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I hav sunbeam model BM 7850 recently purchased, my question is...just how much noise should this machine make. My kitchen is one end of the house and my tv room or lounge is next door, it’s sooo loud I have to turn the tv up. I tried to speak to someone from sunbeam when I used it the first time, when I was baking a loaf so she could listen, but it took so long to get to speak to someone, the bread was no longer kneading. ( sort of like...how long is a piece of string scenario) so how do I tell u, how much noise it’s making in measurements. Joan Whetton
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I don't think it should be so loud that it interferes with your television. Where is it located? We had one on a trolley that was touching the door frame to the room next door. When it was kneading, we could hear a 'thump, thump' in the other room. It took us some time to work it out. We moved the trolley away from the wall, and the noise stopped. Could yours be on a bench or table that reverberates? Maybe try moving it around the kitchen and see if that helps. Ours have never intruded at all - I often have to lift the lid to see if it is still kneading. You could try recording the sound on your phone and see if it is clear enough. To measure the sound, you need a decibel meter. It wouldn't be worthwhile buying one, but a handyman friend (if you have one) may have one. You can also keep pausing it while you're waiting on hold. I don't know how helpful this is. Can you take it back to where you bought it, and let them listen to it? Good luck with it.Hi Joan, great question. During the kneading process the unit can be a little loud and as Lynne said it is dependent on the surface the breadmaker is sitting on and the size of your kitchen which could create an echo type sound. It also depends on the density of the mixture. The is no hard and fast rule really. If you can record a video of the breadmaker in use and email it to customercare@sunbeam.com.au we are more than happy to review and advise.

Can I get the paddle out for cleaning?
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Unfortunately, no, it's fixed. I haven't found it to be a problem, and I have been using them for ten years. I pour a little hot water in to cover the paddle and let it soak for a while. Any dough that is under the paddle softens up and is easy to remove.No, its fixed. It leaves a big hole in the loaf. Best way to clean is to let it soak in water.Hi Deb, no the paddle does not come out, it is a fixed part of the unit. If you find there is any dough remaining around the paddle, soaking is the best option and a soft brush will take care of cleaning.

I cant remove the mixing blade for cleaning in my BM7850. Any ideas?
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Sorry I would like to no this as wellSo I have no idea please tell me as this is my question

Help, The machine works great but i have a problem getting the bread out any ideas? Trevor.
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well you did better than me Trevor I couldnt get it to make nice bread at all .. I have now bought another brand and love it.. I know sometimes the bread is stubborn but a few good shakes and it should come out.. hope you have some luck doing it.. the bread is amazing.. sorry I couldnt be of more help..

Can I buy replacement container for this machine : BM7850?
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Yes at a repair store or online

I've just pitched the BM7850 and the LCD screen went black after about 15 minutes, is this normal? I thought it showed you the cycle it was up to.
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Yes, the screen does go black after 15 mins or so. This is normal BUT it is frustrating as to get it to light up again and see where you are in the cycle you have to hit the pause/start button. Problem is I can never then figure out if I have paused it or not and have to stand there watching the countdown clock to make sure its still 'going'Yes, its normal. All you need to do is press any button NOT START/ PAUSE. i hope you are enjoying making bread.Dear Sal, Thank you for contacting us. Yes, this is normal for the screen to go into sleep mode. Should you require further assistance, please contact us on: 1300 881 861. Kind Regards Sunbeam

Hi m I have a Sunbeam Quantum 7800 and I'm wondering if the bread pan assembly is the same for both the 7800 and the new 7850? Thanks, Mel
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Hi Mel, Please be advised the bread pan assembly is different between the BM7800 and the BM7850. Kind Regards Sunbeam

The bread does not rise in my sunbeam smart bake, don't know if I'm doing something wrong or it is the machine. HELP!
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This can happen in any machine if you don't use the right ingredients or not enough yeast.Followed the recipe exact all fresh ingredients. Tried 4 different recipes and none of them rose. My sister has a Breville and one of the recipes are hers and it rose beautiful for her, so I'm wondering if there is a fault in the machine?

Hi there! I have purchased a Sunbeam smartbake machine for the first time after making bread for years without one. I have made two loaves and find that the ingredients are not mixed properly. What do you suggest I do please?
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I have made plenty of loaves without a problem. This is my second Sunbeam machine and did notice a difference in the order of ingredients. Make sure you put the ingredients in the bowl in the order in the manual which is liquid first, flour and yeast last and see how that goes.I was very careful to use the correct ingredients, at the correct temperatures, in the correct amounts and in the correct order. Both of the loaves had a large amount of unmixed flour in the final result at the base and one side. I used the large size and will now attempt to bake a smaller loaf in case it is the amount which is critical.I found that I had to get in while the mixer was working and use a spatula to scrape the sides of the bowl into the dough ball.

Considering my experience and that of others in this small sample of reviews, are Sunbeam satisfied with the quality control of these machines which are manufactured on their behalf in China?
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I'm very happy with my new Sunbeam bread maker - better than the old one. The bread doesnt stick and the dial is sustainable and easy to readHi Chris Dixon, Thank you for your feedback.I upgraded to this model from an older Sunbeam model (about 7 years old) and everything seems fine as far as quality goes.

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