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Hi, I have VS6100 food saver. It was working perfectly for the first 6 weeks now today it has developed a problem where the vacuum pump won't switch off and seal. The pump just keeps running. If I hit the seal button it lets in air and then seals. It is not vacuuming the air out and maintaining pressure, switching off the pump and sealing. I have tried multiple bags .. I have cleaned the gaskets and the vacuum channel... I have made sure the bags are lying perfectly flat and are positioned perfectly in the middle of the vacuum channel and the channel is free of obstructions. Any other ideas why it has stoped working as it should ? Cheers
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Hi adamrussell1979, Thank you for your question. We can also suggest ensuring the 'rough' side of the bag/roll is on the under side directly on the sealing strip and that the gap from the food level to the edge of the bag is 7-10 cms. If this does not resolve, and your VS6100 was purchased withing the last 12 mths- please return it to the store.Hi, Thanks for the extra tips. Unfortunately they did not work, I will take it back to the store. Cheers

Why is it not sealing Very disappointed with it less than a year old? Green light comes on some times some times only red light comes on
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Hi Bev Muir, I would like you to give our Customer Care Team a call so they can go through some troubleshooting with you. You can reach them on 1300 881 861...

I have a foodsaver V6100, after a few problems with canisters sealing because the adaptor very easily pops off, I now have the problem thant once the dimple depresses the sealer doesnt always turn off and I have to press the seal button to avoid the machine from running too long, and wait for the light to go out, why is this please, or is there a problem with the vacuum sealer?
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Hi JanP. It may be that you haven't closed the canister lid entirely and there is a slight gap somewhere allowing air into the canister. The unit won't stop vacuuming until there is no air left to extract.

i want to use mylar bags but it wont seal. how can I get them to do this?
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Get a new food vacuum sealer. After i returned the Sunbeam one. I got a Russell Hobbs one and works perfectly every time.

Purchased sunbeam vs 4300 today it works well but the green light does not come on, is this a concern? RossE
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I found that you have to hold both ends very firmly and continue holding until the light eventually comes on, either that or the vacuuming is not working and you may have to realign things. I have found with some bags of product I need to raise the bag up a bit more level with the machine.hope this is of some help.

can I use Kmart rolls in this? $15 v $40 for "sunbeam" branded ones is a bit rich ...
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Yes , ebay kmart all work fineAs far as I have seen and tried there is very little difference. Plastic quality seems similar and they seal OK. Hard to see why Sunbeam ones are so much more expensive. Oh, and they are all BPA free.

Hi, I hated that I bought Sunbeam vs 4300 from big w a couple of months ago. Unfortunately the machine does not suck the air from the bags, can you help please? Thanks lee
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Dear Lee, Please contact our Consumer Support Team on: 1300 881 861, as I may be due to the way the bag is being put into the Vacuum chamber. Kind Regards Sunbeam

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