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4.5 from 227 reviews

Good service

The designer was cooperative and gave us fruitful suggestions, the designer spent enough time with us, His advice was taking in consideration our views and options that limit the expenses.

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Hi Thair & Amal, thanks so much for your review. We will pass this feedback onto Paul & the team working directly on your plans. Have a great day.

Great experience

Superdraft have been very easy to work. They walked us through the process and guided us the whole way. The staff have been very professional who are dedicated to the job.

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Hello Stefanie, thank you so much for your review! We will pass this onto Ruth, Laura & the team working on your project, it is always great to know this feedback about our incredible team.

Well versed professional service

As this was our 1st renovation we were a little hesitant but Superdraft stepped us through the process with speed and efficiency. Our designer was very accommodating & understood our brief fully.

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Thanks Chris for your great review I have passed this feedback on to Dwight, Laura and the team.

Great experience

My building designer has been very accommodating and patient with us during around design phase,
He is very knowledgeable and has had some excellent ideas for improving the feel and layout of our build.
Each time a change was required or suggested he was very prompt and provided updated drawings the same day or early the following day.

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Hi Nick, great to hear this feedback in regards to your experience with us. I will pass this onto Nav! Thank you for taking the time to leave a review about Superdraft. Have a great day.

As easy and efficient as you'd want and/or expect!

During a time where the construction business is in full swing, and companies are happy to cherry-pick what jobs they want or can be bothered with, getting someone out to even quote a job can be frustrating, let alone move forward with the job.
Not so with Superdraft - they were in touch with me very quickly after the initial contact, were constantly touching base through the entire process to either keep us in the loop with progress or check to make sure everything was okay on our end. Every point of contact we had, from initial phone call to on-site consultation and everything were polite, courteous, friendly and EFFICIENT! When you have a lot of work to get on with, I can't stress enough ow much of a blessing that is.
Wouldn't hesitate to recommend to anyone - a great team!

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Hi Kyle, thank you for taking the time to provide your feedback on your project with Superdraft. We work hard to ensure we as a team communicate well with our clients and work efficiently to do a great job. I will pass this feedback onto Laura, Simon & the team. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Easy to deal with

My experience with SuperDraft has been quite easy for myself. Doing some small renovations to our home and not being familiar with the whole process was quite daunting at first, but our Project Designer has made every attempt to smooth track and simplify the process for us.

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Hello, thank you for providing feedback in regards to your experience with us. I will pass this feedback onto Laura and the team. Thanks.

Value for money and great attention to detail

Superdraft have been a great help even though my project was very small. My appointed Building Designer has been a delight to deal with and has great attention to detail. My only constructive feedback would be to speed up the process a little more. Having said this, the process has been relatively easy and smooth. Great value for money compared to other providers.

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Hi Ummu, we always encourage feedback as we are always looking to continue to improve. Thank you for taking the time to leave a review. I will pass on to Nicholas your positive feedback. Have a great day & we look forward to working with you in the future.

This is great.

It was a good experience working with Superdraft team over a short period of time to get a architectural design for my project, they were very friendly, fast to reply, giving also advise to achieve what I wanted & also helped me in finding other professionals needed to finalise my project towards the building permit, I would recommend them to anyone.

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Hello George, thank you for taking the time to leave your feedback with us. It is great to hear that our team were very friendly, prompt to get back to you and helped you each step of the way. I will pass this feedback onto our great team!

Good job

Working with the super draft team over the phone has been managed well. The only thing I would suggest is having actual phone calls scheduled in to discuss plan changes and to better understand what the client wants. Apart from that the drafts man has been very understanding with the limited phone time we have had thanks

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Hello Stephen, thank you for your feedback. I will pass this onto Michael and the team. It is great to hear that you are happy with our services and the project has been managed well. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Amazing design. Knew exactly what I wanted.

I'm very happy with my project so far. Matt knew what I wanted and delivered my design as if it was pulled from my mind. Very happy with the communication I've received so far.

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Hi Paul, thank you for taking the time to provide feedback on your project with us. We love to hear that Matthew delivered exactly what you wanted. We will pass this feedback onto him as well. Have a great day.

Fantastic! I have had some of the best service I have ever experienced.

The service was fantastic and very professional with great advise, I am extremely happy with the work and service. I would recommend Superdraft every time.

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Hi Jason! Thanks so much for taking the time to provide feedback on our services, we very much appreciate it & look forward to working with you in the future.

Efficient, Friendly and Good Listeners

Ben and Brian have been great at advising us each step along the way, and have listened to what we want to achieve and have in the extension we are looking to build. Fast, efficient and very professional in all aspects so far we would highly recommend Superdraft to anyone considering undertaking extensions. We are in Ballarat and there has been no issues getting Ben and others onsite.

March 28th 2019 Update: Everything we requested and we own the plans.

Ben and Brian have been great to work with and provided fast and efficient service. No request or silly question too much for them, and their advice and recommendations always to our benefit. The cost of obtaining the drawings and required surveys etc to date has been half of any other quote we had received, but the work has been top notch. Now we are at Builder quote stage, a lot sooner than we thought would be the case. These dreams may be fulfilled soon. I have no hesitation in recommending Superdraft to anyone planning to build.

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Hi Mark, it is great to hear you were happy with our services & we look forward to hearing from you in the future!

Professional & affordable -providing an excellent service with prompt communication

We employed the services of Superdraft to help us make an application to Banyule Council for a secondary amendment to the endorsed plans for our property.
The phone correspondence following the initial email was timely and they understood the requirements of the job. We were then linked up with a building design consultant who visited on-site and completed the amended plans in good time and offered lots of great advice. His 'follow through' was also really appreciated as we tweaked things before submitting the application. We have renovated 10 houses in Melbourne, so from experience I would highly recommend Superdraft.

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Hello Ann, thank you so much for taking the time to provide us with feedback on our services. We really appreciate it and look forward to working with you in the future!

Very helpful

Super draft has been very helpful so far with there service and have helped with any questions we may have and are prompt in there replies.

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Hi Aidan, thanks so much for sharing your great experience with Superdraft & your project with us.

excellent service

One stop shop for all the service from designing to council approval.
Very friendly and professional.
Highly recommendable.
I would use Superdraft in the future too.

They Hear You!

Delighted with the service provided so far... timely, professional and friendly. Really appreciate that they listen to our requirements and action accordingly.

A blue print for success.

Superdraft have a blue print for helping clients with their designs in obtaining planning and building permits including construction in a professional manner from start to finish.
Within one week of my initial contact, a project team was appointed to commence the designs.
I found the team to be very helpful, friendly and knowledgeable.
A trial history of your project can be tracked using the ProWorkflow online portal project account, including contacts, phone calls, emails, designs, reports and many other useful information.
I look forward to working closely with the team and the designer to complete my project.
I couldn't ask for more, as I highly recommend.


We were put into Superdraft by our builder who only had good things to say. We have since found the service to be absolutely brilliant. Very impressed thus far. Superdraft seems like a very ‘well-oiled’ machine. We have used an architect in the past which cost a lot more and was a far more miserable experience. Would definitely recommend Superdraft in the future.

Love the work from Superdraft team

We are currently working with Superdraft team and they are very fast with their responses. Highly recommended to other people who want their property done.

January 22nd 2019 Update: Love the service

Love working with Soroosh. He’s fast and easy to work with. So far we have a fun and effective work together.

Professional and efficient service

Superdraft are so easy to deal - very organised and professional. Claire is amazing - a very helpful and lovely person to deal with - knowledgeable, efficient and detailed.

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Questions & Answers

Hi, Can we organise a site meeting to review design options?
1 answer
Hi JoJo yes we can arrange a site meeting, please contact the office directly on 1300 936740 to arrange this.

How can I be sure that I won't have the same problems as the people above? You say you guarantee approval! You say you give a quote for your fees! So if you give a quote for my plans, and you draw my plans, do you guarantee approval? Or if you do not get approval with the first plans you submit, do you then want more money to draw up more plans until you do get approval? This sounds very odd to me.
9 answers
Hi, I think you should direct this question directly to superdraft as we only do work with them and have no input on the service they provide. I do know they are very approachable on any matter and the directors are very easy to deal with.This advice may or may not come too late for you. Do not use Superdraft. Run while you can. We got our DA through a local architect- not Superdtraft. Where we live, the local council is very difficult, so this decision was fruitful although long (3yr). We then took our DA plan to Superdraft to draw up our Construction Plans. Why would you do that you ask?- 2 reasons 1. they advertise an inhouse engineer, 2. $$. Some 5mths on. We are still waiting. For the first 3mth they basically 'babysat' the job, to then tell us their engineer could not do the job- we had to find our own! (yes- the no. 1 reason why we contracted them gone!). For the past 2mth, I've been riding them to get it done, whilst also managing an external engineer. If I didn't do this, I can safely say, we would be no further advanced......saying this, we may not be 'advanced' at all. The calls that never get returned, the pats on the head. Just don't do it to yourself. This firm is a joke!.Seriously, do not touch these cowboys with a ten foot barge pole. They clearly have no idea what they are doing, never get back to you, have all the excuses under the sun and even disparage other professionals.