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I am trying to purchase a Sunbeam BM2500 with the Pink trim that is coming up on sites but I was given a plain white one. Is the pink trim still available?
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Hi Gayell. This doesn't come in pink. I think it's an error with the picture on the site you are looking at. The colouring is slightly off.

Hi could someone tell me the dimensions of the pan please? Thanks
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Can anyone tell me how to disable the five beeps to put in raisins etc? We like to bake bread overnight, but we get those annoying beeps at 3.00am. I use settings 1 and 2 for basic and French loaves.
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Hi Davidg! Unfortunately there is no way to disable the beeping. It is programmed into the machine to remind users when to add their fruit mixes.

How old is sunbeam bakehouse compact bm 2100 breadmakes please?
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I have no idea wat age it would be

HI, does anyone have any idea how to remove the pan? I got this machine from a second hand shop.and struggle to remove the pan.tx
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Do you mean the bread from the pan, I cannot help as mine leaves a ghastly whole in the bottom of the loaf . no matter how I oil the paddle it won`t come out cleanly

Hi! I have a Sunbeam Bakehouse about 15 years old which worked very well until I put it in storage for about 6 years. I pulled it out a couple of days ago put in ingredients and tried to program it. Couldn't get the crust colour on the screen and whilst it kneaded the dough beautifully and the mix rose perfectly it failed to bake. Tried it twice but no success. Do the programmes/screen displays deteriorate over time? Has the element 'rusted'? It is a great machine so is it worth repairing? My Sunbeam Mixmaster is handed down and is about 40 years old and runs like a dream by the way.
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15 years is a good run. Sounds like heating element may have gone. If it was mine I'd replace with a new unit and forget repair.Hi Richard, I think bigalgeorge is on the ball when he says the heating element is gone. All the other functions seem to be working which would suggest that the PCB is working, but when it's not baking, one can only assume the lack of heat means the element's not working. For a machine that old, it's unlikely that the replacement parts are available, or that a service agent would be familiar enough with the product to repair it. I think it would be far more cost effective to purchase a new machine. Why not jump on our website ( www.sunbeam.com.au ) and have a look at the different breadmaker options we have. Kind Regards, Sunbeam CS

Is thie machine noisy?
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Well it's a bit noisy, However I haven't heard another one to compare it to. Though I can set it to start in the middle of the night and leave the bedroom door open, and it doesn't wake me, and I'm a reasonably light sleeper. The machine would be less than 10 metres from the bed.Hi. well yes it makes a noise, but no more than other machines. I would say it isn't loud, just doing its thing when mixing the bread mix! When its baking you can't hear it.With a closed door at night there's no problem

Has anyone tried the Laucke breadmix packet in this machine? I have this machine and have used the laucke breadmix for small 750g loaves and the dough has risen over the top of the pan and hit the lid every single time. Has anyone else experienced this?
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I use the laucke rye sourdough pack - 3 1/2 cups of their mix, 360mls water and 3/4 tsp yeast works for me. Any extras I want in there i just add in in top. I didn't realise they had a small machine mix. I've only tried this mix so not sure about the others :)Hi Emma, standard Laucke breadmix is in a pack of 600gms which makes a kilo loaf. You will have to adjust or perhaps buy bulk bag and measure out only 500gms breadmix.Thank you for your responses. I have tried using the bulk mix and measuring out the 500gm exactly but it still hits the lid of the machine & rises over the top of the pan. I have followed the recipe to the letter so not sure what's happening! I was putting it out there to see if anyone else had experienced this? The only way I have gotten around it is to reduce all the ingredients by 75%.

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