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OK but have shower while it cooks your toast

Have had this fancy Sunbeam Cafe 4 slot $200 toaster for ten years but I wished it broke as soon as the warranty ran out. Have two kids that love toast and the morning rush is made heaps worse while you stand around waiting for this thing to do its job.
Has been a good toaster but I would only recommend it to an old person who is looking to fill their day up waiting to pass onto that place in the sky where your toast cooks in under 5 minutes.

Very slow at toasting

Sunbeam should impose better quality control, the cooking of the toast is very slow, when the toaster breaks there's no possibility of repair.
If wanting to purchase, then best you choose another brand.

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Dear Digruntled, Thank you for contacting us. Please contact us on: 1300 881 861, for further assistance with your product. Kind Regards Sunbeam

toasts well but not repairable

we had 4 slot purchased in 2011 and was working fine till 12 months ago when two slots ceased to work. got round to seeing if possible to fix but when i rang repairer he said elements are not replaceable; in fact only toaster he said that did have parts replaceable was Dualit, but it costs over $500
as we have family of five we have bought another one, hope it lasts

The China syndrome

I purchased with mum the series; toaster, jug, and mix master all made in china.
The toaster only lasted 6 months but was replaced and has been going ever since. (4years).
The jug gave up after 2years so I purchased a French made kettle problem solved.
The mixer is good so far however its not used a real lot but its properly the best mixer around.
I'd like to mention that my mums (she had 10 kids) Kenwood mixer 1972 made in australia, finally gave up and was replaced with the sunbeam.
The toaster was the same she actually had a toastermatic 60's still working! made in australia.
I'm on the warpath now looking for quality will I find it boys and girls? its another Q regards lee

This toaster is not "toast"

I bought my TA9200 (type 621) way back in early 2006. I chose this (2 slot) model after purchasing innumerable toasters over many years, from bargain store 'cheapies' to premium department store products, only to find they all would work fine for a couple of months before either toasting performance (ie usually the lightness/darkness control) deteriorated or they failed completely. The 'Cafe', although expensive, big and bulky, is still going strong after all those years - pretty impressive for an appliance that is not generally known for longevity. It has always been used most every day for a range of toasting applications from English muffins, crumpets and breads of many different types and thicknesses. So, you'd think I'd give it 5 stars! Well, no actually. Although it is robust and reliable, it is not without its issues. The (painted on) numbers on the darkness control knob have worn off over the years, leading to guesswork, and the lever now needs a strong push to lock it down. For several years, for regular toast, the control has to be set to the darker end or the toast under cooks. Large slices of 'rustic' homestyle loaves (usually round) are either too long for or catch in, the slots. However, given its age and considerable use, I would certainly recommend this toaster. Given my experience, I'm surprised at the number of people who have had such poor experiences with the Sunbeam "Cafe Series" toasters. I can honestly say that this toaster is the best one I've ever owned.

Hi Not A Domestic Goddess, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. SunbeamIssues I have experienced with my Sunbeam "Cafe" are, I believe, age related. My toaster is still going strong after 10 years of constant use - surely it can be forgiven for a few age related issues. Nothing stays stays and performs like new forever. Most toasters don't last anywhere near 10 years; maybe mine is a rarity, but it's a little ripper!Dear Not A Domestic Goddess, Thank you for your review. Kind Regards Sunbeam

The Damn Lever wont stay down.

I purchased a Model TA9200 Cafe series Toaster about a year and a half ago, it lasted 9 months before the lever would not stay down to cook the toast. We went to the Sunbeam repair agent who swapped it out for another "like new" one and the same thing happened three months later. We have always trusted the Sunbeam brand and its not like it was a $15 toaster, it was around $200. I would pay $300 for one that was made in Australia and made right. Chinese products should be priced as the rubbish most of them are.


I really wanted this toaster to be awesome for our family, but I was left utterly disappointed. The first toaster we picked up the breadcrumb tray wouldn't stay in place. The second toaster the lever didn't work. I was determined to find a good one, so the third toaster - and still unlucky, or is it just bad design? The third toaster we have had for about 4 months and now the left lever gets stuck. The toaster toasts evenly, which is great, but it is just so slow and now defective AGAIN! I'm returning it today and am back on the hunt to find a reliable 4 slice toaster. I would have expected much more from Sunbeam especially for the price....disappointed!


This is the worst and most frustrating toaster I have ever owned. I am very unhappy with Chandlers for recommending it. It takes far to long to toast and if you check it before it's finished it will burn. I will never again buy a Sunbeam product, nor will I buy anything from Chandlers

great toaster for oversize loaf

heavy construction but very flimsy running components. have had two in three years, first one failed with broken weld in slice carrier second failed plastic crumb tray lock broken, cheep! spares not readily available. only persevering with this model because we make our own bread and require the oversize cooker quite a heavy toaster

Absolute Crap

Purchased the most expensive toaster in shop,was assured it would last forever,just put it out in the rubbish,after a few years of mediocre performance.Just a heap of crap,would never touch another sunbeam product.
The lever doesn't stay down,I think it is due to a problem on the electronic board,it is to expensive to get
a service person to look at,so the only answer is dump it.

Not happy Jan

Purchased the toaster at Myers in 2011 and paid $200.00 to which I was assured by the sales person this was the best quality toaster available. So now in 2015 the right spring lever does not work. I have taken to the authorised repairer as per Sunbeam's instructions and he cannot fix as Sunbeam do no supply the spare parts. All this running around for a toaster is insane. I spoke to Sunbeam and they would not put me through to the spare parts department as I am a customer. Not good service at all. I will receive a 30% discount for my next purchase as a sweetener, but one would think for such an expensive appliance it would last the distance or at lease supply parts for repair. Not happy at all.

Best Toaster Ever!

Tired of flimsy, tinny appliances, I forked out about $180 for this solid-looking toaster 10 years ago. I love it. So do guests at our house. Despite its robust appearance, I'm gentle with the levers, fearing that the lockdown mechanism might fail if I treat it roughly. The only problem has been the little plastic widgets that are supposed to retain the crumb-tray. One of them fell out and I lost it before I could take the appliance apart and refit it. Yes, it's slow to toast, but the result is excellent. I enjoy the ability to set each pair of slots to different heating durations, depending upon how 'sugary' the bread is. It's disappointing to see the many negative reviews of this toaster and it would be great if Sunbeam could take a good look at all the internal parts to make sure they match the robust, almost 'mil-spec' appearance of the external shell. After a decade of great service from this appliance, I'd purchase another in a heartbeat.

Fantastic Toaster

We have had this toaster for about 10 years and are yet to find a fault with it. It toasts evenly every time. Is fantastic for toasting crumpets, muffins and fruit loaf whether it be thickly or thinly sliced.

Looks reliable but isn't.

I have two of these. A first where in less than a few years, the elements failed and now a second where also in less than a few years, the elements are still working but the thermostat or mechanism whether physical or electronic, no longer keeps the the transport mechanism down.
While I am not fussy and they seem to work well to me, they just don't last.
Given repair is obviously not viable It seems a real shame that the toaster is ready to be discarded well before its use by date and well well well before the use by date of its all metal construction.

And this is a real pity given we all being made to feel guilty about the rate at which we are consuming the earth's resources. I am SO disappointed than buying a second it also has failed. More fool me!

Great toaster but now a fire hazard

It has been a great toaster in our household over a number of years.
But now, intermittently, on one side, the toaster will pop up as per normal, however the element stays on. The indicator light stays on also but if it isn't noticed then the element will continue to heat. Luckily it was dicovered when the smoke alarm in the hallway went off.

Looks good & worked great for approx 5years

We were happy with this toaster that lasted approximately 5-6years.. Receipt is in storage so can't exactly remember how old it is.. The left hand side of our 4toaster will no longer stay down. Now it's the annoying task of finding a replacement.. Stay with sunbeam or not, I'm concerned the newer models aren't the same quality.

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Misted checked the back of the toaster & noted the model number is actually TA9400

Unusable - broken crumb tray

Had been looking forward to having this toaster for some time. As soon as it was taken from its box, the crumb tray tipped out and, when pushed back in, would not hold. Neither the shop (DJ's) nor Sunbeam would help as I had mislaid the receipt. When I eventually found the receipt, Sunbeam repair centre said the lock on the crumb tray was broken and it could not be repaired because the lock is no longer available as a spare part. So I have a large brand-new toaster, totally unused, because I am not willing to use such a high-priced faulty product. It would be too annoying to have the crumb tray tipping out constantly. Emails to Sunbeam gave some hope of resolution at first but nothing has happened now for some time. Extremely disappointing. Destroys my lifetime confidence in the brand name.

Used every day for over 10 years and still great!

This is my second review for this toaster. has been used every day for the last 10yrs and never a problem. everything on it works perfectly. cooks all different types of bread, crumpets, muffins, pitta bread, gluten free, banana loaf!!! has never faulted once. the only time I've had a problem was when large bits of crust or fruit were stuck inside - then it wouldn't work till I cleaned them out. it has some fairly tough treatment in our family of boys. love this toaster and if it broke tomorrow I'd go straight to the store and buy another the same.
Easy to use, reliable, still great after such a long time.

Reliable toaster, perfect toast but a bit slow.

It does the job well as I prefer very dark toast very nearly crisp-bread but my wife prefers lightly toasted. The element is a fair distance to the bread which means that it takes more than the normal time to toast. So it could be described as a gentle toaster. However it does produce an even balance on both sides of the bread. Having owned it for 14 months now, it is still as good as new. The only problem I noted is it has lost some of the writing above the crumpet/cancel from wiping it clean and I think soon it will all be gone, so we will soon have to memorize the buttons. Cleaning the crumb tray is a breeze but it still requires a upside-down shake-out occasionally, (disconnected and when cold, of course). I also like the idea of being able to purchase a replacement element if needed.
Great individual toast settings.
Writing lifts from cleaning.

Great toaster

I like how you can have different levels on for the four slices. I don't like my toast done that well, so I put it in on a low heat and my husbands two slices on a high heat. Toast can take any of the bread thickness found in supermarkets.

Also 7 years old and still going strong.

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How much to replace a element in these toasters? We have had our toaster for nearly 8 years with no problems but went to use it yesterday and as soon as I put the lever down it keeps flipping the safety switch so I m assuming one of the elements has gone. I am not sure if its worth putting a new element in or just buying a new toaster as I assume the cost of the element fitted wont be that cheap. The authorised repairer in my area is abit of a rip off and grumpy as well so I'm not real keen to take it there at all Has anyone got any idea of prices? Thanks
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Hi, funny enough this happened to us just 2 weeks ago after we owned ours for couple of year stopped and tripped board too, what I did was disconnect from mains and then clean as best I could ( by turning upside down gently), getting a long narrow brush and in a sweeping motion near the elements and back of toaster cleaning it, this helped and it started working fine. If it doesn't then try selling it for parts on ebay / gumtree maybe and buy a new one,not worth repairing. Hope this helps, bye, Mona.Hi thanks for that Mona as it turned out when my husband came home from work he actually gave it a clean out and it works fine so didn't have to replace or buy a new one :)@gaylene56, that's good to know !


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