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Suzuki APV 2005-2018

Suzuki APV 2005-2018

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Is the best little van I ever had.!!!!

I'm using it for normal transportation for the everyday basics and since I bought it the only problem I had since 2013 was a flat battery and a few punched tyres wich has nothing to do with the car itself..!!..I love my little "Suzie"..She is more reliable than my wife..!!!.I really recommend this little car for everybody who needs something reliable for a reasonable price..!!!...

Date PurchasedJan 2013

An excellent upgrade from my old Suzuki Carry

I used it to commute with me and wife daily (20km back and forth) on a moderately traffic streets of Cebu, Philippines. The space inside is too big for us both, but I intended it that way to cover our family weekend trips to the beach etc with kids and friends and things to pack. This was how the older Suzuki Carry did for us since 2012. And I wanted that this upgrade to Suzuki APV to serve the same purpose. I initially thought on Suzuki Celerio due to its reported good fuel efficiency but then we would not be able to have the same weekend experience of having to carry all our friends and things to pack during weekend adventures. And considering that the price of both is almost the same, the Suzuki APV suddenly become the obvious choice.

Date PurchasedDec 2018

Its alright

It needs a 6th gear. Doing 3500rpm on the freeway at 100kmp/h is too high it should be in sixth gear doing 2750rpm. The fuel savings and the engine lifespan extension would be, what it should be, rather than what it is with this design. I regularly drive from 1st gear into 3rd, from 2nd gear into 4th. And from 3rd gear into 5th. That is fine. The less unneccesary shifting the longer the lifespan of the clutch. Also dont bother contacting Suzuki Australia or Suzuki QLD regarding any issues with your vehicle. I have politely requested assistance with a few things now have recieved a email that my msg was recieved and that they will contact me shortly. And that is the last and only correspondance I have recieved. They are obviously over run with business and dont really care about providing quality service to any individual customer.

Date PurchasedMay 2015


I bought a 2015 Suzuki apv just under a year ago and travelled several thousand kilometres as a work vehicle for my mowing and garden business. I have found it to be excellent for my purpose. I have conducted the first service with engine and diff. oil changes. Installed a rear camera for reversing. cut out a ply wood floor and attached 3 rows of sliding anchor points. attached canvas seats. GREAT FOR NEW SUBURBS WITH LIMITED ROAD SPACE.

Date PurchasedNov 2017

I love my APV

My last van died (L300 Starwagon) and I wanted to self-build a camper and travel Australia. I have owned it for a year (bought Jan 2017), meandered from Adelaide to Brisbane and back, Adelaide to around Vic twice. So far in total, I have lived in my van over three months and i have my next trip planned - I love it. I was worried initially about the high revs... and yes it could do with a sixth gear, but once you get used to it - it is fine! It kind of reminds me of when I went from a 2 stroke 125 to a 4 stroke 250... the 125 just revved high and that was the way it was. The blank canvas in the back was perfect for me to build a couch/bed and there is a solid 6ft in the back if you are that tall. I got a bargain - a demo model for 17500 drive away... at that price I could have bought two of them compared to the next cheapest van - an iLoad. The paint is thin - you will get chips, but for the price, it is what you would expect... a bit of white touch up paint and you are good to go. It has good aircon (travelled in summer) and a great sound system that takes USB. It has winding windows - I love the bare bones feel. I have left it in the carport for a few months and jumped back in and it has fired right up. Five-year warranty and fixed price servicing. Reliable, fun to drive and cheap.

Date PurchasedJan 2017

Great little runaround Suzuki Carry

This review is of the preceeding model, Suzuki Carry van.
2004 model with the G13 engine.
The van is a great little runaround. It has sliding doors on both sides which is far more useful than the apv. It is extremely easy to park. It doesn't like going much faster than 90kmh.
It high winds it can be quite scary as you get blown around.

Date PurchasedApr 2017

efficient small van

I bought a second hand APV and have driven it for around 7 months now with no problems.

APV is a very simple designed van, I use it for work so ultimately the most important thing at the end of the day is engine reliability. Things like not having cup holders or seat covers stock is meaningless as they can be bought and attached anyway if you want them.

It's different from other commercial vans in the way of it's design as it has glass sides and not metal, this is because in reality this is just a people moving APV van with the seats pulled out, it even has the holes in the internal side of the van where the seatbelts go, just with covers put over them. Glass sides though means it has less attachment points for adding shelves. I felt though the advantage of having a full 360 degree of viewing for city driving outweighed having a bit more vertical shelf space. Also because the engine is mounted under the car instead of in the front like all other small vans such as the VW caddy results in the apv not only being a shorter car in total length, but also having about 30cm more length space in the boot.

Fuel economy isn't great, I have a probably a medium load of tools/ladders/ equipment that I carry which would weigh not more than 150kg which is about the weight of 2 extra adults so not alot. I do a mix of highway and suburb driving and calculating the km traveled - minus the amount of fuel used it's around 10-11L per 100 km. Increased fuel consumption is just an unavoidable side effect of gearing a small engine to pull more weight. It's a great car to park and has a very small turning circle.

The engine is a 1.6L and it's great in low gears, though I didn't feel like this is a van you want if you have alot of highway driving. It felt most comfortable cruising at 80 km/h, you can go 100, the engine just feels like it's revving alot and could have done with ratios in 5th being adjusted to higher ratios for flat highway driving. Because of the height and narrowness of the van you also really notice being buffeted by strong winds on the highway.

I haven't had to do any major services on the APV , I did get the timing belt replaced preemptively and the mechanic had never even heard of the car but was still able to swap it over in a few hours so I am guessing the cars engine is not complicated or requires expensive overseas parts to be shipped in to service. the G16A motor in the apv is very similar to the G16B which is widely used in other suzuki models like the swift.

It has a manual only option and I feel this works to it's advantage, because of the simplistic design of everything about the car it isn't going to put you in "limp mode" because of a faulty inbuilt computer or have a automatic gearbox that costs thousands to replace like some other small van reviews I read.

So why 4 stars, well with no engine upfront this is not the safest small van on the market but as I only drive this in urban areas in 60 zones the chance of a high speed frontal collision is essentially zero, it does get 3/5 ancap safety rating which is far better than other vans that are still on the road like the express with a 1/5.

Also unfortunately new APV's are no longer being sold here because of rule changes, I believe for them to be sold here they need to increase it's emission control and give it traction control. Considering no apv's are built with these features in the country of assembly in indonesia I am doubting they are going to redesign the car solely for the australian market which is a very small market for apv's already. Which means in the future sourcing parts will be alot harder for this car so the days are numbered for this car in australia.

If they ever bring it back maybe they could have a diesel option, or maybe bump up the commerical apv engine model to a 1.8 or 2.0l for some more top end speed and low end pulling power. Overall a great reliable little van that will be a shame if we never see any suzuki small vans in this country again.

Date PurchasedJul 2017


Well here we are again four years after I purchursed "Tool Box" my first privatly owned APV van which I have just put on the market with a shade under 80.000Ks logged up. I wrote a review on "Tool Box" back in 2013.
Was so impressed with "Tool Box" i've baught a brand new Silver APV through my small business and expect it will serve as well as the first Van.
Again I've found the APV reliable and economicial when driven normally, it handles well (mid mounted engine under the seats) with useful torque and power when required and a great turning circle.
Will be adding to this review as we go.

Date PurchasedJul 2017

New APV Van with rust

I purchased a new APV van from Von Bibra Ferry Road Auto Village Southport. Got rushed out of show room on the delivery date. To find this van covered in rust inside and out all i wanted was a replacement vehicle or a refund now I'm taking this mob to court. They call this rust industrial fall out and have told me it's common on most new vehicles
The Most Difficult Company I Have Ever Dealt With!!!!!!

Date PurchasedJun 2017

Not recommended (get a used hiace instead)

I have driven this van for a couple months for my work and I urge people to consider another van for their business.

- Extremely easy to park and tight turning circle.
- 5 speed manual is fun to drive, clutch is very light.
- Cheap purchase price
- Quite a lot of cargo space due to the boxy design
- Good fuel economy compared to other commercial vehicles.

->>> EXTREMELY UNSAFE<<< No traction control/ESC (making it impossible to register in VIC) and only dual frontal airbags (Depending on the MY, there is ABS available however). It has a 3 star safety rating making this vehicle within the 10 least safest models available in aus. Good luck getting in a side impact accident in this van, the ambos will be finding door panel bits stuck in your stomach.
- Terrible amount of bodyroll, you can't do turns at more than 20kmph otherwise you will roll to the side.
- Very spartan interior, gets the job done but a 2017 car without power windows... really? No cup holders, small glovebox, vinyl seats and rooftop, door handle is literally a plastic handle screwed onto the door panel.
- Has trouble shifting into reverse, and sometimes even goes forward in reverse gear. I hear a lot of gear grinding especially in reverse.
- Atrocious ride quality, you squint at every little bump on the road praying it won't bruise your bottoms.
- Tinny iphone-quality speakers
- 9x bhp, acceptable torque considering it is a commercial vehicle and not a rexy.

TLDR- don't buy this van, even if your business is strapped for cash. A 150k+ km used Hiace is a much better alternative for under $10k. APV new is 19k driveaway anyway, not much of a bargain. It would be worth around 13k new if I had to price this thing.

Date PurchasedJul 2015

mostly a good experience but in at the moment, new gear box needed

noise much= like other vehicles of this age seats are too hot being vinyl and now summer has hit again
has done a couple of big trips up North. Handee to carry stock, furniture and even rubbish to the tip, as can be cleaned out easily A good vehicle too, when three sons were doing driving tests.

Date PurchasedMay 2007

Terrible -Overheating/ Blown head gasket/ Expensive on spare parts

I bought a Suzuki apv van 2005 model ..overheating problem... head gasket blown after 1 year..mechanic asked $2000 to fix it..very expensive parts..
Crap car-- I do not recommend.
Please note :- I am referring to my 2005 model car ..may be the later models can be better..but my experience with it was terrible.


"Tool Box" ?

Six months young and heading for 12000 Klm on the clock my Suzuki APV continues to impress as well as attract a little attention, waves from other owners are not uncommon and some weeks ago a chap walked by and cheerfully nicknamed my Van "TOOL BOX" :-)
The Suzuki APV is well balanced and handles amazing well considering it's tall stance, exceeds 400k from it's 40 Ltr tank and is surprisingly well put together.
It is well thought out for it's purpose - speaking of which, it cant be expected to perform as a "GT vehicle" on a motorway idling along in sixth gear quietly when it is primarily designed to cater for passenger/courier deliveries in a city environment.
In saying this my APV exceeds all expectations, sure it is noisy above 110 Kpm and moves about some in strong cross winds and ok i'm reminded that this is an APV (all purpose vehicle) well figuratively maybe, but in reality this is a dammed good vehicle and top of the class in my view.
I sense the Suzuki APV is virtually indestructible therefor am confident in it's reliability - long live Suzuki APV!

Gearbox issues

Gearbox gets stuck in betwwen 3rd and forth and service guys at suzuki seem pretty hopeless will fix it myself and never service at dealerships waste of time and effort.car fuel economy sticker is totally incorrect and you cannot get those figures ever! gear ratio is useless for long trips.
Space and look,fuel economy and better than a ute.
Noise,dealership,fuel economy sticker false,gear ratio at speed, vynal seats.

Which dealership is this?national capital motors tuggeranong

Best Decision ever!

Having been a Sparky for 12 years I've worked out of ute's, 4x4's and other commercial vans, the Suzuki APV is by far the best work vehicle yet. Have a cargo barrier, full set of Rhino Racks on the roof, with conduit holder, and shelves in back I still get 400km to a (40L) tank. It might be psychological but I love the 40L tank as I never feel like having a heart attack when I look at the price of fuel after filling the tank:) There is more than enough space in the back to carry everything I need and I can access the shelves from both sides due to the pull open doors which is super convenient. The smaller size is such a bonus for parking and manoeuvring.
Size. Compact and economical.
Sometimes I wish it had a 6th gear.


The van is a perfect little work horse

Added a roof rack and racks in the back to carry fittigs, pipe on the roof rach and still get 400ks out of the fuel tank. The best little work horse ever and it drives like a small car.i work in and aroud units and needed a car to drive in and out of small places and this does it perfectly.
Simpple and great to drive


Just bought one brand new last week. 24/06/2012

Left Manly on Sat morning (30th} and made it to Helensberg on the same day. First time behind a wheel in 10 months [just migrated]. It has a high view point, very easy to drive, and very nippy. Wicked turning circle, vinal seats may be a problem in summer, but the air con will solve that, the rear space is massive I can lay down in it [6'1"]. Only done 160k in it, but it was fun. [had a saloon car in London]. It's designed in Japan, so it's basic but practical. The reason why I bought this APV, coz I saw someone driving one and chased him down the road till he stopped [he looked very scared] untill I asked him what it was like to drive. After he told me his views on the said van, and previous delivery vans he'd used I purchased my APV two days later. Ps I,m a Plumber and do not work for Suzuki. Albe.
Cost compared to similar vans



If I had to buy another van for my business today I would buy another Suzuki APV without any hesitation. It's a bit like driving a lawn mower with a high revving engine but it is very light on the fuel. It's easy to drive and has plenty of room for the gear I want to cart around.

I didn't realise how much they cut out features when I test drove it. No night mirror mode, no armrest on the driver door, no intermittent wipers. So if you're looking for something that has a few frills then this isn't the van for you. If you just want a small workhorse (pony?) then this van is perfect.

I'm very happy with mine.
- Cheap
- Economical
- Plenty of space
- Easy to drive
- I got what I paid for, no unnecessary frills.

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Yep, just bought another Suzuki APV for my business. I looked at the Hyundai iLoad (for more space) and a Peugeot Partner (Fuel economical diesel). But when I asked my techs, they wanted another Suzuki APV. The main thing they liked was that it was easy to park. The main thing I liked was saving $5k to $10k.

Excellent APV van

I had the Suzuki APV for 3 years, never have any problem except my parking skill that the body have few scratches around. Very economical on fuel and have help me carry a lot of stuffs when I moved house. I have this for private used and have always got me 30 minutes free parking in the city. I also put a mattress and pillows behind so that I can rest for a while before work if I arrived early at workplace, or after work if Iam too tire to drive o the busy traffic hour. I love it so much.
Economical on fuel, plenty of space, reliable and inexpensive.
Should carpeted the back of the van, install wiper at the back and have a back mirror will be perfect.


Despite its height the car is quite nimble and stable, pushing the speed above 130 km the ride and NVH is still comfortable. Much more stable than any Toyota's. Take notice of battery consumptions, check every fortnight to top up. My battery has survived more than 2 years, despite its 35 Ah capacity.

Having driven for 45 thousands K, I have a trouble free car apart of replacing set of front disc brake shoe/pads and set of bulbs of braking lights.

Cruising and climbing should be no problem as long as you keep above 3000 rpm. Don't worry to over rev the engine, as the engine is designed to rev hard. All modern engines are designed to produce torque above 3000 rpm. Rev them hard, it's a reward for properly maintaining the car. Suzuki is made for sensible people.
Engine has lots of torque around 3,000 rpm, very handy for urban driving. Mine its 2006 top of specs, offer better comfort and specs than its class competitors. You sit higher than on most other cars, you get more traffic visibility ahead.
The Auto trans has rather large protruding case necessitating higher tyres wall ratio. Factory equipped tyres are noisy and has less grip. My digital clock is faulty before the car reached 40 thousands K

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so did my digital clock b4 i reach 52 thousands K. And my clutch on 54 thoul K mine is 2010 model. When i took home for 6 month i service with dealer and they did't know my fuel thank is loose until my mechanic lift the car up. keep squeaking when on uneven road

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where is the engine oil dipstick?
1 answer
Found it thanks.

I have just bought this amazing van on the key ring was one key a small key for turning alarm on and off and a tear shaped remote that is empty.guy told me it used to have central locking but have seen a post on internet saying suzuki 2007 APV doesn't have central locking true or not ?
2 answers
I just bought a 2007 model and it doesn't have central locking. Wish it did though. Everything I have read said it did? Just as confused as you.I have central locking now when I bought it off guy it didn't then read on line . You leave drivers door open turn on ignition key about 6 times and it just started but have no remote .I might go to suzuki dealer.

I just bought a beautiful suzuki apv 2007 in great cond but no remote central locking key can you just buy one and program it yourself .
No answers


Suzuki APV 2005-2018
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