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2.4 from 30 reviews

Love the Custom function!

I bought this machine after having the older version for a few years and being very happy with it. The too-pale-crust problem of the old model has been fixed and now the crust is rather well done even on medium but that's ok as you can change the baking time and save your recipe! Love the Custom function! The disappearing screen was a bit disconcerting till I discovered that if you push any button twice, it reappears (whew.) The end beep is no longer as annoyingly loud but now can't be heard unless standing near the machine - perhaps a custom volume could be put on the next model?
Bakes a good crusty loaf. Can customise to suit you. Easy to clean
The non-stick coating is very thin and has already scratched off in places due to using coarse salt (my fault entirely)

So far very happy

We have been hand making bread for some time but finding spare time these days is getting harder so descided to invest in a breadmaker. We purchased the bm7850 because of what appeard to be ease of use and nut dispenser. After purchasing descided the first test would be a heavier banana and macadamia nut loaf. we followed the instruction to the letter as always used good quality bread flour. As it was going thru the kneading process I found this site and was dissapointed to read all the negative results thinking OMG we have bought a dud what have we done. Anyways about 3 hrs + later out came or first loaf of bread and to our surprise was perfect. great shape, texture, colour and density. We then set about doing a plain white loaf. Again followed the instructions to the letter and 3hrs + later out came another perfect loaf. Needless to say so far we are both extremely happy. The only 2 criticisms we had was that there should be a note to run the breadmaker for about 30min or so prior to first use to burn off oils from the heating coil proccess, it smoked quite a bit for the first use, after that it was fine and the second criticism is that for our taste pallet we found the amount of salt in the recipes was excessive and we made notes to reduce for future recipes. All in all very happy
ease of use
would be good to be able to remove the mixer paddle for ease of cleaning

Follow up:- we have made over a dozen loaves of different bread types and sizes so far all with extreemly pleasing results. Really cannot fault this machine.The booklet I have says it is for this model but appears to have errors as it says to remove the paddle and yet obviously it cannot be removed. Just wonder if I have a dud booklet?Actually the paddle does come off but only with quite a tug - discovered that when trying to clean the gluten bread off to bake gluten free. BTW I have found the Gluten Free Grain Bread and Multigrain Wheat Bread recipes really good, also the Capsicum & Cheese Yeast Free (used commercial gluten free self-raising) was really good. I always check the dough has mixed properly as it seldom does, in any machine. Keep trying, homemade bread is so worth it! ;-)


Many years ago would make bread the old fashioned way and did not want to purchase bread maker that ended up in the cupboard never used. Buckled and bought one. What a disaster, the first three loaves inedible. Luckily a friend came to the rescue with her own bread recipe which produced a perfect large white loaf. Now I always use her recipe for a white loaf. However tried large whole meal loaf the other day, made the mistake of going out, got home to find it on the rise cycle yet the flour was not even mixed in. Our observation is the recipes in the book often do not have enough liquid. It is a nuisance though having to watch every loaf I make to see if it has mixed to the correct consistency. Perhaps someone at sunbeam should try out some of these recipes!
Very easy to use control panel
recipes do not seem to work, not enough liquid

Looks really flash

Hi, my mum bought the custom smart bake bread maker, she took it out of the box unwrapped the machine, proceeded to put the bread mix in, it started to rise and then the LED screen turned off, and the whole machine started to smoke, it hadn't even started baking bread yet, mum wanted medium crust. My son has very bad asthma, and when the machine started smoking it filled the kitchen up with smoke, his asthma started playing up. This is besides the point my mum has the older bread maker from the same brand that one works perfectly every time she has had it for years! Very disappointed with the new machine, going to return the product to the place of purchase as we are extremely unhappy with the product.
It looks flash
Smoking, LED screen fails

A bit disappointed

This breadmaker had a lot to live up to - I had just gotten rid of my beloved Breville breadmaker after the tin became very scratched (and a replacement tin would have cost more than the breadmaker itself). In hindsight, I should have just paid the money to replace the tin! I used my old Breville machine all the time with custom settings and it always performed well. I could even set it to 37 degrees for several hours to make my own yoghurt!

When I purchased Sunbeam Smart Bake Custom breadmaker, I was under the impression that "fully programmable" actually meant fully programmable. Sure, you can program the preheat, knead, rise, bake and keep warm settings to your own desired times, meaning I can customise, say, a pizza dough setting with longer rise times than the pre-programmed setting. But as far as I can tell, you can't program the preheat setting alone without the other rise, bake etc settings too (meaning I can't make yoghurt in it, because it needs to be at a constant temperature). OK, so it's a breadmaker, not a yoghurt maker, but as I said, I thought this machine was fully programmable and I was hoping it would be more versatile and have multiple uses so that our family could save money. The 'bake only' setting does not let you set your own temperature either.

I called Sunbeam customer service a week ago and made enquiries about the custom program setting and whether I could make my own program just consisting of the preheat setting (as I couldn't get this to work on my machine). I was told their home economist would investigate and call me back. They never called back.

On the plus side, the loaves of bread I have made so far have turned out quite well. But I could have bought a cheaper machine if all I wanted to do was bake bread on a pre-programmed setting.

The custom settings could be more versatile

not a horizontal bread machine

I already own a bread machine [a Breville which works brilliantly by the way:) ] but I wanted a machine that could bake something similar to a sandwich loaf. As I purchased this machine online, I couldn't physically inspect it myself so I googled whatever information I could and the result was this machine. I even downloaded the manual to get the specs and on page 5 I found the features speel which clearly state a choice of 3 horizontal loaves ~ up to 1.25kgs in size. So yippee.... I thought I'd found what I was looking for.
WRONG..... this machine is no different from any other machine ~ so 1 out of 5 for misleading advertising.. When I rang customer service the attitude was..."well, what do you want us to do about it, it's a retail problem" ~ 1 out of 5 for customer service.
As for the retail outlet? That was KitchenwareDirect. They will refund my money and take back the machine at no cost to me ~ 5 out of 5 for them.
Finally Sunbeam..... lift your game.... Poor product representation and poor customer service. I'd chew my arm off before I'd buy another one of your products. When I spoke to customer service I suggested dropping the word horizontal and adding bread tin dimensions and a pic. Will you listen ????

doesn't bake a horizontal loaf as claimed

Hi nothappynile, we are truly sorry you were unhappy with your purchase. BM7850 does make a horizonal loaf but unfortunately not the size you require. As mentioned, we are happy the place of purchase will be refunding you. Replacements or credits are as stated looked after by your place of purchase.Really Sunbeam!!! Just own the fact that this machine does NOT make a horizontal loaf!!!. All breadmakers have a horizontal bit.... it's called the bottom but that doesn't necessarally mean it bakes a horizontal loaf. If you had the dimensions specified in your manual along with a picture of the tin, customers wouldn't misunderstand your 'tech speak' and think the product is offering something it isn't.What is your definition of horizontal? Mine bakes a lovely "Farmhouse loaf", shorter and wider than commercial bread but definitely not vertical.

Sunbeam smartbake bm7850

I originally purchased the Sunbeam Smartbake BM7850 from Domayne on 16/8/13. This machine baked the bread well untill after a couple of weeks the paddle commenced to scrape the teflon coating in the baking pan. I contacted Sunbeam and was advised to return the machine to Domayne for another, which I did on the 28/8/13. I returned home and started to bake a loaf in this machine which filled the kitchen with smoke. The bread was burnt on the bottom and sides (medium crust). A couple of days later I baked another loaf on the same setting with the same result. I contacted Sunbeam by phone as the email I sent to them was left unanswered. I was advised to return this machine to the place of purchase which I did and was given another new machine on the 5/9/13.

By this time I had repaired my old Quantum machine which had fallen off the bench-top and was still making a perfect loaf of bread despite my repairs. Once again with the new machine the bread was burnt on the top and sides (medium crust) and no matter what I tried-burnt bread. Another call to Sunbeam explained the circumstances, and again told to return the machine to the place of purchase for a new one having been told "It was probably a bad batch". The only problem now is Domayne has nil stock on this machine. I have been waiting 3 weeks for a new machine, to arrive at the store and after inquiring I was told that Sunbeam don't have any of these machines and the earliest I could receive one would be on 20/11/13.
What a joke, I am very disappointed. I am contemplating getting my money back and buying another brand which is unfortunate.

Hi Don, truly sorry to hear of this issue. Could you please contact our Consumer Support Team on 1300 881 861 and ask to speak with the Team Leader for further assistance.I have just received one for Christmas. Used it once for a cake, after a while the display lights turn off and I had no idea what stage it was at and had to wait for the beeps. Did so and cake looked a bit deflated so unsure if it was beeping for another reason. Using it tonight for bread again no lights and have no idea what stage it is at other than after hours I can finally smell bread cooking but it has taken longer than screen originally said and can only wait for sound again as nothing on display screen.

Very disappointing - no star could be awarded to this product

The Sunbeam Smartbake BM7850 was the third Sunbeam breadmaker I've purchased in about 7 years, the second one (BM7800) lasted 3 years with multiple breadpan replacements (at a cost of $90 each including postage) during that 3-year span because of poor quality non-stick coating on the breadpan, however, there were no problems encountered with the actual motor until the past two weeks when the machine became erratic. I took delivery of the Smartbake Custom BM7850 on Wednesday morning, October 31, 2013 and used it for the first (and last) time on Wednesday afternoon, October 31, 2013 - the machine failed as soon as the mixing paddle had rotated twice and could not be restarted.

The motor failed in the first minutes of use.

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Hi Robina, we sincerely apologise could you please contact our Consumer Support Team to discuss further on 1300 881 861.

My sunbeam model  - the old version of this has just died

and I have nothing but praise for it. I have used it three times  a  week for almost 4 years and it's become like an old friend. So tomorrow I will be purchasing the new sunbe bread maker because the quality of the breads that it makes is fantastic. I won't buy anything else!

The paddle fell off - my mum put the tin in water and I think that and it's age was metal fatigue

First time disappointing

My old bread maker (not Sunbean) died so my husband was very thoughtful and brought me the Smartbake custom (looks impressive). I have used it once and I am very disapponted. The top is very light (almost looks not cooked) and it was not cooked fully- sort of like crumpets and nor had it mixed very well- when I cut into it flour fell out of it. My old breadmaker you simply put it on and walked away. The reviews I have read I think I will be taking it back as it seems like the issues are common
Looks flash
Doesnt mix well, or bake

Now the LED screen has died, used twice and it's broken. At least the next loaf was edible though the crust is inconsistant. It will be going back on MondayHi Deevon, Could you please contact our Customer Care Team to discuss further as htis seems to be a recipe issue. Our contact number is 1300 881 861.I'm in New Zealand. On my 3rd BM7850. All three have the same fault where at some point during the bake cycle the bread maker shuts down. The LCD screen does not function. Turning off at the wall and back on will not restart the machine. I've now left the bread maker off for 10 minutes and turned on again and it still will not start (LCD screen off - red light on). So leaving it off for 30 minutes now and will see what happens. All I'm doing is making a basic loaf - I can't screw this up! Actually I'm at a bit of a loss as to what to do. I'm going to look like an idiot taking back the 3rd bread maker to the retailer.

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Questions & Answers

I hav sunbeam model BM 7850 recently purchased, my question is...just how much noise should this machine make. My kitchen is one end of the house and my tv room or lounge is next door, it’s sooo loud I have to turn the tv up. I tried to speak to someone from sunbeam when I used it the first time, when I was baking a loaf so she could listen, but it took so long to get to speak to someone, the bread was no longer kneading. ( sort of like...how long is a piece of string scenario) so how do I tell u, how much noise it’s making in measurements. Joan Whetton
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I don't think it should be so loud that it interferes with your television. Where is it located? We had one on a trolley that was touching the door frame to the room next door. When it was kneading, we could hear a 'thump, thump' in the other room. It took us some time to work it out. We moved the trolley away from the wall, and the noise stopped. Could yours be on a bench or table that reverberates? Maybe try moving it around the kitchen and see if that helps. Ours have never intruded at all - I often have to lift the lid to see if it is still kneading. You could try recording the sound on your phone and see if it is clear enough. To measure the sound, you need a decibel meter. It wouldn't be worthwhile buying one, but a handyman friend (if you have one) may have one. You can also keep pausing it while you're waiting on hold. I don't know how helpful this is. Can you take it back to where you bought it, and let them listen to it? Good luck with it.Hi Joan, great question. During the kneading process the unit can be a little loud and as Lynne said it is dependent on the surface the breadmaker is sitting on and the size of your kitchen which could create an echo type sound. It also depends on the density of the mixture. The is no hard and fast rule really. If you can record a video of the breadmaker in use and email it to customercare@sunbeam.com.au we are more than happy to review and advise.

Can I get the paddle out for cleaning?
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Unfortunately, no, it's fixed. I haven't found it to be a problem, and I have been using them for ten years. I pour a little hot water in to cover the paddle and let it soak for a while. Any dough that is under the paddle softens up and is easy to remove.No, its fixed. It leaves a big hole in the loaf. Best way to clean is to let it soak in water.Hi Deb, no the paddle does not come out, it is a fixed part of the unit. If you find there is any dough remaining around the paddle, soaking is the best option and a soft brush will take care of cleaning.

I cant remove the mixing blade for cleaning in my BM7850. Any ideas?
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Sorry I would like to no this as wellSo I have no idea please tell me as this is my question


SmartBake Custom BM7850
Price (RRP) $199
Max Loaf Size1.25Kg

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