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yes it was easy
.and kelly is a very good travel agent
it is the first holiday i have had for a very long time
and thoroughly enjoyed the cruise

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Marianne, thanks for the review - great to hear you found it easy to set up your policy. Glad you had a terrific time on your cruise, sounds like a well-deserved holiday! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Football Tour

The policy offered was exactly what we required and we choose SureSave as a group due to past involvement. On one tour a player's (15 year old) luggage was accidently sent to another continent. SureSave were contacted and they immediately authorised for us to purchase the necessary clothes and toiletries for him to be able to operate normally in his day to day activities.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Geoff, thanks for the review, we appreciate it. It's definitely not ideal when your belongings end up on a different trip to their owner! Glad we were able to assist, hope the trip wasn't disrupted too badly. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Travel Insurance Available When you Need it.

I have a pre existing medical condition and was so happy to be able to answer a thorough questionnaire and obtain travel insurance. I will use Sure Save again, it was easy to set up and very competitive pricing

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Mem, glad to hear we were able to offer cover for your pre-existing condition, and that you found our prices to be competitive. We look forward to hearing from you before your next holiday. Thanks for the review! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Pre-existing medical conditions covered :)

I had some pre-existing medical conditions so the cost was double what my partner paid. But that was ok with me given my state of health.
Very easy to set up, did it all on line. Very happy with the easy-to-use web site.
I called customer support as I needed to change the dates , very helpful. Great email communication after i purchased the policy. Very impressed.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Mitch, great to hear you were happy with the process to set up and amend your policy. Hope you had a lovely time on your trip. Thanks for taking the time to leave a review, we appreciate it! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Good service

I have a pre existing medical condition so find obtaining travel insurance difficult to obtain although I have never made a claim. I have used SureSave several times and find the staff helpful.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Wrex, thanks for the review, and for sticking with us! Glad to hear we've been able to assist with offering cover for your pre-existing medical condition. Hope to hear from you before your next adventure. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

You always require insurance

I have used SureSave numerous times and never had a problem although I have never made a claim. As I need pre existing medical insurance I always ring and discuss with customer support staff to make sure I have what I require. Customer support have always been very professional and helpful with all my questions and I can honestly say the policy is easy to set up.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Oldie, thanks for the review. It's always great to hear from a repeat customer! Glad to hear you've found the process easy to get cover for your pre-existing condition, and I will pass the positive feedback on to customer support. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au


Longest most tedious insurance claim of any sort I have ever experienced in my life. Can take weeks on end to respond... and we are heading into the 5th month and this claim has still not been finalised. Get ready for a long drawn out experience... or just pray you don't have any illness or misadventure while traveling and have to claim from a service you paid for.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Mirijana, I'm sorry to hear of your drawn out claims experience with us. I can see that there were some roadblocks in the finalisation of your claim, and I can absolutely understand your frustration during what I'm sure was already a stressful time. I've just checked in with the claims team and they have advised you should expect an outcome in the next few days. Meanwhile,I'd welcome the chance to look into the concerns you have raised - please feel free to send details through to my email elenor@suresave.com.au. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Happy with the cover provided

.Policy issued was good value - more particularly re the pre-existing medical condition cover.
. Policy not the easiest to set up as had to negotiate the initial refusal re pre-existing content - maybe partly my fault as originally might not have clearly outlined the status of my non hodgkins lymphoma cancer.
. Well satisfied with the manner in which cover set up - consultants David/Nathan most helpful/courteous in our dealings

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi John, glad to hear we were able to offer cover for your pre-existing condition in the end, and that you found our policy to be good value. Hope you had a lovely trip - thanks for the review, and I'll be sure to pass on your kind words to David and Nathan. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

It is the most important part of any overseas trip

This is the second time i have used SURESAVE after being recommended to me by my travel agent a few years ago.Now that i do all my own planning and booking Suresave is a crucial part my travel.Your policy is easy to understand and reasonably priced.Its sad to see changes made due to people not doing the right thing....Thanks again and i will be using you again next year.....

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Peter, great to hear from a repeat customer! Thanks for the review - great to hear you find our policy to be user friendly and competitive. Hope you had a great time on your trip and we look forward to hearing from you before your next holiday! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Insurance is a must.

I have always used your service for well over ?11 years and only had one minor claim in that time - happy but sense you are more expensive than other providers.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Georgina, thanks for the review, and for your continued support over the years. Glad to hear that for the most part your trips have always gone to plan :) We're constantly looking to achieve the right balance between quality of cover and price, but it's an ongoing journey - so thanks for your feedback around this. Hope to hear from you before your next adventure! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Good product

Sure save is hard to review when I don't need to make a claim. Surfboards were in the package so I was happy to use Suresave as it's difficult to find a provider who covers surfboards. The paperwork was simple and easy to understand

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Greg, thanks for taking the time to leave a review. Travelling with sports and leisure equipment can certainly be worrisome - nothing ruins a trip like a board that's been damaged in transit - so great to hear you were able to add cover for it under your policy. Glad to hear your trip went smoothly and you didn't need to claim. Hope to hear from you before your next adventure! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

If you can't afford insurance ... you can afford to travel

I never travel without it. A friend had an accident in USA and was covered for all medical costs, otherwise she would have had to pay huge medical bills.

I have not made a claim as yet and I hope never to make one

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Glors2323, thanks for the review and for sharing your friend's experience! Glad to hear you always travel with travel insurance - hope your friend has made a full recovery. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au.

Never Use This Company

SureSave were the most unhelpful company I have ever dealt with. Don't ever use them.
They would have rather me stay in England for around 5 weeks and have operate than send me home Business Class to Australia. their is a lot more to this story but can't go into it

October 3rd 2017 Update: Worst company ever

I'm on your side never go with this company they are very unhelpful, rude and don't get back to you. Just don't use them. I gave them my phone number to. All be re some help of claiming still haven't heard a wore
Jo T.

November 28th 2017 Update: Never Ever Use This Company

This is my second time I have written on this site about SureSave. This time I will tell abit of my story back in August I was in Sapin and I severed my Achilles Tendon, the next day I went to the best doctor on the Island and he advised that i had just had Tendonitis bandaged it up and said I would be ok within about 2-3 weeks (silly me I believed him).
Anyway by the time I got to England i went to the hospital and they advised I had Severed my Achilles (I came home to have my operation still in a boot) Now to make a long story short since day one of ringing this company for help I have had nothing but No help at all.... They have been rude unhelpful only 1 person has been nice [name removed]. I have sent all my documentation off and now they want more they want you just to get so fed up and just forget about the money you are owed. I have now called 5 times to talk to my case worker have left my number 5 times for them to call me back and still no reply... I am getting very mad and upset now I feel like why do we pay over $1000.00 in travel insurance and be treated like a liar.

Insurance claim madeNo
Hi JoT, I'm sorry to hear that you were unhappy with your experience. I appreciate that there's more to the story, and I'll completely understand if you would prefer to let it be. With that said, if you would like for me to investigate and address your concerns, I'd be more than happy to do so - please send your policy details and further details to elenor@suresave.com.au. Kind regards, Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.auI have sent you my phone number over a week ago and you still haven't called. SO UNPROFESSIONALHi JoT, I've kept an eye out for your details, but haven't seen anything come through to elenor@suresave.com.au. I've just sent you a private message, so feel free to send details via a response. Kind regards, Elenor

Perfect cover no need to worry.

The cover was excellent with all the protection that would ever be needed.Compared with other policies that we have had in the past your coverage was tops as I have had health problems in the past and never had a claim it is still good to have the confidence in your insurer. Policy costs were very competitive with others with in my opinion you are better than most thank you, til next time regards John and Lidia Hollister.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi John and Lidia, thanks for the kind words, we appreciate it. Great to hear you were pleased with our cover and found it to be competitive. Hope you had a wonderful trip, and hope to hear from you before your next adventure! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Insurance for travel unfortunately a necessity

The policy is a necessity for travel overseas, outside of Australia would not travel without it. It is unfortunate that we have to pay an additional fee over and above what we are currently paying within Australia through Medicare to travel.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Mark, thanks for the review. Glad to hear you are travelling with insurance - it definitely helps to know you're covered for the unexpected while you're away. Rest assured that travel insurance also offers cover for a whole range of non-medical events like lost/delayed luggage, cancellation, and trip delay. All good things to have, for peace of mind on your travels. Hope you had a great trip, Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Expensive but having trouble finding insurers for pre-existing conditions even though I have never h

Good value? - don't know, didn't have to claim but thought premium excessive.
Easy to set up? - not particularly, would like to gain reduction in premium for future cover having had no claim and because of never having had a medical or other emergency in my life.
Customer Support? - Grateful you covered me fully.
I am not very computer literate so cannot upload proof of policy.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Caz, we appreciate you taking the time to leave a review. Glad to hear we were able to provide cover for your pre-existing medical condition. Our premiums are calculated taking into account a number of factors such as individual medical history, destination,age, trip duration etc. Our definition of an existing medical condition only prompts disclosure of a traveller’s relevant and/or recent medical history. For many conditions, this means you only need to let us know about the last 3 years - so it's possible for current information to result in a lower premium than a previous year. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Love it, easy to use and covers everything I need

Yes, I have always found SureSave good value
Policy was easy to set up and easily understood
Didn't need to use customer support, but I have a friend who did and found you excellent.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Phil, thanks for the review. Great to hear you found our cover to be good value and easy to understand. Hope you had a great trip, and please pass on our thanks to your friend for the kind words! Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

WARNING WARNING WARNING!!!!!!! Avoid this company

Sure Save made claiming on my travel insurance the most painful experience.
Their response time was appalling and they did everything to avoid paying the claim.
Being uninsured would give you more peace of mind then being insured with these thieves.
The claims consultants are extremely well trained to frustrate you, mitigate their payouts and to blatantly rob you.
BE WARNED!!!!!! Don't find out the hard way!!! Avoid SURE SAVE. Only thing they are sure to save is themselves from paying out!!!!! Typical dudding insurance company. Zero stars.

Insurance claim madeYes
Hi there, I'm sorry to hear about your negative claims experience with us which left you feeling this way. I can absolutely understand how poor claims communications would be frustrating. If you would like me to look into it further, I'd be more than happy to do so - just email your policy number and further details to myself at elenor@suresave.com.au. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.auHahaha. You aren't sorry!!!! None of you are. Your apology is an insult. You are a team of bandits and you are not sorry. Very insincere of you to even suggest you are sorry for me. SURE SAVE ARE THEIVES. Poor claims communication is least of your problems. THEIVES!!!!

Your organisation cost me time and money

1. NO
2. Reasonable
3. NO
It took a long time to answer my emails whilst I was in England.I was phoned in England early in the morning 1am - 4am (very annoying) then you didn't confirm our discussion by email, hence, I was not able to go to Kenya for 2 weeks as I was not sure if i was covered for insurance. It is not sufficient to say something on the phone without confirming that conversation for such an important matter. This inaction has cost me time and money .
I now have to go to Kenya from Australia.

Insurance claim madeNo
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Hi Bruce, thanks for leaving your feedback. I'd like to sincerely apologise for your negative experience with us. It definitely sounds like we dropped the ball and I can only imagine the frustration and uncertainty stemming from the communication issues. With your permission, I'm keen to investigate this one and tighten up the relevant processes. If you could please send your policy number to elenor@suresave.com.au, I'll address this issue with the team. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

Exellent Service

The last 3 overseas trips we have used Sure Save and each time the process was seamless. We consider the premium was good value. This last trip we made our 1st claim, again the process was simple. the claim was processed efficiently with minimal queries. we will definitely use Sure Save in the future.

Insurance claim madeYes
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Hi Allen, always great to hear from a repeat customer! I'm pleased to hear you were happy with the value provided by your policies, as well as with our claims processes. Hope your claim didn't impact your holiday too badly. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au

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Questions & Answers

I was about to purchase the ultimate cover for a Nepal Trek until I read Louj's review below. I am now seeking alternative quotes. Would you please explain why Sure Save took so long to settle his claim? Are there any hidden clauses that Sure Save uses to deny claims in circumstances described by Louj?
2 answers
Any settlement is probably subject to the way the insurance company interprets the policy. As I stated earlier read the 92 pages of the PDS very carefully and think of all possibilities arising from that situation. If necessary obtain clarification in writing from the insurer. JackHi Avr, Unfortunately this was a case of human error which resulted in the claim being underpaid. The customer alerted us to the error 2 days after the claim was settled, after which the claims officer immediately put in request to have this rectified. The full payment to the customer was processed within 5 working days as it needed to be approved by their supervisor and go through the payment process. We understand that this is not an ideal situation and apologise sincerely to the customer that they had a negative experience. However please rest assured this was human error and not an issue with the coverage included in the customer's plan. We hope you have an amazing time in Nepal! Customer Experience, SureSave

Is the Age requirement, 80 . based on date cover taken out .age during travel. i.e turn 81 during travel
1 answer
There’s no age-limit for our Comprehensive international and Domestic plans. However, if you are 81 or over, we will ask you some questions about your health and lifestyle at the time you buy your policy and then determine whether we will offer you cover and on what terms. You will need to enter the age you are when you buy the policy. It does not matter if you have a birthday before departure or within the trip.

Hi There, I have been recommended to use your company for travel insurance on our overseas hoilday to Vietnam and Cambodia in May 2018. I have question in regard to Events under item 2.5 Someone at home is sick, injured or dies. I am the power of attorney and next of kin to my auntie who has no children of her own, who has recently in November 2017 has been admitted to a nursing home to live after 67 years in her own home. It become to much for her to look after now. Am I and my wife covered under your travel insurance policy for costs to return home unexpectantly if she was to die?
2 answers
Hi This isn’t my company sorry. I just used them last year for my trip to the USA. I found them very hard to deal with.... they made me feel like a criminal when all I wanted to do was claim what I was entitled to, when I became sick. I would not use sure save againHi Stephen, Thanks for submitting your question. The listed events under benefit 2.5 include where you are unable to travel due to certain incidents occurring to a close relative of you or your travelling companion. The policy wording has a special definition of a close relative which can be found on page 81. From the information you've provided, although you are the next of kin to your aunt, it is not apparent that she would fall under the policy definition for this cover to apply. ‘close relative’ means your relative (or a relative of a member of your travelling party) who is residing in Australia or New Zealand. It includes only these relations: spouse, de facto partner; parent, parent-in-law, de facto parent and de facto parent-in-law; child, daughter-in-law, son-in-law; brother, sister, brother-in-law and sister-in-law; grandchild and grandparent; step-parent, step-son and step-daughter; fiancé and fiancée; legal guardian; and niece and nephew. We do not have any exclusions against offering cover for a close relative who is in a nursing home, however there is an ‘Existing Medical Conditions Claim Cap’ which means that, should a claim arise from an existing medical condition, the most we will pay is $2000 for each primary traveller. Hope this helps - it is important to read the policy wording and determine if the cover offered is right for you. Elenor, Customer Experience www.suresave.com.au


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