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Suzuki Grand Vitara JB / JT.I (No Badge)

Suzuki Grand Vitara JB / JT.I (No Badge) (2005-2011)

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Engine failure at 130000km

At 130000km the JB 24 Engine failed, my grand daughter had brought the grand vitara 2008 model, 11months ago and has done 15000km, when the engine started to make rattle noise, she stopped the car turned off ignition waited then tried to start the car again, would not start. Towed to repairer told the Engine had a mechanical failure, not worth pulling engine appart, ordered a second hand motor at cost of $8700 installed.
The Trader "Charles Jansen Cars" "Jansen 4 x4" Moorabbin Victoria Australia.
The trader would not have anything to do with the failure and hung up, very bad, where to now I dont know except that it going to cost $8700.

BadgeGrand Vitara 2008
Date PurchasedFeb 2017

2005 Grand Vitara

I truly love driving my Grand Vitara.. so easy to drive & park.. windows are great for view.. everyone that gets in it enjoys their ride & are very impressed with it's comfort as well
Can't think of anything I dislike about my Grand Vitara inside or out
I've had my car for 12 years & no trouble with it at all..still looks great & drives very well
I take care of my care with maintenance/services
I feed my Grand Vitara with good fuel & it certainly is very good on fuel
Fantastic car.. would definitely buy another when I can... it was affordable at the time of purchase.. Garry Crick's were great to deal with..

Badge4 cyl 4wd petrol mpfi sv/sq
Date PurchasedMay 2005

2001 Diesel - mixed bag

Owned a 2001 Grand Vitara Diesel for the last 2 years and 3 months. Had unfortunately an early exit in an accident: car rolled and is a write off - driver had no scratch. Safety (based on this one data point) is great!
Driving: economical (looking at fuel consumption, not at the repair bill) and I liked the power characteristic of the diesel ... no complaints at all
Off road ... 4wd was occasionally useful on the beach and on roads unsuitable for 2wd - and it never let us down, However ... I am neither an off road fanatic nor specialist ... don't take this alone as recommendation.
Reliability: Unfortunately one of the less desirable points: Owned the car between (roughly) 205k and 235k (km) and had to replace various pullies and belt tensioners (making undue noises), alternator gave up and so did the fuel pump. Repair cost per "event": typically $1000 to $2000. - I invested in 2 years more than $4600 into repairs and service. In addition had the car problems with the engine warning light - it went on frequently and for various reasons, but never when something serious was wrong. Time and money waster (driving into the workshop to learn that nothing is wrong).
Workshop: friendly and supportive, but always complaining about the Diesel engine (originating from Peugeot, not Suzuki), Maybe they had a point?

Badge5 door diesel

Ok so far and learning more about it as time go's on...

I helped a friend buy this car after researching.Has done 115,000km so far no mechanical problems
She wanted a small 4WD that had a proper low range gearbox .The Suzuki grand vitara was the only car that had a low range gearbox at that time and she went for the diesel.I drive it often on road and organise the servicing.

I have learnt the following with a focus on preparing the car for off road use as it lacks some things that are important and a bit about servicing

An offload vehicle needs a low range gearbox and good clearance.This car has one of those things,the low range gearbox.Plus you need good recovery points.

Clearance-it is not good, if you lift the vehicle to give it improved clearance with new springs,shocks and camber bolts with wheel alignment is is expensive $1200-$1800.And you need to check it with your insurance company prior.It must also be legal.

You could put a higher profile Tyre on it to get it higher, but if you do different to what the manufacturers recommendation,again, need to check with insurance.Also if the car wasn't designed for the bigger tyres it is worth considering the impact on gearing and speedo etc of installing a non recommended Tyre size.I have been told not to by my mechanic.

So you might add some under body protection plates made of 2.5-3mm steel( i have $500 installed) to replace the unsuitable plastic ones.Make sure you get a set that has a hole where the oil from the engine drains.
These plates reduce damage to important under body mechanical parts.Another thing,its is very hard to change your own oil filter on this car.

So everyone who gos off road gets stuck sooner or later and will need to recover the vehicle.So you need recovery points properly installed on the main chassis that can be used as pull points
On this car at the rear a tow bar is the go with a hitch added.

At the front its harder as the car comes with only a small loop(only good for transport tie down not for recovery)
This loop is on the bottom of a small kframe(not the main chassis) and if it gave way during recovery would pull the bottom of the radiator out.
I have looked into what others are doing for recovery points for this vehicle on line and i dont think what ive seen is good because of potential issue with interfering with air bag crash sensors and inappropriate placement and design etc.
A met with a 4wd mechanic who quoted over $1000 to install two front points.So a bullbar with a winch may be a better option.But its expensive.Probably not good to snatch recover this car from the front.

But it could all add up to alot of $$, ie, trying to improve the 4wding weak spots of this vehicle, and its not sold in large numbers so OME dont make alot of after markets 4wd mod parts so its expensive.

The diesel was dropped from the Australian range this year.

So, be careful as it could get expensive trying to improve this car for off road and you wont get that back at resale,or just use it as is for light off road ,but think about those recovery points

One last thing, it is very expensive to get the 75,000 km and 150,000,225,000,300,000 services etc ($1940 each time,got five quotes)Its the one with the belts,pully wheels etc.This kinda takes the shine of the fuel economy every one raves about

BadgeGrand Vitara Diesel

Bought the 2008 Suzuki Vitara Diesel for the right reasons

We bought the Suzuki Vitara diesel for specific reasons. We bought the 5 door model because we use it as our city car carrying up to 5 adults in comfort. Do not buy the diesel model as a commuter model as the DPF will frustrate you. It is a very green car(zero emmissions) and the exhaust still looks brand new. We bought the diesel model to go touring and tow a campertrailor(640kg). For this, the Suzuki has little competition in it's class. it is a true 4WD and and we don't notice any change when towing. It is economical if you keep the speed down to 90kmh but people usually want to drive at least 100kph. With a full tank and carrying 40litres and towing 640kg we would range about 1200km.(@ 90km). Unloaded. we've never managed to reach the stated economy where as on previous vehicles I've always bettered the official figure. There was an engine oil leak which was fixed under warranty. The DPF displays occassionally but it is not a problem for us. We have an injector warning but no effect as yet.

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It's 2016. I am severely dissappointed. I was looking to upgrade my Suzuki Vitaria. I expected to find a turbo and a 6th gear added. What diid I find ? The deisel option, 4WD and colour selections have been removed. The Suzuki is now a bland SUV. Shame on you guys.

Great vehicle despite some issues

I bought a used 2009 model, 2.4L petrol Grand Vitara about 3 & 1/2 years ago with the aim of owning an economical vehicle with 4WD capability, ability to fly along at 110km/hour and the power to tow a 1.6T single axle caravan. I was initially dubious of the 5 speed manual gearbox, having driven automatics for the past 20 years but soon got used to it. The car has performed well against all these requirements. It has sufficient power for most situations. Going up steep hills with the caravan can be a bit slow - down to 60km/hour. I've been on the beach & down some rugged tracks and the 4WD has handled it well. Fuel consumption can go down to 8.2l/100km on a long flat run and averages 9.3l/100km around town.
As the second owner I have done 58,000 km so far.
At 130,000km the vehicle was found to be losing coolant. An inspection revealed the cause was a cracked engine block. A new short motor was installed and the opportunity was taken to replace the half -worn clutch plate at the same time. Suzuki came to the party and accepted the engine repair as a warranty claim. This outcome would not have occurred unless the vehicle had been faithfully serviced by a Suzuki authorised workshop, who lobbied on my behalf for the warranty claim.
Despite this major repair, I am still satisfied with the vehicle and am now also impressed with the action taken by Suzuki.
At 150,000km in May 2017 the ESP/ABS system stopped working. Fortunately the brakes still work. Repair quote was about $2600 for a new actuator . This problem is apparently somewhat common. I have tried to obtain a second hand unit but they are rare .
Some minor criticisms - the 90,000km service was quite expensive - $ 890 but then, as the above experience shows, maybe it was actually quite cost effective in the long term.
The large hinged rear door cannot be opened when a caravan is hitched up or when a tow bar mounted bike carrier is fitted. (This would be the same with other similarly configured light 4WDs). With the spare wheel mounted on the rear door, the tow bar had to be extended out to fit the bike carrier.
No bluetooth installed on this year model.
Easy to drive, handy 4WD capability, high drivers seating - good visibility, reasonably low fuel consumption.
Limited rear access and expensive servicing.

Badgegrand vitara
Date PurchasedJan 2013

2008 Grand Vitara Diesel

Great car, very comfortable to drive and handles well. Needs long stretches of driving over 80 kms per hour on a regular basis to keep the diesel filter unclogged. Handles well in city traffic and is great on sand - super light and handles really well in 4WD. Great first 4WD and can go anywhere!

BadgeGrand Vitara

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Suzuki Grand Vitara JB / JT.I (No Badge) (2005-2011)
CategoryMidsize / Medium SUVs
Release dateJan 2005
Discontinuation dateDec 2011
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