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is this programmable- that is, can you set a timer to commence cooking at some later time?
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Unfortunately not. It's the one feature missing (and something we missed in an earlier slow cooker we had). It does have a "warm" function though, which stays on for around 4 hours once your food is cooked which helps.Hi DandJ, Thank you for your question. Sorry - he HP8555 does not have this feature. Have a look at the CHP300 Express Crock XL Multi Cooker. This has a slow cooker function (amongst many others) and has a time delay function that allows you to delay the start of your cooking so that cooking finishes when you need it. Kind Regards SunbeamNo DandJ it does not have a preset progam facility which is a pity. What attracted me though was the searing capability which I find to be good and suits my purpose.

Has anyone had trouble with the slow cooker button not working? It won’t scroll through H to low to warm. The timer just changes. Weird. Browning button works. Annoying.
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I really like this cooker and is used in my household everyday. This is the 3rd one I have bought. And the exactly the same issue has happened to this one also. After 8-12 months it doesn’t heat up for searing or more then 150 degrees. Has anyone else had this problem?, as it’s the 3rd one, thinking it’s a issue with the product. They still work perfectly for slow cooking which I have found to be such a great cooker for. Cheers Mark
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I have had my sunbeam secret chef sear and slow cooker for about 6 months and only used several times. Tonight I have noticed a scratch on the Teflon surface. I have no idea how this has happened. I can’t recall using anything sharp on the surface. Is there anyway I can fix the coating please?
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Sorry, but i don't think the coating can be fixed.Hi Olivia.....great question the coating on the cooking pan can be inadvertently scratched by bones such as lamb shanks or even some wooden spoons. We recommend that you use silicon utensils in it to maximise the life span. We would love for you to send in a photo of the scratching to customercare@sunbeam.com.au and we will be only too happy to pass it on to our Quality Team.

Can I cook a cake in a cake tin...or pudding in a pyrex type bowl within the pan in the slow cooker?
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Have never tried this sorry, so can’t help.

Ive only had my cooker sense xmas but today while cooking it turned itself off and now I cannot turn it back on. Any ideas?
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Didn’t ever have this problem. As it’s so new I would get straight on to the Sunbeam number. Sounds like a dud. Only thing I can think of that might cause this is a power outage that might confuse timer but they would know.

Hi there, Does anyone know what the non stick lining of the cooker is made from? I am concerned that it is Teflon which is toxic. Thanks, Jane
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My 3 yr old appliance has bubbled and flaking off, probably into food. No assistance from Sunbeam.

can i cook a roast pork and crackle?
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Yes you can. Make sure you put the meat on top of vegetables such as potatoes, to keep the meat off the bottom of the pan so the juice from the meat won't make it too wet. It will certainly make the meat tender, however if you want to achieve the crackle on the skin, unfortunately you would need to put it in the oven for around 30 minutes after the meat is cooked to get that crispy skin. Slow cooker don't have the function for that.

Can you put the insert and lid in the oven if for example you wanted to finish off a meal by baking ( like lasagne or pasta bake)? Another brand where you sear on the stove top then slow cook in the unit has this capability. Has anyone tried it with this sunbeam sear and slow cooker HP8555?
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Unfortunately you can't put the insert or lid in the oven, the instruction manual says not to put on stovetop in microwave or in an oven.The reply is no,perhaps you could contact Sunbeam to ask if they can help with a solution.Thanks sussanne and jensco, I just brought it home and can see that the handles are rubber which would obviously melt in the oven.

I have read some reviews where people said their food is over cooked by the 8hr time frame. Can anyone tell me if this is a regular occurrence? I would be using this while I'm at work for 8 hours plus so I wouldn't be home to be able to check the food or turn it off if it was starting to overcook. Is it right that their is no delayed start function? Thanks in advance
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There is a keep warm function so if you were to set in on low for say 6 or 7 hours it will automatically go into this mode once the cooking has finished.

hi i just bought this'product today. Will this be safe? How do i know if its old stock?
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Hi. I used mine 4 times and could see no issue with the safety. But then I didn't leave it on for 8 hours (luckily). As regards to knowing if it is old or new stock, I would start by contacting Sunbeam Customer Service. Make sure you have the model no. and probably the serial no. before you call. I would also suggest emailing rather than calling so that you get a written response. May I stress one point to you? When you want to slow cook, you need to set 'slow' then 'low'. Otherwise it will default to 'high'. Well that's what mine did. Maybe I hadn't read the instructions properly, but my attention was drawn to this important step by the salesman at David Jones when I called. As I said in my previous post, I believe it would make sense to default to 'low'. The next time I made sure I selected 'low', but it still cooked on 'high' and the liquid was bubbling in 2 hours, and the lamb shanks were tough. Having said all that, I should say that a friend of mine has the same cooker and swears by it, and her mother has bought one too. Maybe I was just unlucky, but going by the number of similar posts, I am not alone. Good luck with it, I hope it is successful and even joyous for you. Maybe you could post a report when you have had a chance to try it out.

The slow cooker is really a fast cooker. Is it normal for everything to cookin 1/2 the specified recipe time? Ie cook on slow for 8 hours but cooks in 4. I am not confident to leave the cooker on all day whilst out. Not sure if i am happy with ths product. Love the look, browning function and size. it does not do what it is supposed to and that is to cook slow. Any advice please.
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I find it all depends on the quantities that you are cooking. If you cook a smaller than 'serves 4 - 6' kind of quantity then yes, the food can dry out and be over cooked. If I'm cooking a leg of lamb, the 8 hours on slow is absolutely perfect. Ive cooked smaller cuts of meat and its terrible. You just have to work out how it best works for you...but on the whole, I have found I can leave it for the 8 hours and not worry about it. Just depends on what you're cooking. Hope that helps :)Thank you but unfortunately there is only 2 of us. Quite disappointed in the product overall

I am looking at buying a new slow cooker and Sunbeam Secret Chef that sears as well looks great but the reviews re the surface peeling off aren't great... Do you know if this has been rectified as yet? Thanks
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Someone else on this feed was told by Sunbeam that it had been addressed and new stock would be ok. The only question left is are you buying new or old stock. Guess you could ask the store you are purchasing off but who knows. Sorry I can't be more helpful - good luck - apart from this issue, it's a great appliance.I was told by Sunbeam that they had changed the coating just prior to Christmas 2015 but as Grace123 has pointed out, you hope you are getting the new stock. I have purchased a new one myself but got added warranty, just to be sure. It is a great product though so I hope they've got this sorted.Sunbeam has responded to quite a few posts BUT NOT THIS ONE!

can you delay the start time? I want my food to be ready at 6 pm on the low 8 hour cook but I need to go to work at 6am and don't want the unit to start till 10 am
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I don't think there is a function to delay the start of cooking - I'd also be really worried about any food or meat sitting in the slow cooker at room temperature for 4 hours prior to cooking as you could end up with food poisoning. I totally understand where youre coming from - they need to make a slow cooker with a refrigeration mode until the set time to start cooking. Now there's a thought :)As far as I'm aware you can't. I have thought about purchasing a plug in timer and using that to delay the start time by a few hours but agree that you wouldn't want to delay more than an hour or two if meat coming out of a freezer bag should be ok but would want to be careful. There is a keep warm function once the slow or high slow cook function has finished but I think it only lasts a few hours. We used to use the plug in timers all the time at my work to start hot towel cabinets a few hours before opening hour to ensure hot....relatively cheap and reliable

I heard that the handle on this slow cooker gets quite hot. Is that correct? Also,with the insert - for those who had problems with the non-stick coating, did you clean the pan in the dishwasher or has it also occurred when just handwashing?
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Hello - yes the handle does get really hot - always use a towel to pick the handle up. With the washing - sometimes hand washed it, sometimes dishwasher. It is dishwasher safe according to the instructions. Hope this helps :)I can't say that I remember the handle ever being hot. With the insert, I always hand-washed it and never put it in the dishwasher (even though it says you can) but the coating still bubbled off. However, I have contacted Sunbeam who have told me that they have changed the coating on the insert just before Christmas 2015. I have just purchased another of these slow cookers as I love the size and it has been a fabulous slow cooker (besides the coating). I did however purchase an extended warranty on it, just to be doubly sure. I personally liked it enough to give it a second chance. Hope this is helpful.The handle/lid does heat up when the slow cooker has been on for a while due to the heat/condensation. I don't see it as an issue I'm just careful when I lift it off to use an oven safe glove when it is extra hot to the touch but usually I can pick lid up without any protection - probably a good practice though to use a tea towel as per another suggestion

What is cost of this model plzzz?
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RRP is $199 but shop around as you will find it for much less at some stores

Can you tell me how to cook a pasta bake in it please? Warmest regards.
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Hi Crazymuma, as mentioned above The SecretChef is designed as a Frypan and Slow Cooker in one. Trying to do a pasta bake will possibly cook the pasta but not brown it.

After reading all the reviews I am left thinking that either its not a very good product, or several people have bought faulty products. Are the cookers that cook too fast faulty, and therefore can be replaced, or is the speed (temp) of the slow cooker just too hot for a working mum to leave on all day?
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I am one of the people who bought this cooker and it does not "slow cook". I was told by Sunbeam to return my cooker, but the second one was no better. I was not able to get the information from Sunbeam as to whether there are many faulty cookers or whether it is a design fault. There seems to be no difference in temperature between high and slow cooking and if someone left it on for 6-8 hours,the meal would be overcooked. I would really like Sunbeam to say what the problem is. I agree with the above comment. It does not slow cook and, in my humble opinion, is just not suitable to leave on all day without supervision as it cooks too fast even when on low. Sunbeam keep saying to talk to its help desk but what's the point when nothing changes. I would like to know why a 'slow cooker' is in fact a 'fast cooker on slow'. I can only use mine when i am at home to check progress. The whole idea of buying this product was to have a meal ready when I get home from work. It is way too ready and not nice even when on 'keep warm'. Sunbeam continues to dodge the issues and I will keep telling people not to buy this expensive piece of cookware. So don't buy it unless you can be home to turn it on and turn it off. A very disappointing purchase.I'm curious to know whether you both were cooking large (4+ serves). Lorry below believes that their cooker was cooking too fast because it wasn't full enough. Trying to decide between the Breville ikon (sear on stove) and this Sunbeam. I must say that my recent experience of Sunbeam's customer service makes me fear what would happen should there be an issue with the slow cooker.

What is the bowl made of? I am worried of health risks of a non-stick style pan.
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Hi Kira, The bowl is a very good Teflon. And since my review I have realised it is no good for a small meal as that I believe is why it was cooking fast. It is mainly for families of 4 -6 people with a bowl at least half full. The bowl cleans very well without any hard work to it. Just a little soak and it cleans very quickly. Hope this helps.

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