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Sulja Homes

Sulja Homes

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Terrible builder - AVOID

I wish I could put zero star - since I have nothing but stressful experiences with Sulja Homes. My house was in middle of construction in 2016 and suddenly stop - the construction site was abandoned / no tradesmen for months and the slab/frames were exposed to weather for over 6 months. I made numerous queries/calls/sent lots emails to ask for progress / schedule and they were either avoided to answer / or didn't even know when the construction will continue. Horrible.

Since the constructions period have exceeded per contract - and l nothing happening (Feb'17) still.
I have lodged complaints to Minister Consumer affairs, Local MP, VBA and currently seeking
legal option (VCAT and lawyers).

Recently I was surprised to know more than 40 home owners have problems with this builder.

Construction End DateDec 2019

These are not builders. This is a very big scam of taking 5% deposits

Hi guys, no one try to sign any new contract with SULJA HOMES. It's a very big scam of taking 5% deposits from the new clients. After taking your deposit they will say that money never reached into their office and the sales consultant put into their pocket. Don't get tempted by their cheap prices. Never, Never go with this builder. They are good until they get deposits. I know at least 50 people who are waiting their homes to be started or stuck in the middle of the construction. Now their director is hiding in the pit and sales consultants are still booking new clients. They got [name removed] running this business on the name of Jupiter real estate. Be careful from him. If anyone has already paid him money or stuck in the middle of construction then contact us. We will fight for him.

Construction End DateOct 2018

Questions & Answers

Does anyone know outcome of Sulja homes. Has he returned deposits and paid back suppliers and tradies?
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We were supposed to build with Sulja Homes, but we just found out that they are going bankrupt, obviously we can't use them now, but can we still get back the deposit we paid them?
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Yes Sulja Homes went bankrupt on 28 Feb - and since you are the creditors - have you received letter from the administrator/liquidators ? If they have assets left - you may get deposit back (although I doubt it). Also do you have insurance from VMIA/QBE ? If you do - you should be ok. But If you don't then you have to pursue with legal procedures against owner (Ondrej). Please join the Sulja Victim group (contact Amit / Darlene number on other thread below).Hi Selina, Thanks for your information, never receive any letters from the administrator/liquidators, also we don't have insurance from VMIA/QBE, I have requested to join the group, but not approved yet. KateHI Kate - the administrator is Sellers Muldoon Benton - Level 3, 90 William Street, Melbourne VIC 3000 - might good idea to call them on Phone (03) 9600 2100. I think they had creditors meeting on 17th March..

Does anybody know what's going on with these builders? I've tried to contact multiple times but no ones ever in. Does any body have the builders contact number or can advise what I can do to get some answers?
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Hi we have made a group to fight with this dodgy builder. If you wanna join then contact me on 0430665572.Hi, finally got in contact with someone. They went into receivership on Tuesday. No chance of getting a hold of the builder.Hi Dee Where did you get your info from about Sulla going into receivership. Mark

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