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I recently purchased a new car (not brand new but still around $30,000.00). After having the car for three weeks I hit a Kangaroo. I put in a claim immediately. I have now been waiting for nearly four weeks without a car. Suncorp are advising that the repairs have been authorised...but they will not pay the repairers costs???? Agreed worst staff to deal with. Very rude, arrogant. I will be contacting the ombudsman as I cannot get a response from Suncorp as to when I can get my car repaired.

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Great car insurance- very effecient

1 new car write off from a hail storm- replaced effectiently with a new car next model up with all the extras. 2 minor damage claims side door and tailgate both quickly and totally repaired as new. A bit dearer than other companies but FANTASTIC, quick and reliable service.

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Worssst Ever, Please please please please dont buy, I really am struggling a lot with this insurance

Worst Support, Arrogant Staff, wont move the claim on time and wont accept all the damages. Cheap with an expensive price tag

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The worst claim processing staff - all mean and lie

I had a huge car accident and the staff at suncorp have been horrible to deal with - keep lying on all the facts and are horrible people to deal with - each phone call i cry and they keep giving me the run around when i have done nothing wrong.
Do not use them - the worst.

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Terrible service. SUN CORP

Terrible service. SUN CORP
After Many years with Suncorp when needed, they not only let me down, but the motor assessor Kane Abb?? was intimidating & rude. He even stated that it might have been malicious damage, and did I see anyone that might have done it? When I take out insurance like most I didn’t reed the fine print, but still can’t find anywhere that states If you are at a shopping centre and someone hits your car you need to be there to see the damage that’s been done

I phoned Suncorp Back to Talk to a manager only to be transferred overseas, it was then I insisted in talking to someone in Australia ID U358284 Adam and asked him to get the Manager to replay to my Phone call with Kane Abbott and see the way I was treated by him.
I was then past on to ID 368104 Jezel who said she would pass the information on.
Matthew Beek???
Assessor Performance Advisor phoned me yesterday, I asked him to replay the conversation over the phone and was informed that Kanes phone call and his were not recorded as they were on Mobile phones he also stated that technically I couldn’t prove that the damage to the right hand side of my car was done by the same person, someone could have scraped my car and 10 minutes later someone else could have damaged the fog light.
It’s nice to feel you pay insurance for years and when you need them they give you the run around.
They are fast in taking your money
Dear Mr Winchester

Re: Suncorp Claim Number M046445523

Thank you for speaking with me earlier today and your request to have your claim reviewed through Suncorp’s internal dispute resolution (IDR) process.

It is my role as a Customer Relations Specialist to review your complaint in accordance with Suncorp’s IDR process.

As part of the review process, I have requested the file from the relevant department. Once this has been received, I will consider this information, along with the information you have provided and inform you of my decision in writing. At this stage, I anticipate that my review will be finalised by 26 June 2018.
Dear Sue, thank you for talking to me on the phone today, (you notified me that the call was recorded) and I was very surprised that you asked me how much was it going to cost for the Fog light.

I’m mystified why you would ask me this, as It’s Not my problem how much this light costs.
After picking my car up today the staff at Capital SMART Carrum Downs
12 Lakewood Boulevard, CARRUM DOWNS VIC 3201
Phone Number 03 9775 0946 who were Very helpful found a fog light and placed in on Free of charge .
all I’m After now is the surrounding light to be fixed and not let this drag through the courts

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The Worst Of The Worst Insurance Companies

I have came across this company and their insurance brands (AAMI, GIO etc) numerous times working as a repairer and as a client, and I have not once been satisfied with the level of service provided. I can assure you that 99% of repairers have this same problem with this company and I urge people to avoid such headaches and stressful processes in motor claims and sign up with companies such as RACV, Youi, Allianz and QBE.

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Will run you around and not get back to you!

I had all my CTP & Comprehensive car insurance with Suncorp for a few years. When I reviewed my details I found that they had one of our vehicles wrong on their system. After a nice man on the phone alerted me to the fact that I was entitled to a refund I politely emailed them to request around $200 I was owed. They emailed me back saying it was my fault (even though the correct registration was stated on both policies) and requested further information. I supplied this and then never heard back from them. I am now going to the Office of Fair Trading Qld & writing many reviews hoping they might DO THE RIGHT THING and pay me the monies owed.

I am with Allianz now who are cheaper, with all the same inclusions, and so far are friendly and helpful. Do yourself a favour and go with someone else!

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Terrible service.

I went with Suncorp car insurance because it was recommended by the dealer I bought my car from. It was also cheapest & I didn't read any reviews which I now regret. I made a claim after a van turned into my lane while I was parked at a traffic light, crushed the drivers side door & failed to stop after the accident. After I made my claim online a Suncorp rep rang me & insisted I pay the $600 excess fee immediately despite the fact I was not at fault & police & friends assured me this was not necessary. The rep was intimidating & rude. I actually went out & photographed security cameras for Suncorp to review before they stopped demanding payment. They made me feel like dirt. After having the drivers side door repaired by Caboolture Crash Repairs - there was no choice of repairer - I discovered the entire front of my car was peppered with countless small dents & scratches. They also left splotches of paint & some black gunk & did not replace the aerial which I thought they'd broken but found much later on the passenger side floor. I contacted Suncorp who sent an inspector over to assess the damage. He declared they were "stone strikes" & must have happened prior to repair. I had a full inspection done on the car before purchase a year ago & did not incur the damage myself. The marks had also been painted over which the manager of Caboolture Crash Repairs, Dan said was "probably done as a courtesy" at the time of repair. After a lengthy & very stressful battle with Suncorp & having another inspector over, they finally agreed to have the damage repaired. Over this time my mother was diagnosed with Alziemer's disease & is slowly dying. When I took the car in for an estimation on how long it would take for repair, Dan was on leave & the owner of Caboolture Crash repairs, Ian, saw me. It was back to square one where he refused to fix the damage as agreed. He told me that Suncorp had told him not to touch the car either. I have anxiety & depression & I can't face any more aggravation at this time. After many stressful months of fighting for justice I've given up for the sake of my health. I would not trust either Suncorp insurance or Caboolture Crash Repairs with your car. I hope my story might save others from what I've been through.

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Terrible Roadside Assistance

My car broke down atmidnight my work place, it didn’t start. I rang for Roadside Assistance, the guy asked me full on questions and said i don’t have roadside assistance with suncorp in my insurance. I was really surprised, i checked my insurance policy and found that i do have Roadside assistance.
I rang them 3 times saying that i have it and requested to help me, the stupid guy just said “i can’t see your name in the computer, i can’t do anything about it. Sorry”. Also said that he would send me private mechanics and may have to pay 200/300 dollars for it.
I left my car at workplace and called next mornig and stated the problem, customer service said sorry about the problem and later sent me help.
Roadside assistance is really terrible.
I recommend don’t take it with suncorp unless you don’t mind calling and begging for help and get rejected.

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Bunning's trailer not attached properly by Bunnings

I loaned my Caprice to a Neighbour as he needed to hire a trailer from Bunnings. The only people who interacted / installed or connected the trailer to my vehicle were Bunning's staff. Unfortunately, the Trailer detached from the Tow Ball and while secured to the vehicle by a safety chain caused some damage to the rear of my vehicle and the towbar.

My neighbour was advised initially by Bunning's Customer Service to get the vehicle repaired and they would look at it. The verbal communications seemed to indicate that they would accept responsibility however when push came to shove, this was really just a ploy. Even though it was really "a not at fault" claim, I paid the excess of $600 and submitted the claim. As I then went overseas, my neighbour was put on the claim as the claim contact and the service he, (and I indirectly) received could not be faulted.

Suncorp also recovered my Excess even though Bunning's initially denied all responsibility? This position can only be justified in terms of trying to reduce claim cost, as Bunning's staff either negligently attached the trailer or the trailer had to have been faulty, as no one else touched the trailer and no terms and conditions can cover such conduct or negligence.

The only luck here, is the accident only involved vehicle damage and no personal injuries were sustained.

I cannot fault the service or claim process in terms of this claim with Suncorp and all the Suncorp staff, including Claim Recoveries should be commended.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst experience ever!!!

Was informed after my accident that because it was an univediable that I would recover my excess back! However to only then get informed I will not! Currently going thru ombudsman for this! Would not recommend ever!!!!!!

Insurance claim madeYes

Definitely recommend Suncorp insurance

My son had broken our Hisense 55" curved TV which after claiming through insurance found out they don't stock that model anymore. However, Suncorp insurance went out of their way to find us a TV that best fit the description of our previous one. They organised a delivery for a Samsung 55" curved TV with additional features.
Would definitely recommend Suncorp insurance to anyone looking for fast and reliable insurance.

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This insurance company tries to fraud money out off you there not intiltle to they try to make you sue you for damages the local court has not even approved yet.

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couldnt ask for anything more

I had an accident on a Sunday and was able to call suncorp at 4pm on a SUNDAY and have it arranged for my car to be picked up within days! my car was going to take 10 days to repair and i was offered a hire car AND trasnport to get to and from collecting the hire car
when my car was "fixed" i collected it to find still had a dent in it (not suncorps fault, the mechanics fault)
when i called suncorp without any hesitation they offered me the hire car again (much longer than i was supposed to have it!!!!) and apologized profusely.

the whole process from start to finish Suncorp were nothing but professional, kind and understanding in a very stressful time for me.

After hearing from friends the horror service they are receiving from their car insurance companies I find myself thinking how glad and lucky I am to be with suncorp

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Pretty disappointed overall.

Had full comprehensive cover for the past 5 years on the same car with no claims whatsoever. I sold the car and rang up to cancel the policy and was informed I had to pay a cancellation fee due to not renewing with another car and it not being within the cooling off period. I think the final straw is them asking for your credit card number for a final cancellation payment (in which you have 14 days to pay). It leaves me with a bitter taste in my mouth and doubts that I would ever consider them when renewing any of my other insurance policies. I really cannot comment on their customer service because I have never had to call on it.

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As a rather late follow up to this review, the cancellation fee was refunded about a week after my payment was processed. I just felt compelled to write this addendum rather than leaving my review as though I was permanently disadvantaged... credit where credit is due.

Great Service

We can't fault the customer service received with making a claim. Very professional and prompt service. Would recomend them highly. All our policies are with them. Just over 1 week from submitting the claim to have the resolution.

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst service and definitely not customer oriented

Paid insurance for four years and when comes to claim no interest. Only worried about money rather than customer, rude staff and think they follow terms and conditions. No please.

Insurance claim madeYes

Perfect service after a claim.

I am writing this review after I have had to make a claim. They were more than perfect and polite. No hassle at all in claiming. Fast turnaround time. Recommended

Insurance claim madeYes

Service Bad!!!

Had a suncorp car insurance just 1 year and they send me the renewal which is $100 increase. I have 1 claim but not at fault, they still increase more than $100 premium.

I also experienced the hail damage and they said if my car is not going to repair (pay excess) they are not provide me the comprehensive insurance next year.

And the customer service is bad too! Call me and ask me my name and ask me my address just said call from Suncorp. I asked what is the issues and she said you have to provide me the details first otherwise I can't provide you the informations. (You call me ask my personal informations without reason?)

Ok!! Bye

Insurance claim madeYes

Worst insurance service

Unhelpful, unethical, called me a liar multiple time, overcharged on premiums, sent my car to a bad panel shop who damaged my car more and denied it. Discusting! Caused months of stress, never resolved my issues, basically dragged it out till I gave up even with documented proof there was no reimbursement or repairs.

Insurance claim madeYes

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Questions & Answers

Although Suncorp offer lifetime guarantee from a legal point of view who are the ones that have to honour it who being the repair shop or the insurance company and in the end who wares the bill for rerepairs
No answers

If you have comprehensive advantages and need a windscreen replaced (first one this year) do I still have to ring Suncorp or can I just give the windscreen people my insurance policy number?
1 answer
I've been in this situation and found that by calling the Suncorp insurance line and going through their phone prompts, if you only have damage to your windscreen (i.e. no other panel damage as part of a larger claim), your call gets routed to the windscreen people (O'Brien) and they handle it.

Am just wondering if this advanced car insurance is worth it compared to what you can pay with other insurance. Has anyone every received a free car rental if they have an accident?
4 answers
Sorry I haven't needed to or heard of anyone recieving any free car while their car gets fixed.Nope.. if you're with Suncorp or GIO good luck. they say they'll give you this and that.. but once they sucker you into signing up or moving over you'll get nothing back.. Only wish you don't have a car accident, if you do I can guarantee you they'll say your car is a write off. RACV is better. Suncorp and GIO are the one and the same businessI was offered free car when my car was damaged or for repair under my insurance with GIO. Signed up all happy and when the time came, I got peanuts.. lol Seriously. Nothing. They give you excuses like we don't have a vehicle at the moment or that you have to be living x Kms from the service station. etc etc..

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