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Super Nature Super Foods

Super Nature Super Foods

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Easy Yummy and I’m full what more do you want?

I was buying these just on the nights I couldn’t be bothered cooking! Now I buy 14 a week and have them every lunch and dinner! I have t had a flavour I havent loved yet! Occasionally I over heat them but when I read the instructions as each one is different they’re spot on! Fresh and yum! Highly recommend!

Product Quality
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Super pulses pasta with beef and chia meatballs

Inedible ! The pasta was hard and uncooked, I had 2 meatballs one of those was hard and I couldn't eat it . For the price I was very disappointed and won't be buying them again.

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Yes beef Ragu is delicious shame about the rest though

Like I said fills you up tasty looks fine don’t know why other meals which taste plastic and small serves and not full filling enough especially chicken ones with very little chicken

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Lamb Ragu Wholemeal Pappardelle

To my surprise the Lamb Ragu was absolutely DELICIOUS! ... The flavour was unbelievable and the thick pasta complimented the rest of the meal. Only negative was I should have had two packs in the freezer as I ended up wanting more ...

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Tasty and Fresh

Had the lamb ragu with wholemeal pappardelle pasta. It really tasty and felt fresh, not gluggy and blobby like other ready-made meals. Super quick to make. Didn't have that much lamb but still alright

Not quite what the packaging suggests

I bought the wellness bowl (slow cooked lamb, chickpea, amaranth & sweet potato based on the imagery on the packet.
When i actually unpacked and heated it, I was disappointed to find just two lonely little cubes of lamb in an otherwise amorphous blob of mash. Taste was Ok

Quality and Value

I find the quality and value of these meals amazing. I’m hooked and so is my partner. The meals have enabled me to not over eat at lunch or dinner.

I really can't believe this is a thing

Affordable prices, easy better than eating out and very healthy and low calories that fill you up! Love it. I have only tried two so far but will continue on.

Terrible experience.. when you have kind of small dirt in your food

Am eating middle eastern chicken, quinoa.. As am eating I could feel some particles of stone .. I had 3 to 4 spoon and every time I chew my food I get small dirt .. I have tried all the variety and it was 1 of my favourite lunch meal .. Very disappointed nature’s way super food..

Cooking instructions

I would like information about how to cook this on the stovetop.
Love the fact that it is snap frozen to keep food fresh, but zapping it in the microwave, in my opinion, kills off a lot of the nutrients !
I defrosted the meal, emptied both containers into a small pot, added about 100ml of water (it needed more liquid) & heated it slowly on the gas.
The water took away some of the flavour, but it was still enjoyable

Super Nature Chinese Chia Chicken Sooo Bland

This looked very good in the bowl
Tasted really bland
Can't taste chicken
Can't taste anything remotely Chinese
Plenty of chia and rice-like stuff
Lots of really bland sauce

Lovely food.

Best meals out there for a great price. What you see on the pack is what you get in the bowl.

Healthy and delicious!!!

I've tried the green chickpea curry and satay chicken so far and I'm quite suprised with how delicious and supper tasty these meals are. I'm going to go back to woolies and stock up on more and try some of the others.

Really good frozen food - tastes just like it's fresh

I have tried many of these and they are very tasty! Love the variety of meals. I like the ratio of minimal meat with emphasis on the vegies and beans and interesting grains. I reckon the balance is great. I like a lot of vegan food but occasionally want a little meat. Would love it if the salt was cut even further to promote good health. Thankyou

Best at every thing,,,,quality,,,health...detail....taste...!!

If, I will cook a healthy meal this recipes and meals got it all!!.I will cook just like this meals, and the taste are delicious. Only will be a amazing if not were frozen but even like they are it gives and option to take they 8 hours to refrigerator and only very few minutes at microwave. I just could not believe how amazing this meals are.!!!!

Slow cooked Rosemary Lamb Hot Pot

Just had the above for lunch and thought it tasted too sweet- checked the label and find they actually add SUGAR. There is NO need to add sugar to any of these meals- 8.4 grams is TWO teaspoons of sugar for heaven's sake.
Won't be buying it again. There was hardly any meat in it either. "Be Natural' cereals do the same. Pathetic ploy to get people hooked on sugar so they'll keep buying the product. So disappointed.

Excellent Vegan Bowl

I bought the Green Chickpea Curry with Quinoa and Brown Rice. It made me feel full as it has wll the right ingredients, nothing dry. I got it for $5 at Coles on special to try and will definitely eat these regularly as part of diet for weight lose. What's interesting is I didn't feel to eat or drink anything for the next 5 hours.

Best frozen meal in town

Just ate one of the wellness bowls from super nature. The best tasting frozen meal in town by far. It was not only yummmmm but its portioned controlled under 300 calories per serve. Loved every bit of it. Would highly recommend this product.

The best tasting and freshest frozen supermarket meals

They have improved their product range a lot over the past year or two. If you want a healthy meal, don't buy a Pad Thai or Lamb Pappardelle Ragu because they aren't really healthy meals in the first place.

Today I ate the SuperGreen Wellness Bowl - Green Chickpea Curry with Quinoa and Brown Rice.
Serving size is 350 grams, total 294 calories.
Sodium content: 658mg
Sugar content: 8.8g

Sure it's not as nice or as nutritious as steaming some fresh vegetables but they are handy to keep in the freezer for when you get home and it's cold and you're exhausted.

Also - "SuperFood" is just a buzz word invented by marketing companies and popularised by women's magazines and websites.

Taste good but labelling very confusing

These were my fav. Frozen meals until I noticed the nutritional info on the packet was very different on 2 packets of chicken pad thi with rice noodles. No where on the front or back it said there was any change to recipe. Eg. There is over 100 cal. Diff from one packet to other. Says same size meal etc. I would add photos but cannot see a way to do that.

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Questions & Answers

Can the packaging be recycled?
3 answers
From memory, i think they can be. Most labels have recycling information on them these days, see if it is on there :-) The good ones show a bin symbol for clear plastic film Then a recycle sybol for cardboard etcFrom memory, i think they can be. Most labels have recycling information on them these days, see if it is on there :-) The good ones show a bin symbol for clear plastic film Then a recycle sybol for cardboard etcThere is no Recycling information or symbols of any kind on the food tray. It is probably Paper of some sort but seems to have a plastic coating so I'm not sure if that can be recycled

Are your products available for purchase in the US?
1 answer
Unfortunately they don't seem to be sold in US supermarket shelves. I tried looking for you but only supermarkets that come are from Australia.

I'm looking to get healthier but also loose some weight these taste yummy, will they be good for weight loose?
7 answers
I guess they are calorie controlled and range from 350 to 400 calories per serve. If you combine this with exercise you should be right. Good luckAt 1350 - 1950 kilojoules per 350g meal, they certainly are well balanced if you are trying to lose weight. However, as with most prepared meals, the salt content can be high and Super Nature range from 690 - 1550mg of salt per meal (around 3000mg = one teaspoon) so this is something to keep in mind. My wife had tried nearly every diet created in the past 20 years - nothing worked until........................ One of our daughters friends lost 18kg in 6 months and my wife followed the same plan she made for herself. No sugar - full stop !. especially fizzy drinks. Eat as much natural fresh food as your body needs or you want, in other words, eat well, as long as its not processed food. Start walking 1km per day for the first few weeks, then build up to 2km per day and maintain it. Find somewhere nice to walk, as this helps you enjoy losing weight. My wife was size 16, she is now size 10 and it only took her 7 months and, she still has a huge piece or two of baked ricotta cheese cake each week. So, the moral to the story is - to drop weight, you need to drop sugar, to activate the body in dispensing of the weight, you need some light exercise such as walking. There's one more secret - the more flavoursome you can make your meals - i.e.: pan seared chicken thigh (or scotch fillet - beef or pork or a nice fresh fish fillet), with GLR - garlic, lemon & rosemary (add the GLR after the first side is cooked) then a nice tossed salad with Cos lettuce, Avo, vintage cheese, red onion, walnuts, capsicum, roasted garlic, grated carrot, fresh basil etc. with a homemade dressing of olive oil and lemon juice, this way, you will be more satisfied (hopefully) and less likely to binge or seek sugary foods or drinks. These are only suggestions as they have worked for my wife - everyone is different, however, its worth a try. Good luck in your health quest !.NO!! Too high in salt and lacking in nutrition - so if you ate just these, you would be under nourished, therefore your metabolism would become even slower, and you would most likely develop or enhance cravings for more salt and sugar! You cannot lose weight by being lazy and eating packaged processed food. The ONLY way to lose weight is to eat a BALANCED diet of nutritious food and EXERCISE! Sorry, but that's a fact..

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