genuine part maker has also stopped making the parts as there are problems with them.
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This sounds low, unsure if it relates to your situation have read on a US Subaru Impreza and XV site regular full lock turns during tight U turns or turning the wheel hard lock to lock when the car is stationary while parking will put stress and severly reduce the front CV joints life on the good side the U turn radius is impressively tight on these cars.

I have purchased a new XV S model which is a dream to drive except for this one very annoying squeaking noise that comes from the boot section of the car. Can anyone shed some light on how to fix this problem? cause it's got me baffled
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I have not experienced this issue. Have you tried lifting the spare wheel cover and giving everything a wiggle around to see if you can reproduce the squeak?thanks purplewombat I tried that & added towels & double sided Velcro to keep things tight where polystyrene has been used around the tyre but still the squeak continuesIt could also be foam behind the bumper. Some cars use this. Also check the door seals.

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