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Bought this toaster after reading reviews in August 2013 - reviews seemed better than they are now! Toaster died in June 2015 - less than 2 years old. Cannot attempt repair of element at home due to special screws holding base of toaster in place. Never happy with the crumpet setting, and the bread always toasted unevenly - one side more than the other. Overall very disappointed with a toaster sold for $130 - expected more for our money.



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Always on toast setting, piece of crap!


What a shameful appliance! $100 for a toaster that cooks one sided. Seems to short out on the outer burners. Absolutely disappointed with this. I'm not the only one with this problem it seems. Where is your apology and refund Sunbeam?!


Still crap... sometimes the lights don't work, other times the counter restarts counting after the toast pops. Still only toasts one sided. Getting a new one from Kmart for $8, can't be any worse!

Brendan K.Sunbeam

Terrible - broke after toasting 1 slice of bread


Bought toaster from good guys, and after just using it once the inside element has stopped working! Definitely replacing and no I won't be replacing with a sunbeam. Thanks sunbeam for wasting my time!

Suzie Q

Suzie QPerth, WA

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This makes really good toast.


I didn't know there was a difference in the final product which was reliant upon the toaster. It's light and crunchy but not hard and doesn't damage your gums. Have tried it with a few different types of bread and appears consistent. We have the 4 slice model and I've been using it for a couple of months, have become used to the settings and it's great.
The countdown timer and the beep when finished.

Mrs March

Mrs MarchBrisbane

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Makes toast


We have the 4 slice version and it's a really nice toaster. It browns nice and evenly and doesn't pop the toast into the air when its done. I love the countdown timer! We have had it for a few months now and sometimes I find it inconsistent in toasting, e.g. one day 3 comes out perfect, the next its too light, but as it isn't burning my toast I am happy with the machine.
looks good, countdown timer
inconsistent toasting

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Darwin Dan

Darwin Danasked

After 3 years of great toasting, the LCD screen is dying and the display is really weak. Can this be fixed or will it be cheaper to replace the toaster? I was expecting 10 years from this machine.

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Hi there, sorry I have no idea. Maybe you could phone Sunbeam or a local fixit company. Mine burns the crust and leaved the middle pale. So not happy now either. Think these days to get 3 years is pretty good. If you can wait till the January sales you'd get a really good price. Shop around. Hope this helps. cheers Dianne.


Sorry can't actually help you on that one. Best thing to do is contact manufacturer or a reputable service centre. Considering the throw away society we are I'm guessing a new one... good luck



Purchased a TA6440 this weekend, after my old toaster died after 7 years of faithful service. The timing settings on this toaster are crazy!!! We are regular crumpet eaters and on the lowest setting 1, the time defaults to 4.00 minutes, this is way too long for crumpets. There is no way you can leave this unattended to cook and it would be downright dangerous to let children use this product.
Why on earth would you need a setting of 6 which equates to nearly 7 minutes on the crumpet setting - its a house fire waiting to happen??

2 answers

Strange my crumpet setting is timed lime the:
1 = 1min 45 sec
2 = 2 min 05 sec
3 = 2 min 25 sec..... up to 6 = 3 min 20 sec. This is for the 2 slice version. Maybe yours is potentially faulty/calibrayed wrongly at the factory.


Just went to check and mine also says 6 minutes 40 seconds on crumpet setting for 6 - I have never checked that out! It is crazy!!! Would never use it that's for sure - also find the 4 minutes on the minimum time setting a bit crazy - why doesn't it start at 2 minutes and go up to 4 max???

You will notice too that once you have used the toaster, the time settings vary according to how hot the elements are, so 1 drops back as far as about 53 seconds on the second lot of toast.

The theory of this toaster is excellent, it is just that the actual functions are crap!!!

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Release dateJun 2013
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