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Sunbeam Quantum KE3560

Sunbeam Quantum KE3560

2.3 from 22 reviews

Great Jug

My second same jug, and I find it very good....boils fast, has an easy-pour spout, never had any leakages, light to handle, no tainted taste, never had a problem with jug getting too hot to handle, and easy to see water level.....overall a great reliable product, which I have recommended to family & friends.

Date PurchasedJan 2015
HI Dori, thank you for the great review! This is truly a great kettle at a great price...Do I get a prize for such a positive review?


i like the 360 degree cordless power base which is designed to allow you to place the kettle on the base in any direction. Along with the cord storage facility which stores excess cord out of the way this is a good design feature.
The ON/OFF switch on the top of the kettle is more practical then having it at the base of the kettle. Not having the kettle for very long I'm hoping it will last a long time with no problems. However, reading some of these other recent reviews makes me somewhat concerned - I guess time will tell !

Date PurchasedJan 2018

Dangerously bad design - safety warning - possible risk of scalding

I am posting this review as a safety warning to others. I purchased this kettle to replace an old Sunbeam kettle that had worked well for many years. What a disappointment and my husband almost scalded himself! The problem is the plastic spout. When the plastic of the kettle gets hot (as happens when it is boiling water!) the lid covering the spout refuses to open (because it has expanded due to the heat) when you push the release on the handle. You have to prise it open by hand which is how the scalding can occur. We stopped using this dangerous product and bought a Breville. We will NEVER buy another Sunbeam kettle.

Date PurchasedNov 2015

Poor Quality Do Not Buy

We purchased the Sunbeam Quantum Kettle to replace the old model which gave us many years of service. After less than three weeks of using this kettle we had s problem with the lid and it is hard to open and now does not close properly. On close examination this kettle has very cheap poor quality plastic hinge which has resulted in the lid malfunction. This kettle will be returned and we will buy anothet brand . It is sad to see such poor quality from what was once a well respected brand

Date PurchasedOct 2016

KE3560 unsatisfactory

Two kettles failed within 8 months due to faulty insulation causing earth leakage and RCD tripping. The first was replaced under warranty; when the second one failed we accepted a refund. Both the retailer and Sunbeam seemed to be aware that this was a common problem with this model. Definitely not recommended,

Date PurchasedApr 2016

Poor designed and not up to usual Sunbeam Quality

We purchased this kettle 18 months ago. It starting tripping the circuit breaker due to leaking water after 6 months. The retailer replaced it under warranty. The new kettle has been ok but the cordless connection on the bottom now does not connect properly as it has been poorly designed. You need to swivel it back and forwards to get it to work and sometimes you come back to find the kettle has jus stopped. It is not under warranty any more but we hoped for more than 18 months from this kettle. Very disappointed and no better than a $7 k mart brand.

Date PurchasedMar 2015

Excellent, Quick And Quiet

Just upgraded from my last one
(Kambrook kak36)
This new Sunbeam KE3560 is a little beauty so quick and quiet auto shutoff twin levels you can rotate handle left or right great for me as being a Lefty, filter in the pourer and replaceable, great price can't beat it!!

Date PurchasedAug 2016

Very disappointing

The lid is hard to open and after 2 months the kettle kept tripping the electrical power of the whole house, had to return it to the retailer. Would definitely not recommend it.

New Quantum disappointing compared to the old

I too am disappointed with the Quantum kettle I purchased in August 2014. Someone has re-designed them and made careless mistakes. We still have two of the older kettles going strong at our beach house and I compared them. The new one's on/off switch goes the wrong way, so you can't see the light and it is tricky to use; it contains less water because they have used an ordinary curled element where before they had a flat one. The new one also makes a strange clicking sound a while after it boils suggesting some problem with the thermostat. The spout cover is quite a good idea but have to be careful it doesn't flick boiling water at you. As usual, cutting corners to get a cheaper production has compromised what used to be a terrific product. Bad move Sunbeam. I have photos of the old ones if the designers at Sunbeam would like to see how they used to make them.

Very disappointing

Sunbeam used to be a good, reliable brand. I bought one of these kettles in 2006 and was very happy with it, so when it met with a mishap while moving to a new apartment I bought another one. Unfortunately the new kettle had a crack at the base, causing it to leak. The online retailer I purchased it from arranged for the faulty kettle to be collected and a replacement to be delivered, however the replacement is also faulty, with the on/off switch refusing to turn on and stay on (switch keeps bouncing back). I also bought a different Sunbeam appliance recently, and it doesn't work properly either. Sunbeam used to be my go-to brand for all my small appliances (and I have bought many), as it provided reliable products at a reasonable price. Now, however, I'll be avoiding Sunbeam like the plague. Sunbeam, I understand that having your products made overseas cuts your costs, but there's little point in increasing the profit margin on a product if the quality is so woeful that no-one will buy it.
Well balanced, good features, particularly like having the spout cover
Leaks, won't stay turned on, poor quality materials, poor service from Sunbeam customer service line

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Hi TB, we sincerely apologise for any inconvenience, please contact us on 1300 881 861 to discuss further.

Sunbeam Quantum Leaks onto base!

I had the same kettle, it also appeared to leak from the base, however I eventually discovered it was coming from the water gauge on the side which developed a hairline crack before cracking completely! I have returned mine to Farmers NZ and received a replacement. Other than the danger of electrocution from a leaky kettle I found it to be ok, At this stage given the choice I would not purchase another of these!
Nice Design.
Badly Constructed with water guage leaking onto electrical base!

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Update. The replacement kettle developed the same problem within a month. Got a replacement from another manufacturer. Im not buying sunbeam ever again.

Poor Quality

After a few days kettle was cutting off before it fully boiled, then the contact in base did not contact and had to always wriggle the kettle on base to make it work. A friend brought a cheapo kettle and has had no problem with it and still going strong. Dont buy!


usually can rely on Sunbeam products but this one is cheap, nasty and possibly dangerous. Very disappointed. I am going out to purchase a different brand.
very quiet and quick
leeks dangerously at base of window

This kettle leaks from electrical connection @ base - electrical hazard - do not buy !!

Purchased 2 kettles last year and both are leaking from the electrical connection at bottom of the kettle. I contacted Sunbeam and they were not interested in evaluating the complaint or the potential electrical hazard
Sunbeam stated they will replace product with proof of purchase, but are not in the habit of assessing reported unsafe product.
Design of kettle is nice
This kettle leaks from electrical connection at base !! Hard to fill

Hi Harps21, Thank you for your feedback, Sunbeam takes all customer feedback very seriously and I would like to begin by expressing our apologies for any inconvenience this has caused you. To provide our assistance in this matter, we will greatly appreciate if can contact Sunbeam Customer Service either by phone on 1300 881 861 or email customercare@sunbeam.com.au (subject line: ProductReview.com.au with Sunbeam Quantum) as will we like to have a look at your product to understand the situation. Regards, Sunbeam Customer Service 1300 881 861 customercare@sunbeam.com.auI had the same kettle, it also appeared to leak from the base, however I eventually discovered it was coming from the water gauge on the side which developed a hairline crack before cracking completely! I have returned mine to Farmers NZ and received a replacement. Other than the danger of electrocution from a leaky kettle I found it to be great! Lets hope the new one doesn't end up the same! Easy to fill if you have a strong grip!

Wet Wet Wet!

Purchased kettle about a year ago and up until recently have been very happy with it as it is relatively quiet and fast to reach boiling but recently it began leaking water from the base.
Relatively quiet, not a burn risk, quick to boil, inexpensive.
After about one year of use, it began to leak water from the base.

Light ergonomic, quick boiling white kettle

I purchased a Sunbeam Qantum kettle 2 weeks ago but found it leaked a drop of water from the bottom of the water gauge as it boiled. When the kettle cooled more water came out and a pool formed around the kettle. It took me a while to realities what was happening and I took it back and got a refund. I went to a different store and purchased another Qantum kettle. This time the automatic cut off was cutting in
before it boiled but I found it was not fully plugged in as the plug was a tight fit. The second one is going well now. It is light and a god ergonomic design. Only negative is that it is a little awkward to fill as you have to turn kettle sideways to get water in the spout and hold the handle in while doing so.
Lightweight,ergonomic, boils quickly, base rotates, 2 water gauges.
First one had a leak from the water gauge. Second one a little awkward to fill.

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I am very happy with my kettle after working out how to fill it at the tap and would purchase another if anything happened. Buy from a reputable retailer and return if any problems. I would increase my stars to four now. RhondaW.


Our first one lasted several years and we had no complaints even though it eventually leaked, it was still good value for the time we had it. Unfortunately the 2006 version (quantum plus) has leaked within 18 months and probably due to the fact it feels much more flimsy and cheap plasticy.
Quick boil, easy to read water level, easy to replace on base
Had two now - both have leaked via bottom seal, handle dosent open spout far enough, design of handle placement not quite balanced


This kettle is no longer made in NZ but in China and is only a cheap copy of the original design that won a design award in 1999
Fast quiet boil, great features
Low grade plastic cracks from the heat causing leaks in 14 days use from out of the box


Very disappointed with Sunbeam kettle range. Have had problems with this kettle before the plastic seams are not sealed properly. Will be purchasing another brand.
Easy to sit on base
It leaked from bottom seam the first time we used it it is going back for refund


I'm very happy with this kettle. I've had it for about 5 years now and it has been a pleasure to use. It is starting to have some issues now, the thermostat must be going because it is too slow to turn off after the water boil(especially with only a little bit of water in it). The little ball that tells you the water level can sometimes get stuck - nothing a tap on the side cant fix(also a result of years of frequent use).
Pleasant to look at and hold, fairly quick to boil, cheap, comfortable to use, not made in china (NZ, infact).
Not much, it does dribble abit when you try to pour it.

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Questions & Answers

What cause my kattle to trip power even is off?
1 answer
I found that the switch would flick back to the off position very easily. Also when connected to power the base that has the copper connectors would short very easily. The kettle is great for a few months but doesn't seem to last much longer unless you don't use it much but we use ours all day.

I purchased a quantum kettle 3 days ago and it makes a tinkling noise like a bell, can you tell me what this is from?
1 answer
Hi, not really but ours does the same, an odd sound. We assume it is the thermostatic automatic cut-off as it cools slightly after the kettle has finished boiling. I stupidly thought Sunbeam would monitor this site and give us some feedback but it seems to be only other purchasers, so no proper technical assistance provided and it seems very difficult to get hold of Sunbeam themselves.

Hello! Our house has this kettle and now it 's not working that is sometimes boiling , sometimes not working with light. I bought 31st of January. The store has IPSWICH so far from my house. Has it any guarantee. Could I change? Or what do I do? I just use this one week ago. Pls give any answers
1 answer
The Sunbeam website says that the kettle has a 12 month replacement warranty. Your best bet is to contact the shop that you bought the kettle from and ask for a replacement (or a refund if you prefer). If the fault is only minor, the shop may opt to repair the kettle instead. I wouldn't bother contacting Sunbeam, as they'll only tell you to contact the place of purchase (at least that's what they did with me). To check your rights as a consumer, you can visit the following page on the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission (ACCC) website https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees/repair-replace-refund


Sunbeam Quantum KE3560
CategoryElectric Kettles
Price (RRP) $39.95
Capacity1.7 L
Features360° Swivel Base, BPA Free, Keep Warm Option and Water Gauge
Variable Temperatures Yes
Construction Material Plastic
Colour / Finish White
Weight1.3 kg
Power2,400 W
Manufacturer Warranty1 year(s)
Release dateNov 2006

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