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Sunbeam Simply Stylish TA6344 (4 Slice)

Sunbeam Simply Stylish TA6344 (4 Slice)

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Why have 5 toasting "levels"?

When we first used the toaster we put it on number 3, thinking that would be a nice even toast. It burnt. We have had to keep it on number 1 and even then, the toast gets pretty dark. We pop it up before it burns. Disappointing because it is a nice looking toaster.

Date PurchasedMar 2018

Looks good after poor performance

Looks great but on the second toaster in less than a year
Doesn’t cook evenly anymore now it trips the safety switch as did the last one started on the right side now on the left side
very disappointed as we brought a kettle and toaster to match the new kitchen

Date PurchasedFeb 2018

Burns unevenly

I bought this toaster just over a week ago to go with my new kitchen reno. It looks great, but that's where it stops. The first time I used it I put it on level 4. My toast was clearly starting to burn so I pushed cancel. Since then, I have to use it on level 1 but even then, it is on the darker side of golden brown. It also takes a long time to toast, so my bread ends up hard and dried up, not soft and fluff on the inside, the way I like it. What is the point of having 6 levels of 'browness' when I can only use I? I've had a mind to try it on 6 to see what happens but I don't want to burn my new kitchen down! Very disappointed. Normally I read reviews before I buy, but I thought what could go wrong with a toaster? I'm thinking of returning it, but not sure if they will honour the warranty. :(

Date PurchasedSep 2017

Nice looking toaster

This is a smart looking toaster and cooks the toast evenly, but does take quite a while to toast, the toast is nice and hot, and toasts the bread nice and crisp and soft inside but you will have to wait, i guess you could say good things cone to those who wait, in this case, the longer it toasts the nicer it comes out, but overall it is a pretty good toaster.

Date PurchasedMar 2017

Hugely Disappointing

Right hand side now will not stay down. Have rarely used this toaster so cannot believe it is now only 50% functional - but of course a few mths out of warranty. We want 4 pieces of toast finished at the same time so that we can eat together.
Hugely disappointing purchase.

Date PurchasedAug 2015


I brought this toaster, wanting something a little stylish as we have a new kitchen. I'm so disappointed. None of the slots toast evenly. It just does one side or burns one side depending on how it's feeling on the day. We literally have to watch it, then manually turn it round to get nearly evenly toasted. I have persevered with it but should have taken it back. Am getting a new one at the weekend. Not a Sunbeam though :)

Date PurchasedOct 2016


Getting very disappointed in Toaster. Got a toster from Woolies, forgot the brand already but very inconsistent and burnt your hand on the outside sso I went back to Sunbeam cool touch 4 slice. Sadly it is hopeless. Only toasts the bottom of the bread so we have to turn it back down to get the top half toasted. OPathetic really.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

Effective toaster

I've had this toaster a couple of days. I've toasted heavy Burgen bread, it worked just fine. The toasting wasn't perfectly even but it was good enough. It looks good and toasting is much faster than our old Russel Hobbs toaster (which broke in two separate ways within 18 months of purchase).

If there are significant changes in my opinion later I'll update the review.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

Looks OK, does the job

We went with the London Collection b/c they looked nice: Unfortunately we found that one of the element panels didn't work resulting in one of the slots only cooking one side. After returning that one, we tested the all the other units the shop had in that range and all had the same problem! They obviously have a design problem in the London Collection.

We stuck with Sunbeam after reading poor reviews for the Russell Hobbs and deLonghi brands. This toaster works fine. Unlike the London Collection, the elements don't glow bright which initially made me sceptical of its performance but actually the toast is more evenly brown. Slide out crumb trays are easily accessible at the rear.

Date PurchasedOct 2016

The silver plating turns golden after few use. Toasting not that good either

After using couple of times, we noticed that the silver plating (chrome) on the top of the toaster started to turn golden colour and then started to turn black. One of the reason you buy these fancy toasters are the looks but no point if the start to look ugly. Toasting is not good either.

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Hi Jay C, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Kindest Regards Sunbeam

Good, until it died

Loved the look of our toaster and it worked quite well, but very disappointed when the hold-down function on the right hand side stopped working just after the 1 year warranty period. Now we have to hold it down by hand to get this side to toast. This is the first "expensive" toaster I've ever bought and I expected a lot better. Should have stuck with a cheapie.

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Hi Kristina, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Kindest Regards Sunbeam

Good looks but poor performance.

I bought this model TA6344K approximately one month ago to replace an old (but working ok) Breville 4 slice toaster.
I liked the idea of being able to only use one side if more than 2 slices were not required. Construction appears solid and the appearance is aesthetically appealing how ever I am disappointed in its ability to toast decently, which is what it is made for. Most bread burns on the side facing the adjacent slot by the time the other side is lightly browned even on the lowest setting. I have no idea what you would use the upper setting for ! The only way I can toast thinner bread, such as raisin toast, is to time it with a stop-watch on the lowest setting and hit the cancel button after 2 minutes. Even then, again one side is done much more than the other. I find the 5 star review by Avoirhund1 difficult to believe in the light of my experience and to me it reads more like a company PR release than a genuine user's experience. Sunbeam used to have a great reputation but the stuff coming out of China is eroding this.

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Hi Burnt Toast, I do apologise for the issues you encountered with one of our Sunbeam products. Your feedback is much appreciated and will be passed onto the product team. Sunbeam

Toasts to perfection

The Sunbeam Simply Stylish 4 slice toaster is great for families or couples who like different tan levels on their toast. It has independent controls that are very easy to read and operate. Easy to remove crumb tray to make cleaning simply. It has 6 electronic toast settings although I have not had to go above 3 to suit our needs. It cooks evenly both sides of the bread. Self-centering slots for a variety of bread types. High-lift for crumpets and bagels so you don't burn your fingers. Its chrome and black finish (not sure if there are other colours) is classic and stylish. And for a stylish and somewhat retro look it's price point is way better than other brands. Its also a brand with a strong reputation.

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Sunbeam Simply Stylish TA6344 (4 Slice)
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