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Suncorp Car & Personal Loans

Suncorp Car & Personal Loans

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anything but fast and then asking for same documents over and over and over......

Existing Home Loan customer, with plenty of equity in house - even with latest downturn :(
Share portfolio - that we dont want to sell
Long term stable employment (dual income household)
Cash in bank
0hour Applied for a secured 30K newer 2nd hand car loan online - attached all the required documents,
+18hour then received pre approval very quickly. and then it begun.
+32hour I called to enquire what was the next step, and was informed that I had not attached all the required paper work, hmm okay so i enquire and get told that I need to go through a 20-30 minute questionnaire about my finances. Sure I say let's do this, almost 56min later apparently i have not provided all the required paperwork that is needed for this secured 30k car loan, which is really funny as that was what we submitted for the house loan? So i resubmit within 20min of that call.
+54hour I ring back again - to be told you have not submitted the required paper work - about now my grip on the phone is ready to crush it, so i offer politely to resend it whilst we are on the call, I then enquire - when you finally receive this how long will this approval process take? 3 to 5 working days!
So it was right then when i said thank you i'll withdraw my application and use my own funds once selling shares.
If you are brave enough to go through this "experience" may i suggest you first review you annual expenses as you will be asked all sorts of exciting questions like, how much do you spend on kids shoes, kids uniforms, doctors visits, TV shows, phone bills, so save yourself 1000 grey hairs and spend time in advance either gathering and documenting all this info for a year, and yes expect to have statements to show this or find a different lender!

Customer Service
Application Process

Unprofessional, rude and pushy waste of time.

When looking for a personal loan to purchase a second hand car we chose Suncorp over our regular bank (commbank) because the interest rate was a little was lower.
After taking a look at our finances we decided to refinance a couple of credit cards into the loan too.
We have very good ratings, and didn’t expect any issues with the application.
Called up and applied over the phone. Sent credit card Statements etc.The agent we were dealing with was a bit smarmy and very sales oriented (former car sales man he boasted).
But once the application was submitted he seemed to evaporate in to thin air, we waited, and waited, and waited...calling occasionally to check on the progress... but he was never available. Finally heard back weeks later and were questioned about one of the credit cards occasionally going over its limit.
This had never been an issue with the card provider and we had never thought of it as a problem. Payments were always made on time and the card provider was happy to honour purchases over the card limit.
But apparently this caused a major meltdown in the slow turning wheels of Suncorps’ sluggish loan approval process and many underwriters were running around in a tizz... after much ado we were tentatively approved but with limitations on the loan. Suncorp would control the funds. What does that mean? Well first we would need to find a car, then go into a Suncorp branch and have them write a cheque for the seller we could then take to purchase said car. This was for an unsecured loan!! Oh and if there was any funds left over after purchasing the car, we couldn’t use those, nor could we reduce the loan amount.. that money would sit in some strange kind of limbo.. but ‘we’ll cross that path when we come to it’ was the explanation!!??
This may not sound like an issue, but it meant we had a timeframe placed on finding the right car (30 days). Plus the inconvenience of having to back and forth to the branch.. which meant weekends were out. But more than anything it was just insulting being made to feel like irresponsible children that needed supervision with the money we were borrowing.
Not happy with the terms of the loan, we decided to leave the refinancing of the credit cards (which seemed to be the cause of all the trouble) and just borrow the funds for the car.
But our agent wouldn’t allow that, as we were ‘almost at the finish line, to start a new application now would take several more weeks’! Starting to think the loan approval department is run by a family of sloths, and not at all liking the pushy dominating attitude of the agent, I made an appointment to speak with the manager at out local Suncorp branch. Explaining the situation to him, he meekly advised that it wouldn’t be ethical for him to assist us with a loan when there was already an agent from the call centre handling us!
Explaining that we would not be going ahead with the agent in the call centre and his loan terms, we asked the bank manager to start a new application for just for the cost of the car. He called us the next day to say he wasn’t sure if the loan would be approved...This left us scratching our heads, since the other loan approved conditionally was for double that amount. AND commbank had recent offered a loan for much more again.
At this point we decided it was so not worth the hassle to save a couple of percent on interest. So when the agent from the call centre called again to ask when we were signing the loan papers (suddenly very available again after weeks of elusiveness), I told him we were just going to leave it and apply with another bank. Which he strongly advised against, it wouldn’t look good on our credit files apparently! Although I suspect he was much more concerned about his sales figures.

We jumped online and applied for a loan with commbank, approved within a few minutes and funds in the bank two days later!!

Although they may offer a lower interest rate, the time wasting, jumping through hoops and terrible customer service just isn’t worth the frustratiom and stress of dealing with Suncorp.

Terrible service, unprofessional staff and service

I would not recommend Suncorp financial services based on my experience. Very unprofessional and staff are rude with no respect to the customers. Dragged the process really long and dealt poorly.

Absolutely hopeless

As a current Suncorp customer I thought it would be easier to stick to the same lender- 3 weeks and still waiting for a personal loan to be approved.
Customer service is terrible and the staff are rude.
I will be moving my mortgage to a different provider due to this experience

Unprofessional, but we got there in the end.......after 3 weeks!

As the title says, we wasted 3 weeks of stress and going back and forth because the staff at the Runaway Bay branch couldn't get their act together. On top of that, I called up Suncorp to see if it would be quicker to do it over the phone, to which they replied no, it would have to be completed in person. So having submitted my SECOND payslip because of all the time it took, we finally sat down at settlement day and took an hour of more confusion, computers and printers not working, but eventually settled. What a nightmare! I would sooner have payed a HIGHER interest rate just avoid all this trouble!

I can't recommend Suncorp to anybody, and I should have been more careful based on the other reviews I have read subsequently.

False and dark operation

The validation department for a loan application and the false guidance was given during the process by the early advise team, initially, I was going to apply for $19700. Then the lady suggested that based on my current situation I was not legible, she also suggested me to pay my previously my current car loan bank, Macquarie, $2129, so I can apply for $18000, the lady said I was ready to go if you could check the telephone recording. Due to the miscommunication, and false information.
I was on $65,000 for one year, the miscomputation and false hope give to the client were repulsive has carried out was repulsive.
As part of the bank, they refuse to give me the “secretly” generated calculation.

I would not recommend going with them

I have applied for a car loans with Suncorp knowing it will be faster and smooth since I have a home loan and credit cards with them. The lender promised to call us back with the approval in 24 hours, but instead push us to wait another 24 hours. So I emailed the lender and asked to cancel the loan application, as we already went ahead with another finance company for the car loan. Instead I received a decline letter, which might affect my credit rating on file. I honestly regret moving all my finance to suncorp, I know they are cheap, but this is not the way to do business.

Suncorp Car Loan - Dont waste your time!

Worst experience ever considering I am have been a customer of theirs for 6 years, have a home loan and all accounts with them. Took 14 days of agony and loss of mental state. The original person went on leave half way through and I ended up with an idiot who got my wife and my name wrong and couldn't spell correctly, or even care what I had gone through so far with this process. Plus the online website application failed multiples times and I have to spend hours/days going through my financial status even though they should be well aware of it anyway. So after scrutinizing about every aspect of my payslip and outgoings they then require a certificate of currency.

Norris financial services approved my car loan in under 4 hours. Enough said there.

Looking forward to going to another bank with better service and customer values.

Reason they can't give me loan is i'm a Permanent Resident and not Citizen

I think Suncorp is the only finanical insitution that deny someone a loan because one is Australian Permanent Resident.
I called up suncrop for secured car loan, and one of the guys started my application after asking am i permanent resident or citizen. But then my call dropped.
So i called up again, this time i was connected to a lady named Jasmin, who asked whether i'm a citizen. I told her i'm a permanent resident. And she said we can;t give you loan because you're a permanent resident and you can run away in two years when your permanent visa expires.

Misleading, rude and poor customer service

Enquires on a loan for 5 &7 year terms, applied for what I was led to believe was a 7yr loan term until the contract was sent through as a 5yr. When querying this I was advised I was not allowed a 7yr loan term on a refinance of a car, but yet was freely offered and quoted this in the initial application. Denied what their loans operator advised, call was conveniently not recorded. Action taken through ombudsman, they did not advise of their dispute process, had to find out info for myself, seeking compensation due to financial loss for the cost of chasing up paperwork for them and a missed car payment as I was led to believe the previous loan would be paid out. Being treated like a number, big fat zero for friendliness and customer service. Will be canceling all services I have through suncorp, absolutely disgusted at zero compassion and zero understanding, they forget it's actually a human at the other end, not just another piece of paper in the pile to work through.


In 2004 I got a loan from suncorp metway. We applied for a secured car loan and were eventually told I had been successful and to come in and sign the papers. While flicking through the papers we noticed the interest rate was about 5-6% higher than what it was supposed to be. When we questioned it they said the only thing we could do is reapply and see if they will change it (which meant waiting another week or so) I opted not to wait as I was anxious to get my car and afraid it would be sold from underneath me if I didn't get my loan. Very disappointed with suncorp. And now just recently they have started charging $10 for depositing foreign currency which they have never done in the past. When I questioned it I was basically told tough.
They are close to our house and have a lot of branches
They muck you around!


I researched a number of car loan providers recently and found Suncorp to be the most competitive. I was previously going though Capital Finance which was marketed through the car yard that sold me the car. I was very unhappy with them. So when I bought another car I did the research myself. Suncorp came out ontop thanks to a very low establishment fee, no early exit fee after 12 months, and no monthly account fees. Plus I did most of it online at a time that suited me - too easy!
Easy to establish up car loan, very competitive rates and fees/charges. Low establishment fees, no exit fees after 12 months, no monthly ongoing fees.
Not much really.


Not very impressed with suncorp. I applied for a suncorp secured loan over a week ago, called up about 7 times asking for a status on the loan to which had already been approved the day after applying for it, and they tell me that they cann;t tell me how much longer it will take. If taking out another loan, I will definately not do it with suncorp.
It advertises on their web address that it is a 'fast' way to get the car that you want, but the only thing 'fast' about it is the time applied for the loan and Christmas. Jesus Suncorp, thought you were better than that.
Easy to get to a branch, and is a Queensland only bank
They stuff around thinking and faulse advertise.

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