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i bought a sunbean c03000 nutrioven convection on Wednesday 6 Feb 2019 just wondering if the oven has a metal extinction like the cheap ones in kmart
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Hi Noelene, the extension ring is no longer available due to new safety regulations

I have seen many posts from people who have experienced the numbers on the temperature and timer dials rubbing off. I am in the same boat. Can an owner or sunbeam please post a close up photo of the dials?
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Hi Jo. Please call us on 1300 881 861 and we can supply you with new stickers.

Is this oven considered a halogen oven?
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Hello my name is Peter, is it possible to gain an exploded view of the heating fan unit as there are some loose nuts and washers rattling around inside the unit.
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Hi Peter, Unfortunately only a Licensed Service Agent is able to do this as they have that license that allows this.

can i bake a pie in my nutri oven?
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Hi Jimmy. Yes you can. The nutrioven basically acts like a conventional oven. Just following the temperature and cooking timelines on the packaging of the pies.

How long do you cook frozen chips for?
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Sorry Lisa but I haven't and probably not use for frozen chips as not something I use in our meal plans.Hi Lisa. It's hard to determine as all brands of frozen chips will have different guidelines. My recommendation would be to set the nutrioven to the temperature recommended on the bag of chips and cook for that amount of time. Keep an eye on the cooking progress the first time round to gauge the time for the next time.

I purchased a sunbeam nutrioven and it was advertised with extension ring. There is no extension ring and i have been told by the sales person at good guys in rockingmam to contact you?
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Sorry I don’t know what you mean. Mine came with a stand and 2 racks 1 high 1 Low.Hi Judith. The extension ring was removed from unit last year in accordance with new safety standards passed by the ACCC.I was also looking for this, I have found even on the lowest setting that my pork crackling burns before the meat is cooked. how do I get around this.

I just bought the nutrioven and the warm up light doesn't switch off...is this normal? Had it set to 220 then down to 180 but it still didn't switch off anytime during cooking. How do you knoe when it reaches temp? That aside the pork leg and crackling came out perfectly. One pointer though reduce the cooking time as it would have been overcooked if I'd left it the extra 15mins that was suggested.
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it will eventually, honestly they are rubbish.Cooking times vary I always go below the recommended time. Then next cook I know. And the light stays on and is fine

How to cook a pizza, I've never used a nutrioven?
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Hi Leigh, you would use the toast function at around 220 - 250Sunbeam-what is the toast function on the NutriOven?

Puzzled... My newly acquired Nutrioven apparently has no halogen heating... the heat comes from someplace but the interior of the glass bowl is not all lit up as it was in my old no-name oven... is this how its supposed to be? I dont mind either way, my chook is cooking as expected... I was just a bit surprised that its not all glowing. Sue
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its normal, heres a tip take a photo of the top with all the settings on because after 6 uses they will all fall off

Any ideas why my fruit cake too twice as long to cook when in correct tn and on correct temp?
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Hi Annie, sorry I don’t know. When I baked a choc chip fudge cake, it took less time than if baked in the oven. In fact I should have taken it out sooner, as it was slightly over done. Did you pre-heat?I did

Can you cook a Christmas/fruit cake in the neutrino oven?
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Hi where is the best place to place the vegies on the rack or in the baking dish?
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Hi Murray - I placed veges on the rack around the meat, half way thru cooking the meat. Microwaved the potatoes for a couple of minutes before placing in NutriOven. Worked very well.Murray they say not to cook directly on the Glass. I just use the lowest rack.

Can I use Halogen oven recipes in the NutriOven?
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Hi CookingTime. We have only tested the recipes that are included in the CO3000 instruction booklet so we can only recommend these.

I got my nutrioven as a reward from flybys and I have never use one before so I was just wondering. How do I cook a pork roast in it?
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Hi Sonja. There is a roasting guide on page 8 of the instruction booklet. As a general guide, it will take approx. 35 minutes to roast 500g of pork at 200 degrees. this will give you well done pork.

My Nutrioven didn't come with an Extension Ring and I've only just found out about it because I downloaded your manual - which contains more recipes than the little one supplied. Will a larger cake tin ring placed outside the cake being cooked work?
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Hi Jan, No, this is no longer supplied with the oven. I would not recommend using the ring but the oven will still cook cakes effectively.Can the extension ring be purchased seperately? If so, how and where?

Should the green light go off when the temperature is reached?
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I have just PLUGGED IN MY NEW CO 3000 and the power light is not coming on I know the power point works what am I doing wrong?
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put the handle all the way downHi Deb, Noel is right....the handle needs to securely locked down to activate the power light. If it still doesn't come on pop it back to the store of purchase with your receipt and they will exchange it for.The power light on my cooker didn’t come on until I turned on the timer, is this a problem. Used for the first time today.

How do I cook a cake in my nutrioven please?
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Hi Liz, Cakes are cooked in the same manner as you would in a conventional oven. You can use the accessories provided or a regular pan.

Hello. Just wondering if I am able to use a China/pottery quiche dish in it? And equally foil trays? Presuming I can? Thank you.
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You sure can. I often line the perforated dish with foil to collect cooking juices.Yes, but a bit awkward to lift it in and out of the hot oven due to weight. Practice first. Lightweight metal dishes are easier like the one they supply.HI Laura C, yes anything you can use in a normal oven you can use in the NutriOven.

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