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Suzuki Grand Vitara (2005-2020) Questions & Answers

Also referred to as: Suzuki Grand Vitara 2019 and Suzuki Grand Vitara 2021. JB / JT.I, JB / JT.II
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Douglas 53

Douglas 53asked

Where is the thermostat on a 2009 Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.4 motor?

1 answer

in trunk

Dean M.

Dean M.asked

What metal is the sump made out of

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At low revs my 3.2 litre V6 grand vitara shakes

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Dean M.
Dean M.

Yeah right



I have a 2008 grande vitara awd when the suv is moving there’ is heat when’ we stop it’s blowing cold I changed the antifreeze! Where’s my thermostat located ! Thank u so much for your help cheers

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Using the Bluetooth function in our 2018 Suzuki GV it has always had excessive static from new. What can be done to fix the problem. It is so bad you can’t use a phone via Bluetooth. Music played via Bluetooth works fine but not the phone. Any clues please.

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mahesh p.

mahesh p.asked

Grand Vitara JB / JT.II

Actually I have brought Vitara brezza in month of August 2019. During my third free service (10000km) in last month the headlamp aiming has been changed in Suzuki motors gulbarga. The company fitted alignment was too good and it used to cover long distance and was much brighter. But now due to change in alignment the headlamps are poor not much visibility during night time and not proper aiming is done. I have visited the service centre and still not proper aiming is done. I want headlight aiming as earlier as that of company fitted. Is this possible? If so how can I have the company fitted headlight aiming?

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Margaret C.

Margaret C.asked

how do i set up my mobile phone to my suzuki vitara

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Hey I'm looking at buying the 2007 grand vitara, found one with 210 000 kms on the clock. Does anyone know if this car has problems after wear and tear? Should I stay away?

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aydin h.

aydin h.asked

My 2012 grand vitara v6 auto just stopped on the highway at 250,000+ kms.
There no milky stuff in the engine or coolant. Im wondering if it could be alternator because its gone thru its 2nd battery in 4 months. Or Ecu??
Problem Any help please.. thanks

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Phil M.

Phil M.asked

a v6 2.6 is selling with 250k on the clock is this end of life? - well maintained looks good. 1 lady owner

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When should the timing belt be replaced in a 1.9 lt diesel

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When should the timing belt be changed on a Suzuki GV 1.9 lt diesel engine

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I have a grand vitara 07 manual petrol.
It was overheating and has had a new:
Water pump
Cylinder Head/bolts and gaskets

and now it still overheats not around town but in the highway after a while.
Diagnosis throws nothing - could this be electrical as there is no way it could be overheating with all this work. The gauge goes up to the red but then down back to normal within seconds, other times longer. Our mechanic says it must be electrical now. It has also had a new temp gauge put it.

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Gary T

Gary Tasked

What is the minimum hand brake liner thickness for rear Suzuki JT 2011 with all disc brakes Please

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Peter Henderson

Peter Hendersonasked

I have recently purchased a 2009, 5 door grand vitara and wish to fit a tow bar. It is highly unlikely that I would tow anything larger than a 7 by 5 trailer or a very small van. Not wanting to spend more than I need to, does anyone have a tow bar recommendation? Thank you.

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Paul W.

Paul W.asked

Is it possible to tow a light camper trailer on beach with 2016 Grand Vitara 3 door 2.4 litre, have a lift kit and 17 inch wheels

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Paul W.

Paul W.asked

Can I towed a 750kg camper trailer on the beach with my 3 door 2.4 litre Grand Vitara

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Want to know Grand vitara is fit for long plug or short plug? Thanks

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Robert C.

Robert C.asked

Have a 2008 manual diesel 2lt grand vitara 5 door with 164000km on the clock. The issue I'm having is the catalytic converter light has lit up again after only been to the mechanics with the same prob 2000km ago.

Does anyone know what is the lifespan of these

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Grand Vitara JB / JT.II Sport

can you fit a long range tank to suzuki grand vitara sport 2019 model

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