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Switched it's self off now won't go back on


We have a dehydrator put meat in followed instruction and turned it in after about 3 hours it turned itself off and we can't get it to go back on.not sure what to do as I don't have a recipt of it. Not happ as we have unfinished jerky now


craigdalejohnWide Bay-Burnett, QLD

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Can dry anything with ease, taste great, well worth buying. Easy to use comes with five trays and a fruit roll tray, not to noisy at all, easy to clean, can cook and preserve food to eat later in the year. This is a worth while buying. Very, very, good.
easy to use, great piece of work

One step away from useless


It worked - BUT everything took 3 times longer than the manual said. I'd read in reviews that it took longer, but thought "what should I expect for under $90 on special?" but it was RIDICULOUS - 8hrs to dry parsley, 2 days to make fruit leather!!
It was noisy, like a hairdryer!! I'm no audiosensitive nut, but this was incessant!
It is enought to put you off dehydrating for LIFE!
I took it back and got a refund.
I finally got dried mushrooms, herbs and fruit leather - however, it wasn't worth the negatives
Noisy, ineffective, costly because it was on 48hrs for a tray of fruit leather!!

Very happy with this machine


As stated the machine is noisy, how ever after some time it just becomes a hum in the back ground, in the kitchen. Beef Jerky on five trays I found took approx 8 hours, not bad really. Did not notice any significant power increases. Very happy with the final product of jerky.
Excellent Beef jerky, much better than the shops.. cheaper also!
Slightly noisy, but hell, what do you expect for fan forced.



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Don't buy


We bought this product thinking it would be good. We bought it for $85 on special. We tried it to see how it works.
It was so noisey that we had to put it in the garage. We put some nectarines tomatoes apples kiwi fruit, for 14 hrs
still not dry. We are concerned about its power consuption. We are getting rid of it
Took to long to do what it is surposed to do.

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Brendan K.Sunbeam

Hi Dave, for troubleshooting please contact our Consumer Support Team on 1300 881 861.



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Noisy and slow


I purchased a new Sunbeam dehydrator and, like other reviewers, found it very noisy. My previous dehydrator was a 25 year old KMart cheap thing (still works but the trays are too buckled for use) that was much quieter. I also found the drying very slow. Drying almonds, for example, took a day on the old dehydrator, but took nearly 2 days with the Sunbeam. I'm writing in past tense because the unit failed after 5 months of normal use. It took 3 months to finally get a refund from Grays, but that's another story. I wrote a review about that too.
good size
Noisy, slow to dry, and, ultimately, unreliable


MaryWentworth Falls

Great walking meals


The sunbeam hydrator has been an essential tool for my many backing trips in the wilderness producing delicious meal for four friends. It dries meals, fruit (so yummy), yoghurt & dips. It's important to have everything light weight when you are walking for days on end but you also want food to be tasty & interesting.
Reliable, efficient, easy to use

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Hi Mary, Thank you very much for your feedback.

Great Beef jerky


I've used mine for beef jerky and dehydrating minced meat and vegetables for tramping.yes it is noisy so I put it out in the garage. It works well there and stops the smell going through the house. I do larger quantities so overnight works well for me. I haven't tried drying fruit yet but will when fruit ripe this year.
Dries meat and vegetables well making them light for back packing.



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I have used this only for beef jerky and have found it to be very effective. It produces a very nice jerky and dries the beef fairly evenly. It does make a bit of noise though but the results are worth it. Cleaning the trays is difficult with marinade really sticking to the grooves in the tray, even with soaking I can never easily clean the thing! I suspect this will be the case with all dehydrators though.
It works well, lots of space for dehydrating foods, cheap
Noisy, difficult to clean

Brendan K.Sunbeam

Hi JMAC, thank you for your feedback


I found that if you lightly spray trays with Non stick canola spray food doesn't stick and clean up is so much easier



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I love dried fruit & so do my kids but it's hard to find ones without sulfates. So I wanted to make my own. It was cheap to buy but so very noisy. It took ages to dry any thing, & my electricity bill went up quite abit!! Not Happy
Cheap to buy
Uses a fair bit of electricity, Took longer than stated in book to dry the fruit.

I love my Sunbeam Food Dehydrator - Fabulous!!!


I bought it specifically for making beef jerky only and for that it works fabulously and I couldn't be happier. It takes 5 hours and it is perfect ... just like the booklet said it would. The appliance is noisier than one would like, but I'm happy to put up with that for such fabulous beef jerky!!!
If you love beef jerky then this is the machine you simply must have!!!
It is a bit noisy.

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Laura5744Waitakere City

Takes too long


From reading the other reviews here I am having the same problem - so disappointing. I am still trying to dry tomato wedges - book says 6 hours, has been drying for more than 12 hours already and not dry yet. I also agree with the others that it is very noisy so is currently in the laundry. I think I would have more success leaving them out in the sun for true sundried tomatoes.
Would love to try some of the fruit snacks but really, is it worth the effort.
I will offer it to other family members to try it out as I know they are interested.

Takes far too long and I have yet to find out what power consumption it is using.


Yes, I agree. My father used to dry apricots between two large pieces of flyscreen out in the sun on a hot day! I think my power bill will increase with the use of this dehydrator.


I have one and measured power consumption around 210W. Still going on 1 tray of peach halves after 2 days when manual suggested 8-10 hours.

Don't bother!


Was given this as a gift earlier this year and I am very disappointed with the results after numerous drying sessions. It's too loud to use in the kitchen and takes twice as long to dry food which I'm makes me concerned about possible bacteria growth? I am now saving to buy a different one.
Too loud; food takes a lot longer than stated to dry;

does the gob


my kids love bananas so when i get them cheap i put them in the dehydrator & takes bout 24 hours to get them dry even though in the booklet it says 12hours & i have to keep the dehydrator in the lawndry cos it is very loud but as long as you keep door closed its fine, $95 all it cost for it so i think not a bad buy
did the job, cheap to buy
loud, took twice as long to do the food but thats life ah


ZoomSydney, NSW

  • 4 reviews

Good dehydrator but takes a long time


I'm new to the whole dehydrating thing, but this product seems to me to do a pretty good job. It does take longer than I'd anticipated, but the results are good. I've dried loads of vegetables and am using them for soups. Also made some pretty delicious beetroot chips. Doesn't get them really crispy, but they taste great.
inexpensive, does what it is supposed to do
takes a long time, a little noisy

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Uses 970 watts


Unhappy52South Australia

  • 5 reviews

Instruction booklet is very inacurate


Does not dry tomatoes in under 20 hours if you follow the instruction booklet. Second attempt I cut them very thin and took about 12 hours. It needs a thermostat display.

Instruction booklet is useless


Jomann16South East Queensland, QLD

  • 53 reviews



I purchased this with the idea to dry lots of fruit for snacks. As soon as I turned it on, I realised it could not stay on the kitchen bench, it was so loud. I had to put it in the garage, which was not ideal.
The fruit took a lot longer than stated to dry. The results for orange slices & mango slices was very nice, but I thought not worth the effort. It got little use after this. If someone wants to seriously go into dehydrating food, they are better off getting a more expensive machine.
Fruit slices were nice when eventually done
Noisy, slow, not what I expected

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Brendan K.Sunbeam


BarbaraQVic, 3178

  • 8 reviews

Great machine


I love my dehydrator. It is a bit noisy so we use it in the laundry but so far i've made lots of dog treats and crackers as well as dried fruit and roll ups. Bought extra trays to be able to make extra roll ups at once. Lots of recipes on the internet.
Bit noisy.



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Saves me $$$ on making cat treats!!


I decided to purchase a food dehydrator to save myself some $$$ that I was spending on dried chicken treats for my cats. The food dehydrator works well and comes supplied with 5 drying racks. It does take many hours to dehydrate the food though. Useful for either fruits, meats or flowers.
The humming can get a bit noisy so I placed it in my laundry and closed the door. A big drawback is that there is no timer function - just an on/off switch. As it is you have to remember how long you have set the machine for and check when to turn it off.

Use your oven instead!


Had high hopes and plans for this product but it really failed to impress. Tried drying tomatoes and had similar results to other reviewers. The product is very loud when turned on and considering how long you have to have it turned on for, not worth the money or effort.
It was on sale when I bought it.
LOUD, takes forever to dehydrate foods

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Agree with everything you say.

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Questions & Answers



What is the purpose of the lock/unlock vent on the lid of food dehydrator DT5600 and should it be locked or unlocked when in use. Instruction booklet does not say and customer support person did not know.
Tried drying plum slices and after 6 hours there is hardly any difference. Very dissatisfied with this product. X

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Graham Turner
Graham Turner

Sadly our one crapped out on us after a bit over a year,so we bought an American made 9 rack one.

Customer CareSunbeam

The small vent is to allow air to escape and the lock/unlock is to allow for cleaning of the filter. It does not close when locked, it only holds the lid in place.
As for timing, the manual has given guidelines for expected timing. For apricots (similar size and fruit to plums) they would that up to 12-14 hours, peaches would that 8-10 hours. Dehydrating produce is not a quick process, unfortunately.
See manual below for more timing guidelines:


So should it be unlocked or unlocked position when in use dehydrating ?



I have been asked a question on how to turn sugar syrup back into sugar granules. May i know if a food dehydrator will be able to do so? Thanks for your help.

1 answer
Customer C.Sunbeam

Hi lauren,
Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. This will not work in our dehydrators. It will be more like a hardened toffee and will not crystalize completely. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Geoff M.

Geoff M.asked

Can you use only 2 trays

1 answer
Customer C.Sunbeam

Hi Geoff M,
Thank you for your question. You can use just two trays. We suggest to put a spare empty tray on the top shelf and then place the 2 trays evenly apart below. The empty top tray allows the air to circulate evenly rather than directly onto the next tray down.

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