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Sunbeam Maestro TA6440

Sunbeam Maestro TA6440

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Died in 2 years

Performed well, especially with crumpets and elongated bread. Bought 2 years ago as always had Sunbeam toasters. Took a while to figure out time changes for subsequent toast once the elements had warmed up. Perfect 99% of the use.
Sadly same problem as AdamMadd in August 2018 with it dying. The lights are on but no heat.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

Waa good while it worked

Bought this 2 yrs ago because it was supposed to be a good quality toaster. And while it worked, it was. But it doesn't last too long. (our previous kambrook lasted 7 years)

Good points:
Good price range for a crumpet toaster
Digital display showing how much time left.
Digital toast settings - if you wanted a setting between 1 and 2, it wasn't easily possible.
Died less than 2yrs after buying it with sparks, a small Puff of electrical smoke, and a safety switch tripping.

Date PurchasedSep 2016
Hi AdamMadd. Sorry to hear of the issues you had with your Sunbeam toaster. Please give our customer care team a call on 1300 881 861 and we would be happy to further assist you.Tried that and that was a waste of my time. They were not able to assist me at all as you said they would. They told me because it only comes with a 12 months warranty, there's nothing they can do.Hi Adam, Please send a private message with your number and we will contact you directly.

Excellent inexpensive toaster

This 4 slice toaster is one of the few models around now that still does crumpet setting.
It cooks the perfectly (without burning the bases).
The functions are simple to use and work like you would expect (easy to learn and use).
The count down timer is handy.

Date PurchasedMay 2018
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Hi Luigi C, what to say? We love to hear a customer loving their product, thank you so much!!!!!

Poor design

With a closed roasting compartment bottom decorated by a 4 mm slit . It became a crumb trap on the 2 ledges with only small crumb particles falling into the shallow so called tray. There is no way to keep clean. What a designer team? Sunbeam should offer free cleanup for these toaster!!

Date PurchasedApr 2016
Hi John...thanks for the great feeback.....the removable crumb tray is made to standard specifications, however we understand that when it is used by a family every day it quickly fills up with crumbs and needs to be taken out and lightly wiped over to clear the crumbs.The problem is not the removable tray. It is small and only collect the crumbs that falls through the small crack/slit from the roasting chambers. Other materials collected on the ledges bordering the slit and is impossible to clean .. almost, this is the design faults. This could lead to ? Fire.Question is what Sunbeam is doing about the problem. Other makers are doing a straight through design so that crumbs fall straight into the tray which should be a little deeper so that larger particles could be collected.

Great when it works!

First toaster lasted three months before it flashed, sparked and tripped the safety switch. Would then only toast, very feebly, on one side. Took it back to The Good Guys and foolishly exchanged it for another one. After all, when it worked it was great for long pieces of bread. We’ve had the replacement for a week or so and it just tripped the safety switch. Still works but it’s just a matter of time until it dies too. Sunbeam used to be a reliable brand - those days are long gone.

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

looks good but overcooks

Using setting 3 (of 5) burned the toast to black- so I'm not quite sure who would ever use 5.
Setting 1 and 2 get used only in our household.
The crumpet button is good as it cooks the crumpet longer on the top than bottom- however setting 1 was sufficient.
The countdown feature is useful for cooking a big breakfast and the longer slots for large slices of bread is also great.

Date PurchasedDec 2017

works great for the office so far

Bought this for the office and so far so it gets used every day. Its got a count down features tells you the time. Everything is electronic so you can set the time. Would of liked a button for 15 seconds more as some types of breads take longer to toast. I usually set it to option 2 for 2:15sec.

Date PurchasedAug 2017

Was good until it stopped toasting both sides!

Loved this toaster as it could fit larger pieces of bread, had a great display giving you a countdown until your item was ready and a crumpet function. Then this weekend it broke and now only lightly toasts one side of the bread for some reason. We bought it a couple of years ago from DJs, can't remember what we paid, though I did expect it to last longer as we don't use it extensively!

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Toast ok. Crumpet setting doesn't work

Love the timer on the front. Toasts ok. Crumpet setting doesn't work - initially this crumpet setting will work but after about a minute it shuts down and resets. Only just bought the product. Very disappointed. Had the previous model which worked great. I suspect this particular item is faulty. Will seek a replacement through sunbeam.

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Does what its meant to do - TOAST

Even though it has a digital cook display it is easy to use.
Cooks toast evenly and not over cooked.
Crumpets are perfect.
A little more expensive than I would normally pay, but that seems to be the way with toasters these days.
Was recommended by a friend and word of mouth is how they sell products these days.
Highly recommended product

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Well, my Breville toaster had to be returned. It burnt the crusts and hardly warmed the face of the toast. There was something really wrong with the one I bought. So I decided to change brands and buy the Sunbeam Maestro 4 slice toaster. I'm so glad I did. The finish and styling is 1st class. It's not tinny and all the buttons are right on the front. It has an LCD Panel which gives options with the settings. There's Defrost, Crumpets and reheat and all the preset timings can be adjusted either lengthening or shortening the cooking time to suit. The lift and look feature goes a lot higher than most toasters so it's easy to grab the toast without pain! (i.e. burnt fingers) Like all toasters the bar on the top does get marks from toasting so I phoned Sunbeam and they suggested sprinkling Bi Carb soda on a cloth and damping it with white vinegar, just go easy on the amount you use, because it can drop down inside the toaster. It works though and I can keep my Sunbeam looking shiny and new for years to come. It's a very well made and well designed toaster. I'm happy. Dianne

Date PurchasedJul 2017

Broke exactly two weeks after purchase

Bought this toaster just over two weeks ago and loved it. Did a great job of toasting and had a countdown so you knew how long until the toast would be ready. But after only two weeks the outer two elements have stopped working. To have a brand new toaster fail in such a short period of time is appalling. We use our toaster daily so I'll be returning this one and getting a different brand.

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Fire hazard

Our toaster was 2 years old. We used it regularly and in general it did the job it needed to do and we loved the toaster. Occasionally it did not toast evenly. Last week I cooked 4 slices of toast. After cosuming the toast I proceeded to leave the house and then smelt something burning. I returned to the kitchen to find flames coming from the toaster and the plastic melted and burning across the bench top. I needed the fire blanket to extinguish the fire! This was not related to residual toast in the base as I had emptied it the previous week.
Because we liked the toaster I bought another last week. Tonight I again toasted 4 slices of bread. At the completion of the toasting cycle the ejection lever was released and the element remained on and burning. I will be returning this toaster tomorrow.

Date PurchasedJul 2015


This was nearly the most expensive toaster at the shop I bought at, and it was had issue from day 1
* takes ages to toast
* 7 months later stops working then starts to beep uncontrollably so turn off at power for ten minutes then turn back on flashing led screen, beeping starts again and toaster is buggered.
So very very disappointed as I should have done what I suspected in the beginning is to buy a cheap toaster, if it stuffs up in one year no worries...a case of you get what you pay for, except I paid $130 and it's total rubbish.

Date PurchasedJul 2016

OK so far

I bought before reading reviews so assessment subject to future reliability but at $89 has a lot going for it. Surprised to see the box labelled it as 1040W when that is the wattage of the smaller model! 1800W is par for size so no issue there. Main positive is ability to take slices larger than standard sliced. Not all that keen on the LED aspect as more to go wrong but useful nonetheless. Ability to lift toast to see how it is going is useful. Able to toast up to about 7 minutes is useful but need to keep your eye on it as a result.

Date PurchasedJan 2017


This Sunbeam 4 slice toaster I bought from G.G. in September 2015 has turned out to be a bit of a dud. On normal setting does not brown, and blown the circuit breaker twice. If I up the toast range it burns it. I am losing faith in Sunbeam products big time.

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Hi Possum, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Sunbeam

kept shorting out

Our second Maestro. First one stopped working after 2 years. The new one tripped within one week and we lost power through the whole house. One week later it did the same thing. So we returned it to David Jones and got our money back. Where is the quality control at Sunbeam or any manufacturer of toasters? It seems to be non-existent.

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Dear Wendy, Thank you for your review. All feedback is taken seriously & passed onto the relevant departments. We apologies for any inconvenience caused. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Does not flip up with 4 slices of toast - SUNBEAM customer service were Useless! Do not buy.

This is my 2nd toaster of the same model in 3 months. It does not toast evenly; has to be switched off at times as the electronic display goes blank; does not flip up when toasting bagels or longer bread such as sourdough.

Instead of returning the toaster back to David Jones (again) I called Sunbeam customer service and explained my dramas with both toasters. Well, what a waste of time that was!!! I got told that maybe there maybe a batch problem and they could not help me and to go back to my place of purchase.

Never again Sunbeam!

Broken after 4 1/2 months of light use.

Cooks unevenly and now has broken after 4 1/2 months of light use. Only gets used 2-3 times a week at the most. It wont turn on now, no lights and no action. Lets see how we go taking it back to The Good Guys for a replacement as it has a 12 month replacement warranty.

The Good Guys replaced it without question.. Lets see how the new one goes.This one cooks a little more evenly.

Terrible product

I purchased a TA6440 Maestro 4 Slice toaster from the Good Guys two days ago. We went to use it yesterday morning and the leaver to push the toast down was broken. We called the Good Guys and exchanged it for a new one. Got it home and last night went to make some toast. It worked initially until the toast popped. As it popped up it sparked and then went bang! (a large flash and smoke came out of the toaster). It also tripped the circuit breaker in the house. I’m just glad it wasn’t one of my two young girls using it. I'm about to call the Good Guys for the second time in two days. Not impressed and will not be getting another Sunbeam.

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Questions & Answers

After 3 years of great toasting, the LCD screen is dying and the display is really weak. Can this be fixed or will it be cheaper to replace the toaster? I was expecting 10 years from this machine.
2 answers
Hi there, sorry I have no idea. Maybe you could phone Sunbeam or a local fixit company. Mine burns the crust and leaved the middle pale. So not happy now either. Think these days to get 3 years is pretty good. If you can wait till the January sales you'd get a really good price. Shop around. Hope this helps. cheers Dianne.Sorry can't actually help you on that one. Best thing to do is contact manufacturer or a reputable service centre. Considering the throw away society we are I'm guessing a new one... good luck

Purchased a TA6440 this weekend, after my old toaster died after 7 years of faithful service. The timing settings on this toaster are crazy!!! We are regular crumpet eaters and on the lowest setting 1, the time defaults to 4.00 minutes, this is way too long for crumpets. There is no way you can leave this unattended to cook and it would be downright dangerous to let children use this product. Why on earth would you need a setting of 6 which equates to nearly 7 minutes on the crumpet setting - its a house fire waiting to happen??
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Strange my crumpet setting is timed lime the: 1 = 1min 45 sec 2 = 2 min 05 sec 3 = 2 min 25 sec..... up to 6 = 3 min 20 sec. This is for the 2 slice version. Maybe yours is potentially faulty/calibrayed wrongly at the factory.Just went to check and mine also says 6 minutes 40 seconds on crumpet setting for 6 - I have never checked that out! It is crazy!!! Would never use it that's for sure - also find the 4 minutes on the minimum time setting a bit crazy - why doesn't it start at 2 minutes and go up to 4 max??? You will notice too that once you have used the toaster, the time settings vary according to how hot the elements are, so 1 drops back as far as about 53 seconds on the second lot of toast. The theory of this toaster is excellent, it is just that the actual functions are crap!!!


Sunbeam Maestro TA6440
Price (RRP) $109
Type4 Slice
Release dateJun 2013
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