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Sunbeam FoodSaver VS1300

Sunbeam FoodSaver VS1300

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This has ACTUALLY changed my life

I went to not knowing what on earth FoodSaver was to owning now two of their products and using them on a daily basis. My fridge is super tidy now, everything in bags or containers.

I now do meal prep on a Sunday and my lunches stay fresh for the whole week in the containers - a great way to save money through the week too not going out and buying lunch everyday. I blend smoothies in the morning and this little gadget means I don't HAVE to use the whole Avocado in one go and my ingredients last weeks!!

Love love love. Just make sure you invest in the containers and the bags otherwise you won't get into the groove of using it enough.

Only downside is that the container lids can be a bit fiddly, give them a bang on each edge to make sure it is close before you vacuum it.

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Hi JKat, Thank you for the fantastic review! The container lids are a bit tricky. They need to be extremely sealed and are stubborn to remove or place on. Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Wish there was more detailed 'how to use' manual

I want to love this product but found my first effort of using the bags in the refrigerator a miserable fail. I've googled a lot but apart from blanching vegies for freezing, very little help on how to use for short term refrigeration. I want to use mainly for cucumbers, celery , avocado etc. I want to know when to use bags & when to use containers & how to prepare for refrigeration. Any help out there?

Date PurchasedAug 2018

Works well but...

This is a great little gadget for family's to keep food fresh for longer and it does exactly what it says, I do wish that it came with a few more containers as buying new ones are quite expensive and I also wish there was an option to freeze your vacuum sealed food as I would use that more. Overall though its a good product, works well on fruit.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

Nifty food vacuum device

Very happy with the food saver and highly recommend it. The unit has a small foot print. As well as prolonging the life of foods, it increases the amount of space in both fridge and freezer. The plastic bags are reusable and the unit can be also be used with the sunbeam containers. Only criticism, is there should be different sized bags and the cost of the containers. I would love to exclusively use these containers in both our fridge and freezer, however it would be too costly.

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Great to avoid wastage

This is my new favourite kitchen appliance.
Fresh homemade bread was going mouldy within 2 days due to the humidity at the moment and it goes stale more quickly if put in the fridge (scientific fact apparently) so started putting in the 10 cup capacity foodsaver, definitely get an extra couple of days.
Have found with avocados they stay fresher for longer in the bags over the containers, but still impressive either way.
It has a small footprint too, I just leave mine on the bench.
Fantastic way to reduce the amount that gets thrown away due to spoiling

Date PurchasedNov 2017
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Just a note that Sunbeam staff really know nothing about this product. I emailed to ask if the zip lock bags that come with this could be used for Sous Vide cooking. I got a response that the bags were not compatible with this unit, which they clearly are as you get 5 in the box. Still no answer to my original question, just rude and unhelpful customer service.

Best kitchen gadget I've bought all year!

Fresher for longer! Not only is it small and easy to store in a cupboard or drawer it is incredibly effective! Every week despite how hard I try bag loads of spoiled fruit and vegetables and containers of leftovers end up in the bin. With the Food Saver I can keep prepared meals in the fridge for twice as long as I once would have. Both my food wastage and grocery bill has significantly reduced thanks to the Food Saver. The glass containers make selecting a meal from the fridge easy and are a huge time-saver.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Say goodbye to soggy berries!

Got this nifty appliance just in time for berry season! Our family goes through huge quantities of berries. I'd love to buy them in bulk and save, but I always find they end up soggy in the fridge and go to waste. :-( Now I can simply Foodsaver four punnets at a time (in my 10 cup container) and our berries stay fresh in the fridge for so much longer! The zip bags are great for lunch ham and weekend bacon. The 5 cup containers is great for cut avocados or chopped veggies ready for the school lunchbox / after school snacks. The machine itself is very compact, easy to use and sits neatly on my bench or is easy to tuck away in the cupboard. It's heartbreaking when I throw away food at the end of the week that hasn't lasted in my fridge. This appliance is a great solution (and saves me a few pennies!). Very happy.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Reduced wastage + fresh food!

I have found the Foodsaver to be a game changer in terms of reducing my food wastage. Too often previously I would have crackers go stale, veggies go limp or cheese dry out after doing a big shop and then not getting through everything quickly enough. Now, my big shops actually last twice as long!

I’ve loved it using for avocados, cheese leftovers and pre-chopped veggie crudités. It was suprisingly easy to use, and quite compact as well.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Reducing waste and keeping food fresh

The Sunbeam FoodSaver VS1300 is a great way to keep food fresher for longer. I have loved using it for avocados, fruit and cheese - foods that go off if not consumed quickly. It's easy to use and if you have the bench space you can leave it out so it's accessible. I have also loved that I am reducing my waste as I am not using the cling wrap to store food. The containers are great and even the vacuum zipper bags are reusable.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

Keeping it Fresh

Loving my foodsaver. I'm not longer wasting money and I'm able to keep food which I would usually have to throw away. Love how it keeps my avocados green. Meat, fish and poultry fresh. Herbs green, cheese doesn't go mouldy. Keeps my crackers crunchy. It's nice and compact so doesn't waste much bench space. It suctions super quick and is so easy to use.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Saves food, money and my environmental fooprint

I've had the foodsaver for about two weeks and I use it everyday especially on my avocados, lemons, nuts, crackers and cheese. I throw out a significant amount of food, mainly cheese, veggies, herbs, stale biscuits and nuts, so now I can save it, it's fresh and lasts a long time. It's quite tall about the same height as my Aldi espresso machine, so I put it away when I'm not using it, mainly because I have little bench space in my one bedroom place and I don't like leaving my appliances out in general. It suctions the bags and containers in less than 10 seconds. When I open the bags and containers my food is always fresh and crunchy. Yes!

The three pros for me are saving money, food and the environment. The one con is that it's too tall to leave out on the bench everyday in my one bedroom apartment and due to my personal preferences of not leaving any appliances out on the kitchen bench.

I would highly recommend this product as the quality is excellent and for the three pros mentioned above. You won't regret purchasing this at all.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Super quick and easy to use :)

It takes 10 seconds to vacuum seal your food and is just as big as a kettle, so it now permanently stays on the my kitchen bench. Definitely the best way to save your everyday food from going off! Perfect for my family of 5 that can waste a lot of food, particularly fruit and vegetables.

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Works great if prepared to take extra time

Using the food saver for vegetables has been great especially avocados.
It has worked to keep them fresh longer however I will admit often times I have not been bothered to pull the machine out as I live in a small apartment so it needs to be put away.
Would be great for people with the time!

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Sunday Prep

I've had this for a few weeks now. It's Sunday and just made our work lunches for the week using the containers, and made up all the kids school snacks using the zipper bags. The vacuum seal keeps the food fresh through the week and I save time so my busy week mornings are so much calmer

Date PurchasedOct 2017

Questions & Answers

where to buy extra container in WA
1 answer
Hi ernie F., Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. Major retailers e.g - Harvey Norman, Thee Good Guys, Myers or Betta Electrical stores should stock these. Kind regards, Sunbeam

What is the difference between this vacuum sealing system and some others? Others that I have seen claim that they keep the food for up to 4 times as long, whereas this one states that it keeps food for only 2 times as long.
3 answers
Sorry, I’m unsure as I’ve only used this system. The reason I purchased this particular unit was because of its small footprint, also the ability to reuse the precut bags.Thank you.Hi spatel.aus, Thank you for your query. All FoodSaver Vacuum Sealing Systems keep food fresh for up to 5 x longer.

Can I sous vi with the zipper lock bags can I freeze and microwave them. ?
3 answers
I use them in the freezer. I haven’t used them in the microwave & I’m unsure whether the bags are microwave safeThanks.Hi Cat, no the zipper bags will not seal to cook in the Sous Vide. You need to use the rolls or pre cut bags for this purpose.


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