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Suzuki TU250X

Suzuki TU250X

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Suzuki tu250x

It is nice to purchase a product that does exactly what it is supposed to do and with reliability. Have now owned two TU250X, the first one,a 2011 model,did 51,000km,and the second,purchased Aug.2015,19,000km. No problems at all, great to ride,even two up,has a comfortable pillion seat,which a lot of bikes dont. I ride mine on gravel roads quite a lot,as i travel all over Aust.,and the upright riding position,is comfortable,and gives good control.At 150kg,i can carry it on the back of my motorhome,load and unload it easily,also its possible to pick it up by yourself if you happen to drop in some remote area.The only improvements i could wish for are,6th gear,LED lighting,and a brighter turn indicator light. I have also fitted a Cycleracks, luggage carrier,good value for the money,which makes carrying shopping ect.,very easy.I would not hesitate to buy a 3rd one,when the time comes.
8/19 Milage now 54,000km,no problems at all,only replacements,sprockets, chain,tyres and battery.
I have now purchased my third new TU 250x, thoroughly satisfied with this product,the quality of these bikes,which are built in Japan,shows through when they have done a reasonable amount of kilometres, as I have done,the paint and chrome work still looks good,and even after 50,000km,still feels tight.
I will probably keep this latest purchase much longer than it's two predecessors,as I believe this model will no longer be available in Australia, because legislation requires that all motorcycles over 125cc be fitted with ABS braking,after the end of 2019.

Purchased in September 2019 for $6,900.00.

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Suzuki Tu250 X

I've worked in the motorcycle industry for more than 15 years.Sold most brands and raced moto-x. I'm not in the industry now, I'm a photographer semi retired .I needed something that would beat the every increasing parking issues and costs for my car( $4.00 ph) but it also need to carry my wife who is tall. I rode a few bikes. I liked Yamaha 400 also but with kick start only and a price tag that was $1000 too high it was out.I had to focus on what I needed to commute to job quotes, shops, beach etc....NOT what i wanted.

Flat long seat, low pillion foot pegs, proven single cylinder 4 stroke fuel injected etc. I've been very pleased with this bike, its solved so many transport issues.I replaced the front sprocket with one less one tooth, the bike will sit happy on the flat with two of us at 80-100 kph with a top box full of groceries...hit a steep hill ( 2 up) and its back a gear.

No bike is perfect , all would agree. The head studs go right through into the cases and these MUST be tightened every service. That means dropping the motor forward, long task. The quality of these products have decreased over years,chrome quality, gasket quality etc, but that's what happens when things are built to a price. This bike fills our needs for city work. Sure I could recommend some changes to make it better, but that would affect the low cost I paid. Yes Im happy I bought it...it perfectly fits my needs...

Love it!

I bought this bike after owning a wide range of others over several decades. I use it mainly around Melbourne metro area & it's perfect for that. It has enough power to beat most of the traffic if needed, but is docile enough to keep to the speed limits easily. Not a powerhouse since it's a 250cc single, but lightweight & agile in traffic as well as those lovely twisty roads in the hills. The front disc, rear drum brakes are more than adequate. Vibration level is very low. As usual, the excellent Suzuki finish & reliability.
Like the retro look, fuel injection, electric start, light weight & excellent manoeuverability, 12 litre tank, comfortable seat(not too high, either)
Final drive ratio was a bit high for my taste so I changed it, & the exhaust was very quiet so fitted a sport muffler

How do you find it on the freeway ? I have a 160km round trip commute each day, and a good 40mins of it each way is freeway.G'day. Well, keeping in mind that I'm no longer commuting anywhere daily, my first trip was Melb-Echuca & back, & I found it unhappy at 110 kmh - too high rpm, I forget what rpm exactly. So I had it changed from 15:43 sprockets to 16:41, a change that cost roughly $120 all up. Since then I've ridden Melb-Geelong & Melb-Ballarat & it was quite OK for my needs. However, I'm not commuting every day._Don't plan to blast past a B-double doing 110 on one of these. If I was commuting 160km 5 days a week I'd probably buy a 500-600cc twin. I've toured on bigger singles(Honda & Aprilia) & wouldn't do it again._Good luck with the choice. Regards, Greg.

Questions & Answers

Gday. what aftermarket muffler did you fit? how much? are you happy with the results? cheers roryw
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It was a WM Production Team product. They have many choices. I think this is the link: http://japan.webike.net/products/21750431.html I liked it. It seemed to be in keeping with the style, not too much noise & no ill effect on tuning. Regards, Greg

Considering buying a bike, 190 cm tall, 120kg, learner, for joy ride 2 to 3 days a week. Forgot to say, 50 years old? Not into speeding. Any suggestion appreciated.
2 answers
To keep it short(no pun), at your height you might find it a bit small. A little more expensive is the Honda NC700, my ride since the Suzuki, I didn't think I'd like it before I rode it. However, it has a low centre of gravity which I found as comfortable as the Suzuki. I picked my NC700 up with very low mileage from a dealer at a very good price. Find one to test. Good luck.Thanks for comment. NC700 is it learner approved?


Suzuki TU250X
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