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Swallow Apollo

Swallow Apollo

2.9 from 10 reviews

I just wish I could get a toddler seat for it...

I felt more comfortable with a 4 wheeler and had no dramas with this pram. Everything worked well and my babies always looked comfortable and positioned correctly. I have had it for three years now with three kids and it is still is great condition and working order. I saw a previous comment saying it kept opening while getting it in and out of the car boot - they have a little latch to stop this from happening but you need to ensure you have folded the pram down completely and correctly of course.
reliable, easy to use,
no extentions i.e. toddler seat


Look...to be honest, I think you get what you pay for. We live at the beach, and this pram has been great for walks through the dune tracks and even on the hard sand..a pretty smooth and comfy ride for our little one...even as a newborn. I was able to master steering with the baby facing me, (you have to anticipate every turn...quite an art to it!)...but when my mum and friend gave it a go at a shopping mall recently, they were hazardous! I have thrown numerous tantrums getting it in and out of the boot of my Camry, it's just awkward. My baby is now 4 months old, and not quite ready to sit up 90 degrees, and the flat position just isn't doing it for her. I'm about to buy a light, steerable Maclaren stroller to keep in the car, and keep this pram in the garage for walks on the beach tracks and down the street. In summary, I don't hate it, but in hindsight it wouldn't be my first choice. As a note, this was a surprise gift from my mother-in-law, and this is why I have persevered thus far :)
Lots of storage space, handles well on rough surfaces...nice and smooth, seems comfy and roomy, cheap, came with great accessories (rain cover, sun shade cover), wide...but not too wide to fit through check-out aisles and doors.
terrible steering..particularly when rear facing, awkward to lift in and out of boot, cheap and nasty harness, only 2 positions, flat and upright 90 degrees.


I really hate giving scathing reviews but this is the worst thing we bought for our baby. I have had two sons use it now and when we bought it for our first son we were so excited about it and thought we'd considered it very carefully. But this is impossible to steer, bulky, plasticy and creaky, the wheels themselves bend and buckle when you try to get it over the curbs... really really impossible to steer. My husband and I both tell everyone who sees us pushing it anywhere that it was the worst thing we've ever bought.
-big under basket
-you CAN make a mid recline position with it if you fiddle around with the bit of padded material up from the babies head; if you flip it over til it is under the backrest it will make a 3rd position (it's a tip I read on another website which I have used happily myself for years now)
-but otherwise only two postions, ever so slightly not horizontal and completely upright
-hard to steer
-hard to manage (folding / storing)
-heavy to lift
-big to manoeuvre through doors, gates, etc
-under basket storage cannot be accessed easily while back rest is down (you have to slip it in and out through a zipper)
-sometimes the back rest slips out of the upright position leaving the baby stunned looking at the ceiling


This was the worst baby product i have, i found it so bad that after 6 months of trying to use it i brought another pram. I got it because of the reversable handle and i liked the idea that i could see the baby when she was small but it turned out that when the pram was used this way, it was even more impossible to steer so i never used it that way. It was ok if just going for a walk around the block as not much turning or manovering involved but a nightmare when going to the shops. It was also faily easy to get up and down the staris leading to my front door. I was scared taking this pram anywhere that i did not have my car (ie train) as i always thought the wheels where about to fall off. Overall we got what we paid for, a cheap pram that is a piece of rubbish.
Easy to collapse and put back up, big basket to store things
So hard to stear that my mum and husband could not use the pram at all as they would just get so frustrated with it. Only has 2 back positions that is annoying when baby wants to have alook around at things but can't sit up fully for long. Creaks alot so hard to get baby to sleep in there as there is so much noise, also hard to just rock back and forth as wheels seem to change direction randomly. The folding lock also not very strong and i have had many bruises on my legs whe the pram has just poped open when i am lifing in and out of the boot. Also quite heavey to lift.


i liked the pram,it was an easy all round pram. great if your not fussed about needing to have the latest trend and if the few flaws mentioned above dont phase you then go for it.
it was cheap - $179- i like the was it has the all over cover thing,our daughter was born in winter so it was good to keep out the cold. it has a good sized pocket at the back and 2 'saddle bags' either side which are great for things like a few nappies if your just going for a stroll and want to be on the safe side.the basket is great and the hood has a very nifty hidden mesh sun shade that wraps around the whole pram opening when its too sunny. i am yet to find that on any other pram!!
i didnt like that it didnt steer well when babby is facing you as only the 2 front wheels steer,the back two are locked. it only had 2 positions,straight upright or flat-no good for that 3-6 month age when bub wants to see but cant support themselves. the material marked easily aswell


DO NOT BUY THIS PRAM - there are so many better prams out there. You need to makesure it si steerable in the reverse position (like the peg perego one I purchased to replace this one). It does not have a great turning crcle and you can't get to the basket when it's in the lay back postition. It also has only 2 lay back postiitons, which is disapointing as you can only have it upright or flat.
nothing at all
It is heavy, bulky, takes up most of the boot, CAN NOT STEER IT PROPERLY WHEN YOUR BABY IS FACING YOU


Would not recommend this pram to anyone. Not worth the money. Was disappointed that it was hard to steer with baby facing you. Was hard to lift in and out of a boot. Not too bad to lift outta station wagon. Took up more room in my boot then I liked. Not really happy with this pram.
It was easy to steer. Very comfty for baby, loads of padding surrounding baby. Easy to move around shops. baby facing forward was easy to use
Only two positions. Laydown and upright. Never was told at babyco that this pram only had two positions. needs a in between one. Very hard to steer with baby facing you.


I was disappointed with this pram. First it didnt steer very well when bubs was facing me. And when the locking catch didnt work I was even more annoyed. Personally I wouldnt get this pram if I had the choice again.
Easy to use and roomy for bubs. Very easy to collapse and fold. Easy to steer if baby is facing forward. Having baby facing you, o
The latch to lock the pram in place didnt work. Had to take it back to where I got it from. Not happy that after two weeks I had to return it to the shop to get the latch fixed. Awkward to lift into a boot.Having baby facing you, it is very hard to steer.


I was given an Apollo as a second pram, and found it really comfortable for baby when lined with a sheepskin. The layback isn't completely flat, but bub didn't slip forward out of it. As baby grew, it really needed a semi-reclined seat position, as the fully upright position was too steep to use straight after full layback. Being a heavier pram, it rode well over uneven surfaces, and the larger wheels made it really smooth. When using the handle in the reversed position, it can be a little hard to steer. The bonuses are the built in mozzie net and toy loops on the canopy. The straps are fully adjustable to newborn size, which was fantastic, and the basket underneath is big enough for a big box of nappies with room to spare. A great pram to use, I only used it as a second pram because it was slightly heavier than my other pram to get in and out of the car.
Reversable handle, easy wash fabrics, built in sun shade/mozzie net, viewing window in canopy, large basket
Can jam open, making it hard to collapse. Heavy and bulky when collapsed. Only two seat positions, full layback or straight upright. Really needed an inbetween recline position.


We bought this for the reversible handle so we can see bubby when out for a walk. Priceless for that alone. However, when in the reversed direction, the pram is a little harder to control. The ample storage space under bubby is ideal for quick trips to the shops. The recliner doesn't go fully horizontal and only supports fully upright or horizontal with no provision for partially reclined. We got a snug rain cover and sun shade and the whole pram looks fab.
Quick and easy collapsing mechanism. Spacious storage bin under the baby. Reversible handle.
When the handle is reversed, the steering is a bit harder to control. The collapsed unit is bit heavy. Recliner doesn't go fully horizontal.

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