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I cleaned my the top part of my Nutrioven and now it won't turn on anymore. I was careful not to get water on it, but it seems i might have. Does that sound right? Who can repair it in Canberra?
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My nutri oven wont turn on
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Hi Tony K, Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. Please call Sunbeam on 1300 881 861 for further assistance. Kind Regards Sunbeam

I've only just started using my nutrioven. It was given to me, my oven has stop working,and I thought I would get it out to try it. My question is, can you keep food warm, after it is cooked. I usually put my husbands meal in the oven. Thanks
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Hi Angela, Thank you for contacting Sunbeam. You may be able to do this if you let it cool down after the initial cooking then turn back on to a very low heat. Kind Regards, SunbeamThank you for your answer. It is a success keeping warm. As I said before the Nutri oven was given to me, but I didn't get any tongs in the box. Where can I get them from. ThanksHi Angela, Parts are available from the following online agents - please place the model number in the search engine to see a full list and photos. It pays to check the pricing and compare. https://www.ewingelectrical.com.au http://www.elliselectricals.com.au https://bigwarehouse.com.au Mr Sparky (QLD) 07 3379 5332 Kind Regards, Sunbeam

Hi Am I able to cook soups and casseroles in my Nutrioven?
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Hi Marcus K, if you normally cook your casserole in the oven then you can do it in the NutriOven. Soup is generally not cooked in an oven so I would not suggest to do so.That response does not fill me with great confidence. A soup and casserole are not that different, apart from thickening a casserole by adding something like flour near the end of the cooking process. A soup, not necessarily so. So, as someone who has not used a convection oven before, I feel you could cook a soup, but unsure about a casserole. I was hoping there would be some recipes available. Regards Marcus

All my settings have rubbed off so I go by guesswork! Great product but this is a real nuisance. I'm in NZ. I need a solution please! What do you suggest?
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Find some one who has one and copy the settings wit a premenent markerHi Sue B, If you give our Customer Service team a call on 0800 786 232 or email them nzcustomerservice@newellco.com they will be able to send one to you.Thank you Customer Service. The stickon settings have arrived and work great. Much appreciated :)

How long should it take for the oven temp to reach 250
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5 to 10 minutesHi Margaret S, it should only take around 5 minutes or so but I don't have a precise time

Why is it sold with out the stainless steel ring that makes it bigger?
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Hi william r. Thank you for your question. The metal extender ring has been discontinued due to new safety regulations that have been introduced by Product Safety Australia, in relation to the surface temperature of products.

Hello, can Silicone containers (eg: Muffin Trays) be used to cook, in the NutriOven? I would appreciate your reply.
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Hi R H. Great question! You can use oven proof silicon containers/trays in the CO3000. We recommend using the low rack for them to rest on and not have the trays/containers touch the sides of the glass bowl.Hello, Thank you, but the question was instigated after reading the Instruction/Recipe Booklet that comes with the NutriOvenCO3000. Your reply is so welcomed, its wonderful to read, and I’ll ensure that any Silicone used for cooking doesn’t touch the Glass sides of the bowl. The information within the Sunbeam NutriOven CO3000 Instruction/Recipe Booklet needs to be changed, as it states that Silicone Cooking Items can not be used in this oven. Page 9 of Instruction/Recipe Booklet the under Basic Cooking Functions – Bakes: The wording is: ‘Silicone bakeware is not suitable to use in the NutriOven’. Again I would appreciate your reply. Many thanks.Hi R.H. It is not recommended however if you are going to use it - you will need to keep an eye on it closely.

is there a new decal transfer available for the temp and timer control available,ours have fallen off. we are just guessing now ,hope we dont have a fire.
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Hi gary, Thank you for you question. We can send you a decal. Please call us on 1300 881 861 with your postal address and we are more than happy to send some out to you.rang the the number and was told that the decals are not available,a picture of the controls was emailed to us.Hope the decal are available soon.Hi gary, So sorry for the mix up. We do have them here. Please call again on 1300 881 861. I will alert the team you will be calling in. Kind regards, Sunbeam.

how do i bake a christmas cake in the nutrioven? the time to cook it is supposed to be 3 hours , wont it burn on the top ?
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sorry never cooked oneHi Bondy, Thank you for your query. It is not generally recommended however if you do we suggest using the low rack and to prevent progressive browning you can shield the top of the cake with foil. This may take longer than 3 hours and we also suggest to keep checking it. Hope this helps!

can I cook frozen veges in the Nutrioven
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Hi Lorraine, really anything you could normally cook in an oven you can cook in the NutriOven so give it a go...

Do I remove the outer plastic casing around the glass bowl before using the convection oven
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Hi Kerry, Thank you for you query. The plastic shield around the bowl is a heat proof guard and is best left on whilst in use.Thank you. I already have two and bought this one for daughter. Mine never had it.

Can I get a replacement bowl for my nutrioven? Mine has cracked almost in half. I didnt drop it, or wash it before it cooled. Is this a fault in the product?
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Depends on how long your warranty was for ours shattered and they replaced it it was only 2 months oldmy wife is now to scared to use it.Hi Lauren, Thank you for your query. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we can assist you further.

I have just purchased my oven & I’m wondering what the purpose of the clear plastic cover(bowl) that is on the outside of the glass bowl is. Barbara S
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Hi barbara s. Thank you for your question . The plastic fitting around the glass bowl is actually a heat resistant guard. This prevents burns if an arm or hand is accidentally brushed against the glass bowl when in use.Thank you, much appreciated.

Hi, how would I cook a quiche, which rack & do I use the extension ring? Which temperature would work best & for how long should I cook it for? Thanks Denise
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Hi Denise D. Thank you for your CO3000 query. Quiche s can be cooked in this unit. Temperature range should be 170-190 C for 30 minutes or until golden brown. We recommend using the multi purpose baking dish. We do not recommend using the extension ring. Enjoy

i bought a sunbean c03000 nutrioven convection on Wednesday 6 Feb 2019 just wondering if the oven has a metal extinction like the cheap ones in kmart
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Hi Noelene, the extension ring is no longer available due to new safety regulations

I have seen many posts from people who have experienced the numbers on the temperature and timer dials rubbing off. I am in the same boat. Can an owner or sunbeam please post a close up photo of the dials?
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Hi Jo. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we can supply you with new stickers.

Is this oven considered a halogen oven?
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Hello my name is Peter, is it possible to gain an exploded view of the heating fan unit as there are some loose nuts and washers rattling around inside the unit.
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Hi Peter, Unfortunately only a Licensed Service Agent is able to do this as they have that license that allows this.

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