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Poor quality

I have been referred to work for the dole, this is okay. I'm more than happy to give my time to charity that is helping other. What I'm not Okay with is being told women are responsible for being inside and cleaning a kitchen, washing dishes. Cleaning dishes for men who are too lazy to clean for themselves. If I have to put up with sexist behaviour like this in the future I will not hesitate to contact a solicitor. Turner Freeman Lawyers. They already think I have a case.

Incapable and careless

Sureway Deniliquin staff have consistently shown themselves to be uncaring and have blatantly lied. One employment agent pretended she was "only the receptionist" when someone enquired who was not registered with Centrelink, the next week, after that person had registered with Centrelink, the woman was suddenly a qualified employment agent! Also, mishandling clients' jobsearch requirements, causing payments to be stopped several times, due to Sureway not putting the correct information into plans.


They have no interest in helping anybody get an actual job, they are more interested in getting as many unemployed as they can on WFTD more interested in how much money they can make from the government the easiest, cheapest & quickest way they can.

Poor Customer Services

The customer service representatives of this job provider are unbelievably rude, disrespectful and useless when it comes to help job seekers.

If only they could help me get a job!

Sureways employment agencies open the door walk in no rooms two workers sitting behind there desk neither of them say a word there’s other people in the room so wen one does yell out what are u here for well just hope it was you that they where talking to so you can hand in the twenty jobs you know your never gunna get but sureways insist 20 jobs I’m not qualified for anything at this stage no offer to help me with looking for the right job and the two of sureways courses have turned out to be pretty much useless ,no suggestions of getting some qualifications nothing. Sureways Workers are similar to robots programmed into one class of people.I think the people working in these agencies should be qualified in not only helping u look for work but to understand that every person is different every person thinks and reacts in a different way the offices need to be more private because if I got something going on in my life I don’t want the whole room to know especially if its quite upsetting and something that won’t be over just like that. So I hit the work for the dole faze great I’ll get to learn something and have another thing to add to my resume now I can’t fault most of the staff and actually enjoyed the company of the young lady that was bombarded with a job that wasn’t hers at
the work for the dole programme I was placed in was the biggest waste of time the organisation that is running it imparticular the superviser of the programme as far as I could see had only taken on the programme for the funding I’m to embarrassed to actually say what I was doing I’ll just say it’s not something u would want to put on a resume very unorganised no communication between groups on different days just one book with entries from each group would of been great but that was not thought of we where not taught how to do anything not taught safety I got to the building one morning and there wasn’t even one of the organisations staff another person doing work for the dole was running it I thought that must be illegal hello this organisation is getting paid to supervise and teach people attending the the programme I surely thought it would mean gaining a skill or knowledge of some kind something to aid participants with gaining employment and ran by people who actually care in both work for the dole programme and employment agencies.In trying to make my own future better I decided to do a course after approaching my job agency for financial assistance I was told no they would not help me with the fees as I didn’t have a job to go to at the end of it. The whole point of me doing the course was to gain a certificate and get a job one that I wanted and one that I could do worker offered no alternative suggestions just sneered at me and said I should just be happy with work for the dole to do like I wasn’t good enough to do anything but that it wasn’t that they said no to the help it was it was that after the no there was nothing no help no push in the right direction. I made a complaint via email to which the region manager responded she didn’t even listen to what I was saying to her she just wanted me to agree I guess mark it of as solved I realised she was just talking over the top of me and not taking on what I was saying she also arranged to meet me at my next appointment to which she knew the time and day. I look forward to this meeting mayb face to face I can get her to listen I arrive for my appointment and the manager has just popped out won’t be long and I’m told to wait and keep an eye out for a lady of a particular discription 40mins later and still no sign of her very professional and obviously really cares about the people she’s meant to be helping . Sureways
In my Opnion is a great idea but ran very poorly and by the way all though it was a struggle to pay I’m doing the course I wanted to do and getting full marks

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