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Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser

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Absolutely HORRIBLE

So i was so excited to use this face wash because i love how its vegan. I had clear skin before i started using this and after a couple days i had within 10 pimples on my face because of it and they were that bad i needed medication for it. Absolute worst face wash I've ever used do not buy this.

Worst ever.

Bought 1 bot at 50% discount stop using after 2nd wash. Don feel clean at all and had a slimy after wash feel even rinsing several times.. worst facial wash ever.

Perfect Cleanser

The best cleanser I've ever used! Skin is glowing and doesn't dry my skin out. Fantastic range of products! I use to only use products from the beauty therapist but this wins hands down!

I look like a bumpy tomato!

Something obviously did not gel with my skin in this because my face broke out in a heap of acne and the redness of my skin was off the charts! I bought it from my local pharmacy and wish I had kept the receipt because I would have taken it back for a refund. My skin also dried up really bad. I started to peel a bit in my T zone as if I was sunburnt, but I wasn't and I also started to get really flaky around the edges of my scalp, as if I forgot to wash out shampoo, which I also didn't. I eliminated this from my regime and went with another brand and now my skin is much better. I wish it worked for me because it was a great price and I loved the idea of it being natural. Oh and the smell was a little off. (Maybe I had a bad batch) But I'm not really willing to try it again, I was so embarrassed at work for days.

Worst product ever.

I used this product for 5 days and in that time I have gotten over 10 pimples on my face.

AND MY SKIN IS REALLY DRY, but after i used the product my face was like a slick layer of oil - absolutely sickening, even when I haven't moisturised for a week. Worst face wash I have used in my entire life. Never again, would not recommend this to anyone.

Wouldn't buy again

This face wash just doesn't feel great, it hardly foams and is quite a thick liquid (like a handwash). I thought I would give it a go for the price but I won't be buying it again. The Sukin cream cleanser is a million times better and the scrub is much better if too.

an alright product.

SO the first time I used this product it was sooooooo good for my skin, I noticed less breakouts and it didn't dry out my face. The beads in the scrub aren't too harsh like other products and you know exactly what you're putting on your face. I began making more and more purchases and That's when I noticed it wasn't making that much of a difference anymore. It was like my skin was over it. Basically what I'm saying it, if you want an affordable product to see Immediate results; you got it.

Same as body cleanser

I bought a bottle of the face cleanser just to try it, as I am very happy with Sukin body wash and other products from the brand.

This face cleanser is good, gentle on your skin and it does not dry it off.

However, to me, it feels exactly the same as the Sukin body wash but put in a small bottle and sold more expensive. I have used the body wash on my face while showering quite often, and, to be honest, I did not notice the difference with this face cleanser.

In short, this is a good product, but if you want to save money, buy a small empty container and pour in some of the body wash (which is sold by the litre), and you will get the same results at a cheaper price.

Never again

Sukin has done more damage to my skin, my face has never looked so bad I will never use this product again

Sukin saved my skin!

I've been using Sukin cleanser for 5 years and haven't turned back. After years of bad acne nothing seemed to be working (including proactiv that strips your skin of natural oils) Within one week i swear i had no new pimples and my skin was no longer agrivated and red. I definitley think Sukin works because of no SLS and the witch hazel does wonders for your skin. For such a good price why pay more for the other brands out there that are just full of SLS and other chemicals that do more harm than good?

Good cleanser. Not harsh on the skin. No breakout

I have used this for maybe 2 years now, and still sticking to it. It has wonderful moisturising and natural ingredients in it, and I feel that it cleans enough and is not too harsh on my skin. I rarely wear make up though, so when I wear make up, I normally clean most of the make-up first with a make-up remover, then continue with this cleanser as part of my normal routine. I use this twice a day, followed by a moisturiser.

The best skincare decision I have made yet

I am 17, so as a teenager I have had imbalance in skin- usually it's a bit oily. I've never had acne, but always had little bumps under my skin- like pimples that never actually got heads. I tried proactive a few years back, and it worked at first, but i noticed that my skin was bad again after a year and a half or so. This is when I asked my stepmother for a good facial cleanser, and she said to try Sukin (her reasoning was that it was affordable). So I tried it, since it was cheap anyway, and I am so happy with the results. My skin is mostly clear, with just a few clogged pores on the nose and some occasional pimples. I also use Sukin facial moisturiser, because I find the cleanser a little stripping. They work well together and my mum described my skin as, "baby skin."
I now feel uncomfortable using other products, as i am now aware of all of the chemicals they have, and i find Sukin much gentler.
I never write reviews about anything, but this product was so good that I had to recommend it.

Good cleanser

I have been using this cleanser for a couple of months and like it. The smeell is beautiful and the fact it's made from all natural products is appealing. It removes makeup (including mascara) well. It does leave my skin a bit dry but that is fixed with Sukin facial moisturiser.
Smell, natural, easy to use, efficient
Leaves skin a bit dry but solved by applying Sukin facial moisturiser afterwards.

Love it!

I have always had acne since a young age and never ever found a product that does not make me break out more until this product hit the shops. I bought the foaming cleanser, hydrating mist toner and the moisturiser was not oily at all. The toner refeshes you and doesn't sting your skin with that acid feeling. The cleanser is great because it has a soapy effect which means you don't use any at all, just make sure you rinse it thoroughly though. Doesn't dry out my skin or make me breakout. Pimples heal faster too. My skin feels fresh and younger again after using this product! No nasty chemicals in it compared to brands who lie like nude by nature... They contain heaps of harsh sulphates and such. Sukin doesn't test on animals and it vegan friendly too :) I payed $10 a bottle at Priceline.
Inexpensive, doesn't make you break out if you have acne, doesn't dry your skin out, all natural

Very happy

Was looking for products with natural ingredients. Came across this brand at the chemist so cheap. Wasn't sure at first as the price was to good to be true. But the moisterisor both day and night are amazing. I have dry and oily skin and the moisterisor balances it out perfect. Exfoliating using sukin is I can't explain how soft my skin will get and I have tried many expensive exfoliaters before. Nothing compared to sukin. Just tried cleanser. A tiny bit dry as it foamed but I will try again Tomoz still very happy

Very gentle cleanser

I've been using this for a year and find it to be a very gentle cleanser. It doesn't dry my skin out or irritate, or make me break out. It is pretty useless at removing makeup, I use make up remover wipes before using it when I've worn make up. I wear Natural Instincts micro mineral protection during the day and this face wash has to be used twice to get it all off, which is a bit annoying as I go through a lot of it, but when I try stronger face washes they just dry out my skin so I've stuck with this. I'll continue to buy it as its the only cleanser that doesn't upset my skin. (FYI: 33 yrs old, combination skin prone to break outs.) I would recommend giving it a try.
All natural, very gentle, non irritating
Being so gentle it struggles to remove make up and needs to be used twice to remove sunscreen.

Wouldn't buy again.

Based on previous reviews I bought this cleanser.
I'm 47 yrs with dehyrated albeit slightly oily t-zone and found the sukin foamed up reasonably under the shower, it is much too stringent, dried out my skin too much especially around the eyes and irritated the skin around and on the nose, doesn't leave the skin feeling clean.
Perhaps if you have oily skin or are younger it would be good.
I found Nutrimetics foaming cleanser much easier on my skin and foamed better.
I found it difficult to get the right amount from the pump, it's wasteful.
It was around $10.00 but it's a titchy bottle.
Easy to purchase ( Priceline is close to home), the chocolate scent.
Too stringent, I'm not a big fan of pump action which this is.

I have tried everything for problem skin... and this is fantastic!!

I first started using the rosehip oil after a friend recommended it and was so impressed after a few days that I bought the foaming facial cleanser and scrub. I use the facial cleanser twice a day and the scrub three times a week. Although I am 30yrs old I have suffered with red and painful spots at times of stress for about ten years and have tried everything (products and medication) to soothe my skin and make it clearer but nothing worked (not for long anyway). I was told by the woman at Priceline when purchasing the sukin products that my skin will probably get worse before getting better as im using a new product and it'll be giving my skin a good clean, but almost immediately I noticed my spots diminishing and feeling so much less painful. I have only been using it for just over a week but so far i would highly recommend this cleanser! I sound like an advert but honestly, I feel so much more confident just in the last few days, I dont even wear cover up make up anymore when before I wouldnt go out the house without it! Bear in mind that every skin is different but honestly, it is well worth a try. Its cheap enough so you have nothing to loose!!
I have never really been convinced by organic products but as this is so good, I will always use organic products now! I also like the smell, how quickly it was effective and how inexpensive it is.
Not that many stockists but priceline stock it and some health food shops.

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I find the cleanser too soapy for my skin

Fantastic - I can't find any faults!

I was looking for the perfect cleanser for my combination skin until a friend of mine (a beauty therapist) suggested this product. After trying the Sukin foaming cleanser I could never go back to any other brand! It does not dry my skin out, my make-up comes off easily and my face feels soft, supple and clean. I have tried a lot of products due to my skin being so sensitive - other cleansers would dry my skin out too much causing it to break out or leave it too oily and shiny, but with Sukin I have found my skin's perfet match. The fact that the price is so low and it does not contain any nasty chemicals is definitely a big plus! My skin has never looked better.
Natural ingredients, great for sensitive skin, easy to find

This is the best cleanser I have ever used!!!!!

I became aware of the Sukin range after purchasing their rosehip oil. I was very pleased with the rosehip oil and wanted to try more of their range, so the next product I purchased was the Sukin Foaming Facial cleanser. I have used very expensive brands and yet they were not as good as this cleanser. It is very gentle on your skin whilst cleaning away all the dirt and grime of the day. I love the smell too (all the Sukin products really smell nice to me). My skin doesn't feel dry after using it as some cleansers. The best thing about it is the fact that there are no nasty chemicals and I still can't believe the price! A only $9.99 it is an absolute bargain. I love it and will not be using another brand again.
No nasty chemicals, not drying, cheap price, lovely smell, easy to use pump

I find it very interesting that it states how natural and chemical free when it has Cocamidopropyl Betaine, which is coconut oil and Dimethylaminopropylamine.Cocamidopropyl betaine is a known skin, eye, and lung irritant. So why is it in there????I have looked this up and you are correct that it contains cocamidopropyl betaine. However it is considered a very low health concern. On the plus side, Sukin products have no sodium lauryl sulphate, synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours or parabens and they are 100% vegan and 100% carbon neutral. So they are a LOT better than your average cosmetic product. It is great to check ingredients and keep on top of what is actually in our toiletries. I appreciate your comment.

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Questions & Answers

I use this one, my skin coming white or no ?
2 answers
Do you mean your skin whitens? sorry, I dont understand.Yes sir I ask you I use the sukin facial cleanser for men I use this facial my face coming whiteness or no ?

Does it get rid of acne? Or does it make it worse?
1 answer
My ance settled down after about 3 months and got better from there. If you just wash your face with it twice a day it will make a big difference.

How well does this face wash remove makeup. I do not wear very heavy make up and was wondering if I would need to purchase a make up remover besides this one.
3 answers
I wear light make up too, foundation, mascara, blush. My make up comes off no problem :) If I am wearing heavier make up and waterproof mascara, I just wash my face/eyes one more time and it's all goneHi, you only need eye makeup remover - it cuts through foundation very well.I use cheap as chips sorbolene cream to remove eye make up... works a treat!


Sukin Foaming Facial Cleanser
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