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We're staying with Sunstate Homes!

We were recommended by friends to take a look at Sunstate Homes a few years ago and are now building our second home with them. Once we built with our own plan and once with theirs (although one was slightly modified to suit our needs) and have nothing but praise for the quality, service and management of each of our projects.

The quality of finishes was excellent, we were kept informed of the progress of each stage and whenever we had questions someone from the company was there to meet us on site to answer our concerns. Everyone from the office staff to contractors and even the owner of the company were friendly and very helpful and willing to go the extra mile to keep us happy.

My husband and I have also sent several of our friends to see their display homes and two of them have also built with Sunstate and couldnt be happier with their results. The supervisor we dealt with on our last home was fairly new to the company but certainly took us through the project without any hiccups. We've found the builder we want and intend to stay with them long term.
Price, quality of build and finished well before contract time

Excellent. Great builder

We are almost there. Our home is almost finished and we can't wait to move in. According to our contract we were supposed to move in on 18 May but our house is almost ready, nearly 5 weeks earlier than we were expecting. We cannot praise Sunstate Homes enough. They have been absolutely marvelous. A few very minor issues but they were handles professionally and without any hassle. We are over the moon and have recommended Sunstate Homes to all our friends. This was the 3rd house we have built in the past 8years and after our disastrous experience with Ownit Homes we were reluctant to go through the same experience again. But after dealing with Sunstate we have enjoyed the experience so much that we are reay to build again. My husband has already started looking at blocks of land although I want to settle, at least for a few years before we attempt on a new project.

Right from the start we felt really comfortable dealing with these guys. We went to their display home in Heathwood and Amanda, the sales consultant was marvelous. She was honest and nothing was too much. We spend almost 5 weeks on the design and at no stage did she ask for any money despite hours and hours of work that she spend with us. The plans took a while to be approved because we wanted to move the house forward on the block but once the plans were approved the construction went very fast and without any hitches and hopefully we should be in our home in 3 weeks time. But the best thing about Sunstate Homes is their willingness to go the extra mile. We are extremely happy with Sunstate homes and would recommend them very highly to Anyone who wants to build a house without tearing their hair out.
Friendly, honest, fantastic quality and excellent service
Nothing that comes to mind. I will update if anything comes up in the next 3 weeks

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Just thought I update my review of Sunstate Homes above. When I did my review we were waiting for the practical completion. We eventually moved in in Mid-April. It is just over 2 years ago and we still in love with our home the same as the day we got the keys from the builder. The joy of walking into our home when it was cleaned and polished with a big bunch of flowers on the kitchen bench is unforgettable. Everything went exactly as the builder promised us. We have had nothing going wrong and had no need to call Sunstate Homes for anything since. We have had 3 or 4 calls from the owner checking on how we are doing and we really can't praise this company enough. I know some others have said it as well but we think these guys are the best of the best and we can't recommend this company highly enough. We were so lucky to have used them and so blessed to have such a gorgeous home.


Sunstate Homes have been unbelievably helpful in our build and I cannot say enough good things about them. We amended one of their existing plans (Winchester) and to be honest, the changes we made which were quite complex, didnt actually cost us as much as we thought and after going through the metricon pricing process, found it quite a relief for the process to be as easy as it was. We have had to make a number of plan changes due to body corporate decisions, but they have been only too happy to help. We are hoping to start building within the next month so I will keep everyone updated. Take a look at their plans and give them a go, you will not be disappointed.
Exemplary customer service, happy to mould their designs around your own designs. You get what you pay for, high quality finish, you are always kept in the loop. Willing to go that extra yard.
None so far, just feel sorry that my builder has had to go through the Body Corporate build loop.

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